A birthday present…sextraordinary

It was Alfred’s birthday, I didn’t really know what to give him, he had almost everything… An idea came to me, why not satisfy his passion for candaulism, as I had done for his nephew. He was a fan of this sexual practice linked to the excitement of seeing his partner exposed to the gaze of other men, or even having sex with another person.
I took my car, and went prospecting in town…
After several encounters that didn’t hook me, after a while I spotted a man under a lamppost that looked like he was waiting for the bus. He was burly, black, rather sinister looking, he wore a hat and threadbare clothes. He looked like a homeless man. At first glance it seemed to suit what I was looking for. He must have been about forty years old. Approaching me I found that it was really a tripard, he was reading a porn magazine. I went my way then changed my mind, Alfred would surely be thrilled if I offered him such a perverse gift! I stopped in front of him and rolled down the passenger side window. As I bend over the last button of the suit jacket comes undone… Too bad… The sight may be able to persuade him to accept my proposal.

– Excuse me sir, it’s not my habit to approach people like that in the street, but I will desperately need help for a little job at home! I will pay you for it if you accepted!
– Sorry Madam but I’m waiting for my bus to go home…
– How about earning 500 euros, plus it’s not a tiring job!
– Well yes, on condition that you accompany me afterwards…
– Ok, I promise, I’ll take you home, get on!

I drove off, he smelled of wine and perspiration. I realized, what I was going to do, and a ball of apprehension twisted my stomach, but this creepy experience was still quite exciting. While driving, the movement of my legs made my skirt go up on my thighs, high enough for him to see the fasteners of my garter belt and a border of white skin above the stockings. Tramp’s eyes fixed on it, I did nothing to put my skirt back in place.

– What is your name ?
– They call me Boba Madame…
– Me, you can call me Trixie! Well, Boba, I’m going to make a request that will seem absurd to you! If you want the job, you’re gonna have to show me your dick…
– Well… Uh….!!!
– Do you want the 500 euros, yes or no? So show!

He complied, undid his fly and with a little difficulty, and his not very clean hands took out his phallus. It was what I had hoped for, a black chuck like shoe polish, at least six centimeters in diameter, for a length which must have been around 24 centimeters.

– OK not bad ! You have the job, I tell her smiling, leave her outside!
– I… I don’t understand…

I squirmed a little more to make my skirt go up again, she was soon flush with my pussy, I was not wearing a thong. He eyed my crotch, he must have guessed I wasn’t wearing panties. His cock began to swell. I was curious to see how big and how long she could have when fully erect. My suit jacket yawned, revealing my left breast, supported by the half cup of my bare-breasted bra. His eyes went from my chest to the birth of my pussy slit, his dick pointing higher than his navel, just what old Alfred liked, and I was blown away by it. He saw that my eyes were looking more at his colossal black appendage than at the road. Embarrassed, he covered it with the porn magazine.

– No, no let me look…!!

Obediently he removed the magazine. But we had arrived. Alfred wasn’t there, he wouldn’t be back until later. So, when I got out of the car, I gave him a phone call to ask him if he intended to return soon, and that I was installing his present in the living room. Curious, he asked me what it was, that he was three blocks away and would be there in about 10 or 15 minutes. I told him that when he saw my present, he would understand!!
I brought Boba into the living room, he was quite intimidated. I told him that my friend was coming, and that he was aware of his presence, and that moreover he was a very nice gentleman.
I installed him in front of the 180 cm home cinema, and suggested that he watch a movie while I went to change. I served him a drink…

