Ella sucks her patient Ch.11

The next month was going according to Ella’s plans. She has one sessions for each week in mind and the first week she and her partner both sent me messages.

Day 1:

Nathan sent me a picture of Ella’s ass bent over, it was a little shiny, it looked like a mix between sweat and massage oil that was covering it. He told me that I can jerk off to the image, obviously taunting me since he knew that I was locked in chastity.

Later that day Ella sent me a picture of her forearm next to her boyfriends erection with the caption “this is what a real man looks like.”

Day 2:

Ella sent me a selfie fully clothed with my key visibly hanging around her neck while she was at work and wished me a nice day while Nathan sent me a short video of his POV as his erection penetrated a pussy, but nothing of the girl was visible, I had no idea if it was Ella or someone else, it was a short clip of his cock going balls deep in a vagina, going in dry and coming out wet. It reminded me how long he was.

Day 3 was radio silence.

Day 4:

I got a call late in the night and it was only the sound of sex, I guessed they were both in bed and made love with the phone next to them so I could listen. It went on for about ten minutes of Ella moaning loudly and heavy breathing from Nathan as he was stuffing her. The call eventually abruptly ended while they were still going.

Day 5:

Ella informed me that Nathan was on orgasm control until the next session and that she shaved his pubes and testicles, preparing him for both of us. She told me that I should groom myself as well to be presentable and to compliment him the last couple of days until I see him up close and personal so he feels appreciated. She also told me that she shaved herself as well and sent me a clip of her doing just that in the shower but deleted it after I watched it the first time.

Nathan later in the day sent me a clip of him dropping his pants and his horse cock jumping out. He was so stiff and ready but he had to wait a couple of days until his release. I complimented his girth and size just like I was supposed to.

The entire week was so erotic in a way. I was learning to deal being in chastity and didn’t think about being released, of course I was horny given the sexy images they sent me but I was anticipating what she has planned next for me rather than just thinking about jerking off and cumming.

Day 6:

Ella sent me a picture of her point of view below Nathan’s half hard cock. He was at the edge of the seat with his balls and rod hanging freely down-legs spread wide, his entire tool completely smooth and flawless. She told me to do the same pose and take a picture so I can send it to her.

I took my clothes off and spread my legs as far as I could while being on the edge of my bed, I had to retake the picture multiple times with my phone until I had a good lighting and angle. The final picture made it look as if me and Nathan were different genders, my caged dick look as big as one of his nuts, nothing hung down, it wasn’t huge or imposing, it was pale and smooth but not manly like his.

After I sent it less than a minute later she sent me back a collage of Nathan’s version right next to mine so the different was undeniable. He was so much bigger than me, I felt so mad at myself for being so small, I would do anything to have his size.

Not long after I received a shocking video of Ella very lightly stroking her lovers giant cock while the image I sent was next to it. He was rock hard and erect next to a phone with my caged tiny shaved penis on it. “Does it turn you on how much of a sissy he is? You’re so hard baby, I bet you want to fuck him don’t you? You want to stroke your perfect wide cock in his faggot pussy don’t you?” Nathan moaned very quietly as he got jerked off to my picture.

I was scared beyond belief and shook to my core. Was I going in to my next session to get ass fucked? Would they turn me gay by force? I don’t want that to happen, there was still an urge deep in me to be normal and have a good girlfriend and be happy with her.

“Ella please, I don’t want to have sex that way, is that what you will do to me tomorrow?” I messaged her.

“That idea has been on my mind lately…a lot. But I won’t force you into it. I think you should beg Nathan not to fuck you tomorrow just so there are no mix ups haha” she responded.

Frantically with shaky fingers I messaged her boyfriend “Please Nathan, don’t fuck me in the ass. I’m not gay, please don’t, just don’t.”

He responded with a clip of him stroking his own erect monster cock. That’s the only message I got and nothing else the entire night, I barely slept and had cold sweat running down my body while I laid in bed.

That day of the week came and I was so nervous and my heart was pounding as I was in front of their Apartment and knocked on the door. Ella greeted me with a handshake this time and a smile, she was in a robe with her hair tied in a knot, like she was at a massage parlour.

