My Daddy is My Granddaddy (True Story)

When I was old enough to have a child my Daddy said spread your legs Daddy needs a fuck toy. A story about how we made our daughter Emma Blossom

“If you would like to read the story with images

My name is Nicole Blossom 30 years young 5’3 Blonde 38-25-41 , My Daughter is Emma Blossom 15 years young 4’7 34-23-34 Blonde and the tightest pussy you will ever feel , you would agree if you get a feel her nickname is fuck toy. My Daddy, My daughter’s Grandpa and My lover Nathan 45 years young and can rock my pussy and my daughter’s. When my daughter was 15 she asked me “how did you and Dad make me” and I said okay come up my lap my little fuck toy and press your back on my tits. So One day I came home from school and found my Dad in the pool he said “Hey baby you’ve grown, you tits look bigger than last week. Lift your shirt up ” and “my I did ” He grabbed me like that (Image )

my Daddy Said “Oh baby You are ready to Take my seed and make a fuck toy”

“Come here and kneel before me, Little One.” I hesitated a moment, looking around for observers. He must have sensed my concern for being spotted because he reassured me that it was far too dark out for anyone to be able to see us. Not wanting to displease him by hesitating further, I knelt in front of him. He smiled down at me and brushed my cheek gently with his hand. “Now, I would like you to take your top off
and then take my shorts off.” I looked at him as I slowly began taking down the straps of my suit, admiring his smile as he watched me intently. Once my breasts were freed he tenderly grasped one in each hand and began to massage the nipples. like that (Image ) I sighed heavily and stopped my actions momentarily, pleasantly distracted by his touch. “Don’t stop, Little One. Take your dress all the way off,” he said. “Yes, Daddy,” I replied, then proceeded to remove my dress the rest of the way. he leaned down to kiss me. His tongue probed in my mouth as his grip on my breasts tightened. I could feel myself getting wetter. He made a trail of kisses across my cheek and down my neck, then whispered, “Don’t forget your shorts.” He resumed kissing and nibbling on my neck like that (Image and I gently pulled his shorts down. He took my hand in his and put it to his hard rod. “Here is a treat for my girl. Do you like your treat?” he asked, smiling playfully. “Oh yes, Sir!” I exclaimed, grinning from ear to ear.

He placed his hands under my arms then effortlessly lifted me up and placed me on his cock. I let out a loud groan, caused by the exquisite sensation as he filled me, so he quickly cupped his hand over my mouth. “Shhh…we don’t want the neighbors to hear. They might want to join us and I want you all to myself,” he said, chuckling softly. He proceeded to buck up and down, holding me firmly to him by gripping my hips. It felt so wonderful having him inside me with the warm water lapping around us. I had to bury my face in his neck to keep myself from screaming out in ecstasy like that (Image Harder and faster he thrust, as the water splashed outside the hot tub. He took one of my breasts into his mouth as he continued to pound deep inside me, which sent me over the edge! like that (Image ) After just a few moments I couldn’t take it any longer. “May I…please cum…Daddy?” I gasped. “No, not yet, Little One. I’m getting close, too.” It was all I could do to keep from cumming as he pounded in and out of me. By this point we were both moaning loudly and didn’t care if the neighbors heard us or not. “Oh man! I’m going to…cum, Baby!” he said. “Cum with me, Little One! Cum now!” At that moment we both exploded in a simultaneous orgasm. My body was totally exhausted so I collapsed on top of him with my arms wrapped around his shoulders and his softening cock still inside me and my pussy dripping with my daddy’s. “Oh, Master, you are so good to me,” I whispered. “You always make me feel so wonderful.” “That’s because we fit together so well, in so many ways, Little One.”

The next morning Master slept later than I, which is rare, so I took advantage of the opportunity to make him breakfast in bed. As I carried the tray into the bedroom and saw him there sleeping soundly, his nude body uncovered, I simply couldn’t resist – I had to have his beautiful cock in my mouth. Quietly I put the tray on the nightstand, then ever-so-slowly crawled on to the bed between his legs, not wanting to disturb his sleep. When I wrapped my lips like that (Image ) the large head I felt him stir, but he didn’t wake up. I lowered my mouth further down his shaft, gently, until I had it completely engulfed. My desire got the best of me so I couldn’t help it when my head began to bob up and down with increasing speed like that (Image ) He awoke then, but did not stop me. He began thrusting his hips up and down to meet my mouth and soon his cock had grown too big for me to take it all in like that (Image I grasped the base of it with my hand and proceeded to pump him in the same rhythm as my mouth: The faster I moved, the harder he thrust and the louder his groans became. Hearing him make those animalistic noises and having that steel-hard cock in my mouth had me dripping wet in no time. I took my mouth off from him but continued to pump with my hand. “Daddy,” I whispered, “may I please climb on top of you?”

“Yes, Little One. Sit on my cock so I can feel your hot pussy around it.”

I immediately positioned myself above him and slowly lowered myself onto his manhood like that (Image “Oh, Daddy!”, I exclaimed as I slid down it.

“Ride my cock, Baby! Ride it hard and fast!” I bucked up and down, feeling him so far inside me. As I leaned down to prop myself on my arms, he took both breasts in his hands and began to squeeze them roughly, occasionally pulling on my nipples. “That’s it! Fuck me, Baby!” His hips were rising to meet each of my downward strokes as we moved in sync with each other. “Oh yes!”, he yelled. “Yes, Baby!…I’m going to…fill you with…my cum! Oh yes! Here it…comes…Little One!” And then I felt it – his body stiffened below me as his hot juice filled my aching pussy. I never got the chance to ask for permission before he commanded me, “Cum, Little One! Cum on your Master!” Without hesitation my pussy released a river on him, spilling out the edges and down my thighs. We lay there for a few minutes, reveling in the afterglow as he held me tightly.

and that is how we made you fuck toy. She replied “Mom Am I old enough to have a baby?”
I said “Why don’t you go and ask your Daddy”. For part 2 wait for a day or read it there –