I took out a DVD where Alfred had written “The bride was too beautiful”, I heard Alfred’s car arrive and started playing… the film began.
I was seen as a very undressed bride, I climbed the stairs, arrived on the first floor, I pushed aside the thin fabric rampart of my thong and caressed my clitoris in close-up, inserting my index and middle finger into the vulva . The camera moved up to my chest, I slowly lowered a cup of the bustier, caressed my swollen nipple, readjusted the ribbon, tightened the clip of the breast collar, put the breast back in place and took out the other to do the same. That’s when the bedroom door opened. It was my favorite color that came out of the room, a black, burly, bearded one. He approached me and kissed me passionately, his hand going to meet my breasts under the bustier…
I looked at Boba, who sat down and was dumbfounded by the images… The sequel was hot, he was going to enjoy himself, surely in the company of Alfred. Quietly I left the room…

I quickly took a shower, tied a rather thin black lace garter belt around my waist, slipped my smooth legs into the silk of my black stockings, and secured them to the clips. I put on a topless black half bra. The vision of Boba’s erect cock crossed my mind. He hadn’t had a kiss in forever, he was sure to be unleashed! Alfred should have fun watching our antics, an unhealthy excitement ran through my body, the cleanliness of the tramp left something to be desired, it seemed to me, I shivered. I noticed my nipples starting to tense above the cups, a cloudy feeling of arousal coursing through me as I slipped on this sexy lingerie. A sensual heat spread in my lower abdomen, a slight dampness invaded my pussy. I put on my babydoll whose transparency hinted at every detail of my body, it did not cover my pubis, left my shaved pussy open to view. There were two slits on the breasts, I spread them to reveal my nipples, I put on my stilettos. I hesitated…should I put on my black negligee? Yes… Boba won’t see my outfit right away! I took out a condom… But Alfred didn’t like seeing me use one… Too bad, it was his birthday… I threw it in the trash… and then I was up to date for my pill.
I looked at myself in the mirror, with my long, wavy blond hair, my blue-green eyes, my straight little nose, my mouth with luscious lips well highlighted by my lipstick, my perfect breasts, with erectile nipples, my slender legs. by the silk of my stockings, my shaved penis free of any hair, framed by my garter belt I found myself chewable…

I left to join the two men. Arrived at the door of the living room, I opened it slowly, they did not notice my presence. I looked at Boba, eyes bulging fixed on the screen. He was rubbing his cock through his pants. Alfred, huddled in an armchair, watched the reactions of the homeless man, he was the one who shot the film, which moreover came to an end.
On the screen, black was laying me down on the bed. His huge phallus invaded my pussy and he began to slowly come and go, penetrating the 26 cm of his cock completely.

– Bitch, he said to me, you like blacks with big cocks…I don’t think I’ve ever felt a chick get wet like you, my cock is soaked and sticky with your cum…Damn the old man got it. right to ask me to fuck you…He’s going to enjoy this old pervert…to see the sperm that I’m going to send into your pussy!! Shit it’s good to fuck a pretty white girl like you…!!
– Damn, yes cum in my pussy! I love it when a black man’s seed drips into my vagina!

He made me spread the lips of my vagina. Holding his cock with one hand he positioned his penis at the entrance to my wide open vaginal orifice and released his seminal fluid with groans of pleasure, a small part ran down my buttocks, the rest in my pussy. I took the still taut cock and put it back in my throbbing vagina, I hadn’t come, but I was on the verge of explosion, the black man felt it because he gently thrust his cock as if to push his sperm well into my entrails, his kiss covered the cry of pleasure that I uttered. I approached the edge of the bed, and spread my legs to the maximum, I caressed and contracted my pussy to bring out the seminal liquid that had been deposited there, I plunged two fingers into it which came out shiny and viscous with warm semen, I picked up the one running down my labia majora and licked my fingers close up. The tall black man stepped aside after making me suck his cock. Legs still wide apart, I caressed my wide open pussy, sticky with cum and cum…

The screen became fixed on this last image. I entered and walked towards Boba. Her wide eyes went back and forth between me and the screen… I lasciviously approached his chair, looking him in the eye. At each step my negligee opened revealing to him the fasteners of my garter belt, the straps tight on my firm thighs. While continuing to advance with scholarly swaying, I pulled a little on the garment to remove it a little more and let him see my shaved sex. His eyes never left my lower body. Cum beaded from my pussy, onto my crotch. I stopped a meter away from him, I glanced at Alfred who pulled out his cock and pressed the remote, it turned the couch into a bed.