She guided me to the bedroom where Nathan wore only a towel to cover his crotch area. The bed had all white sheets and two large pillows with a dozen lube bottles on the night stand.

“Take your clothes off, and take a seat.” Ella invited me.

I stripped naked again in front of them and sat on the bed, she smiled down at me and let her robe fall down revealing her pale and perfect body, she slowly danced for me and touched her pussy “How’s the cage? I know you probably want to take it off, I hope you know that you have to earn it.” My key was hanging from the thin chain on her neck.

“I can’t get hard because of it, I think about you all the time.” I said.

“He doesn’t have any issues getting hard, in fact, he’s growing in size as we speak.” Ella threw her sight on her man who walked up behind me next to her now with his towel gone. He was almost erect and jerking slowly.

“I know you’ve been worried that he’d be fucking you against your will, but don’t worry, he’s not going to fuck YOU in the ass” Ella slowly turned around and bent herself a little grabbing and spreading her plump ass cheeks exposing a butt plug “he’s going to fuck ME in the ass.”

“Oh my god!” Was my reaction. I was blindsided and shocked “how are you going to fit that thing in you??”

Ella turned her head to me while still showing me her ass “We’ve been stretching my hole with plugs and dildos getting me ready for his thick cock, it’s going to be a challenge to take him but it’s something he’s always wanted. After he takes my anal virginity I’ll be completely his and he would have claimed all my orifices. Since he agreed to have a guy touch him it’s only fair that I complete his wish. He agreed to help me make you our bitch and for that he gets my ass…”

I had nothing to say. I felt the rush of blood going to my penis. I wanted to get hard but the chastity didn’t let me.

“You’re going to watch and be a helper. We need a lot of lube and that’s going to be your job, you’re going to be our little lube boy.” Ella told me as Nathan grabbed the end of the plug in her ass and slowly pulled it out. It was a big one and her asshole was slightly agape. The plug was an aluminium one with a shiny grey metallic colour.

My lips went dry when I saw his cock at full mast, thinking about how it will be balls deep in her tight still virgin hole.

“Don’t take it out of your mouth.” Nathan directly ordered me as he put the plug in front of my lips with a swift motion of his arm. Being intimidated and taken by the whole situation I opened my mouth and did as he asked. I instantly tasted Ella on the metal and I felt bliss for a moment savouring the nasty taste.

“Now why don’t you take a bottle of lube and get his fat cock ready for me?” Ella said while climbing on the bed and using a big pillow as a backrest, spreading her legs to freely give up her ass.

I grabbed a lube bottle and before I could use it Nathan stopped me “I’ll put the lube, use both your hands to rub my dick.” He was giving me sensual orderes on how to touch his massive cock in front of his picture perfect model girlfriend while I had a used but-plug in my mouth.

I put my hands on his shaft and he poured a single tiny drop of lube on his giant member. I looked at him puzzled and he just said “Stroke!” I tried to rub as much of his meat in with the small droplet of lube as I could and when my hands became dry he poured another small drop, repeating the process the entire time, making me stroke him over and over and over in front of his sexy naked partner.

“Get your caged clit closer to his perfect cock, play with his balls too!” Ella shouted enthusiastically while watching us. She used this opportunity to play with her pussy and masturbate to me struggling with her boyfriends cock. Even with two hands I couldn’t wrap around his girth and now with just one it became so much more tiring. Now I also had to massage his balls which were heavy and cum filled. I brought my dick close to him and his swollen head looked bigger than my entire package which made me feel so pathetic when I saw the difference an inch away. He just has so much more meat between his legs. Nothing of me was even close to his size.

“Stop jerking and pull my balls more.” Nathan gave me specific instructions. I held his pillar in one hand and with the other I pulled down on his nuts, them being wet they always slithered out of my grasp and I had to grab them again. He was moaning from pleasure, he liked how I was touching him.

After a little while his balls became loose, that’s when he said “Let go of them.” And he started to move his hips fucking my hand, since his nuts were heavy and low they were swinging back and forth. It made Ella react “Oh my god that’s so fucking hot, I love it! I love seeing how much bigger you are than him, he’s not a man compared to you baby.”

