Bachelor Party Fantasy

As she sat at her desk, Gaby glanced at the calendar, and a wave of panic hit her. Her fiftieth birthday was only days away. She remembered her younger years, filled with reckless passion and wondered if those days were now just distant memories

Gaby’s best friend Robert surprised her with a birthday dinner at her favorite restaurant. As they caught up on each other’s lives, Robert excitedly told her about the bachelor party he was organizing for a client. Gaby couldn’t help but feel envious of the wild and scandalous night that she would never get to experience as an older woman. Part of her was intrigued by the idea, but another part of her felt guilty for even entertaining such thoughts.

As the conversation lulled and the last crumbs were cleared from their plates, Gaby’s face flushed with determination as she spoke up. “I have a confession to make,” she announced. “I want to be your stripper at the bachelor party.” Robert fell silent as he processed her unexpected declaration.

Robert’s face turned red as he stumbled over his words, trying to convince Gaby not to attend the bachelor party. “Look, there might be a stripper,” he stuttered. “But then she’ll start offering…you know…services to the guests.” He couldn’t bring himself to say it out loud, knowing how disrespectful and dangerous it was.

As they sat at the bar, Robert leaned in close to Gaby and whispered in her ear. His words sent a shiver down her spine as he revealed his secret: he had a stripper on call for all his bachelor parties. Gaby couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy at the thought of this other woman who loved dancing just as much as she did, and made even more money by offering sexual favors. She wondered what it would be like to have such freedom and power in her own life.

While Gaby never considered herself a whore, her sex life was all but nonexistent, and her life was in a rut.  Gaby just wanted to be the center of attention as a stripper once in her lifetime.  She assured Robert that all she wanted to do was show up at the party in a sexy outfit, mingle with the guests for a while, strip down to her lingerie, and then leave.  Whatever Robert’s regular girl did after the striptease was none of her business.  She would be long gone before the debauchery began.  Gaby’s persuasive words seared through Robert’s stubbornness, leaving him with no choice but to give in to her demands. 

The night of the party loomed ahead, casting a foreboding shadow over Robert’s nerves. He picked up Gaby, his heart pounding with anticipation and doubt.

“Are you really sure about this?” he asked one last time, trying to quell the nagging doubts in his mind. But Gaby was resolute, her eyes burning with a determination that both excited and frightened him.  Gaby reminded Robert of her unfulfilled fantasy of being a stripper, and told him this would be her birthday present for herself.  Her plan was to flirt with the guests, strip and then leave.  

As they continued traveling to the venue, Robert also picked up his usual stripper, Ly. She was a woman in her 50s, with a face that bore the scars of years of abuse and hardship. Her body was worn and used, a product of too many nights spent satisfying men’s desires for money. But tonight, she would be the center of attention, an object to be ogled and desired. And as they entered the party, Ly’s weary eyes glinted with a mixture of resignation and desperation.

After they arrived, Robert guided Gaby and Ly to the luxurious dressing room. The walls were adorned with ornate mirrors and plush couches scattered around. After Robert left, Ly spoke in broken English, complimenting Gaby’s appearance by saying, “You’re pretty.” But before Gaby could respond, Ly reached out and grabbed her tits, exclaiming, “Wow, you make big money tonight.”

Gaby felt a mixture of discomfort and unease as Ly’s actions seemed to objectify her. The air was thick with tension as Ly leaned in and planted a kiss on Gaby’s lips, their tongues briefly tangling together.

“I take care of you at party,” Ly whispered with a sly grin. Gaby couldn’t shake off the feeling that something wasn’t right about this situation, but she brushed it off for now and focused on getting ready for the event ahead.

Gaby felt uneasy as Ly helped her with her hair and makeup, preparing her to look like a stripper. She couldn’t shake off the feeling of discomfort as Ly kept complimenting her and encouraging her to make more money and have fun. She hesitantly accepted the double shot of whiskey that Ly offered, unsure if she should trust this new friend.

“Do I really want to do this?” Gaby thought to herself, but Ly’s reassurance made her doubt her own judgment. “Maybe I should just relax and let Ly take care of me,” she rationalized, trying to push away her inner conflict.

