Young Valerie #8

It was a big surprise to Alice that a sleeping me woke and fucked her twice. She would get another surprise in the morning.

I woke up to Valerie cuddled up next to me. She let me know that Alice had told her what had happened last night. She could not sleep so snuck into bed with you and started to play. When you started to move, then grabbed her, she froze and was to afraid of waking you . She was shocked as you began to fuck her and could not do anything to stop you. Val said that Alice could not face seeing you, she was to afraid that you would say something about last night. She was not like me , she was ashamed of doing what she did. How could any boy ever love her now that she was no virgin. I kind of laughed at her for being so naïve, granted she was only 13 and I 14 , but she was now a women like me. So Valerie said that Alice was not going to leave that room until I was no wear around.

Valerie began to kiss me , I left her small hand wrapped around my cock pumping it to a hardness. I soon flipped her over on her back and began eating her tight little pussy out. I work her clit hard, sucking and biting its hard growing knob causing Val to squirm wildly beneath me. I grabbed a hold of both her ankles lifting her slender young legs high above her head. She let out a cry as she felt my huge cock begin to open and enter her tight wet cunt. Val’s insides spasmed all around my cock , her tightness slowing my penetration. My slow pumping action made her wetter, more and more of my cock sank further in. Val began to come , her legs tremble against me. I thrusted hard and fast as her hot fluids spilled out each time my cock filled her. Valerie held tight to me as I fucked her. My wet balls heavily loaded slapped hard against her sticky ass cheeks. I could feel Val gripping me hard and I started to come. A huge thick loud of my cream shot way up inside her . I kept on pumping until It began squeezing out of her over filled hole . Exhausted I laid embedded in that hot hole of hers. We then slept.

After about and hour, Val got up and told me she was going to run home to check on the house. She said that would give me some alone time with Alice, I needed to make her feel wanted and make her become obsessed with having my cock inside her. I did exactly that when Val left. I never got dressed and walked naked into Alice’s bed room, she was asleep. She never felt me crawl up next to her, I slipped under the covers and rolled up next to her. I slipped my leg over hers pressing my fat cock against her bare thigh. Then I woke Alice up with a wet juicy kiss. Startled she pushed her hands against my chest to get me off of her . I slid my hand under her t-shirt and cupped her bare breast. I quite kissing and went after her bare breasts and nipples. Alice tried to catch her breath moaning for me to stop as she felt her nipples begin to swell and harden. I moved between her legs pushing then apart. No, no, stop Alice moan again pushing my head up off of its nipple attack. I pulled her bikini leg opening to the side for me to access her cunt. Alice let out a cry as she felt my mouth over her cunt. She grabbed my hair pulling it to get me to release her, my tongue sank into her tight hole sucking up her wet sweet juices. Alice squealed from my eating her, her little body twisted and scooted about on the sheets. She was losing control to me and did not no what to do. Fuck, no, no, Alice cried she started spraying a forceful stream of come from her cunt. What was happening, this release had over taken her with such feelings of which she could not control. I reached under her ass and pulled of her bikinis sliding them fast over her legs and off. I then continued my sucking and eating of her very wet newly deflowered cunt. My face was soaked from her many climaxes, no, no, no, Alice cries out as more fluid spray out out her twisting little body.

I could feel her press her bottom against my mouth grinding her pussy against me. My cock was oozing its lube in excitement to enter her. I sat up grabbing both of her little legs under my arms . I scooted forward until the tip of my extremely hard cock came a rest against her vagina lips. No, no Alice moaned as she felt my cocks head. I did not give her a chance to protest more and thrusted hard sinking a good 2 inches into her. She let out a cry as I began to fuck her . She was so hot and wet , Her very tight cunt could not stop the steady penetration of my hungry cock. Her young body’s legs rapped around me and trembled nonstop as I fucked her. She kept spraying her hot fluids all over both of us as my cock banged away. It was not long until I finally came , Alice let out a loud load groan as she felt my hot creamy sperm spraying up into her cervix and womb. She dropped her legs from my sides exhausted as I continued to fuck and come more inside her .

After a short rest I fuck Alice again, she did not protest at all. Just as I had finished coming in her Valerie showed up. Val got naked and climbed up next to us. With both girls cuddle up tight with me, we all slept until late morning. I made us all a late big breakfast , I am glad that no one came to the door because we all sat naked at the table eating. In fact none of us got dress until the girls had to leave that next day. Alice was now apart of my personal sex harem, she no longer felt the need to have clothes on just like Val. They helped me clean up, after long soaks in the hot tub helped our ackey joints and muscles. After supper it was porn movies which got both girls primed for bed. There is nothing like fucking both these young girls all through the night. To line both up and alternate my cock between each cunt. Or to have both sucking and pumping me until they had my come all over their small young bodies. That was the way things went till my two girls had to leave . I made sure that they both took the morning after pills before leaving that next day. It would be a few days before Valerie and Alice could come back , Both of their moms were ok with the two of them working during the week a few days and then week-ends. It helped having my pipe cleaned as often as possible , these two had become pros at that…