A happy ending to a disasterous start.

I was 19 when I met this girl Anna– I learned a little later she was 18. I took her out a couple of times and the second time we kissed and I touched her breasts. She stopped me and said not tonight – next time, it not a good time.

It was about a week later before I took her out again as she wouldn’t date me until then. I was pretty sure it was her period time.  That night we went through the same routine of kissing and when I tried to touch her breasts she let me. After a while I undid her buttons and touched her skin and slipped my hand into her bra to touch her nipple. When she didn’t attempt to stop me I slipped her shoulder strap off and exposed her breast and when she didn’t complain I got down and kissed and sucked on her nipple then exposed the other one and sucked that too.

She was enjoying the experience I gathered and my hand next went to her thigh and I slowly moved it up to where her pants met her leg and she said how far do you want to go.

I said as far as you will let me.

She lifted her bum off the chair and slipped her pants off and said that’s as far as you can go tonight – and let me feel her vagina and slip a finger into her.

She made no attempt to touch me so I undid my fly to see if she would take it from there.
She said no – not tonight maybe next time. I continued to finger her and suck on her breasts and kiss her which she was evidently enjoying but wasnt going to let me go any further and wasn’t interested in my cock. Ultimately I fingered her and got her to orgasm and she lay back and let the spasm overwhelm her. She didn’t say much she just moaned a little and wriggled her cunt on my fingers as I continued to finger her and she looked into my eyes and smiled. When the spasms had subsided she just said – that was nice, I liked that,  and kissed me.
I persisted with dating her and the following week I asked her out for the day – it was a Saturday and I had planned to take her driving and somewhere for lunch.

We drove into the countryside and I could see she was enjoying herself so I didn’t push things too quickly. We found somewhere for lunch and sat outdoors and had a nice meal and a couple of glasses of wine.
After lunch she said lets find somewhere secluded. I didnt argue – it sounded fine to me.
We found a spot which was totally secluded and where nobody would see us.
Then she got out of the car and when I joined her we kissed and then she said today is the day. Have you got a rug or something.

As it happened I always have a blanket in the car for ‘emergencies’.

I lay it out and as I was doing that she began to undress and I watched her as she removed all her clothes and stood there naked in front of me.

I said that is the most beautiful sight I have seen.

Then she said don’t waste it come on – you have been waiting a long time for this.

I immediately undressed and as I slipped my pants down – which was the last garment I removed, my hard cock popped out and stood out hard and straight. She looked directly at it and said – Oh God – that’s beautiful. 
Then she sat on the rug and I sat beside her and we kissed and she touched and held my cock. That not only looks beautiful it feels wonderful too she said . It was worth the wait.

Laying there in the nude with the warm sun on our naked bodies pressed together felt magnificent.
Any how we began to engage in foreplay and we were both engaged in touching feeling and using our hands to explore each other. I had fingered her and she was more than happy with the way I was pleasing her that way and she was quite good at using her hand on my cock. I gathered it wasn’t the first time she had done it.
After about 15 minutes I made a move to engage her in intercourse. She stopped and asked me how many girls I had been with.

I said three – the last one was about a year ago.

I asked he had she experienced sex before herself.

She said once and she wasn’t very happy when it happened, I was just 16.

I said I gather it was painful.

She said have you ever had sex with a virgin before.

I said my first time was with a virgin girl when we had sex together.

Did she enjoy it she asked?

I said eventually – the first time was painful for her and a bit traumatic for both of us. I used a condom and I am afraid I didn’t last very long and came after a couple of minutes. She was worried as she was still bleeding when I pulled out. I explained that was normal and it would stop if it hadn’t already done so. Then we went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves up. We went back to her bedroom and started to talk about it. Neither of us got dressed and I was enjoying being with a naked girl being able to see everything. She talked about how it hurt her and the bleeding and how she had been looking forward so much to doing it the first time and that it wasn’t the big bang she had expected. She said she didn’t feel much apart from the pain.  It sounded as if she wanted to enjoy it but had been disappointed.  We lay together and kissed and rubbed each other with our hands. I guess it would have been about 20 minutes later she asked me if I could do it again.  I had no problem getting hard again so we tried again. This time we both managed to enjoy it. The second time she said she was still a bit sore and didn’t cum but said it felt so much better. Later on we tried again and this time I lasted for ages and she managed to get herself to cum. We did it three times that night. After that one she was so excited – she had done it all and finally had her climax and had cum. We both hugged each other and really began to enjoy ourselves and had a bit of fun playing with each other in the nude. We began to meet as often as we could after that and it was straight into sex – no formalities we both enjoyed it and did it as often as we could. We tried to work out how to get her to cum more frequently and doing that was great.