-Trixie, your gift is perfect, it’s really, really very original, it’s so perverse! Such a specimen really pigments what you offer me!! And if he has a cock as developed as Victor’s, it will really be the foot…
– I checked, in erection it must be around 28 centimeters…
– You’re an angel…

I smiled, and slightly arched forward slowly challenged, looking at the black with velvet eyes, the belt of the negligee, a movement of my shoulder and he fell to the floor…
From the look that Boba gave me, I saw that he had understood that it was he who was going to take the place of the black man who fucked me in the film…
The homeless man’s eyes widened even further and his mouth fell open. He was paralyzed. I approached within 50 centimeters of him. I caressed my breasts, tweaked my already quite erect nipples, then slowly ran my hands down my body, still looking languidly into his eyes. With my left hand, I parted the lips of my vagina, the middle and index finger of my right hand disappeared into the gaping slit. They came out shiny with cum, I sucked them with delight.
He got up, the film and the show that I offered him, had their effect. A huge bulge, under his pants, ran along his thigh down to the middle of it. He held out trembling hands towards me… Even in his wildest dreams, his most erotic fantasies, he had never imagined what was happening to him today, a gorgeous blonde offering herself to him. He still didn’t understand why, but he was going to make the most of it and empty his overflowing purses into this gorgeous girl’s slut’s pussy.
Simpering, I turned my back on him, he flattened himself against me, his hands grabbed my breasts, he began to knead them with force, he rolled my nipples between his fingers, he planted his dirty nails there, stretched them, pinched them with force, which drew me moans of ecstasy, and activated the small source which flowed between my thighs.
I undid the fastener of his pants, down the zip of his zipper, his pants fell on his ankles, he was not wearing panties, freed from all constraint, his cock stood up much higher than my garter belt. He rubbed the colossal cylinder between the crack of my buttocks. I appreciated the hardness of his massive member between my firm globes, the diameter seemed enormous to me. He passed his phallus under the thin strap of my garter belt, he breathed hard.
Without ceasing to grind my chest, he turned me around and put me in front of him. He put his head close to my face.
Damn, the smell of his breath… But it was too late, I promised Alfred. I didn’t think I would take pleasure in doing such a thing, I was wrong!! I hoped he wasn’t sick… but no! She was a force of nature…go on Trixie!! And my pussy sank more and more… I got caught up in this unhealthy game!

– I want your tongue, in my mouth.