The moment had arrived for Gaby and Ly to transform into their stage personas. Gaby carefully selected a traditional burlesque ensemble, complete with a sparkling sequined bra and matching thong. The garment glimmered under the light and hugged her curves in all the right places. Meanwhile, Ly opted for a more daring and provocative look, donning a garter belt with fishnet stockings and a barely there sequined mini dress that left little to the imagination. The fabric clung to her skin like a second layer, accentuating her long legs and drawing attention to every curve of her body. Together, they were ready to take on the stage and wow the audience with their seductive performances.

Gaby’s gaze lingered on her reflection in the mirror as she and Ly prepared to make their grand entrance, feeling a rising heat deep within her core. Her body responded to her own beauty, sending a wave of desire coursing through her veins. She knew she looked breathtakingly irresistible and reveled in it, her arousal growing with each second that passed.

Ly’s eyes burned with desire as she watched Gaby lingering in front of the mirror. She snuck up behind Gaby, pinning her against the wall with a fierce grip on her breasts, causing Gaby to moan in both pleasure and surprise. Ly trailed hot kisses down Gaby’s neck, feeling her body tremble at every touch.

Gaby’s arousal only intensified as Ly whispered in her ear, “We have much fun tonight.” A shiver of anticipation ran through Gaby’s soaked core, knowing that with Ly, it would be an unforgettable night.

Robert’s heavy fist pounded on the door, a warning of what was to come. Gaby’s body tingled with anticipation and her heart raced as she heard his footsteps approaching. The mere mention of the striptease show sent shivers down her spine, and Ly could see it in the way her legs trembled and her breathing quickened. She knew that once the show started, there would be no turning back. It was time for Gaby’s deepest desires to be unleashed, and she was ready for it.  This fifty year sex goddess was about to have her stripper fantasy fulfilled.  

Gaby and Ly slammed back another shot of whiskey, their throats burning as it coated their insides. With wild grins, they began their seductive striptease, fueled by the alcohol coursing through their veins. Gaby’s sequined red burlesque outfit clung to her curves as she moved, teasingly revealing glimpses of skin underneath. Ly’s barely there sequined dress and fishnet stockings left little to the imagination as she strutted around , relishing in the attention. Ly’s hands roamed over her breasts, squeezing and caressing them with an unbridled lust.  Gaby, unsure of how to act, followed Ly’s lead and began to run her hands over her own body much like she fantasized a lover doing.  

As the second song of the striptease show began, Ly fiercely ripped off her dress, revealing her bare breasts to the roaring audience. Gaby, on the other hand, made a show of slowly and seductively unzipping her dress and gracefully stepping out of it.  As she and Robert had agreed, Gaby kept her sequined bra and thong on, teasing them with glimpses of her skin.

With each move, Ly grew more aggressive in her self-touching, until she turned her attention to Gaby. She traced every curve of Gaby’s body with a possessive touch, moving closer and closer until their lips finally collided in a heated kiss. Gaby melted into Ly’s embrace, willingly surrendering herself to the other woman’s desire. As they kissed fervently, Ly’s hands boldly slipped past Gaby’s thong and delved deep between her legs.

“You wet,” Ly whispered triumphantly as she continued to pleasure Gaby into a shuddering climax. The crowd erupted into wild cheers at the raw sexuality unfolding before them.

As Gaby’s body trembled with pleasure from her orgasm, Ly declared it was time for the bachelor’s surprise. Gaby’s heart raced with excitement and a little bit of fear as she watched the sheepish bachelor make his way onto the stage. A chair was placed behind him and Ly teased him about his size before dramatically ripping off his shirt. The crowd went wild, but Gaby couldn’t help feeling conflicted as she watched her friend push the bachelor into the chair and handcuff him. Ly then turned to Gaby and told her that she should leave for this next part, and Gaby felt torn between curiosity and a sense of discomfort.

