I got fucked by my daughter’s boyfriend

I am Lillian, 38, a single mother of a 16-year-old daughter, I am a nurse in a hospital facility. I’m still in good shape for my age and I notice the looks of younger men.
My daughter has a friend Marck, 16, lately he spends more time with my daughter and me. As time goes by, I realized that he is very handsome, that is, I myself get excited when he is near me, which he could also feel.
Little by little he got more and more encouraged and I no longer had control over my body, I secretly wanted him even if I knew it was wrong for my daughter.
One evening he entered the kitchen behind me and started kissing my neck, I remained motionless and could not react due to excitement.
He grabbed my breast with one hand and went down towards the wet pizza with the other, I turned towards him, he went down and started licking my pizza, I couldn’t do anything at that moment because the feeling was wonderful.
After a while, he got up, then I managed to stop him and regain my composure. I told him that it was not right and that I could not do this to my daughter..
He didn’t say anything, he just grabbed my hair and forced me to my knees.
His cock was already ready and I had to put it in my mouth because it was big and hard about 7 inches, about 2 minutes later I felt him tense up and fill my mouth.
Without a word, he turned and went to my daughter, and I quickly went to wash my mouth. I was afraid he wouldn’t tell my daughter what he just did, but luckily for me that didn’t happen. I came to my daughter’s room to check, but she was still watching the movie.
He just smiled at me. I greeted my daughter and Marck and went to the bathroom.
As I was still wet, I began to rub myself and think about him.
I wanted to feel that young cock in my wet pussy, at that moment I heard someone knocking on the bathroom door, I thought my daughter had to go to the toilet, but it wasn’t my daughter but Marck, I asked him to come out and if my body it didn’t want to. He said he had to finish a job he hadn’t done, I tried to push him out of the bathroom, but he grabbed my hair and told me not to resist because my daughter could hear us.. He turned me towards the wall and lifted my leg, stuck me is a dick in a wet and moist pussy, I sighed but I couldn’t let my daughter hear us too much.. he was driving his dick faster and faster and I felt that he was getting more and more into me, when he came to the end at that moment I I screamed a lot and Marck continued to fuck me hard.
I forgot about my daughter in that moment, I just couldn’t control myself.
Luckily, Marck finished quickly, took the dick out of my pizza and went to my daughter. I washed up and ran to my room, still all excited about
what I just did.
Now that I’m writing this, I think I shouldn’t have let Marck do that because he’s my daughter’s friend, I hope my daughter never finds out what I did to her with my friend.