“Now stroke it with both hands faggot, stroke as hard as you can.” He spat on my hands to make them even more moist as his balls jiggled from my handjob. He was very controlling and dominant, directing me how to pleasure him.

Eventually my handjob became slippery and it was easier to stroke him up and down, I felt his throbbing and pulsing weapon in my hands, he was really heavy and hard. He decided to hand me the bottle and told me to pour everything left on him. I squeezed the bottle and more than half was left, all the lube drenched him and he was soaked. Showcasing how me stroking him for over 5 minutes was pointless and just a show for Ella so she could enjoy watching me do homo erotic things with her stud.

“Bring him here, I want you to watch up close. He’s going to take my ass and I want you to see every moment of it.” Ella winked at us with her asshole.

I grabbed her lover by his horn and lead him to the bed where we all got together close. She was smiling and spreading her cheeks apart for him while he put a finger in her ass and made her moan, her worked a second and a third finger with me next to him watching him finger her ass, it was a new pain I felt, seeing him take something from her for the first time, leaving absolutely nothing that he hasn’t conquered. He pulled his fingers out and brought them to my mouth, with his other hand he took the plug out and made me lick his fingers clean, the same taste of ass was in my mouth.

Nathan teased Ella’s asshole with the plug and used it to stretch it out a little more, then he told me to get another bottle of lube as he pulled his fingers out of my mouth, I reached to the night stand and grabbed a full bottle, the moment I returned to him he put the plug directly from her ass Into my mouth.

He smacked his giant cock on top of her spread holes and told me to pour lube. It flowed from his shaft down to her pussy and slowly dripping over her asshole.

I didn’t even notice any pain from my cage as I was so extremely hard watching, Nathan’s huge cock went from the bottom of her and his top ended above her belly button, he was so long and her slim figure showed how wide he is. I knew he wanted to start fucking, his veins were everywhere and his head was pulsing.

“I want you to put your cock in my ass baby, I want you to fuck my asshole, only my asshole, put it in my ass…” Ella was looking at her boyfriend with cat eyes and encouraging him. He spread her legs as far back as he could and pressed his tip into her asshole, the head plunged in easily due to the foreplay and lube but after 4 inches he hit a wall. He tried pushing more in but not forcefully, more than half his shaft remained outside as his balls hung half a foot away from her asscheeks.

Nathan slowly pulled out and left her asshole visibly more open than it was just moments before “Lube” he ordered “Do it like putting a line of ketchup on a big Hot Dog, smear it all over and then guide it back in” Ella gave me hot instructions.

I placed a line of lube right across the middle of his solid cock and stroked the first half of it smearing the lube around, I twisted my wrist to get the underside as well. Knowing that he’s ready I pulled him forward back into her welcoming hole. “Don’t let go, hold onto it.” Nathan told me with my hand firmly touching him.

I felt his cock throb in my hand while he inserted five inches of himself into his gorgeous naked girlfriend. I felt him hit another barrier, she was not built for his size but they still were determined to work his entire very thick cock into her asshole.

Ella kept her silence but she was exhaling hard when she felt the full 5 inches. She was looking directly at her man and tried to open herself to the fullest for him as I was helping him ass fuck her.

He quickly pulled back this time with me still holding onto him and then lunged forward making Ella scream “AH! It’s too much! It’s too big!” He managed to cram another inch and it was so fucking hot seeing my hand cover the rest of what didn’t yet go in. Nathan pushed me away as I let go and a couple more beefy inches stuck out of Ella’s ass as she was stuffed to the brim with cock. Her pussy was bulging due to her other hole filled with him.

I instinctively poured more lube on Ella’s continually stretched hole as Nathan became a little rough and started digging his length in and out of her, her asshole was taking seven inches of him already but nothing more. “Oh my god! I can feel you so deep in my ass baby, you’re so thick, I can feel you stretching it. It’s so different in my ass I love it. Take it! Tear it open, make it yours, my ass is yours -OH FUCK YOU’RE SO THICK.” Ella was frantic.

