Masturbation addict – pt. 4

During my studies there came a time when I had to purchase a computer. The choice of parameters during the construction process was such that the computer would be able to work with text editing and other office work, or be able to fire up some kind of game so that I could relax. It was obvious, but not written down, that it would also be possible to watch porn on this computer. Having this machine changed a lot in my life so far, because I was no longer confined only to the TV set in the living room, where very often, however, my mother resided, and I took the computer with me to the city where I was studying.

During this time I began a new hunt for films, this time they were films borrowed from friends on CDs, sometimes I would go with a hard drive to one friend who would drop several different files on my drive and not tell me what the content would be. With a certain amount of excitement and excitement about the unfamiliar material, I would go home and mentally prepare myself for the new experience.

It was obvious that at that time I also had a girlfriend with whom I had already started a sex life. Shortly afterwards she also started studying (she was younger than me) and moved in with me on a single room. On the one hand it was nice, because we could just fuck and fuck and fuck like rabbits, but on the other hand she didn’t always feel like it. Very soon it became apparent that she had started to arrange her erotic life with several other guys, but we still lived together and she pretended we were together as a couple. She also used my computer, where the hard drive contained hundreds of porn images and films downloaded from colleagues and Internet cafes. I used standard methods of hiding these files by placing them in multiple consecutive folders with strange names that suggested they were system folders.

A relationship with a girl who, for the sake of sanity, could stick out her hand and jerk off, or pretend to be tired (or maybe she wasn’t pretending, she was just overtired from fucking another), ended pretty quickly in. I, within a short time of splitting up with this girl, then started a relationship, which was with her college friend.

Sex no novelty, similar to the previous one, but this one sometimes liked it better when I took my cock out of her pussy at the end and lowered myself onto her tits.

For that, as I wrote once before, she couldn’t understand that masturbation was a normal word, to her it was disgusting. Although she reacted just as violently to phrases like ‘cum off the cross’ or jerking off/ spanking the monkey.

Living in the same house with her and her mother was strange, to say the least. Sometimes a person didn’t know if what she was saying were her words or if it was her mother dictating. And as there were more and more arguments, it started to get to the point that we slept separately, sex was something I could forget about and I preferred to go to the bathroom and make out with my hand.

Although there came a point when the girl said she would like to watch a porn film with me. I couldn’t just ask her “then which one would you like from the collection?”, So for peace of mind I bought something from the newsagent.

We watched it sitting on chairs in front of the screen and I felt like an idiot. Normally in this situation, I should have my dick out and play with it, or pick on a girl and have a rough fuck with her after a while. This time it was just so hopeless that there was probably no point in firing up the porn at all.

Of course, after it was all over, when the girl went to university, I fired up another film with streams of cum pouring down the actresses’ faces and tits and finished the fun… Or rather, I just rocked up and finished it. However, Polish porn films at the time were total kitsch and probably better not to have been made at all. Or my brain was already too dislocated by foreign productions with good lighting, actors and actresses and really good quality films. Not to mention much sharper action…