Amy and Carrie Part 5. A new friend

I came home after working on my Uncle’s farm all day. My parents were still on their romantic vacation probably making me a little brother or sister. I walk in and find Carrie and one of her girlfriends naked in my bed going at it.

“What the fuck? You cannot do this at your own house?”, I asked

“Everyone is home and I knew you wouldn’t care!”, Carrie said

“Is that the guy?”, her friend Ann asked, “He’s the one that loves it rough?”

“Gee I am glad you tell everyone about our sexual escapades also. Where is my angel at?”, I said and asked

“She is at the store with my mom. Come on join in with us.”, she said

“No. I don’t know how Amy would feel about that.”, I said, “I know she doesn’t care if we do it but another girl? Eh I don’t know. She might freak out about that. I will go. Enjoy my bed by the way”

I left and went into the living room. “Go get him back in here. He is cute and I want to see if he is as good as you say.”, Ann said. I smiled.

“You know I can hear you right?”, I asked. They laughed.

Carrie and Ann come out into the living room. Carrie sits next to me on the couch. Ann takes the recliner. Carrie starts kissing my cheek and then my neck.

“Carrie! Stop!”, I said. She giggled. She was kissing that spot on my neck that turns me on.

“Just relax!”, Carrie said in a soothing voice.

“I don’t want to destroy my relationship with her!”, I said, “Stop.”

“She won’t know!”, she said. Next thing I know my pants are being opened. She grabbed my dick jacking it until I got hard.

“You are right. I am sorry Tim. You are right. We shouldn’t to this.“, she said and patted my face.

“You’re totally evil Carrie! You get me all turned on then leave.”, I said smiling

She laughed and pushed her hand in my face and told me to shut up. “You’re a little bitch! Pussy!” I got up and grabbed her.

Fucking Ann might be bad but nailing Carrie without Amy is ok. Done it many times before and Amy doesn’t care if I fuck her. Carrie is a little more wilder than Amy also and is a fun fuck. She is tougher and fights back more. I pulled Carrie back on the couch.

“Sorry you have to see this.”, I said to Ann. “You see I have to keep your friend in line sometimes!”

I wrestled her on her back and slapped Carrie silly and she fought back hitting me wildly. “Oh you like to hit bitch? Huh?”, I said angrily. I got up and I grabbed her hair and pulled her up, sitting on the couch. “Suck it!”, I said putting my dick into her face. I twisted her hair painfully until she did. I shoved my cock down her throat making her gag.

Ann just sat on the sidelines. She had a sadistic little grin on her face. She was loving it. Watching her lover get abused.

I threw Carrie back down on the sofa. I felt up Carrie’s big breasts. “You like these Ann? They are nice aren’t they? I love her big tits!”, I said, “I fucking love them!” I shoved them into Carrie’s chin. “Suck them!”, I said. Carrie laughed calling me a pussy.

Carrie fought back and slapped me busting my lip. I tasted blood. I was really turned on now. Carrie gasped and apologized. “I am so sorry!”, she said. I smiled and pushed her head into the couch. Giving her a no big deal look. I rolled her over and bent her knees and lined my dick up and rammed my cock up her asshole. “Owwwwwww”, she said. I spanked her ass as I pounded her asshole.

“Dumb slut! Make me bleed? Dumb bitch!”, I said

Ann came over. “Do you mind?” I smiled and shook my head. Ann reached under and in and played with her clit. I motioned her over and kissed Ann while fucking Carrie. “What the fuck? Are you two making out?”, she asked. I swatted the back of Carrie’s head lightly.

“Be quiet!”, I said

I felt Ann’s soft ass and ran my finger down her wet pussy.

Ann rubbed Carrie’s clit between her finger and thumb. I took my finger and tasted it. Ann smiled. I pulled Carrie’s hair hard. “Like that you dumb bitch? Huh? Like that?” She swung back at me trying to hit me. Hitting Ann instead. I slammed it in her butt unmercifully. “Awwwww!” I reddened her ass cheeks.

