The accupuncturist’s huge needle


I was at my acupuncturist, sitting across from him, watching him. He was an Asian, Chinese or Korean. He was well into his sixties and was really not, but not at all, what it is agreed to call handsome. His appearance harbored all sorts of quirks, which made him look like some sort of caricature. He was almost completely bald, with only thin bangs that clung to the top of his head in a tuft of hair that fell loosely over his forehead. The nose was too big, his mouth and eyes too small. Her cheekbones were high and prominent. Her face narrowed from forehead to chin, it looked like an inverted triangle.
He was very tall and very thin, although he had on apparently expensive clothes, he looked like he was floating in them. His long arms, emerging from his jacket, highlighted his large, gnarled hands with long, slender fingers.
I had heard, but was it the truth? That he managed to make a patient come, by pricking her with the needles. I would have liked to try, but I dared not ask! I had read that indeed, we had discovered anatomical points, which triggered powerful physiological reactions and which ignited the erotic brain.

– Take your clothes off, miss.

We were at the end of winter, I had dressed myself, to try to attract his attention. I left my jacket then my blouse, the cups of my black bra were flush with my nipples, a nipple popped up above the lace. I undid the closure of my skirt, it fell to the ground, revealing my legs refined by stockings held by a black garter belt, a gossamer thong hid my sex. I hadn’t taken my eyes off him, his eyes lit up as I
stripping. My nipples had completely popped out of the cups.

– Lie down on the table! He said to me with a broad smile.

I was treated to a basic acupuncture session, with perhaps a few more intense touches, but nothing of what I expected. The consultation over, I got dressed.

– If you don’t mind, could we bring the next session forward to the day after tomorrow?

That would suit me, he said, looking at me with bright eyes.

– No problem !

I replied, as my heart skipped a beat in my chest, had I pulled the pompom? My desire, would it take shape? The hearsay heard reported super powerful orgasms, I was up for that kind of feeling.
Two days later, I went to his office wearing a jacket under which I wore only a half-cup black bra, which left two-thirds of my breasts free. A sticky skirt that hinted at the ties of my black garter belt too. I hesitated, but I put on a more than transparent thong and dutifully shaved my pussy.
The waiting room was deserted, the last client came out, he ushered me into his office. He examined me feet, his face lit up when he saw the bumps made by the clasps of my garter belt.

– Hello, Miss Trixie, you are always so radiant! Today, allow me to undress you, I offer you a special session.
– Euuhhhhh yes, I answered.
– Perfect, I think you’ll like it!

He walked towards me, undid the jacket buttons one by one and pulled the tails apart.

– Oooooohhhhh, your beautiful breasts look like two pears of gold, offered in a jewel case.

Slowly he took off my jacket.

– Allow me to leave your skirt, to reveal your magnificent legs!

He lowered the zipper and the garment fell on the carpet. My heart was pounding in my chest, I was going to know nirvana, finally, I hoped.

– I still can’t believe it, you’re wonderful dressed like this! Your lingerie is very erotic! We will keep her during the operation. Lie down on the table, please.

What I did.

– I have to leave your thong, he said, rolling it along my thighs. Oooooohhhh, but you’re shaved! I love it, you want to bewitch me! It’s good relax! I’m going to push the needles, but somewhere else than usual! You will see, it is very pleasant? But I think I’ll also take off your bra, your breasts will bloom more.

He ran his hands behind my back and undid my half cups, I quivered with ecstasy when he slipped the suspenders over my arms. His fingers fluttered over my anatomy, stiffened horizontally on the auscultation table. The Asian then began to place his needles on my body. These were first
the ankles and then the wrists. I felt a slight tingling at the intrusion of the needles, but we cannot speak of pain. With a little sparkling look and a little crooked smile, he said to me:

– Now, place for your special session gift!

He then thrust small spikes around my breasts and my cock, into my labia majora. The old man finally planted his last needles: ankles, wrists, around the penis and the breasts. Smiling, he plunged his mischievous eye into mine.

– Your pupil is already getting bigger. It will start in three minutes! I’ll leave you alone for a moment. You know, I did enjoy more than one! he whispered.

He stalked off, his back hunched and shaking with a light laugh. Transformed into a pincushion, I stared, incredulous and tense, at the lacquered ceiling. My skin started to tingle. I waited in silence. The tingling intensified, the heat rising. My stomach grew heavy, contracted. Almost a pain. At first, I tried to relax and freaked out a little at the sight of my pierced body! Then I tried to move, in vain! I can only move my eyes, the rest of my body is asleep. All of a sudden, tingles emanating from my feet traveled up my body. They went through the outside of my legs, my hips and arrived at my chest. The effect subsided to be replaced by a gentle, pleasant warmth. My breasts swelled with pleasure became boiling hot and this outbreak went down in my sex. My clitoris stood up, coming out of its hood and my vagina swelled and I heated from the inside; my big labia and finally my little ones opened as if they were giving me cunnilingus from hell. There, not understanding this new phenomenon, I tried to resist again, but the excitement is too strong, I let myself go, and an orgasm passed through my body. My limbs were numb, but I could move them slowly, I wanted to scream my ecstasy, but no sound came out.
It was at this moment that the door opened, the old acupuncturist entered. He was naked, he seemed to me even more emaciated. His penis, not very thick, but really long, hung between his emaciated thighs. He approached. And examined me, a wide smile lit up his face.