Her giant cock boyfriend slowed down, not because he wanted to, but because he had to. Her ass wouldn’t budge and could not take any more meat, her asshole was at it’s limit. Ella managed to stay conscious and to navigate herself trough the pain while she was railed slowly “That’s it baby, use my ass to stroke yourself, it’s your jerk off hole. It feels so thick in my ass, I can feel it tear me apart, I’m going to be so stretched out after you’re done fucking my tight hole.” Nathan pulled his entire length in and out slowly digging and moulding her hole to make it fit better after the initial forceful penetration. It was so insanely hot and erotic to see him take her anal virginity up close while she spoke filth to him “You like how tight it is don’t you? It reminds you of my pussy the first time you made me scream doesn’t it? Just like my pussy, my ass also belongs to you now baby. It belongs to your perfect cock, only you can fuck me.”

The anal sex progressed the same way for over a dozen strokes, Nathan burying his smooth cock in and out of Ella’s cherry asshole but nothing over the seven inches mark yet. I watched him repeat the same motion while Ella’s in between moans reminded him how good it feels in her ass or how gifted he was in the size department.

Meanwhile I was starting to feel pain as the strain in my cage did not let up, I was so horny seeing his cock lubed up and covered with her ass juice. Seeing it glide in and out of her ass with her legs spread and moaning dirty compliments to him. I had another moment where I spoke before thinking and said “Can I have the key? I want to jerk off.”

“You forgot to say please.” Was Nathan’s quick response to which Ella let out a “oh fuck” expression, she liked the way he talked to me while still looking at her with his cock deep in her ass.

Willing to do anything for release I said “Please can I be unlocked so I can jerk off?”

“I’m in charge when it comes to the lock.” Ella spoke up. She looked at her lover and said “Babe, I need to speak to my patient, keep that fat cock hard for me.”

Nathan pulled back and his stiff cock bounced around as he got off the bed so I could have a one on one conversation with his gaped girlfriend. Her asshole was a huge hole basically, much wider and bigger than her pussy. I could literally see inside of her, that’s how much damage her well hung boyfriend did and he didn’t even shove it all the way in yet.

Ella moved to the end of the bed on the left side and sat patting the mattress next to her motioning me to take a seat right next to herself. I followed her and took a seat, while looking at her my back was turned to her boyfriend and as usual when I looked into her enchanting eyes I forgot about everything that was happening around me. She placed her soft hand on the inside of my thigh just an inch under my swollen balls and said “Are you enjoying the show so far?”

“Yeah…it’s really hot.” I responded quietly. Even tho her man was in the room I felt like if I didn’t raise my voice it would feel like a private conversation with the woman I have feelings for.

“Watching suits you, you like it, you enjoy it…we share that, I like to watch too.” She smiled with my key dangling between her tits.

“You do?” I said trembling.

“Mhmmm, I love to watch, especially when my boyfriend treats you like a sissy and bullies you.” She moved her hand up just a little so her index finger was pressed up lightly against the skin of my scrotum, making me feel a tingle in my full balls.

I felt a sensation as if I was going to cum but the cage gave me no hope of that. “Tell me that you have a small dick and that you like to watch.” Ella ordered me with a sweet tone.

Without hesitation I said in an almost moaning way “I have a small dick and I like to watch.”

Ella was very satisfied with the absolute full control she had over me. “These are very pleasing results, I want you to use that phrase every time I tell you to. It’s an honest affirmation of who you are.”

I nodded and looked down at my caged penis with her hand right next to it resting on my thigh. “Tell me why I should unlock that small thing and let you get off.” She asked.

I looked back at her and said “It hurts a lot and I really want to cum, it’s driving me crazy.”

“Why do you think I care?” Ella said with indifference.

“Because I care about you and I…I love you.” I said with honesty.

Ella bit her lower lip trough her smile and threw a glance behind me, probably taking a look at her boyfriends horse cock which I forgot about in the moment.

“Would you like to taste my ass?” She asked me playfully.

“YES!” Was my instant response.

“Oh honey! Bring your giant cock here please.” Ella called to her partner.

Nathan returned to the fold with his cock pointing down but still thick and hard.