He put his lips on mine, I opened my mouth and obediently accepted the intrusion of his big tongue and it slid down my throat. Mmmmuuummmm, I started to get a funny taste in my mouth. It literally drooled in my oral cavity, but in the end, this slightly acidic taste was not so unpleasant! I quickly loosened my tongue, and I turned it and returned to Boba’s mouth and sucked his deep into my oral cavity, I swallowed his saliva and drool. I couldn’t fucking believe I was doing such an unsavory thing. I looked at Alfred, with a smile and a nod he encouraged me to go on.
Still giving him a fiery kiss, I unbuttoned, then took off his shirt, I rubbed my hardened nipples on his pectorals, my breasts well supported by the half cups of the bra, stretched like shells seemed to pierce the slits of the babydoll.
His hands kneaded my buttocks, spread the milky globes, his middle finger caressed my anal orifice, and penetrated it lightly, I shivered His huge, taut cock, rubbed between my pussy lips without penetrating it. Then he grabbed the diaphanous garment and passed it over my head, he undid my bra, when the straps passed over my arms, I quivered with ecstasy. His large, not very clean hands gripped my breasts, his mouth took turns taking hold of my nipples, sucking them, sucking them in, his teeth came into play and nibbled them quite hard, he made me groan with pleasure.
I grabbed his cock with both hands, and gently masturbated, capping and retracting his purple foreskin, his glans was huge and well flared.
He put his hands on my shoulders and forced me to kneel down, my head found itself level with his big hairy balls that hung under his phallus, it really smelled like wild animals… I had a moment’s hesitation. , then I sucked one after the other his big balls. With one hand he lowered his cock to my mouth. With the porn magazine, he had to jerk off, because on his skin stood out shiny and dry traces.
I salivated a lot, spit on his huge taut cock, hard as iron, then with my tongue I spread my foam on the entire chuck streaked with a blue vein.
Boba grabbed my head with one hand and the other forced my lips with his glans, I opened my mouth wide, the purple head slipped inside. He put his two hands behind my head and with small jerks began to push his huge, rough stake into my oral cavity.
I frowned and looked at him with surprised and fearful eyes as if I wasn’t going to be able to swallow his big cock which started scraping my throat.
As a challenge, Boba stared into my beautiful blue-green eyes and it seemed to me that I felt his cock lengthen and grow, getting hotter and hotter, he looked at me smiling, choking and gasping, fucking my mouth with deep lustful movements.
I dutifully sucked this homeless man’s cock with my luscious mouth. My saliva ran down my chin. My mind was in a cloud, all I felt was a certain pleasure in giving a blowjob to this huge and dirty cock of a tramp!
Alfred must have seen, on the floor, the little puddle of cum that oozed out of my throbbing pussy. I applied myself for five or six minutes to pump it well, alternating the complete engulfment of his cock and the nibbling of the glans. He seemed to enjoy it a lot.
Then I took it out of my mouth, and with both hands gave him a quick masturbation. It worked, he tensed.

– Ooohhh yes Boba, come on cum inside me, give me your cum deep in my mouth, Yes I like, I like cum… come on cum!

I swallowed the monstrous roller again and a large amount of his seed squirted into my mouth, lips around the glans, I sucked his meatus, drawing him grunts of pleasure. I pulled back and looking him in the eyes, swallowed his warm, gooey nectar.
He picked me up and pushed me towards the bed.

– Don’t worry, it’s been so long since I fucked a girl, my balls are still full. Little Slut, I saw that you adore black people… and even old people. I’m going to put my huge cock on you, but you’re so wet that it’s going to come in on its own.
– I thought you would never offer it to me! Oh yes I want to feel your cock deep inside my wet pussy. And I want you to ejaculate a lot of cum in it, I love your huge cock…
– Damn, shit… Of course I’m going to unload the rest of my cum in your slutty little pussy.

I leaned back and watched Boba’s long, gigantic throbbing cock as if in a trance. With a kind of savagery, the tramp kissed my body, he hugged me in his hungry arms which had never embraced such a pretty and blond young white woman. He kissed me again passionately and pushed me back onto the bed. He inhaled the scent of my body, shoved his huge stiff pole against my belly and my chest. The sticky thickness of his monstrous cock slid over my stomach, rubbed my breasts, passed under the straps of my garter belt, warm pre-cum streaked on my stockings, my belly and my breasts.
With a kind of grimace, he forced to try to get his gigantic cock, he positioned in the folds of my pussy. I contracted. He looked at me not happy, he rolled his eyes bringing his face closer to mine and fixing his pupils in mine, he brutally nailed me to the bed.
He spread my legs rather brutally, and slipped his index and middle finger into my wet pussy.
He twirled them around several times and added his two other fingers to them, he thrust his hand in several times, brought it out glistening with cum, brought it under his nose and licked it.

