Mr Gleeson Part 3

Morris knelt on the bed been directed by Claire. She stood Dana up spanking her arse and kissing her cheek.

She picked up the strap on dildo and slid it put it in her keeping the vibrator in her pussy.

” Stand there. ” Claire ordered. Claire put restraints on Morris and tied his hands to the bed. She tied his feet opening his legs, she tied them to the bed. ” Your dirty slut student is going to fuck your arse now. ” Claire said.

She helped Dana on to the bed behind Morris.

” Want to fuck his arse ? ” Claire asked Dana.

” Yes miss. ” Dana replied as she put a condom on the dildo. She turned on the vibrator.

” Ummmm ” Dana groaned then Claire turned it off. She put lube on the dildo and around Morris arsehole guiding her knob of the dildo to his arse.

” Put it in there. ” Claire said. Dana slid into Morris arse slowly fucking his arsehole. ” Good girl. ” Claire said knelling at the side slapping Morris on the arse. ” Fuck him. ” She said. Dana fucked him slowly listening to Morris groan as Claire turned on the vibrator in Dana’s pussy.

” Ahhhhhh fffffuck. ” Dana groaned thrusting Morris.

” Hows that baby. ” Claire asked.

” Ohhhhh fffuck mumm. ” She mumbled then Claire turned it off. ” Oh shit. ” Dana said.

Claire picked up the crop hitting it on Morris arse. ” Bark like a dog. ” Claire said.

” Woof. ” Morris barked Claire hit him again.

” More doggies been fucked by dirty sluts need to bark, now bark doggy. ” Claire said.

Claire turned on the Vibrator in Dana’s pussy.

” Yes. ” Claire said listening to Dana moan as she fucked Morris and Morris barking.

” Good puppy. ” Claire said to Morris kissing his cheek. Claire reached up fondling her daughters breast. ” .. And good little slut. ” Claire said turning the vibrator on and off watching Dana fuck Morris.

Claire lay down pushing herself under Morris in a 69.

” Eat my pussy. ” She ordered Morris.

Morris been restrained couldn’t touch her, so he lowered his head licking her pussy. Claire picked up his cock which had re hardened putting it in her mouth sucking it.

” Good dog, eat your supper. ” Claire said feeling Morris tongue on her pussy. She watched Dana plunge Morris arse with the dildo. She turned on the vibrator listening to her groan and moan.

Jordan sat on his bed in the hotel watching the marathon sex between his mother and sister and Morris. He couldn’t believe it. He was loving it. He had a good angle of the entertainment. He thought families had secrets but this secret Dana and Claire had was a big one. The things they get up to when dad and he were away. He was loving it. His cock hard. He had lost count of the times he had. Cum. His balls almost empty. His dirty little sister who acted so proper and mature. He didn’t know his mother was so kinky. Also there 79 yr old play mate. Old enough to be his mothers father. His sisters grand-dad.

Dana moaned as Claire kept turning on the vibrator listening to it in her pussy been so close. Morris licking and eating her pussy.

Morris groaning been fucked up the arse by Dana. She will be in his class the next day.

After a while Claire got up. She made Dana putt out of Morris.

” Time your little arse was fucked don’t you think darling. ” Claire said.

” Me. ” Dana said.

” Your a anal virgin darling, time to loose it honey. ” Claire said.

” Yes miss. ” Dana said nervous over anal sex.

” Do you want to take Miss Dana’s anal virginity ? ” Claire said to Morris.

” Yes miss ” he answered.

She untied Morris and lay Dana face down on the bed.

” Its ok darling you can eat mummy’s pussy while Morris is fucking your perfect little arsehole dear. ” Claire said.

Morris and Claire knelt behind her. Claire unstrapped the strap on dildo. She pullind Danas arse cheeks open. Claire pulled the arse plug out of Dana’s arse.

” Look at that beautiful arsehole. ” Claire said rubbing Dana’s anus. She picked up some lube and rubbed around her arse. She pushed a finger into Dana’s arse fingering her.

” Fuck. ” Dana said feeling the cold lube and her mothers finger in her arse.

Morris lifted his hard cock to her arse. Claire squirting lube onto it. Rubbing it all over his cock.

” Don’t think we need a condom. ” Claire said rubbing Morris knob over her anus. Morris slowly working it in Dana’s arse.

” Ohhhhhh fuuuuccck. ” Dana said groaning as Morris cock slowly disappeared into Dana’s arse. ” Oh fuck fuck. Fuck. ” Dana said.

” That’s it baby, fuck that little arsehole. ” Claire said smiling spanking Dana’s arse with her hand. She turned on the vibrator. Dana groaned and moaned.

Claire turned it off kneeling behind Morris with the crop slapping his arse.

” Fuck her arse. ” She said.

” Ohh fuck mum. ” Dana said feeling her arse stretch with Morris cock in her.

Claire spanked his arse again.

” Yes fuck the little slut. ” Claire said spanking him again.

She got onto the bed opening her legs. Dana’s head on the bed. Her hands still restrained. Dana lifted her head on her mothers pussy, using her to support her as she licked and sucked her pussy lips. Claire reaching in holding Dana’s hair in her hand pushing her into her pussy.

” Lick mummy’s pussy. ” Claire said. Lifting her head. Dana licking up and down her clit and pussy lips. She grabbed a dildo pushing it into her pussy, fucking her pussy with the dildo as Dana licked her.

Morris had the remote for the vibrator in Dana’s pussy, turning it on every now and then. Listening to Dana’s muffled groans against her mothers wet moist pussy as he fucked her arse.

Morris put the vibrator remote down opening Dana’s arse cheeks watching his cock in Dana’s arse.

Dana groaning as plunged her arse as she had her head guided around her mothers pussy.

” That’s it slut. ” Claire said ” Lick it good. ”

Dana’s tongue licking up and down her pussy. Claire’s dildo sliding in and out as Morris fucked Dana’s arse.

Five minutes later Morris groaned. He started heavy breathing he slapped Dana’s arse hard.

” Cum in her arse. ” Claire ordered.

Claire pushed Dana’s head into her pussy more.

” Lick it bitch, lick it harder. ”

Dana pushing her tongue into her mothers pussy harder. Morris holding Dana’s arse cheeks gripping them tight, his nails piercing her skin. He slapped her again then orgasmed. He cum deep into Dana’s arse.

” Ohhhh FUCK. ” He yelled.

” Yes. ” Claire said. She sat up knelling over Dana’s hip. She watched Morris pull out of Dana’s anus, followed by a cum oozing down over her pussy.

” Lick her clean. ” Claire ordered.

Morris licked over her anus and pussy, licking his semen up. Claire undid her restraints and rolled her to her back opening her legs. She took off the nipple clamps.

Morris licked over Dana’s pussy and arse. He pushed his fingers into her pussy circling her clit and labias with his fingers.

That night after a marathon of sex, they showered.

Claire and Morris and Dana slept in Claire’s bed that night.

Next morning Morris showered. He put on a pair of Dana’s underwear.

He was allowed to chose what underwear Claire and Dana wore that day. They all dressed together.

At school that morning Morris arrived for the teachers meeting Claire took. Everyone unaware of the happenings the night before.

Morris arrived in class. Dana loving what happened the night before with Morris. She knew the secret of Morris wearing her underwear for the day.