Danger in the dark alley

(Violence, rape, nudity, winter, extreme).

This is a new episode about young exhibitionist model Svetka. In the first episode, Svetka delivered pizza topless and had sex with a stranger. In the second episode, Svetka completed her first nude photoshoot and earned 1000 €. In the third episode, she served beer in a bar naked. In the fourth episode, Svetka worked in a striptease club.

Svetka was an eastern European girl, slim, blond, with a short haircut. She was a student and worked part-time as a waitress. She attended classes in the daytime and worked as a waitress in a bar in the evening. The bar opened at 6 pm and closed at midnight.

That happened to her on Tuesday, December 16th. At half-past 11 pm, Svetka yawned and looked at the clock. She was already tired and sleepy. She did not care about the tips anymore. She had to wake up at 8 in the morning to get to the college classes.

Svetka announced to the remaining customers, “The bar is closed. Please leave.”

Usually, that was enough. But some stubborn customers did not want to leave.

One drunk man sat at the table in a corner.

He looked at Svetka with narrow eyes and demanded, “Bring me another beer.”

“The bar is closed. Please go home,” asked Svetka. “Come back tomorrow.”

“I want a beer now,” said the customer angrily. “Bring me the beer.”

Svetka ran into the back of a bar and called the bar owner for help. Bar owner Stanley was a heavy-set man with a bald head. He came with her to the barroom and approached the customer. He said firmly to the drunk man, “The bar is closed. Leave now, or I will call the police.”

The drunk man looked at them menacingly, muttered some bad words, then he stood up and left, walking unsteadily. Svetka sighed with relief and rolled her eyes.

The bar owner said to her, “Lock the door.” Then he went back into his office to finish counting money.

Svetka locked the front door and went to the backroom to change clothes. Her working day was finally over. She tiredly took off her apron, put on her jacket and boots, and then she left through the back door. She needed to go fast to catch the last evening bus, which went around 12:10. If she came late for the bus, she would have to walk home about two miles on the empty streets.

The back door of a bar opened to a dark narrow alley between houses. Svetka always tried to walk through that place as fast as possible. She was afraid that something could happen there, especially at night. It was not a safe place for a young woman. It seemed the alley was empty. She sighed, looked around cautiously, and walked quickly toward the exit from the alley.

It was wintertime. The air was cold. Svetka heard the sound of snow crushed under her boots. Suddenly some dark tall man’s figure blocked her way.

The man said in a low voice, “Hello, Missy. You did not want to give me a beer. Now you will give me something else.”

Svetka recognized the drunk man who demanded a beer and who had just recently left. Svetka tried to run, but he grabbed her by the elbows.

Svetka worked in a bar, and she used to deal with drunk men. She screamed, “Get out of me, you moron!”

That was usually enough to shake off drunk men’s hands. In the bar, she could count on the help of the barmen or the bar owner. But she was alone in a dark alley against that angry man. She jerked her hands, trying to free herself. The men’s grip was too strong.

She tried to kick him with her foot, but she missed and lost her balance. She fell to the ground, but he lifted her and turned her around like a doll. She screamed, “Help! Call the police!” She hoped that may be bar owner would hear her from inside the bar.

“Stop fighting,” grunted the drunk man. “And it will be easy for you. If you keep resisting I will make it hard for you.” Svetka screamed and kicked. But the man was strong and she could not break free from him.

He forced her to bend down on her knees. Then he grabbed her jeans and pulled them down with the panties. He tried to pull them off from her legs, but her boots were in the way. So he pulled off her boots and then her jeans and panties. Svetka fell, with her naked butt and legs into the snow, crying.

The drunk man unzipped his pants with one hand and pulled out his cock. Svetka saw his large hard cock in front of her face. She felt a strong foul odor of men’s urine and stale beer. She remembered that such a smell was in the men’s bathroom when went in there once. Svetka screamed with horror. She continued struggling and kicking under him. The man held her with both hands by the collar of her jacket, pressing her to the ground with his weight. In one desperate attempt, Svetka took a large piece of snow and smashed it into his face. The snow got in his eyes.

The man roared with anger and used his right hand to wipe his eyes from the snow. She pushed out his left hand and got herself free. Svetka stood up and ran as fast as she never ran before in her life. She did not have the strength anymore to scream. The drunk man started running after her, but he stumbled on a large garbage canister, which he did not see in the dark. The garbage canister turned upside down, spilling its content on the ground. The man lost his balance and fell, on top of the garbage pile, screaming profanities.

In a seconds Svetka got out of the alley and stopped on a street to catch her breath. She could hear the sound of her heart pounding in her chest. She looked around hoping to find help. The street was empty. No help was coming. But the good news was that the drunk man did not chase after her.

She looked at herself. She was naked from the bottom, with no jeans, no panties, no boots or socks. She realized that she stood barefoot in the snow, and the cold chills ran through her. Her legs and feet were cold. She was bruised and scared. But she was dressed from the top. She still had her jacket and a blouse. Her jacket was dirty and unbuttoned, most of the buttons torn. She lost her beret hat and her hair was a mess. It was luck, she thought, she had at least some clothes.