Anna said I wish my first time had worked out like that.  The guy I went with had been with a few girls and I gathered he knew how to handle my situation. He knew I was a virgin but all he wanted was sex and he didn’t care about me at all. The fact I was a virgin meant nothing to him and he just went about what he wanted from me and got it despite I was hurting and crying and bleeding. His main concern was he was covered in blood and when he finished – semen as well. He said he wouldn’t cum into me but he did. I can remember exactly when he started to cum and I knew he was doing it inside me.

I was horrified and I screamed at him DON’T _ DON’T DO IT  – DON’T DO IT IN ME –  GET IT OUT – and he just kept going and grunting each time he ejaculated into me and said
Oh dear I seem to have spilt my milk in there ….pity.. then he laughed.

Then I began to cry.

Then I began to cry.

Then he just pulled his cock out and complained about how messy I had made him and he went away and cleaned himself up and just left me there. I was completely distraught at what he had done – I had little knowledge of contraception then and believed that I was pregnant now he had ejaculated into me.
I was so upset and he just said shut up and took me home and dropped me at the end of my street – not even to my front door. He said if you get pregnant that’s your problem – stupid bitch.

It took me weeks to get over that – I wanted to tell my mother what had happened but I wasn’t game. I listened to other girls talk about their first times and none were as traumatic as mine – and I wouldn’t say a word. You are the first person I have ever told. One day at school my period had arrived, I wanted to tell everybody then I wasn’t a virgin – but I didn’t  – you have no idea how happy that made me – up till then I was certain I was pregnant. After a couple of weeks he began to hang around again but I refused to talk to him and let some friends know he wasn’t a nice guy, but never told them what happened to me.
The two of us were ready – nothing was said but we both knew the time had come – Anna was lying back looking up at me, then she smiled, and said – please be gentle.

You have no idea how beautiful she looked lying back completely naked about to be fucked. She looked radiant.  I have thought about this time with her for a couple of weeks now. I had masturbated a few times imagining I was with her. I was going to have sex with Anna now and I had planned it to happen but not like this – this was far better than I ever imagined.

I said are you perfectly sure – if you would prefer not to I will understand.

She said no – I decided a few days ago I wanted  to go through with it – I could hardly eat my lunch knowing we were going to do it together. I just knew it was not going to be like my first time. I am so excited.  I knew after our second date it was going to be you. I decided you were kinder and more considerate and never pushed me into going any further than I wanted to. Actually the night I allowed you to touch me down there I felt like I was going to let you do it then, but I wasn’t sure of myself – I knew you were the right guy, and after my first experience I wasn’t sure of myself, now I have decided – I want to and I want to do it with you.
I lent over to get my pants as I had a condom in my wallet – she asked me what I was doing.

 I am getting a condom – I don’t want any accidents.

She said don’t bother – I am on oral contraception – I didn’t want to ever go through what I did those few weeks I thought I was pregnant. Now I can have sex and not worry. If you do want to cum inside me that’s fine, actually I would like you to.

Just before my period came when I thought I was pregnant, my mom realised I was having a problem. One night she started to talk to me about boys and sex. She was great and we had a long talk and I admitted I had tried sex once, and had a bad experience. We became very close that night and we had a very heart to heart talk. I leaned she had a bad experience herself. She arranged for me to go onto oral contraception. She has never asked me since if I have been tempted again. I think she knows when its right for me I will tell her.
I asked Anna again if she was sure she wanted me to do it with her, and she said yes – I have thought about it a lot and now I know what I want, and I know I don’t have to worry now.

