The Night In The Car

Do you remember the night in the car? We had a long drive home from a friend’s kickback. All night long, you had been whispering in my ear what you would do to me when we got home. How you want to strip me naked, throw me on the bed, and ravish every bit of me. You told me what you wanted to do with your fingers on my body, my breasts, my ass, my pussy. I would be talking to someone, and you would walk up and whisper in my ear what parts of my body you wanted to play with and use. 

Every time you walked by and whispered, I would get a little hotter, a little wetter. Your teasing filled me with so much anticipation, I couldn’t wait to leave, so you could really fill me. And when we finally did leave, me dripping wet and you rock-hard, we hit bumper-to-bumper traffic. 

After a few minutes, we realized that we had a long night stuck moving slow. You lost almost all your steam, but my fire was not so easy to put out. I just could not stop thinking of all of the promises you made. So while we were stuck in traffic. I undid my seat belt and lifted my short dress over my hips. You asked me what I was doing, but I didn’t answer. I just reached up and turned on the pale car light. Then I turned in your direction, and spread my legs wide. I wanted you to have a good look at my powdered blue, lacey panties, soaked through. 

I peeled them off, reached over, unzipped your pants, and shoved my panties right next to your cock, so you could feel how wet I was. I will never forget the look on your face. You did not know what to do. Trying your best not to miss the show while also trying to keep your foot on the brake. All the while frantically checking to see if anyone was wise to the show going on in the car right next to them.

When I leaned back and opened my legs again, you could definitely see how hot and wet I was. I was looking at your face as I reached down to my pussy. I moaned ever so lightly as I pulled my finger from the bottom all the way to the top. Slick and smooth, and when I raised my finger to my mouth, it was oh so sweet. I asked you if you wanted a taste. I giggled as I watched you look from my face, to the road, to my pussy and back again. The small nod you gave me sent my hand straight back down. 

I went a little inside this time, so you would get a taste straight from the source. Nothing but the best for my man. I leaned over and put my middle finger onto your waiting tongue. Ooh… you sucked so hard I felt a tingle all the way to my toes; just when I thought I couldn’t get any wetter.

When you finally released that finger, it went straight from your mouth to my clit. I was already so sensitive, so when I touched it, I let out a little gasp. I made tiny circular motions, slow and steady, watching your face as I did so.  It may have seemed unfair to tease you with something you could see, but not touch, but goodness knows you teased me first.

By now all the events of the evening had my pussy drooling. At first, I tried to be quiet. No more than a few gasps, and tiny moans as my fingers worked that tiny powerful ball of nerves. After all, we were in public. Then I realized we were in a car, on the freeway in gridlock. Short of screaming bloody murder, no one was going to hear me. No one but you, and you were all that mattered. 

So slowly but surely, as my orgasm built, so did my volume. I got louder when the slow circles began to speed up, and louder still when I slid a finger inside. God, that was sensational, and when I put one more finger inside, and worked my clit with my thumb, there was no holding back. I came. I closed my eyes, and I rode that orgasm all the way to the finish line. I leaned back on the door to take a breath, and take a moment to recover. But that respite certainly didn’t last long.

Quite suddenly, you decided I wasn’t done. My eyes flew open as your fingers invaded my pussy and your thumb landed on my clit. It’s not like I could go anywhere, and it didn’t seem to matter to you that I was already spent, and this sudden assault was overwhelming. I was a jumble of yells and moans as you fingered me deep and hard. You made such frantic and almost panicked motions, your attention split between my spasming, squirting pussy, and the slow moving traffic.

A constant barrage of tiny orgasms was causing my pussy to squirt nonstop as I screamed and moaned. I tried to play along with this nonstop assault, but a girl can only take so much.  After a moment or two, I reached for your hand and started to pull it away. You fought me, wiggling even harder. That brought on another orgasm and plea for mercy. You laughed and relented. You pulled your fingers from me. There was one last gush, a moan, and then a sigh of relief from me, as I righted myself in the now drenched seat shaking from the intensity of it all.

Traffic started to move more steadily now, but still slowly. When I finally regained a bit of sense, I thought it would be nice to repay the favor. I reached over and took my panties from your still open fly.  I tossed the still warm lace onto the floor and went fishing for that rock hard cock. I freed the member from its confines and gripped it hard in my hand. It was hot, and firm, and the feel of it in my hand sent a shiver down my spine.