It was very cold indeed. But she had been through worse. Now, she thought, she just needed to get home somehow. She buttoned her jacket and pulled it as low as possible to cover her naked butt and pussy.

Her short jacket covered just slightly below her waistline. Her blouse was even shorter. It only covered half of her butt and groin area, leaving her buttocks and her shaved pussy visible.

She hoped that nobody would see her naked private parts because of the dark. Svetka was naked in public before. She was practically an exhibitionist. She usually did not feel discomfort or shame from been nude at all. She loved to be nude in the sight of men. She was usually excited and aroused when men looked at her. But that was different. Previously she was nude by her own choice in the daytime, and people enjoyed the sight of her.

This time she was undressed forcefully at night. She was cold, scared, and the drunk maniac was still lurking somewhere in the dark and could attack her again.

Svetka walked barefoot on a street through the snow toward the bus stop. She hoped to get on the last bus. A few rare passersby stared at her in amazement but said nothing. No one spoke to her or offered any help or asked what happened.

She came to a bus stop and waited there, alone, shivering and jumping from foot to foot on the cold cement. She felt scared and vulnerable and the sense of cold wind added to her misery. Svetka nearly cried and trembled from cold. In about 5 minutes the bus arrived.

She got on a bus. The bus driver looked at her with amazement. He saw everything in that city, but it was the first time he saw such a strangely dressed passenger. A young woman, possibly in her 20, was dressed in a winter jacket, which hardly covered below her waist, and with bare legs, without pants or stalkings and barefooted. She did not even have panties or underwear. She tried to cover her groin and pussy area with both hands, but it was obvious that she was naked from the bottom, her pussy and butt exposed to the cold air.

The driver smiled and said, “Hello, miss, it must be a pleasant night? Did you forget your pants somewhere?”

“It’s none of your business,” answered Svetka rudely. She was not in a mood for a pleasant talk. She found some change in her pocket and paid for the ticket. Then she went inside the bus and took a seat by the window.

The driver followed her with his eyes and tried to think if there were any rules about naked passengers on a bus, but he could not remember.

It was warm on the bus. Svetka felt safe and she wanted to sleep. She put her cold feet close to the heater went from which the hot air was blowing. The passengers noticed her strange look and the lack of clothes and stared at her.

“Nice butt,” said one passenger, smiling. Svetka ignored his rude remark. A couple of young men in the back of the bus laughed, looking at her legs.

“Are you all right?” Asked another man, who noticed her bruises. “Do you need help? Should we call the police?”

“No, I am all right,” she said. “Just tired. Need to get home. Please leave me alone.”

She got off the bus at her stop. But it was not over for her yet. She had to walk a few blocks to her home. She stood barefoot in the snow again. She felt exhausted and trembled from the cold. There was nobody on the street at that time. She thought that all “normal” people go home at 6 pm, have dinner, and go to bed.

“Why do I have to work till midnight, and suffer such an ordeal, when I just wanted to go home and get some rest?” She thought.

She walked toward her home, glancing around nervously. She was afraid that the drunk man could follow her and attack her again. But nothing of that kind happened. She was alone on the street; the snow was icy cold under her bare feet. She was tired, and her legs and feet were cold.

She regretted losing her jeans and winter boots. It was in the middle of winter; she had no other winter clothes and footwear. Svetka thought that tomorrow she would have to dress in a skirt and high heels sandals. She would have to go like that until she would save enough money to buy another pair of jeans and winter boots.

She came to her house and tried to open the large front door. But it was locked. Svetka tried ringing a bell a few times, but there was no answer. The house concierge went to sleep in his room for the night. Svetka looked around nervously. It was dark and quiet on the street outside.

She searched in her pockets for the house key. She thought with the dread of spending the cold night on the street outside if she lost her key during the fight with the mad man. She imagined herself standing near her house outside all night, shivering, crying, and freezing slowly. Just the cold stars above her. The snowflakes falling on her hair from the cold sky. Her heart started beating fast from that scary thought.

She took a few deep breaths to calm down. Then she found the key in the pocket of her jacket. She took her key with shaking hands and unlocked the front door. She sighed with relief when she got inside the dark staircase. She was so lucky that her house key was still in the pocket, Svetka thought.

Svetka stepped barefoot on cold cement stairs until she got to the 6th floor. She unlocked the door and went into her small apartment. She was finally home.

She dropped her jacket and blouse on the floor. Then she went to the bathroom, sat on a toilet, and cried. She felt so helpless and alone in that big merciless city.

She sniffled and sneezed a few times. She wiped her nose and eyes with the back of her hand. Then she stood up, took a hot shower, and put on her sleeping dress. She went to bed at about 1:30 pm.

She needed to rest. Tomorrow was another day.