I looked at him before Ella turned my attention back to her “I don’t do ass to mouth, it’s disgusting in my opinion. But for a sissy slut like you, I think it’s appropriate. We have the chance for everyone to get what they want, I get to watch you be a good little beta, my boyfriend gets his cock sucked, and you get to taste my ass.”

Even though I have done really nasty things in the past and have had them done to me, putting Nathan’s dick in my mouth after he just did anal was something I was not comfortable with. But the amount of pain and tension Ella was putting me under with her tools of physical and mental manipulation made me cross another line once again.

“If you do a really good job I’ll unlock you AND jerk you off after he’s done.” Ella dangled the key in front of me like a reward, she could tell by my body language that I was giving in to her demands.

I was about to turn away from her and start blowing Nathan before she stopped me. “Oh and before you start, I want you to know that he’s going to be a little rough with you, but you’re going to take it alright? Do it for me.” Ella gave me a small kiss on the cheek and gently pushed me so I dropped to my knees on the ground facing her sideways with Nathan’s python in front of me.

“Smell him.” Ella ordered.

I took a whiff of his meat and it made me gag, even thought her ass was cleaned for anal there was still a nasty smell.

“Stroke him with both hands and talk dirty until he’s hard.” Ella continued to tell me what to do while she spread her legs a bit and started to rub her shaved pussy.

I grabbed his girth with both hands and stroked it up and down while twisting my wrists “You look so sexy when you’re shaved, your cock skin is darker than the rest of your body and that’s really hot…” I knew he liked those types of compliments.

“I love how you stretched her tight asshole with this unit. You have such a thick cock, it makes me jealous.” I kept going while he quickly got rock hard again.

“Lick him clean, taste my ass off his cock.” Ella said.

Just as I was about to use my tongue on his shaft Nathan stopped me with his palm on my forehead and said “Suck it like a faggot.”

I knew what that meant, I knew what he wanted me to do and what Ella wanted to see. He wanted me to suck him with enthusiasm. I could pretend to like it and take a lot of abuse and humiliation but I could never be fully into the act of sucking his massive penis. I gave him a few licks from the bottom to the top but the awful taste made me recoil and I was not acting like I enjoyed it.

He took matters into his own hands by grabbing my wrists and pulling them to his thighs, I knew that he wanted my hands to stay there so he could use my mouth as he saw fit and if I wanted the chastity to come off I had to let him do whatever he wanted.

He grabbed me by the back of the head with one hand and the underside of my chin with the other started to mouth fuck me. The taste of Ella’s asshole on his large cock made me eyes tear up and I could take even less of him than usual. He rammed my mouth harder than before knowing that I can’t relax my throat that way to swallow him.

Ella was masturbating with two fingers in her pussy watching her boyfriend sexually bully me, she didn’t have to give him instructions on what to do anymore, he got much better at his role of sexually dominating me.

He held my nose with my mouth full of cock and asked me “How does it taste loser?”

I responded with choking sounds waiting for him to let me breathe.

He waited a bit and then let go of my nose and slapped me hard across the face making me let go of his cock out of my mouth, the slap turned me towards Ella and I saw her cum on the spot when she saw how her boyfriend treated me.

“Keep it in your mouth cuck.” Nathan turned me towards his beefy manhood and I saw strings of my spit hang from his pole, they hung as low as his shaved balls.

He leaned forward giving me the signal to take his erection in my mouth again, he didn’t force me, he wanted me to willingly let him keep degrading me in front of his smoking hot girlfriend.

I parted my lips and went for his cock just when he pulled it back and slapped me sternly across the face yet again. The force of the smack turned my head to Ella seeing her thoroughly enjoying herself watching.

My hands were still on his thighs and I held onto him because I had no other choice. I had to take it until he was done.

I turned again to his swollen cock and slowly went for it, I was defenceless and scared that another slap could come and any moment. He let me carefully put his head in my mouth and started swinging his hips. My head bobbed back and forth and so did his balls. He fed me more of his meat with his nuts lightly tapping my chin, they were really loose and warm, I could feel them stick to my skin for a brief moment every time they touched from a swing.