“Don’t you ever fucking hit her again!”, I said

Tears were coming out of her eyes from the pain. I pushed her head back down. Her ass cheeks started tightening. She squealed. Her buttocks tightened as I fucked her. “Mmmmmmm. I am going kill you Tim! Mmmmmm ahhhhh….uhh I fucking hate you fucker!”, she collapsed into the couch as she orgasmed. “Mmmmm ehhhh son of a bitch Tim!”, she exclaimed. Ann giggled.

I was thrusting as hard as I could spanking her as I felt myself about to orgasm. “Uh ah ah ahhhh”, I said as my orgasm came on. My dick exploded in her ass shooting my cum deep into her ass. “Dammit Carrie you are the best!”, I said. I pulled out and roughly pushed her body sideways into the couch. She slowly readjusted herself and laid on her back. I lifted Carrie’s legs and sat down.

Carrie playfully put her foot in my face. She got up and she straddled my legs and kissed me. “I wanna do that again!”, she said, “That was intense!” She playfully bit my lip. We made out.

Ann asked, “Is it weird that I am totally turned on?” I laughed.

I went and showered and got cleaned up. I open the curtain and Ann was standing next to the sink.

“Ok not creepy at all.”, I said

“Says the guy who beats on women!”, she said

“It is role playing! I am very affectionate to Amy and Carrie.”, I said, “it is just a game. You should try it with her. She will love it.”

Ann was beautiful. 15 with Long black hair and small A cup tits, skinny with a hairy black bush. Nice beautiful ass.

I was overcome with temptation. I was forgetting about Amy. I came in close and kissed her.

“Get the fuck off me asshole!”, she said

“What is your problem? You stand here naked before me and then you don’t want it?”, I said

She told me to shut up and put her hand in my face. I grabbed her and forcibly kissed her. She bit my nose hard and she slipped by me and ran to my room. Carrie asked what the fuck was going on. “I am going to beat the shit out of your friend!”, I said.

Ann was on my bed her legs spread and beautiful pussy on display. “Come on wimp! Beat the shit out of me! I am up on the scoreboard. Nose hurt?” She smiled and bit down twice. I came in and she kicked me in the chest. I just used my weight and got on top of her. She was hitting me wildly. She grabbed the back of my head and scratched me hard. I wanted to fuck her so bad but I had to eat that bush. I sucked her firm little tits. Kissing her body down to her bush. She was smacking my head as I did. “Cut it out now!”, she said. I spread her lips and she calmed down. I licked and sucked her clitoris and fingered her pussy and anus. “Oh uh fuck! Stop it you….you piece of shit!…FUCK!”, she said. Her hips responded as she was getting into it. She reached down and spread her pussy lips for me.

“Damn he can eat pussy!”, she said to Carrie. I told her to shut up. She closed her legs and squeezed as hard as she could and twisted her legs to the side.

“Ok ok ok!”, I said

“Anything else to say bitch? Eat my fucking pussy!”, she said

“Yes ma’am.”, I said.

She closed her legs again. “WHAT?”, She asked

I annunciated more. “YES MA’AM”

“Little bitch!” She said and smacked my head. I resumed eating her out.

She started to moan as I licked her pussy. Her hips were rocking up and down and then her legs just locked around my head again. She held my head down as her juices shot out on my hand.

I got up and was ready to fuck this bitch. Show her no mercy. I lined up with her pussy and rammed it in. I lifted her hips up off the bed and was pounding her as hard as I could. “Aw dammit. You were right Carrie he is good”, she said. I slapped her and told her to be quiet. She looked at me with a death stare. I put hand over her face. She grabbed my hand and bit it.

“Say it again fucker!”, she said. I pounded her pussy as Carrie came over and kissed her and rubbed her clit. Her eyes were closed and mouth opened as I pounded her pussy relentlessly and Carrie rubbed her. She squealed as she went into another orgasm. Her legs locked around my body. I continued pounding her afterwards. “Awww damn!”, I said feeling my orgasm coming on. “Awwww damn! Awwww”, as my orgasm unleashed and my cock shot off inside her. I collapsed on top of her and rolled over. She rolled on her side and was kissing my face.

“Uh we are not going to mention this to Amy right?”, I asked

Carrie smiled and shook her head.

“I will if you don’t do that again! A little more violent this time.”, Ann said

I laughed and kissed her. I playfully pushed her head into the bed. We hung out together until Amy came over.