Best Laid Plans Part 2 – Chapter 3

Best Laid Plans  Part 2 – Chapter 3

Ted and Pam stepped inside the door and stopped dead in their tracks. While the outside looked like a single-story farmhouse, the inside was completely different. They faced a large open-plan room filled with furniture and a large glass wall. The view outside the wall was spectacular, showing they were up on a hill looking down a long distance. Before them, they could see miles of pine trees and forest.

Amos walked in behind them with their bags. He sat them down and said, “Mr. Bill said I should show you the two master bedrooms and let you pick the one you want. There are other bedrooms upstairs, but he said you should take one of the ones downstairs; they are much larger.”

Amos led them into the room on the right. It was a huge bedroom with a king-size bed and elegant furniture. A long dresser was at the foot of the bed with a mirror as large as the bed was wide. Pam looked at the mirror and gave Ted a sly smile. The room had two oversized chairs and an ottoman. The bathroom was equally large, with an oversized tub and a shower large enough to accommodate at least two people.

A sliding glass door led onto a deck with a hot tub large enough for two. They stepped onto the deck and saw a huge patio at the back of the house with lovely outdoor furniture and a bar. Below the deck they saw a beautiful pool surrounded by lounge chairs and two tables with umbrellas. The pool wasn’t overly large but was perfect for the two of them. The view from the pool would also be lovely in the evening, and it was obviously entirely private as there wasn’t another house in sight.

Then Amos led them to the second master bedroom on the opposite side of the open-plan foyer. They were both amazed by the size of the room, its furnishings, and the view from the enormous glass wall. The second bedroom was very much like the first, but the bathroom was larger and was built around a large tub that was built into the floor. It almost looked like a small swimming pool. This room did have a small balcony overlooking the deck and pool but no hot tub.

Amos led them back into the great room and steered them into the kitchen. It was large and modern. All the countertops were marble and shining as if they had been polished. Amos showed them the wine cooler and pointed out the drawers where the tools required to open a bottle of wine were located. Next, he opened the packed refrigerator door to point out two chilled bottles of champagne and told them that before he left, he would lay out the light meal Mr. Bill had ordered for them. He told them he would leave it out on the countertop. Next, he showed them the bar, the ice maker, and glasses while reminding them they should have anything and everything in the kitchen and bar. He also mentioned that the outside bar was stocked and had its own ice maker.

“Now then,” Amos said, “Which bedroom do you want? I’ll put your bags away before I put the food out.”

Before Ted could say anything, Pam answered, “We’d like to use the first bedroom you showed us, please. The one with the hot tub.”

“Excellent,” Amos said with a slight bow. “Mr. Bill likes the other one, and your choice will please him. I should also tell you that he likes to eat outdoors. He asked me to bring some ‘Texas-sized’ steaks for tomorrow night. He likes to cook them himself. Matilda will be here tomorrow around 11:00 and will fix you some lunch. That woman is an outstanding cook. Let me get you bags and put out your dinner, then I’ll be out of your way.”

Ted held up his hand and said, “Don’t worry about the bags, Amos. We’ll take care of them and get settled into the room. Is there anything else we need to know?”

Amos thought for a second and then said, “Oh yes, you will find some clothes in the dresser in your room. In addition, there are swimming clothes and a few other things you might not have packed. The company doesn’t allow smoking inside the house, but you are welcome to smoke outside. In fact, if you look inside that cabinet beside the TV, you will find a large humidor filled with some excellent cigars. On occasion, I have one myself and can tell you that the Avo’s are quite outstanding.”

Pam laughed and patted Amos on the shoulder, saying, “Oh, Amos, I wish you hadn’t told him that. He loves a good cigar, and now he’s going to stink all weekend.”

Amos laughed. As they started to leave him in the kitchen, he said, “Oh, one more thing, you will find everything you might need in the bathroom. Use whatever you might want. Matilda will change the towels tomorrow. When I’m finished, I’ll let myself out. You two enjoy yourselves. If you need something, you’ll find my phone number by the phone.”

Pam turned around and went back to Amos and gave him a hug. “Thank you, Amos. You’re a jewel.”

As Pam turned around, Ted could see Amos flush with embarrassment or joy. He wasn’t sure which, but the little man did have a big smile on his face.

They took their bags into the bedroom and began to look through the drawers to see what was there. An assortment of swimming apparel, both men’s and women’s, was provided in various sizes. The ladies’ items were on the left of the large dresser, and the men’s were on the right. Pam held up one from the ladies’ drawer about the size of a postage stamp and said, “Would you like me to wear this one?”

“No, baby,” Ted responded, “I want you to wear nothing at all, remember?”

“Yes, I do,” she said softly, “I’ll wear or not wear whatever you want.” She walked towards and kissed Ted, wrapping her arms around him. Pam leaned back and said, “If you want me naked or fully dressed, I will do what you want 100%.” She stepped back and said, “But I need to go to the bathroom before I wet myself. I want to explore in there.”

When Pam left the room, Ted began unpacking his bag and putting things away. Before he could follow Pam into the bathroom, she came bounding out the door. “Look what I found,” she said with a big smile and held up a handful of sample packets of Viagra.

Ted took one from her and asked, “Do you think I need this?”

“Baby, you don’t need anything to make you any harder, but if you’re going to do all the things you promised me, you might want to have it handy,” she said.

Ted looked around the room and saw a bottle of water beside the bed. He opened it, popped one of the little blue pills in his mouth, and swallowed. He smiled at Pam, saying, “I’m ready now.”

