Glory Hotel Part 1

The four sixteen year old English boys were in India having just got off a flight from England and were now walking along behind Mia an Indian girl who was four years younger than what they were, Mia was leading the four boys to the truck that would take them to the hotel where they would stay for a week, as she walked Mia could hear the racist comments that the racist thugs were issuing but it did not bother Mia she was used to, once at the truck the boys climbed in the back and after a hours drive the truck pulled up outside a ramshackle wooden building that had a sign saying Glory Hotel above the door, Martin said “we paid shit we got shit” once inside the hotel the boys booked in and were shown up to their rooms on the way Colin said “what ever you do do not fart the place will fall down” the boys were all in separate rooms next door to each other, Mia was stood in a secret passage that ran the length of the rooms the boys were in and watching the boys through cracks in the wall and after a few minutes could not decide which of the now naked boys to look at and decided on Steve because at seven inches his dick was the biggest, Martin Colin and Simon each had about five inches. As Mia watched she saw Steve find the party hidden porn magazine and watched as he read it watching in awe as his dick slowly grew to a full nine inch erection, Mia thought that is the biggest white cock I have ever seen and watched as Steve started to slowly stroke his dick getting faster all the time till he slowed down and cum flew from his dick in four long spurts Mia moved a bit and was just in time to see Martin who had also found a porn magazine squirt cum from his seven inch dick. Mia was to late to watch the other boys but knew that there was a lot better things to come. Twenty minutes later Steve who had now dressed in shorts and tee shirt was in the small garden where he was approached by a woman with a smiling girl, the woman said “you and your friends have made my daughter happy” Steve said “how” the woman then said “all the rooms on your side of the hotel have hidden cameras today is my daughters tenth birthday and she saw you all naked saw your cocks and watched each of you wank off as you read the magazines she thought you shot the most spunk” the woman then pointed to a wall where a film of Steve and his mates all naked and jerking was playing. Steve went bright red and went looking for his mates when he found them he discovered that they already knew about the cameras and knew that they had problems.