I then proceeded to get prepared to enter her. She obviously wanted to start in the missionary position as she prepared herself for that.

She lay back and lifted herself up onto her forearms and looked down her body – over her pubic patch and directly at my cock.  I was on my knees and had my cock in my hand ready to penetrate her. She had her knees up and legs spread apart ready to begin. Her pubic hair was parted and her labia lips were just showing. I could see her pink vagina showing through pubic hair – it was glistening with wetness in the sunshine. Her patch of auburn hair was complete and she hadn’t shaved it. I have never seen a prettier more desirable sight in my life. She was exquisite.  I hesitated momentarily – maybe she might like oral first – it certainly look good enough for me to eat. Then I thought no this is more important for her.

I said are you ready for it.

She looked at me and said I could not be more ready willing and able. It looks wonderful I cant wait to feel it.
I put the head of my cock against her lips and looked up at her. I shivered with anticipation. She looked absolutely beautiful, her breasts were firm and areola and nipples were now bright pink. I had a small drop of precum at the eye of my cock as I guided it toward her cunt. It was all pink and wet with her foreplay juices. Our sex juices mixed together for the first time.

She shivered as I had done and her breasts shook, then said yes – I really want to do this and feel it – This is exactly how I imagined my first time would be – I just want to experience you now and blot out that previous disaster for ever.

I pushed my cock head in deeper and it slipped in until my cock was about half way inside her, and I stopped.

How is it I asked – should I go further, is it hurting.

She was watching me and could see and feel my cock going into her perfect vagina. No she said it just feels magnificent.

She looked up into my eyes and said that feels amazing – put it right in.
I lowered my self down and slowly and gradually slid my cock into her. I watched her face as I did and I could tell she was obviously enjoying it – there was no sign of pain or discomfort. I could feel the warmth and firmness of her cunt as I went in and the ease it slid in meant she was wet and ready for me.

Finally I had my cock completely into her body – I looked at her and smiled. There I said we are as one – I am as far in as I can go.

She let out a big breath and lay right back and put her arms above her head. I have never seen a more exotic and beautiful sight. I knew she was happy.

She looked into my eyes and said ohhhh this is heaven – I never want this to end.

I am 7inches long and 4 in circumference so I am not huge but from what I gather pretty normal. The entire 7 inches was now inside her and I could feel the warmth and firmness of her body wrapped around my cock. She had wrapped her legs around my waist locking me firmly inside her. My ball sac was now soft and rubbing her body between her cunt and her ass hole. It felt awesome.

I lay there not moving and said how is it.

She said just leave it there – I have never imagined it would feel this good – I can feel it right up inside me all the way and it feels wonderful. I have never felt anything like it before.

I looked down at her and saw her breasts sitting on her chest – they are firm and I guess about 35 or 36 C. perfect in my eyes. Her areola had changed from  pink to a nice cherry red and her nipples were hard and looked absolutely divine. There were no tan lines or signs of a swim suit but she was nicely tan all over.  I made a mental note to ask her if she sun tanned in the nude, it was possible because she had no hesitation in undressing in front of me and showed no signs of embarrassment as she moved about naked. I have occasionally visited a nude beach and I recognised the signs of her comfort and confidence in being nude.
I bent down and kissed each nipple and as I did she softly murmured the sound of a contented woman. If she was feeling half as good as me – she would be having the time of her life, I was.

I could feel my cock now was as hard as it would ever be. I slowly lifted myself to withdraw my cock almost out and then slowly lowered it back into her. I did this a few times and said – well how is it – will we make love now.
Oh my sweet darling she said – Heaven could never be this good – take me with you everywhere like this – I never want this to end – I have never felt so happy in my life.

I lay down and we kissed – it was one of the most erotic kisses I have ever had – open mouthed – and our tongues intertwined. Our chests were rubbing together and the firmness of her breasts erotically pressed against my body and my cock firmly and deeply embedded within her magnificent body through her heavenly vaginal entrance. My tongue in her mouth and my cock in her vagina – I was in heaven myself.