– Well, it’s delicious, now it’s my cock’s turn…

I gasped with pleasure as his flared cock entered my hot pussy. Boba held my legs wide apart, the rest of his huge member began to slide into my vaginal canal, activating the wetness of my pussy. I tried to relax and contract my vaginal walls, to suck deep inside me this big black boa. He groaned in satisfaction and thrust all 11 inches of his cock into my throbbing pussy. I screamed in ecstasy. Just as my cry rang out, he pressed his full weight on top of me and began to penetrate me harder thrusting his cock in with all the power he could, truly satisfied to feel my vagina twitch and release around his thick black member that throbbed in me.
He looked at me like a demon, slipped his arms under my back and grabbed my shoulders, he positioned me to pull my body towards him so he could push his cock easier and deeper.

– Hey Trixie, I’ve never put all of my dick inside a gorgeous slut as blonde and pretty as you…!! It really is the foot!

I was now sobbing with pleasure, and my pussy was on fire. Boba leapt, reared and plunged with regularity, and a lustful rage his giant cock into my entrails.
It seemed like an eternity, I hugged the homeless man, my body began to shake and a powerful orgasm rose in my stomach, my hair stood on end, my body was covered with goosebumps.
I shouted at him not to stop this madness. For long minutes, Boba pressed against me, slowed down his penetration, barely moving, as if to allow me to enjoy and let my cum spill out on his balls, he kissed me passionately.
A deep wave, like an earthquake, left my pussy spread to my brain, I screamed with pleasure, my vagina contracted with force several times around the stake planted in me, it seemed to me that a river of cum was flowing down my pussy.
Through my mist I still felt the hardness of the penis in me and his balls stumbled against my buttocks, with a big jerk he sank completely. His monstrous cock twitched, throbbed and with a loud cry, he poured out a phenomenal amount of cum. Another orgasm washed over me, an intense burning through my pussy screaming for mercy and I screamed again.

– Ooooooohhhhhhh, damn Alfred.. look… he poured so much cum into my pussy, that the overflow is leaking…!!

For ten minutes I was panting and panting. Then the homeless man who lay behind me on the bed, stroked my chest, rolled my nipples in his fingers, his giant black cock still half hard and still throbbing hard, passed between my legs and arched over my back again. belly.
I was exhausted half languid and relaxed, I thought the tramp was also on the verge of knockout. But his cock was hard again, he rubbed his swollen glans, soaked in his cum on my pretty little anus and to lubricate it, he spat on it.
I looked at Alfred with a pleading look, he got up but smiling, he sat down again. He knew that I didn’t hate being sodomized…

– It’s my birthday he whispered!

The homeless man positioned the tip of his giant cock at the entrance to my asshole and entered me like a piston, I cried out in surprise…
Boba began to smash my ass, I squeezed my buttocks, but he forced his way through my sphincters, spreading my firm globes, my mouth wide open, frantically seeking air; overwhelmed by the sensation of powerful pleasure given me by the monstrous black cock now deeply embedded in my ass. After a few minutes of deep sodomy, I started to moan with pleasure and I thought that I was really a bitch to like being fucked by this kind of unappealing character. But I took my foot, it seemed to me that I almost touched the bottom of lust.
Boba grabbed my hair and made me arch my back. His balls were crushed on my buttocks. Like a litany of pleasure another deep orgasm rose in me, the hand of the tramp rested on my pussy and he tickled my clitoris, pulled and pinched my little pink button. Again, I enjoy like crazy. My sphincters tightened forcefully around his phallus and like a boiling lava eruption his cock burst with such madness into my ass I had tensed wildly to accommodate his outpouring of hot gooey seed, I was stunned that he ejaculated three times in such a short time…
This time Alfred arrived, his tail darting towards the ceiling. He handed him 1,000 euros, asked him to get dressed and he accompanied him to the door, he came back to me, looked at me with loving eyes…

– So, my little Alfred, the session satisfied your fantasies? Did you like my gift? Did you ejaculate?
No, I see your cock is still big…
– Yes, I enjoyed myself! I was waiting for him to finish making you cum… to take his place if you want… did you cum well?
– Of course, my little darling… I’m going to take a shower…
– But don’t stay like that… this situation is exciting… I too am a bit perverted!