Gaby had promised to make an appearance at the party, but now she couldn’t help but feel conflicted as things were taking a sexual turn. On one hand, she was excited about everyone seeing her in her sexy lingerie, but on the other hand, she wasn’t sure if she was ready for things to escalate further. Should she stay and see what happens or should she leave before things go too far? Her mind was in turmoil as she tried to make a decision.  


Gaby’s head spun with a dizzying mix of pleasure and alcohol, her body tingling from the mind-blowing orgasm she just experienced. But she couldn’t stop now. As Ly’s lap dance for the bachelor intensified into something raw and primal, Gaby’s inhibitions vanished under the intoxicating mix of lust and liquor, driving her to push further into the depths of passion.

Ly pulled Gaby aside and whispered in her ear, “Are you sure you want to be here?”

Gaby proudly shook her head yes. 

Ly said, “If you going to stay, you  take off bra. Show everyone you amazing tits.”

Gaby blushed and hesitated, but Ly was insistent.

“Come on, the groom love it. Let him play with your tits,” she said with a sly smile.

Gaby reluctantly complied, feeling exposed and uncomfortable as the groom’s hands roamed over her bare breasts.

The sound of Gaby’s moans filled the room as she playfully shoved her breasts into the groom’s mouth, feeling a surge of excitement at the hardening of her nipples. Ly watched with a sly smile and decided it was the groom’s turn for pleasure. With a seductive glint in her eye, she unzipped his pants and gave him a blow job that would leave an unforgettable mark on his memory. The room was filled with the sounds of their gasps and moans, creating a symphony of desire and passion. And in that moment, nothing else mattered except for the intense pleasure they were all experiencing.

Ly’s skilled mouth worked eagerly, her lips and tongue expertly coaxing the thick shaft of the groom’s cock to release its hot, pulsing load. She savored the taste, savoring the feeling of his seed sliding down her throat. With a playful smile, she opened her mouth to reveal to the crowd the creamy evidence of her oral expertise, letting it linger on her tongue. Gaby watched with rapt attention as Ly performed this sensual display, unable to resist Gaby leaned in for a deep kiss that shared the cum between them. Together, they presented themselves to the audience, their mouths open to show off their glistening mouths dripping with cum. Gaby, Ly and the groom then indulged in a passionate exchange, tongues dancing and mingling as they all tasted the groom’s essence together

After their performance Ly again encouraged Gaby to leave since this was just the beginning of the sexual escapades. Gaby was enjoying the night, and agreed to stay a bit longer. The groom loudly announced it was time for a game. Whoever won the game would get first pick of Ly or Gaby, and could do whatever they wanted for an hour. Gaby was unsure, but the groom let her know the game was rigged. Everyone agreed that the groom would win. The groom assured Gaby after his blow job, he was done, and was looking forward to hanging out with her for an hour.


Despite Ly’s repeated attempts to persuade her, Gaby couldn’t resist the seductive allure of the night. She agreed to stay a little longer and indulge in the wild sexual escapades that awaited them. The best man, a big loud drunk dude, fueled by alcohol and primal desires, loudly announced the twisted game called “Stripper Poker” – a sickening display of power and objectification. The winner would be granted an hour of unrestrained control over either Ly or Gaby. With a sense of unease, Gaby reluctantly joined in, only to be reassured by the groom that they had all rigged the game in his favor. A wave of terror washed over her as she realized that she was nothing more than a pawn in their twisted game. But it was too late to turn back now. As the clock ticked down and the cards were dealt, Gaby could only pray that she wouldn’t be at the mercy of the drunken best man.

As the final round of the game approached, Gaby’s heart raced with anticipation. The groom and best man were the last two standing, and she couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to spend an hour alone with the groom. Her cheeks flushed with desire as she felt her panties dampen at the thought of the groom touching her, his lips exploring every inch of her body. She could barely contain herself as she watched them face off, knowing that soon it would be just Gaby and the groom in a private paradise of pleasure.

The room fell silent as the best man slammed his winning card down on the table, a wicked glint in his eye. Without warning, he lunged towards Gaby, grabbing her by the hair and pulling her close. His voice filled with venom as he snarled, “You belong to me now, slut.”

