Young Love Part 6: A Little Fun

Part 6

A couple years has passed since my last story. I was 15 and Jen was now 14. She had grown into a beautiful young woman. Beautiful firm B cup breasts to play with and her soft trimmed pussy.

I was a jock and into football, bodybuilding and martial arts.

I went into Jen’s room. “Hey wanna come help me with my martial arts moves.”, I asked Jen.

She laughed, “Uh no. You know what that usually leads to!”, she said all smiles.

“What is wrong with that?”, I asked, “You no like me no more?”

She laughed. She felt my crotch. “How could anyone hate that?”, she asked.

I picked her up. “Errrrrr”, I said

She was hitting me. “Timothy Jake Andrews you put me down right now!”, she said. I cradled her and kissed her cheek.

I put her on the bed and tried removing her jeans. “Timothy! Dammit now! I said NO! You are going to get hurt! I am going to cry rape!”, she said. I laughed and lightly slapped her head and face.

“Quit fighting!”, I said. She grabbed my hand and bit me. I gave her a light backhand and she acted hurt falling into the bed. She punched me in the chest and slapped me hard across the face. We are not really hitting each other hard. It is just for play, but she really clocked me that time but it really turned me on.

She started kicking into my chest as I fumbled with her pants. Punching me and hitting me. She rolled her eyes and shook her head as she got the button loose for me. She whispered, “Men”

She got back in character, “Stop it I said!”, she yelled. I pulled her pants off. I reached between the mattresses I grabbed the handcuffs and handcuffed her one arm. “No!”, she said. Beating me with her free arm. She kept fighting but I easily overpowered her and got the second one on. My dick was hard as a rock now. Just the thought of our rough sex sessions turn me on. “Stop it Tim! Please! Please don’t do this to me. I put my hard cock into her face. She kept her mouth closed saying “NO! Stop it!”. I held her head in place with one hand as I swished my dick across her lips. Laughing at her. Mocking her as she laid there handcuffed. Calling her a slut and a bitch.

“You are mine! You cunt!”, I said

She started cussing her head off as I got up and went to her closet. I found the box where we she keeps her toy. A dick shaped vibrator. “Well well well! What the fuck is this? You are a naughty naughty naughty girl.”, I said in a funny voice. She broke character and chuckled.

“What the fuck are you doing with that? No! Keep that fucking thing away from me.”, I turned it on and came near her, “Keep it away from me I said.”, she yelled

I straddled her and backhanded her and told her to “Shut the fuck up!”, I said

She made her face turn red giving me an angry look and I backhanded her again. I pushed her head into the pillows and put my dick back against her lips. “OPEN THE FUCK UP!” Pushing as hard as I could trying to get it in. I held her nose. So she couldn’t breathe and finally she gave in and opened her mouth.

I shoved it in and face fucked her hard. Grabbing her hair to control her head as I jammed my dick in and out. She was making gurgling and gagging sounds. I felt myself about to come and I pulled out and shot my load all over her face.

She said “you are a fucking asshole.” I think she meant it that time. She was lying there sperm flowing down her face and in her hair. I laughed.

“That is what sluts like you deserve!”, I said

I took the dick vibrator and fought with her to get her legs spread. I got my body between them. There it was. My favorite thing in the whole world. On the mound of her pussy was a little patch of hair shaved into a runway. Her lips were clean and free of hair. I ran the dick vibrator across her pussy. She moaned. I felt her lips. They were moist as fingered and toyed with them. I licked her clit. She moaned as her hips moved upward wanting more. I took the vibrator and rubbed her clit with it. I ran it down to her hole and shoved it in her hard. She gasped as it entered her. I was licking her clit again. She was loving it. Making moaning sounds. Her body started shaking and her moans became higher pitched. Her legs locked around my head as she came.

“Fuck that was great!”, she said

I told her to “Shut the fuck up!”

I went and grabbed a soapy rag and washed her face off.

“Ok! Let me loose!”, she said.

I slapped her face, “SHUT THE FUCK UP!”

I grabbed the vibrator and shoved it up her ass. She made an uncomfortable face when I did that. I pushed her legs up and entered her wet pussy. I fucked her hard as she cussed me out. I tried to kiss her and she bit my lip. “I will bite that fucking tongue off! You piece of shit rapist!” I got up and slapped her face as I fucked her. She started crying. “Stop please stop!” I pounded my dick into her pussy. “Please please stop it! Stop it!”, she said. I backhanded her again. Her face became distraught. Her eyes were closed as if she were crying. Her mouth was open and wailing but I showed her no mercy. I pounded her pussy hard and fast. Her hands were touching me trying to push me away. She cried, “STOP JUST STOP PLEASE! PLEASE STOP! I JUST WANT IT TO STOP!”. She dug her nails into my chest. That was it. I arched my back and yelled “Awww Jen! Jen! Aw fuck Jen I love you!” As I came into her.

I hovered over her out of breath as we looked into each other’s eyes and laughed and kissed. “THANKS! I gotta shower again because you jizzed all over me!”, she said. I laughed.

I freed her from the cuffs and put our toys away and we showered together. I washed her beautiful body and she washed mine. I looked into her eyes and thought “What a wonderful thing that I had someone like her in my life.” It truly was.