After he had his fun teasing he grabbed my head and shoved as much as he could down my mouth, after my face was stuffed with six inches of him he pressed up against my breathing pipe and kept pressure while taking dirty “That’s right, just like that, you’re sucking it just like a faggot. Mmm, your mouth is nice and warm. After I’m clean I’ll fuck her ass some more while you watch.”

I swallowed most of the awful taste from the remnants of Ella’s ass on his wide member. My jaw was getting tired from his heavy cock and I felt him really enjoy the forced blowjob I was giving him. By now he would have moved on to fucking Ella again but this time he was in no rush, he stayed hard in my mouth and kept coming up with new ideas.

“Ask her if she likes watching us.” Nathan suggested to me.

With his penis still in my mouth I tried to turn to his girlfriend and mumbled what he instructed. Ella let out a laugh and said “I can’t understand anything, your mouth is full of cock.”

Nathan pulled his wet cock out of my mouth and rested it on the side of my face saying “Ask her if she likes the way you suck me off.”

“Do you like the way I suck his cock?” I said feeling abused.

“You’re not sucking it, you’re his substitute pussy, I love watching him use you.” Ella talked to me trough her masturbation.

I felt Nathan tap his rod on my head beckoning me to keep blowing him and I turned back to his spear and tried swallowing as much as I could. He used my mouth like a cock holster.

“Jerk that tiny clit between your legs and play with my balls.” He gave me a lighter slap across the face with my mouth still full with his girth but this time I held onto him. I sucked him up hard and grabbed my chastity trying to rub it while reaching for his sweaty testicles and played with them.

Ella joined in and stood over me leaning on him and said “I love you.” then gave him a deep kiss putting her hand on his pubic area almost touching his half swallowed rod. I tried to play with myself even with a chastity device on because of how much it turned me on to have a monster cock in my mouth while seeing Ella’s perfect pale body over me. My key hanging between her breasts, I could see the underside of her tits and they were a perfect skin tone and so smooth, I wanted to lick them but my tongue was pressed under a giant cock.

After the kiss was done she smiled and asked the man who was filling my mouth “Is he doing a good job? Is he sucking it like a faggot?”

“I like the way you suck it more, but I’m getting used to using his mouth.” They both looked down on me as if I was pathetic which given the circumstances, I was.

“Want to watch him fuck my ass some more?” Ella asked me while I held Nathan’s balls in my hand.

I nodded in response to which she said “Say it! Ask him, ask him politely.” And she turned around spreading her cheeks so her open asshole was in front of my face.

I made mumbling and gargling sounds due to my mouth being full of Nathan’s man meat to which they both laughed.

Ella pushed me off her lovers thick hard on and grabbed him by the base “Let’s try a different position” she said to him and then looked down to me “You stay on the floor at the edge of the bed and watch. I want him focused on me.”

I watched the couple get on the bed and Ella went to a face down ass up position with her hands spreading her cheeks. Her stud stood directly over her with his lubed cock and squatted down guiding his tip into her opened asshole. I watched him adjust his position so his penetration was an up and down motion, all he has to do was squat up and down to dig in all of his length in his girlfriends ass. He used his body weight as force to completely shove the whole thing in.

My heart was pounding watching from the side of the bed. Ella screamed each time there was a thud from his body slamming onto hers. He used his legs to lift himself up and when his head was about to pop out he dropped himself on her and his entire cock disappeared inside of her. His balls smacked her clit and covered her entire pussy. It was so hot to watch his nuts swing while he was fucking her in the ass. Every few strokes his balls contracted for a moment, his cock must have been under so much pressure, he was massive and her ass so tiny but still took every inch of thickness.

Ella was screaming face down Into the mattress as her boyfriend was slowing down, after each slam on top of her he waited a few seconds to lift himself and drop again. It was unforgettable seeing her round ass cheeks separated by his huge log.

I remember the feeling of my heart rate matching Nathan’s tempo of fucking, my heart beat once for each stroke, that’s how closely I was paying attention. And the sound of his balls slapping her were so primal and vicious. He pulled out his entire manhood a couple of times before shoving himself back into her, I felt like he did it to show me his cock from that position before stretching his girlfriends ass some more.

