Barren land : lover’s game (part-2)

Hello friends,
In the previous part as you have learnt about lovers doing some great fun, it’s a need for me as sitting on his lap with legs wrapped on his waist was like a dream came true as he is sucking my tongue hard with my pair of boobs pressing hard on his chest, he is little aggressive as his hand is rubbing my ass. So Ritu felt his saliva inside mouth and than took out my tongue as sunset is going to happen, in dark we two will enjoy and than I left his lap as put my hand on his jeans and slowly started unzipping it, like a hungry wolf he made his lower parts nude and so Ritu is too shy as she got her valuable gift of his penis and while jerking it hard I am screaming in pleasure ” oh ah um don’t remove my cardigan but make me nude dear ” and his hand as it’s inside my tops came out and he pulled it out of my body, it’s a cold weather as I am in brassiere and leggings only and so I bend myself down to hold his prick, starts kissing it wildly and my lips are sealed on his base to shaft as Rajan’s hand is squeezing my tits while rubbing my buttocks and looking at him I opened my mouth as I swallows his cock and starts sucking it hard, it’s my love readers that I need hard penis in my mouth as well as in my vagina regularly. Ritu starts swinging her face as he is now a hot hungry guy with his hand pulling down my leggings and there I put my legs closed to give him comfort as he is making me nude, now I left his wet penis and as my legs are on knees, I just stand straight and took it out, so Ritu is semi nude infront of her lover, don’t be confused readers as my lovers are for physical satisfaction and now Rajan stand infront of me as his long hard penis is in my hand ” will you get fucked here baby
( I just turned myself ) see it, go ahead dear my body is feeling cold and so do what you want ” and looking back I can see him opening my panties string, so nude for him as our whole body is behind car, he stretched my thighs and hold his penis as looking at him with smile on face is like doing shameless work, so it’s eloped comfortably but it’s not his penis but only glans and slowly he is pushing his cock in my soft but burning vagina, his hand have hold my waist and as his whole penis rammed deeper I screamed louder ” oh you dog, have made my cunt painful, please be slow ” but he is fucking me hard with his one hand holding my soft boobs and than his hand unhooked my brassiere as in winter evening I am completely nude in a barren land with my fuck buddy and his tool is making me hot, so I starts swinging my V shaped buttocks fast and his hand is holding my breast, so sigh of relief came from my cunt as it’s cumming and now Rajan is bit slow in fucking.
Later on, he took out his cock from my glory hole as I turned back and he is like a obedient lover as he knelt down with my one leg up, so he starts licking my cunt and I felt horny ” uh Rajan aah it’s too hard be slow dear it’s yours only ” but he is licking my cunt fast and than I pushes his head as I walked nudely for 25-30, feet and than sits on grass as I urinates there. Ritu is not a rotten girl as neither an innocent gal, so enjoying life while keeping my character infront of our society as a studious girl is my goal but secrecy for physical love is my first priority and as it’s dark I hold my leggings, tops, brassiere and panty as I moved inside car, it’s the back seat where Rajan started fucking me first time and now he also came inside as he closed the door, so feeling bit suffocation I opened a window and there Rajan made me sleep on seat as he hold his cock while sitting in between my legs and as he penetrate his cock, it’s a satisfying one as wet pussy is getting fucked and he is bit aggressive this time fucking me with lot of power as well as speed and my mouth is just murmuring ” uh um aah it’s hot fuck fuck fuck more hard oh it’s a different cock as I got fucked earlier
( He just leaned on me and kissed my lips ) baby, it will become more hard and thick as it will get your glory hole to love ” and as I am under him his whole body is making me more sexy and he is in fire, so my waist is still as my hand is rubbing his back and it’s the peak of orgasm as he kissed my lips ” baby now no need to wait as my cock is going to pour cum soon ” and after a while my cunt get it as I felt satisfied, so vagina became sticky as he left me and than both walked out of car and washed our sexual organs, than put our clothes as back home on time.. It’s my meet with my friend Ragini….