– You just cummed, but it’s not over, I’m going to take the needles out of you and you’ll get your body sensations back.

He began to remove the little silver spades, last he removed those that were stuck in my areolas and around my vagina. But before, he made them turn, which drew me sighs of ecstasy.

– It’s good, don’t you think? But let’s move on! Do you know the cremasteric reflex?

His hands went under the straps of my garter belt, then he slowly moved his fingertip up my thigh toward the groin. My vaginal lips opened as endowed with a life of their own, it immediately triggered my libido, a terrible desire for his cock came over me. The walls of my vagina stretched, the latter released the wet. I had the sensation of feeling the pulse of my heart begin to beat in my clitoris which again swelled, hardened and which, by this erection, was detached from the lips of my pussy. My vagina dilated and the lubrication was at its peak, my lips turned red and my cum dripped onto the table.

– That’s perfect, young girl, do you feel my fingers?

He put his index and middle finger in my wet pussy, gently made a dozen back and forth movements, then with his thumb, he began to caress my clitoris with small circles, sometimes his fingernail tickled it, making me moan. of pleasure. His left hand tweaked my breasts, pinching and pulling my nipples, he picked up the pace, penetrating his hand. My body tensed in an arc, I was overcome by pleasure, I let myself be carried away by a flood of pleasure. I didn’t want this to end.

– I will massage your Qi Hai which is best known as the Lower Sea of ​​Qi as we say in Chinese, it can be translated as Sea of ​​Energy or Ocean of Energy, it is located about 3 centimeters below the navel. Move your butt to the edge of the table.

He settled between my thighs. He took out his cock, he was getting hard, his cock rubbed on my pussy, he put his thumb, his index finger and his middle finger together and placed them on the Qì Hai point is the 6th point of Ren Mai (the Conception Vessel), he started to perform clockwise rotational movements.
With his left hand, he directed his cock towards my throbbing vulva, the glans entered.

– Here I am! Little Slut you’ve been turning me on for a long time, you did it on purpose to come with sexy underwear, you’ll see, you won’t regret it!

He undressed entirely, then his right hand exerted continuous pressure on the Qì Hai point, he pressed, but without forcing, continuing the rotations. His cock slid deeper into me, slowly, it seemed to me that this penetration never ended, I had the impression that it must be more than thirty centimeters.
He went back and forth putting the weight of his body on his left arm, which put pressure on his three fingers, he maintained this for thirty seconds, then started again with each penetration of his penis, which he put on entirely.

– Exhale slowly and inhale deeply.

He accelerated the back and forth of his cock while continuing the pressure on my belly, suddenly my belly kissed, my pussy became hot, my vagina dilated and the lubrication was at its peak. My lips turned dark red in color. I screamed with pleasure. My vaginal duct contracted several times on the cock that was pounding me. He ejaculated at the same time, it seemed to me that it increased tenfold my pleasure. Through an erotic fog, I heard him gab.

– Perfect, the vaginal contractions have a suction effect and this will allow my sperm to easier to reach the egg. So did you like it? Are you ready to start over? You know the more we practice, the more we become addicted! To see you enjoy, I believe that you will come back

I looked at him smiling, he was really ugly, but he had just transported me to seventh heaven as if by magic. He thrust his cock again which had not swollen into my pussy, with slow penetration movements, he leaned over me, his lips went up on my stomach, sucked my breasts in turn, then landed on my mouth, his tongue invades my oral cavity, I returned his kiss with passion.

– Look what acupressure can bring. These two mirrored sexual massage pressure points are called the rushing gate. They rest on either side of the genitals, at that sexy spot where the crease of my thigh meets my stomach. Light pressure should be applied here with the palms of the hands, this increases a woman’s sexual response and stimulates her pussy sensitivity. For men, you’ll see, it allows all my sexual energy to flow to
back to my genitals,
Look, I hold the pressure there for a minute, pressing the weight of my upper body into my palms. Ooooooohhhhh, damn, it’s good to cum in your pussy again!

Indeed, his body began to tremble, spasms made his sex jump in my pussy, five huge urges squirted an impressive amount of sperm in me.

– Oooooohhhhh, it’s good, it’s good! There was so long that I wanted to ejaculate in your pussy! Would you like to make an appointment for another session?

He had pulled back, his appearance was laughable, perched on his skinny legs, his dick hanging limp between his wrinkled thighs, he was dancing from one foot to the other waiting for my answer. This sight made him look even uglier to me, but the words that came out of my mouth were:

– Yes, when can I come back?