A trip to the car mechanic

Sophie’s car was finally ready. The general service had been longer than anticipated or quoted, for that matter, as she soon discovered. Much to her surprise, the amount was more than she could afford, by a long shot. Standing there in her tight jeans and flannelette shirt, perky little boobs poking beneath, in anger as well he reckoned, John stood and listen to her plea to pay in installment’s. But he refused again and again as his 35-year-old brain worked an idea soon to satisfy his heart and groin. To pay her way, she would soon be naked in his workshop, agreeing to be his for the night, to let him do anything he liked so she could have her car back. The cement floor was cold as she laid down as instructed, her white bum now a contrast to dirt and oil she sat in, the puddle travelling briefly between her stretched cheeks coating the skin. His hands still dirty from the day’s work, freed a socket still sitting on the engine above her head. Turning to her, he admired her beautiful white body, her small breasts and wide thighs, her blonde short hair all in a sharp contrast to his workshop floor. Kneeling down between her legs, he softly pulled her lips apart as he sat the socket at the entrance, momentarily before slowly pushing it in, watching it as it disappeared in her pink enfold. She gasped sharply at the cold entrance, breathing out slowly as it traveled further still. He brushed her clit briefly with the other hand, determined that she would start to enjoy all that he had planned. Noticing a screwdriver on the floor, not far from her left side, he picked it up and gently touched the handle to her bum hole, rubbing slowly before working it in, bit by bit.

‘Oh wow!’ She exclaimed, unsure on how to feel at being penetrated in such a way, and there of all places!

It moved long with the handle disappearing completely before appearing again. A site, an amazing site, John thought as he pushed the handle in and out. Sure enough, the handle had been cleaned and shone with her lube like juice as he withdrew it gently. She let out a breath.

‘My bum hole is a dirty place, John,’ she said with an embarrassed tone. ‘It will smell and look…’ he cut her off.

“It’s all part of being human, natural. I accept it as it is and really do love everything about it, like the rest of your body,” his tone was caring, surprisingly so. She looked down between her legs again as he slipped the screwdriver back up her bum, pushing it deeper before pulling it out. Almost mesmerized at her hole, the shape slightly open and dripping some juice which fell out with the screwdriver onto the floor. He could smell her, but it was intoxicating and drove his penis hard into his pants.

Having risen from the workshop floor, he led her to the other car with its bonnet still open. She clenched her butt cheeks, as she walked with the crew driver still in her bum. Her feet dirty with the floor could be seen by him as she walked.

Leaning over the engine, her perky small breasts instantly become covered in dirt and grime, again, both smudging and rubbed briefly into her skin.

With a soft wiggle and twist, he pulled the screwdriver out, some residue following, dirty oil trickling over it again from the top. Running his finger across the hole, slightly open still, he gently explored the soft, inside just inside her rectum ring, feeling the warmth and wetness from deep within.

“Amazing,” he said out loud as she laid face down on the engine, her hole being explored.

Soon after, she was instructed to lay across the engine, her back pressing against the housing as she slowly opened her legs wide.

“What is he going to do now?” She thought to herself, with a little excitement mixed with nerves. He stood directly in front of her, gazing at the incredible site before him. Her white skin had been clean before but now laid there smeared with dirt and grime from the floor. Her small breasts a normal milky white had easily turned brown from the dirt that clung to her skin. Her nipples easy to the mark, were the same, stained with old oil. Her groin was much the same state though it had started to appear almost normal to be like that! She was stunned at the thought as she caught a glimpse of her body in a mirror before lying on the engine. The folds that surrounded her vagina had captured all the dirt with some of it having travelled a little way inside, leaving a path from the socket previously.

“I need to pull a part off this engine however, I will require different tools I cannot keep walking over to the bench for.” Looking straight at her, “so I will be using both your vagina and bum to hold the tools as I use them back and forth,” he finished saying as he spread her vaginal lips open to reveal her semi loose passage. “This will get dirty and greasy in the process,” he said, pinching her clit then a soft rub between his fingers to stimulate and encourage. A beautiful pink with massaging nodes protruding along her tunnel.

Designed to milk the cum from a man in a definitive and sensual, sexual way it was now to be used just for a tool box kind of thing. He had bit her lip as soon as he said it.

Preparing the tools on the bench she caught the glimpse of them. She was nervous and her heart started to race. Was she really going to let him use her like that!? To have her intimate parts worked and used as some tool in the shed then looking and feeling like one, inside and out! The effect from his brief attention to her clit still left a lasting impression as she did not move. Heart pounding, she stayed there, waiting, and ready. Wait, ready!? She had decided, in a way that surprised her. She wanted to know. She wanted to feel it. She wanted it done, to her all of a sudden.