The partygoers watched in horror as he proceeded to show everyone how he believed a slut should be treated, leaving them all stunned and disgusted.

His voice was a venomous growl as he spat out the command, “First, make your slut suck your fucking cock.” With a cruel grip on Gaby’s hair, he forced her down to her knees. “Now show everyone just how good of a cock sucker you are, Gaby, you cock sucking slut.”

Gaby’s trembling hands struggled to handle his throbbing cock, but the best man took control and shoved it deep into her throat, pounding mercilessly. “You love being used like this, don’t you, Gaby? You fucking slut,” he sneered, reveling in her degradation.

The best man’s voice boomed through the room, filled with primal satisfaction as he yelled, “I’m coming, Gaby! Swallow every last drop!” With a final thrust, he emptied himself into her mouth, leaving her gasping and struggling to keep up. But he wasn’t done yet. He pulled Gaby to her feet, forcing her to display the thick pool of cum in her mouth for all to see. And then, with a sadistic glint in his eye, he commanded Gaby to kiss the groom deeply, transferring the taste of his own lust mixed with that of the best man’s seed. It was a twisted display of dominance, and Gaby could only comply, feeling degraded and used by the two men before her.

With a menacing growl, the best man snarled, “I won an hour with this bitch, and I am not finished.” He violently yanked Gaby onto his lap and began to spank her, relishing in the sound of her cries and the red marks on her ass. The physical punishment only intensified his arousal, causing him to quickly become hard again.

Without hesitation, he threw her onto the bed face down and sneered, “Sluts always love getting their ass fucked by real men.” He demanded that Gaby beg him to defile her ass with his throbbing member, reveling in the power and control he held over her.

Gaby’s body trembled with a mixture of excitement and fear as the groom demanded she submit to his desires. She struggled to comply, blurting out desperately, “I…I’ve never been fucked in the ass before.”

But it was too late, the best man had already entered her tight, untouched hole with a powerful thrust that tore through her like a knife. As he growled in triumph, Gaby felt the sharp pain mix with an intense pleasure that she couldn’t deny.

“This slut is an anal virgin,” he declared, relishing in her vulnerability. “But not for long, Gaby, you’re going to love this.” And with each forceful thrust, Gaby’s body surrendered to the overwhelming sensation of being dominated and claimed in such a raw and primal way.

The best man’s hour with Gaby had come to a frenzied climax. He snarled, “Damn it, Gaby. Your virgin ass is incredible, but I need to fucking cum.” With a rough tug, he pulled out of her tight hole and roughly propped her up on her knees. Without hesitation, he thrust his throbbing member into her mouth, commanding, “Suck that cock, Gaby. Take all of it.” She choked and gagged on his size while he gripped her head tightly in his hands.

At last, the best man pulled away and satisfyingly pumped his shaft until it exploded all over her face and body. His voice boomed through the room as he declared, “That’s how you treat a slut. Did you enjoy that, Gaby?”

Ly handed Gaby a towel and gently wiped the cum from her body, making sure to be thorough and gentle. She picked out a few small pieces of glitter from Gaby’s hair, laughing at their inside joke about her being “too sexy for this job.”

As they finished cleaning up, Ly whispered in Gaby’s ear, “We make even more money next time, love.” She helped Gaby into her dress, fixing any wrinkles or stray strands of hair. Their lips met in a soft kiss, and Ly said goodnight before leaving.

As the car sped home, Gaby’s adrenaline was coursing through her veins. Her heart pounded with a mix of pride and shame as she replayed the events of the party in her mind. She had arrived uncertain and vulnerable, but she left an uninhibited sexual vixen. She succumbed to her primal desires, allowing the groom to suckle on her breasts while she eagerly swallowed his cum. She then gave into temptation and pleasured the best man with a wild and passionate blow job. And just when she thought it couldn’t get any more intense, she was taken hard and fast in her tight ass, igniting a fiery craving for even more daring adventures. Gaby could feel the tingling building between her legs, a reminder of the insatiable hunger that drove her towards endless pleasure and new experiences.