When we finally broke our passionate embrace – she looked at me and said – fuck me my darling – make love to me, make me cum, fill me with the wonderful love potion that will make babies for me…..  I LOVE you.

I didn’t need a second invitation – I began to move inside her and gently make love to her – this was better than fucking – we could do that later, hard and fast and animal like. I knew we would both enjoy the sensational feelings of a wild and furious fuck in due course – but our first time together was going to be memorable – far better than the first time we lost our virginities – this time we were going to share the experience together and make up for the original disaster. We were and would finish our first time together as lovemaking.

Slowly I began to fuck her – long slow deep penetrations and gradually building up to a regular speed and comfortable experience. She moved her legs every now and again, positioning them in a few ways while beneath me – sometimes around my waist other times on my shoulders then high and spread wide – she varied her movement quite a bit and I said – are you enjoying it .

She said I cannot believe that we are having so much fun – my whole body is tingling with the sensation of you being inside me – every nerve in my body is alive. God knows what will happen when I cum – I have never felt this good before ever.

I continued to make love to her and touched and licked and kissed her nipples which occasionally made her jump – they were very sensitive. I got her to touch mine as well as I often have wonderful sensations when they are touched. We would stop every once in a while and kiss with my cock deep inside her and the erotic passion connecting our tongues, clit and cock head making our lovemaking something really erotic.
We had been locked together for at least 20 minutes alternating fucking with kissing and touching sessions of sexual passion and pleasure when she said – make love to me – make me cum – fill me with your seed, I want your baby.

I gently bent down and kissed her softly on the forehead and said anything you ask will be provided my darling.
I felt her shiver beneath me and I then began to fuck her steadily. This time I wouldn’t finish until we both came.
I didn’t have to wait long – I could tell she was beginning to be aroused as she moved her legs to get the best sensation of having my cock inside her and as she did I lifted my speed and went a little harder and after a couple of minutes we both recognised the signs within each others bodies. She started to move her head from side to side – she was getting very close.


I went hard and fast I was going to try and get the both of us to cum together. I was nearly there and she was if anything a bit ahead of me as I heard her make her first sign,


She was shaking beneath me forcing her cunt up onto my thrusting cock – the two of us were forcing my cock and her cunt together so hard … my balls were swinging about and getting squashed between us —- the noise we were making must have been able to be heard for kilometres.  I was there – I was cumming……. I was cumming in a way I had never cum before……..my cock was in a spasm….. but  nothing was cumming out …… I felt an ache in my stomach then down into my balls  ……..    Then. it started       OHHHH SHIT I WAS CUMMING —-I GRUNTED ONCE… TWICE THREE……FOUR……. FIVE  TIMES . My cock was spurting a never ending stream of semen from deep within me and out through the eye of my cock deep into her. I was filling her wonderful cunt with my semen.  If it were possible for a guy to have a multiple orgasm – I think this was a close as it could be.  Her body was full of the seed of life coming from deep inside me to wash her womb with the milky white semen that puts life into a woman.

OHHHH ..SHIT  OOOhhhhOOO….. FFFFF… UUUU…. CCCC…..KKKK I could hardly breath I could feel my cock still in orgasm. I was having the most amazing orgasm I have ever had. ….  I could not believe it –the feeling in my cock and balls was absolutely amazing, my cock was still sensitive and it almost hurt to rub in inside her. . She was laying under me looking up at my contorted face as I pumped load after load of hot cum into her.
I could hardly move it but it continued to spasm and spurt until my cock realized there was nothing left to fill her any more than she already was. I don’t know but I would say it was the biggest volume of semen I have ever produced.

I collapsed on top of her gasping for breath – It was as if I had been kicked in the balls. I could feel her gasping for breath too as her body heaved, getting air into her as I was as well. I could feel her breast heaving against me as she gulped lungs full of air. We were both soaking wet with sweat and I could feel myself slipping and sliding on top of her beautiful body. We lay together and I kissed her lips gently and often as we both regained our composure. She looked up at me and just smiled and returned my kisses. I have never been in love – but I had a feeling this was as close as I had ever been – she was amazing, beautiful, and had shared my body sexually and is full of my seed. It had to be love. We were as one.