‘Do it,’ she said. ‘Use them both for your grubby tools,’ still a nervousness in her tone.

He had turned around and walked to the open car bonnet where her body laid. Standing slightly bent over, he pulled two ring spanners from his arms. He had warmed them a little in his arms but were still cold as he slipped them both together, slowly between her opened lips. They had some grease on them from another use and moved in with ease. ‘Wow, that was different,’ she thought as he took out from his arm, two screw drivers. The first, like the spanners, slid in easily but the other he lined up with her bum hole. Moving it gently around the entrance he then softly pushed it in till the handle was completely inside her. It left grimy marks around her entrance as he sat the work light on top of her clit.

“I shall try to be gently as I pull the tools in and out of you but apologize in advance if some are a little rough,” he said convincingly. She believed him. Though it was strange that she did given what he was doing to her. But despite his quirks and activities her body was undertaking, his manner was somehow caring. Always checking, making sure she was not in any pain.

His head disappeared between her legs down into where the part sat. His right hand appeared and fumbling for a second, found the light he left on her clit. Soon, it was up again as a spanner was pulled from her open embrace. A clanking was quickly heard with a tang as he worked the spanner around a bolt. Without raising his head, the hand rose with the spanner, now smeared with grease. It found her entrance easily enough and pushed it back down inside. His hand left and returned with a bolt, which found her groin with ease. Slipping it inside her like the spanner, he pushed the ungainly object inside. He then eased the screwdriver from her bum leaving it dripping down past his head next to where he was working. He certainly did not mind as the handle, now slick with her juice sat in his hand working the screw on a housing. Once done, he pushed the handle back up her bum hole firmly, forgetting to ease up.

‘Oh, wow,’ she thought as she twitched a little from the firmness that filled her bum.

‘Least it wasn’t too bad,’ she finished thinking as the other ring spanner left your vagina. This was certainly a harder task from the sounds alone and the occasionally grunt. One by one, bolts appeared in his hand and were pushed down into her moist hole. Each one left grime and marks along the way and pressed along sensitive parts, the last one pressing into her G spot.

She could feel the weight that had grown inside her groin when his hand appeared again, the ring spanner smeared with oil and grease could hardly see the shiny steel. Feeling inside her vagina, he noticed that it had filled with bolts but needed a place for the spanner. Bringing his hand down lower he pulled the screwdriver from her bum which, when pulled up above her vagina shone in the light from her juice. Using this as lube, he wiggled it down beside the other spanner still residing inside her. Having done this, he lined the ring part of the spanner with her bum, little circular movements to capture any lube like juice before, slowly, gently, pushing it in past her opening.

‘Oh, that’s different,’ she quickly let out as she felt the spanner worked up into the folds inside her bum. Only stopping when the end sat just outside.

A feeling like no other, it had penetrated her deeply, leaving a trail inside her, a second lubricant that made it easier. She had gone to the toilet before she had arrived at the workshop which meant her colon was empty, she mused to herself as the tool rested inside her.

From the clank, she guessed that the housing was now free and his body slowly retracted its previous path emerging before her with the dirty housing in his hands.

“Fantastic job you’ve done,” he exclaimed as his eyes wide at what he had turned both her holes into.

It was strange to have such sex driven-built body parts used in such a objective and dirty way and yet, it still held some sexual excitement to her surprise.

With the housing resting on the bench, he slowly picked out the ten or so bolts from within her glistening tunnel. Each one had definitely played its own part in changing the colour of her pink to a dirty brown, flecks of dirt strewn from one side to another.

She watched as he finished pulling the last one out. Moving to the side, he revealed the mirror mounted on the wall behind him which happened to show her the effect of it all on her. Stunned, her love tunnel remained open but grimy as he pulled the spanner and screwdriver out. Hardly any pink could be seen. Unsure what to feel, she watched as his hand gripped the end of the ring spanner, still poking out of her back passage. Slowly, he began to pull, with a gently twist here and there she felt it slide along her inside wall then the end ring, passing the entrance to the open air again. Like before, it had not closed right away, and remained slightly open, her inside lube sat at the entrance along with the grime and dirt that had traveled up inside her and back.

She saw this and bit her lip again at its raw erotic look.

Seeing this reaction, he caressed her clit more this time, but for longer.

‘Shit,’ she thought. ‘He really is trying to get me to enjoy this!’ But her body responded and kept responding and compounded by the image in her head of what had happened so far and how she looked, she grew wetter and wetter.