You looked a little panicked as I stroked you. The traffic was letting up, and we were still fairly far from home. The look of worry, desire, and excitement on your face was priceless. I stroked your cock with a slow  and steady pace, I reached over to cup and massage your balls. I watched as your grip on the steering wheel tightened, and you began taking deep, calming breaths. Slow and steady motions to keep you at attention, to keep you well occupied. The tension and worry began to dissipate from your body. You became relaxed and simply enjoyed the calming and pleasurable handjob. 

That’s when I decided to shake things up. Without warning, I dove for your cock and popped the mushroom head right into my mouth. It was your turn to gasp and moan as I swirled my tongue around the tip of the rock hard rod. I was still working both hands, but I sped up the tempo, so to speak. With every stroke, squeeze, and lick, I took more and more of your cock into my mouth. By the time we were off the freeway, the head of your cock was sliding down my throat. I hummed every time I swallowed your cock so you could feel the vibrations.

Quite suddenly, the car stopped, and you turned it off. We were home, and you pulled me out the driver’s side door along with you. You slammed the car door shut and shoved me against it, and kissed me hard. Your cock was still out, and I could feel it, hot and hard, against my thighs. Your mouth moved down to my throat, and you pulled my dress down to release my breast. You practically swallowed it whole, leaving me breathless at the sensation. The parking lot to our apartment complex was dark, but we were out in the open and exposed, and as exciting as that was, I was keen not to get caught.

I grabbed the keys from your hand and insisted we go inside. I struggled to turn while you grabbed at my body. I struggled to walk towards the stairs as you ground your cock on my ass. I could barely pull us forward as you massaged and squeezed my breasts with one hand fondled and fingered my pussy with the other. You were like an animal, grunting and growling as you gnawed at my neck and clawed at my body. We basically crawled up the steps to the door as you struggled to have at me. Halfway up the steps you finally got my dress over my bare ass.

Your cock slid between my thighs, right up against my pussy lips. You were trying in earnest now to get inside me. If I didn’t make it to the door fast enough you were going to fuck me right there on the stairs. Crawling as quickly as I could with you basically laying on top of me, we made it to the door. Just before I had the keys sorted, you made it home. Your monster cock slammed stones deep into me. The invasion, though welcome, was so sudden that I lost my breath. I had no time to recover as you relentlessly pounded into me. I could hardly keep quiet, though I tried, as right there outside of our home you railed my pussy so hard I could barely breathe. 

I had trouble bracing myself against the door as you nonstop hammered into me. I struggled with keys, trying to get the door unlocked while being fondled, groped and fucked out in the open. When the door finally unlocked, you stopped, but not so I could open the door. You turned me around before I could even turn the knob. You kissed me hard, and lifted me up by my ass. You wrapped my legs around you and slammed me back onto your cock. You fucked me right up against the door. Your tongue left no part of my mouth untouched. It was as deep and intense a kiss as the fuck was. I moaned and came, I clawed at your back, trying to pull you deeper and deeper inside me. 

Then the door gave way and swung open. You caught us on the door jam before we fell. You pulled away for a moment, a little confused, the animal temporarily at bay. But it was only for a moment, after you assessed the situation all the while still slightly bouncing me on your cock. You swiftly, yet gently lay me down just inside the doorway.

Cock still deep inside me, you unwrapped my legs as you kneeled over me. One hand on the back of each thigh you lay my legs over my body until your body was over mine and started pounding me with all your weight behind it. I was beyond myself, feeling you go deeper than ever before, looking at me like you wanted to eat me alive. Your cock reached parts of me that felt as if they had never been touched before. I squealed and moaned as you drive your cock deep inside me, no care that we were exposed to the world. Just need and desire being fulfilled. 

You sped up your assault, harder, faster and deeper with every thrust, until you let out a loud growling, grunting, yell and release rope after rope of hot cum straight into my pussy, while you continued to pound away until you were spent. When you were finally done, you released my legs and lay full weight on top of me, still rock-hard inside of me. We breathed deep and slow as we came down from this orgasmic high. Only after your cock softened and fell from me did you roll off me and lay next to me on the ground as we still caught our breath. 

When we have finally recovered, you stood. You closed and locked our front door. Then you turned to me. You stood me up, took my dress off and carried me to fulfill all the promises and teased you made that night.