Young Love Part 7: The Redhead

Part 7:

Tim was now 16. Jen was 15. Pam was 16. Pam was a cute, 5’6 long haired, red head. A-cup tits and sporting a fine ass.
She lived a couple blocks down from Tim and Jen’s block. She and Jen met and hit it off. They became friends. She knew Tim had a fetish for red heads and a nice red bush. So it was her plan to surprise him.

Jen was at Pam’s house. “So yeah um…. do you want to meet a guy? He is a sweetheart. 6’2 a muscular, chiseled body, nice cock.”, Jen asked

“Ok…”, Pam said nervously

“He is my stepbrother.”, Jen said. She showed a picture of Tim on her phone.

Pam perked up a little, “Oh my God that guy? Yeah! He is hot. I have seen him before.”

“Don’t say “YEAH” yet. I want you to do something for me.”, Jen said. She got Pam up to speed on what Tim and her did during sex.

Pam told Jen smiling, “WHOA! Ok I took theater in school and I can get freaky. This is new but sounds like fun!”

“No one gets hurt. You will be great! Oh one last question.”, Jen asked, “Are you shaved?”

“Come find that out for yourself.”, Pam said

“I uh…. I don’t do that!”, Jen said

Pam giggled, “Uh huh”

Pam kissed Jen but she resisted. “No come on! Pam no!”, Jen said but Pam laughed.

She grabbed Jen’s cheeks with both hands. “Calm down.”, she said in a soothing voice. Pam kissed Jen again and pulled away. “See?”, Pam asked. Jen kissed Pam back and they made out.

Pam reached down Jen’s pants and rubbed her clit. Her pussy lips were moist to the touch. Jenny moaned as Pam’s fingers pleasured her. Jen was getting into it as Pam unbuttoned Jen’s pants and pulled them down.

“Let’s see who is better. Tim or Pam at eating pussy.”, Pam said

“Lie down.”, she said

Pam spread Jen’s lips and sucked on her clitoris. Jen reacted as her head went back and her hips rocked up and down. Pam sucked hard on her clit and shoved two fingers in her pussy thrusting hard. Jen was moaning in ecstasy as Pam pleasured her. “Awww! Oh my….Oh my! Shit…”, Jen exclaimed. Pam’s fingers and hand became soaked as Jen’s legs locked around Pam’s head. Her legs squeezed like a vice as her orgasm peaked. Jen’s legs loosened their grip and Jen laid there out of breath.

“Well? Who is gets the title? Me or Tim?”, she asked

Jen laughed, “you are excellent but I love Tim.”

Pam acted like she pulled a knife of of her chest. “Love wins in the end I guess.”

Pam took of her pants. “Come on. Your turn.”, she said

“Ehh I dunno. I am into guys.”, Jen said.

Pam nodded her ok. She didn’t push it. “Baby steps”, she thought. They went over to Tim and Jen’s house. Tim came walking in and Jen called him downstairs. Jen jumped up and down excited. “I got a present for you.”, Jen said. Tim asked what it was but Jen said it was a secret. Tim let Jen handcuff him and they went to the basement living room. Jen pushed him onto the couch. “Sit!”, Jen said.

“Be nice!”, Tim said. Jen smacked him and told him to shut up.

Pam walked into the room stark naked. Her beautiful strawberry red hair and her equally strawberry red bush was the object of Tim’s fetishes. His face became one of shock. His eyes widened mouth dropped open. He swore he had just seen an angel. The very object of his fetishes and fantasies and Jen was giving it to him.

“OH MY!!!”, he said as he looked over her luscious body. He was drooling over her.

Pam looked him over. She nodded and smiled. She opened her case. In it was a leather strap on a stick.

“Welcome to your nightmare dickhead!”, she said

Tim got himself into character and fired back, “Who the fuck is this bitch?”, asking Jen. Tim got slapped hard in the face by Pam with the leather leaving a mark.

“Ow! You fucking bitch.”, Tim yelled. Pam was a lot rougher than Jen but he was totally turned on. His dick got wood immediately.

“Look at this pathetic piece of shit!”, Pam said, “Likes to get his ass beat by women!” She grabbed his cock. “Not bad!”, she said and kicked the tip. She stood up.

“You assistant! Come here!”, Pam ordered Jen. Jen quickly came over and they kissed passionately. Tim’s mouth dropped open.

“When did…”, he asked and got slapped across the face with the leather. His penis throbbing now. He was so turned on. Jen was totally turned on just watching the show.

Pam was acting the part perfectly. “You listen to me pretty boy! You keep your mouth shut! You understand me! Sister here says you got a thing for redheads? You like strawberry pussy huh?”, she asked. Tim just stared in awe of her beauty. She slapped him. “Answer me dickhead!”, Pam yelled.

Tim said “yes.”

She shook her head. She cupped his chin and squeezed his cheeks. She kissed him. She put her crotch against his dick and rubbed her pussy up and down his dick. She pulled her head away and lightly slapped his cheek.