The sledgehammer had been used to free up a seized engine from its mounts, dirty to the bone the hammer reflected the same and the grime from his hands. It laid at her feet across the dusty floor. She had to clean it, with only her body. Specifically, her vagina only, he told her. Kneeling down, she straddled it and slightly leaned forward. Opening her legs more, she lowered herself till her groin sat on the end of the handle. It was definitely dirty, but she had no choice as she slowly began to slide along the handle. Halfway along, she could see the dirt accumulating along the edges of her lips as they were sent either side of the hard handle, made easier by the grime. She let out a breath, as she could not believe what she was doing to herself. He sat there, watching intently, the bulge in his pants busting at his fly to come out as he watched her clean the handle, doing double takes on parts that were a little stubborn. Grinding, it seemed had a double effect on her too, as he had hoped.

He walked up round and behind her, kneeling down near her back. He admired how smooth and clean she had made the handle so far. With his head now down level with the handle, he caught the faint smell left behind by her and he smiled. He continued to smile as his eyes left the handle to look further up at her bum, slowly gyrating along then down. Her cute cheeks had separated a little with her movements which afforded him the view of her beautiful back passage, which now displayed signs of being used. There was no hair anywhere, smooth and glistened as the factory lights hit it on the angle repetitively. Working in unison, her puckered hole would contract here and there as she rubbed herself along. Tightening then releasing, the area around moved and flexed, the skin the mix of dirt and grime sat easily across the entrance and into the creases around permeating, as though it belonged there waiting to be used as lubrication.

He moved directly behind her, his face resting on her left shoulder and whispered into her ear, “you’re doing a fantastic job, really. Do not stop,” he spoke with a deep tone that sent a comforting and residing feeling deep within her. She smiled involuntarily at his praise, reflecting quickly on that feeling as odd, but also enjoyable.

His left hand rested on her left shoulder as his other hand slid slowly down the centre of her back to the top of her bum. Admiring her back and bum the whole way, he then moved his hand down further again across the top, feeling the shape and girth of her two cheeks like weighing up an expensive prize. As she neared the head of the hammer, he worked his hand between the cheeks to position his middle finger directly across the top of her puckered hole, which had just finished contracting. With a little movement side to side, he worked it slowly inside her. A little breath escaped her mouth again as she felt it move up and inside her with another finger joining the other. With a short look around at him, she was surprised at how much easier his fingers slipped it. Returning her gaze to the head of the hammer and the state of the floor, she suddenly realised why. Her bum had accepted his fingers so easily because of its dirty state. He had turned it into an actual, dirty, beautiful hole which she felt now, being used. A softly slurping sound emanated from her bum as his fingers pushed and pulled their way inside her. Dripping here and there, her neat hole relaxed more and more as he caressed the edges, the ring itself and inside her along the walls. It dripped in a lustful way, almost wanting more and more. It had stretched and accommodated his fingers which now, well covered and lubed up, felt amazing inside her. Gripping his fingers with her anal muscles here and there created extra friction which added to her excitement which had now built up more, simply from the attention on her bum hole. Her vagina had already become much the same already as she reached the head of the hammer. His fingers continued to move around inside her bum, slowly feeling the warm, squishy inside and along her walls. Noticing she had reached the hammers head, he gently pulled his fingers out, watching how it closed, but still slightly open allowing a little view inside her lubed hole where traces from his fingers remained. He marvelled at the sight, which dripped slightly the mixed remnants from inside her. Repositioning herself on the cold steel head, she began again her slow, cleaning grind. The vacancy left in her bum was noticeable, to an extent she had not predicted at all. She wanted it back in, she thought to herself as she felt herself getting wet, at everything she was doing and had been done to her so far.

Laying on top of the work bench, the dirt easily stuck to the underside of her body. He repeated what he had done earlier as she initially sat done, parting her bum cheeks with both hands allowing the dust and dirt to stick itself all through her most private areas again. She had propped her legs up and sat wide open, commanded to do so as he stood next to the shadow board, holding most of his tools.

“Each one of these will enter you,” he said, pointing to all the tools that decorated the wall. Apprehensive at all the odd shapes she was to take inside her, most were also dirty.

‘Fuck, I am a dirty woman,’ she mused to herself.

Taking the siphon hose off its hook, he laid it at the entrance to her vagina. About the thickness of a glue stick, its smooth end with the no return valve in the shape of a ball slid in with no effort. Pushing slowly, its smooth circumference opened her up like a blossoming flower but much, much hotter. Feeling end of her vagina he stopped to then pick up the other end. Although open, its edges were smooth, smooth enough for her bum. It wasn’t long, before that too was hanging out of her back passage. Admiring the double penetration he leant in close to both, studying how the tube kept both open so elegantly. The tautness of her skin wrapped around it as it sat, stretched open by an unconventional object. It was definitely a first for her. Unconventional seemed to be having a continued effect on her body as he handled her sensitive areas with every penetration. This time, her clit was not only pinched and rubbed, he flicked it before rubbing it again, similar to her small breasts. She had always been self-conscious about her boobs. How much of a woman would she been seen as with small ones? Would men love her for having small ones? Many questions asked and rarely answered. But his hands had answered them today, hardly leaving them alone he often massaged, held, cupped, flicking her sensitive tits till they were hard to rubbing them gently, the dirty grime cascading across her chest as he explored every part of her body. He loved her breasts, small as they were, big were always too much. Such short, sexual life living beacon of love and lust. He wished he could feel them every day, so making the most of today he felt.