My cock subsided and slipped out of her.

It just slipped out she said  – it could have stayed in me for ever. I said I wouldn’t mind either but how would I piss and talking of pissing I think I need one now.

We both got up and as she did she looked down and said doesn’t that look beautiful – look.

She had spread her legs and my semen was beginning out seep out of her magnificent pussy lips surrounded by her fur lined vagina. Her hair was also full of my semen. She had been well and truly fucked.
I said it looks good enough to eat – jokingly.

She said that may come later – there is nothing I would not do with you now – I have never imagined anything could be as good as that was.

We both had our pee, she squatting next to me as I stood and pissed myself dry.

She had even thought to bring a tissue to wipe herself with. I said I will need one of those too – I am covered in our love juices.

She laughed and said I could do something about that – but I am not going to – I will have to convince myself I can do that for you one day.

I said I hope there are going to be many more days like this – I have never enjoyed being with anybody – ever – like I enjoyed today – so far.

She said the day is young – I am sure we can have a repeat performance in a while – I would be willing – once I get over that one – it was absolutely mind blowing.

That night we both went home more satisfied than ever in our lives before – we had managed to have sex four times before we were so tired I couldn’t really get it hard enough and she was so full of my semen it wouldn’t stop leaking out of her.. We had tried a couple of positions which were great fun. The hardest thing I have ever done in my life was so say goodnight to her that night at her front door. We had shared life, love and our bodies completely together that day. Never have I had such an enjoyable day in my life.

Her mother turned on the light and opened the door. Her mother was wondering what had happened to Anna. She heard the car and wondered where we were. We could not part and had kissed for ages.
Anna introduced me and I am sure her mother knew immediately that Anna and I had tested the effectiveness of those oral contraceptives. She invited me in and said I may like a cup of coffee. I refused politely – I was pretty sure Anna wanted to tell her mother everything. I would have been embarrassed had she done so with me there.

I know my mother took one look at my sister one day and knew she was having sex – I have no idea how she knew but she was right.

Anna said to me during one love making session – I told mom what we are doing she said I gathered you have seen more of Mike than I have seen. Have you been entertaining him in your bedroom?  Anna admitted we had and her mother seemed happy. She said don’t do it in his car – I would prefer you do it there than in his car.  
From that day on we became lovers in the true sense of the word. Within a month we were inseparable and had completed the full gambit of sexual pleasures on each other bodies. Even her mother seemed happy with Anna’s choice of partner.

Her mother always seemed pleased to see me and accepted Anna and I were lovers in every sense of the word. She never discussed our lovemaking with Anna and accepted we were more than casual partners.
One night I was at her place enjoying a meal and her mother said I am going away for the weekend in two weeks. I have a fair idea what you two will be up to so don’t disturb the neighbours. That was her way of saying we could sleep together while she was away.

After I left she laid a few ground rules down to Anna and she was fine with them – we had no problems with them. We spent almost the entire weekend naked and having sex – it was amazing. From then on her mother told Anna we could use Annas bedroom for our lovemaking even while she was in the house. She never disturbed us or said anything to us about it. After that weekend there was always an extra towel in the bathroom for me to use after we had sex. I often got a knowing smile from her after we had enjoyed ourselves. She once said to me – I have never seen Anna happier – thank you.

I just said – No its thanks to you – she smiled back at me and nothing more was said.

After a few months of the most wonderful sex I could imagine – Anna said to me  I cant wait for you to make a baby with me. That is apart from the innumerable times we told each other we loved each other. I didn’t have to be having sex with her to know that.

I said the baby wont be a problem – but you will have to stop eating those love lollies each morning.

She said that will happen later – than sooner – we have a lot of lovemaking and living and unfortunately studying to do before then.

When we graduate it will be in more ways than one.

I proposed on the spot. She may not have been the first but she could well be the only girl I ever make love to from then on.