Amy and Carrie Part 4

Part 4:

When my parents got home we switched on the TV and acted like we were watching. I sat between them. My dad came down. “Of course who else would he be with? You two are always joined at the hip. Geez. Hello Carrie. You going to be joined at the hip with him too?”, he said and laughed.

“Well he is soooo cute Uncle Jim!”, Carrie said and pinched my cheek. My dad laughed. He reminded us of their dad’s gun collection. I laughed.

He left us alone and they both kissed my cheek and ran their hand from my chest to my crotch. They giggled Carrie undid my pants.

“Stop it!”, I whispered, “My parents are home!” They made mocking funny faces. Amy pulled my dick out. Carrie went to go down on it. Amy slapped her face.

“You had your turn! Mine now!”, Amy said as she went down on me. Carrie kissed my neck and caressed my neck and face.

Amy’s lips were heavenly as she sucked on my dick. She deep throated me and sucked hard as she came back up. She did this a couple times. I didn’t last long and blew my load into her mouth.

Carrie laughed. “You spoil him so!”, she said

Amy laughed, “Yes I do!”

My 15th birthday came and we had a big party. Uneventful sexually. The biggest gift was my parents leaving the house for three days going to Florida on a romantic getaway. I couldn’t wait. They left Amy and Carrie’s parents in charge of me. I just stayed at my house going to their house if I needed something.

I was home and the girls walk in fighting about something. Carrie sits next to me and I could tell Amy did not like that.

“Typical! You don’t like him and now all of a sudden you just move in and take over.”, Amy said, “get your own damn guy bitch!”

Carrie took offense to being called a bitch. They got up and were arguing in front of me. Carrie slapped Amy and I jumped up to break it up. I was told to stay out of it. It came to shoves and then slaps. I got up again and they started French kissing each other. My jaw dropped in shock. They were laughing at me.

“Whe…whe…when did this happen?”, I said stammering

“Oh Amy look what we did to him!”, Carrie said.

They both said, “Happy birthday cuz!”

“You mentioned to me about a threesome. Well here you go.”, Amy said

“Remember this is only a birthday gift! Only a one time thing!”, Amy said

“Oh really?”, Carrie said and kissed her reaching up Amy’s shirt and feeling her breasts.

“Ok maybe one time in front of him.”, Amy said and they giggled

It was hot! My two girls kissing in front of me. Amy and Carrie moved to my room. Both girls stripped.

“Are you sure you want to?”, Carrie asked

“It’s for his birthday.”, Amy said.

“What is going on?”, I asked

“Amy wants you to take her virginity.”, Carrie said and laughed. Amy slapped he sister for being so forward.

“Ok”, I said excitedly

“Geez you think you gave him a million dollar check!”, Carrie said and laughed

“Be gentle ok? Not our usual stuff?”, Amy said

“Sure Amy anything for you. You know that. I love you.”, I said

Amy’s 13yo body was transforming nicely into womanhood. Nice B cup breasts with a skinny body, a nice tight ass and trimmed pussy.

“Let me show some sisterly love and you can take over.” Carrie said. I nodded.

Carrie got on between her legs and started licking her pussy. Amy was moaning as Carrie fingered her hard and sucked on her clitoris. I stuck my thumb in Carrie toyed with her clit with my fingers. Amy was getting into it. Holding her sisters head down while she ate her out.

Carrie paused. “Hey if you are going to play down there give me the usual! Spank my ass or something!”, she protested. She said to her sister, “Geez Amy this guy! You think he would know by now.”

Amy laughed, “Can’t help but love him though!”

I spanked her ass hard. I shoved three fingers in her cunt and was rubbing her clit between two fingers with my other hand. She was wet as all hell. I bit down hard into her ass cheek. “You like that? You dirty bitch? Huh?”, I said. Bad mouthing her always turned her on. I bit down hard again and she let out a loud squeal and her butt cheeks tightened. I bit her again. “Mmmmmehhhhh! God damn you Tim! You fucking asshole!”, she said as her pussy squirted juice on my hand. I bit her one last time. Carrie was out of breath.

“Go ahead”, she said motioning to her sister and moved away from us.

Amy looked a little eager but very nervous. I told her I loved and she said the same. I watched my dick slide between those beautiful lips of hers. I stuck my dick into her it went in part way. She was ah ah ah-ing in pain for the first few thrusts. It took a couple of thrusts to get it totally in. Once her hymen broke she got more into it. It wasn’t as painful now for her but I was still gentle.

“This is lame!”, she said. She punched me in the chest. “Come on fuck me like you want to. Fuck me like your precious Carrie over there!”, she said and smiled, “You cheating bastard! You nothing but a cheating bastard!”, she said. She slapped me. I slapped her back.

“Fuck you bitch! Don’t ever touch me!”, I said to her. She was cussing me out now. Carrie joined in and rubbed her sister’s clit while I started pounding her. I started ramming her pussy as hard as I could. The noises of bodies slapping together filled the house.

“Oh yeah! Damn Tim! Fuck me!”, She said. Her and Carrie started kissing.

“Slam it in Tim! Show her who is boss!”, Carrie said and slapped her sisters face. Carrie grabbed her cheeks with one hand and squeezed. “You like that? Huh? Do ya?”

Amy was lying there with her eyes rolled in the back of her head and mouth wide open as her sister and I abused her body.

We came to orgasm about the same time. Her eyes were watering bad. Tears rolling down her face as I pounded her pussy. She made a high pitched squeal. “Ehhhhhh uhhhhhh. Timmy! Timmy! I love you!”, she said as her body clenched and her knees came together as she orgasmed. “Timmy!”, she cried

When her knees came together I arched my back as my orgasm came on. I pumped her hard until the end. “Aww fuck!”, I said as my dick exploded and I blew my load into her pussy. I laid next to her out of energy. She quickly came to me and we made out. I could see the love on her face and her appreciation for what I just did. I guess I did something right on our first time. Carrie was behind her and I motioned to her and petted her pussy as we made out.

Amy punched me in the shoulder and smiled, “Are you seriously playing with my sister’s pussy while we are making out? Men!”, She laughed.

Carrie pushed Amy’s head into the pillow, as our tongues danced together. Amy asked me, “you like your birthday gift?”. I smiled and nodded. What a wonderful one it was.