Withdrawing both end from her body, the slipped out with ease and a slight slurp, which delighted him immensely. That look alone on his face seemed to make her feel good as well, as though she had achieved something in making him feel good. Which was odd too, as it were if she had connected to him in some way, through all this miraculously.

Taking the blunt nose pliers off the wall he brought them over to her vagina which sat open towards him. They were still dirty when he placed it over the wet, moist opening and watched in lustful longing as he pushed it inside her.

‘Cold! Cold, cold, cold,’ was all she could think. It was relatively quick as he withdrew and placed it at the entrance to her bum. Pushing slowly as not to hurt her, just the head was inserted, though warmer this time.

Was not long till the next item on the list came up. The pliers were removed and placed back on the wall, her anal juice still covering the head of the pliers as the handles dripped a little from her vaginal liquid.

Totally unfazed by this, he grabbed a couple of adjustable spanners with their long handles. He lined one for each entrance. She readied herself, bracing for more cold steel. Moving gently, he pushed on both, inserting them inside her but working them at the same time. Side to side then back and forth a little. Keen for her to feel them completely but also in coating the tools in her hot, intimate juice. With a few good movements he withdrew them both and switched the over as one was larger than the other. Lining them up, he slid them in easily. He noticed with all the repetitive penetrations it was easier and easier to push things in. Though, if he had told her that, she would have rolled her eyes dismissively at such elastic observations. Babies exiting this tunnel did not compute with John. Well, not at that moment anyway.

Thoroughly worked, he pulled them out and placed them on the wall. Admiring the result dripping from the handles.

She could not help but look at the wall as each tool was placed back, not wiped or cleaned. Though, considering the state of her body, especially her groin an inside, she was not surprised. But what got her, was again, the residual feeling of it being left there. The intimate juices and lube coated those tools and there they shown and dripped, becoming part of the tools as though it was meant to be.

From his thirty or so ring spanners, sockets, and socket wrenches. Small oil cans, hammers of various sizes, used engine parts, stilsons, oil transfer tubes, lids, small parts containers, piston rods, fuel injectors, spark plugs the dustpan brush and broom. Wild and crazy was definitely an accurate description. Strange but weirdly erotic she watched in growing anticipation at each tool or object he would select. Even guessing as to which one and what it would feel inside her vagina or bum hole. But by the end, all the tools or objects were either shining, shimmering, dripping, glimmering, coated in her genital scents and cleaned from their previous states. An almost pride sat inside her. Well, it was either that or the final presence of his penis, hard as stone, pressing in through her vagina, although briefly before sliding it easily up her warmed and worked anal hole. It stretched it wide, again like some of the tools but she could cope with it, as long as it was slow. Despite the dirty, lubey entrance, he was gentle. Savoring every feeling, motion, sound, and smell. A contrast to what they had been doing was strange but grateful for the also unconventional care he took with her.

On her hands and knees, she stared at the dirty floor in front of her. The area where she rolled along with her arms above her head, which smeared the dirt and residual oil across the floor onto her clean body. Just her face, remained untouched. If she was not rolling across the floor, he helped guide her body, crawling along slowly as the dirt rubbed in and around. From front to back, to pulling her bum cheeks apart as she sat down on a pile of dirt, he had swept to one side of the building throughout the week. Unusual feeling was a word. Quirky and confronting, especially to be feeling her most intimate parts treated in such naughty and dirty ways. She thought it would be all about degrading her, especially as a woman. But that opinion changed dramatically with the care and attention he paid to her body and any pain, which he observed carefully. Often looking into her eyes, checking, his hands seemed to love her body as his eyes, always wide with awe lapped at every scene and movement they did. She did not realise this, but it touched her, making it easier to perform the crazy stuff he instructed or did to her.

He walked past her from behind the bench to kneel down at her bum. He had picked up all the screwdrivers from around the place and placed them on the floor between her legs.

“I need to clean them all and want to use your bum hole to do that,” he said with an excited tone.

‘Ok,’ she replied with a slight sigh. ‘But you have to clean me properly, inside and out after this all,’ she tempted with a reply.

“Deal. However, that means I get to do all this again to you again,” his counter was quick, pe-planned almost.

A smile crept slowly across her face.

‘Deal,’ she replied.