Eventually Nathan’s last drop had him grunt loudly and his balls visibly went up his sack, he was cumming down Ella’s hole, he was making it his. He drained his balls in a big anal cream pie and collapsed on the bed. Ella kept her ass in the air, completely gaped for me to see.

After a minute or so of her regaining herself she slowly got off the bed and turned her attention to me. “Follow me but stay on the floor.”

She walked slowly and with each step she swung her ass cheeks, it was so incredibly sexy to see her abused ass shake while she walked in front of me and I crawled behind her.

We reached the bathroom and stopped in front of the toilet. She beckoned me to get up and I was now facing her when she handed me the key, she had a blank expression on her face and her chest was stuck out a little, I was staring directly at her tits and she had nothing against that. I completely removed the lock and felt the sensation of getting hard quickly, now that I was free.

“I want your hands behind your back. Don’t even think of touching me, cuck.” Her demeanour was very cold.

Ella grabbed my erection and throughout its duration she stroked me up and down like a robot, I felt no emotion from her towards me except disgust. She didn’t speed up or slow down, she kept going at the same pace while berating me with disparaging and demeaning comments. She always made sure to ask me how everything made me feel but also told me her immediate reaction, she wanted me to listen while she jerked me off in front of the toilet.

“How did it make you feel when he bossed you around and told you how to lube up and play with his huge cock?” She started from the beginning.

“I felt like I didn’t have a choice and just did what he told me.” I responded.

“You looked like a little faggot playing with a real man. Did you like how smooth he was?” That question made me moan.

“Oh! Umm, yeah, it was nice to touch him when he’s so smooth.” I was thinking about how Nathan’s giant cock felt in my hand.

“How do you feel about him having a much bigger cock than you?” She looked at my dick while stroking.

“I know that I’m going to watch him use it…” I said being extremely turned on and hard.

“Of course you’re going to watch, that’s the only thing a loser like you is good for.” I felt like I actually enjoyed her insults because of how horny I was and felt her bare skin on mine.

“How did it make you feel when he was fucking me In the ass?” She didn’t seem to care about how my body was responding to her. She kept jerking me the same way the entire time.

“Jealous, so jealous.” I confessed.

“He likes it when you watch, he likes to show you his horse cock” I was moaning when she said that, “you’re never going to fuck a woman in the ass like him.”

“How did it make you feel sucking him after he was in my shit pipe?” Ella was starting to get nasty.

“It felt and tasted dirty, especially after you told me that you’d never do it yourself.” I wanted to feel bad about what I did but I was too turned on.

“You looked so pathetic when he abused you with his dirty cock, you’re a virgin that’s tasted my ass from a real man’s penis.” She mocked me.

“I coached him to keep his beautiful cock in your mouth while you talked, it turns me on so much when you choke on him, I love watching him do that to you, how does that make you feel?” Her hand felt so warm and I was on the edge, I just moaned and couldn’t say anything back.

“God you’re pathetic, you’re about to explode just by my hand in under a minute while I’m telling you how much of a sad virgin you are, how you’re a loser with a small dick that likes to watch.” I started spraying my entire load in the toilet when she said that, she kept jerking me to get everything out.

I was dizzy from the intense orgasm and Ella flushed washing my sperm away.

A moment later Ella grabbed the chastity device and handed it to me “put it back on”. She commanded with her hands on her hips, she watched me intently locking it back, I didn’t even think for a second to wait or disobey.

When I was done in record time being used to the process I looked up to her and she said “get out of my sight, take your clothes and run the fuck out.” She looked me in the eyes beating me down mentally with her stare. She was playing more mind games on me.

I knew that she always gets what she wants so I ran back to the room, took my clothes and ran to the front door with my chastity bouncing up and down. When I was in front of her door I put my clothes on as fast as I could and entered the floor where I stayed for a while to process what just happened. To think a moment about why she was so quick to have me leave and what that meant.

Does she want to get fucked more without me being there? Was she going to laugh at me with her sexy boyfriend? Was she thinking about me after I left? Does Nathan fuck differently when I’m not watching? And also being very uncertain about what the future will hold.

When I got home I received a text from Ella, it was a time and date for the next therapy session.

To be continued…