Tim begged, “Fuck me please! I beg of you! Please I want it. Whoever you are, just please do it.” He wasn’t in character anymore. His horniness level was off the charts. He wanted her bad.

Jen and Pam giggled. “Damn we got him going? Huh?”, Pam said. Jen laughed and nodded.

She put all her weight on his dick. Rubbing as hard as she could. “What you want handsome? Huh? You want me? You got a fetish for me? Look at my tits”, Pam kissed him again and put her tits in his face. Tim sucked on her nipple. “You are so cute!”, Pam said got up and backhanded him hard.

“Come on! Please!”, Tim begged

“Jennifer! You take that side I will take this side.”, Jen commanded. Both girls put their tongues at the base of his dick and licked it up. Their tongues met at the head and they kissed. Pam went down on him then Jen. Pam then Jen. “Oh son of bitch!!!”, Tim yelled. He actually yelled a string of obscenities as he was about to come. Pam went down on his dick and sucked as hard as she could as he shot his load into her mouth. Pam came back up looked Tim directly in the eyes and swallowed it. “Not bad!”, she said and giggled. She kissed his forehead.

She broke character and looked Tim in the eyes. She said in a friendly way, “Heyyyyy Tim! I am Pam. I will be taking care of all your sadomasochistic needs tonight.”, they both laughed. “Jen and I are friends and she asked me to do this favor for her and it sounded fun. I definitely got the better end of the deal! Wow. She said you would like someone like me. Anyway handsome I just wanted to introduce myself. I wanted you to know who is beating the crap out of you!”, she smiles a sarcastic smile,“I am going to go back to being the dominatrix now. Enjoy.”, she said. She gave a mean look and pushed his head into the back of the couch.

Pam sat down in the recliner. Jen grabbed the leather stick. She smacked Tim to stand up. Whacked him to get to his knees in front of the recliner.

“Jen says you can eat pussy!”, she said, “Show me!”, Jen tapped him on the head with the leather. “You heard her! Move it!” Jen freed his hands. He slid her body down towards him. Before him was the object of his passion, her beautiful hairy strawberry bush. He could see her moistness on her lips. He spread her wet pussy lips and just played with it at first. Fondling her lips, petting the hair. He spread her lips to reveal her beautiful pearl hidden inside.

Jen hit him in the head with the strap and yelled, “It is not a toy! Get to work!”. Jen loved being in charge. The feeling of power and dominance turned her on.

Tim took two fingers and caressed her clitoris between them. He loved her soft moans as he did this. Tim stuck a finger in her asshole and thumb in the pussy rubbing the lining in between.. Tim started licking her clit like a madman. Pam was moaning and twisting really getting into what he was doing to her. He started sucking her clit hard as she could. “Mmmmmmmm errrrrrrr mmmmm. Aw dammit Tim! You are good!”, she said. Her muscles tightened and her legs clamped as she came. She let out a high pitched moan as she said, “OH TIM! TIM! TIM!” She relaxed.

Tim picked her up. She was fighting and kicking. She was beating his chest as he cradled her and dropped on the couch. She got into a defensive position and was kicking his chest with her feet. Tim reached around and slapped her. It made her mad but turned her on also. He did it again. Tim was able to get between her legs. Pam gave Tim a big smile and a nod that is was ok to fuck her. Then she went back into her victim role.

“Don’t you fucking do it Asshole! I will have you killed you hear me! I am the leader here! You listen to me! Jen hit him!”, Pam said. Jen hit her in the head with the leather and told her to be quiet.

Tim lined himself up with Pam’s hole and slammed himself into her. He showed no mercy. Pam let out a load scream as he did. Jen reached down with her hand and fingered her clitoris. Rubbing it. Pam was going nuts.

Pam reached in on Jen and returned the favor. Pam’s body started shaking as Tim’s ramming cock and Jen’s fingering became to much. Her body shook into a violent orgasm. Pam just laid there now. Tim slapped her around. “You like that bitch? Who is charge? Huh? Answer me! You know it is me you slut.”, he slapped Pam lightly again. Jen came to her and kissed her. There tongues met and dueled as Tim pounded his manhood into her. Tim felt it coming on. His dick about to explode. He let out a loud “arrrrr ahhhh” as his lower body trembled as her shot his load into Pam.

He pulled out and lifted Pam’s legs and sat down on the couch. Both girls got up and sat next to him putting their heads on his shoulder.

“Like your gift?”, Jen asked, “I knew she was your type.”

“Hell yeah!”, Tim said, “This was great!”

Jen asked Pam about Tim. “Yeah he is fun! He needs to learn who is in charge.” She giggled and kissed his cheek.

“You are coming back right?”, Tim asked

Pam smiled and grabbed his cock and went down on him. She thought how easily she could get used to having friends like these. Friends with benefits are always a good thing.