She laughed, took him by the hand, and led him into the bathroom. Pam wanted to show him all of the ‘goodies’ that she had discovered. Amos had been correct. There didn’t seem to be anything they could have wanted that wasn’t available to them, including Viagra.

Ted thought he heard a noise and left Pam in the bathroom. When he stepped out of the bedroom, he could see out the front window that Amos was getting into the car and leaving. He decided it was time for a drink and shouted back to Pam, “Amos has gone, and I’m going to fix a drink. Would you like wine or liquor?”

Pam stuck her head out of the bathroom to answer cheerfully, “Champaign!”

“Roger that,” Ted said. “Just give me a couple of minutes.” He went to be bar, found an excellent single malt scotch, and poured it over ice before going to the fridge to get the champagne. A few minutes later, he walked back into the bedroom. He was about to say something when he noticed Pam standing in the middle of the bed, beaming down at him.

Before Ted could say a word, she said, “Can I take the dress off now?”

“You can and you should,” Ted said.

As he watched, Pam unzipped the back of the dress and slowly slid the straps off her shoulders. Once they were off, she let the dress fall to her feet. Standing completely naked, Pam stepped out of the dress and kicked it to Ted. She stood there for several long seconds with her feet wide apart, allowing Ted to admire her body. “What would you like me to do now?” she asked.

Ted walked beside the bed and handed her the glass of champagne. “I’d like you to stand there and drink this while I admire you.” He took a long drink of his scotch, walked back to the dresser, set his glass down, and turned around to look at Pam. “Turn around,” he said softly, “I want to see your ass.”

Pam sipped from her glass and turned as instructed.

As Ted admired her body, he was struck by the fact that he had never taken the opportunity to view Pam as he was at this moment. Rather than reaching for her as he usually did, he studied her perfect form. A great lust began to grow within him.

Ted started unbuttoning his shirt.

Pam stood quietly, sipping your champagne without saying a word.

He kicked off his shoes and socks before tossing his shirt toward the large chair. As he did, Ted noticed that Pam had put the lube and all of her sex toys on the table between the two chairs. That was another jolt of excitement that made him extremely hard. He could feel a rush of heat running through his body.

 Ted reached out his hand, saying, “Give me your glass.” He set their glasses down, turned back, and said, “Come down here in front of me.”

Pam stepped off the end of the bed and stood about three feet away from Ted.

“Down on your knees,” he said softly, and she obeyed.

He said, “Perhaps you’d like to help me undress.” Pam smiled and began to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. Pam let his trousers drop to the floor and looked up at him before putting her fingers in his boxers’ waistband and sliding them down. When Pam straightened, Ted’s cock was standing just a few inches from her mouth. He saw Pam lick her lips, but she didn’t move otherwise.

Still whispering, Ted asked, “Is your pussy wet, baby?”

Pam didn’t say a word. Still looking into his eyes, she lowered a hand between her legs and pressed a finger inside. Ted watched as she moved it in and out a few times before holding it up. He leaned over and took it into his mouth, and sucked on it until he was rewarded with a light sigh from her. Ted stood up again and said, “Now put your finger back where it was and check it again. Don’t stop until I tell you.” 

She did as directed, sliding her finger in and out of her pussy, still maintaining eye contact. After a full minute of watching her, Ted’s cock had turned into a piece of steel, and a clear drop had formed on the tip. He leaned forward again and put his hand into her hair, pulling her head forward. Pam opened her mouth and accepted the head of his cock. She sighed again and sucked hard on it.

Ted stood as still as he possibly could, watching his cock sucked in and out of her beautiful mouth as she continued sliding her finger in and out of her pussy. The combination of sights, sounds, and feelings spun Ted’s head in erotic pleasure. He watched for a full minute before speaking again. “Tell me when your pussy is wet enough for my cock to slide into it.”


Pam pulled back quickly, looked up, and said, “Oh, NOW, Baby. Right now!”

Reaching down, he helped Pam stand. He put his hands on her ass and pulled her against him, kissing her wildly as he placed his cock between her long legs. Ted could feel the heat and wetness of her pussy as he moved his cock back and forth while they kissed. He dropped his mouth to her chest and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth and received another reward as Pam shrieked. Her nipple was rock hard. As Ted sucked and bit on it, her moans got louder and louder. He switched from one breast to the other, back and forth, over and over and over again.

Suddenly Ted stopped and moved to one of the large chairs. He sat in it, scooted down so that his rod stood proudly, and said, “Come over here and sit on this.”

Pam walked toward him, and Ted said, “Turn around. I want to see your ass while you fuck me.”

Ted could see her eyes almost glaze over at his instructions. She stepped to him, turned, and put her legs on the outside of his. She lowered herself until her pussy was just above his cock and then let it drop on him, burying his cock deep inside her. They both groaned.

Pam started to move. She moved slowly, up and down on his cock, while Ted sat still in the chair. She kept moving her body up and down, pushing his cock deep into her and then out again. Pam seemed to get wetter with each stroke, and Ted seemed to get harder. Up and down, she moved as he watched his member disappear in her.

They were in a new place with new surroundings. Perhaps knowing they were entirely alone encouraged them to feel free to make all of the noise they wanted.

Pam was bouncing up and down on his cock. Her cries and whimpers grew louder with each stroke. Ted was groaning and urging her for more. They were both beyond sanity, just in a state of sexual joy and begging for more.

Watching her bounce up and down as she fucked him pushed Ted’s sensibilities beyond their limits. He reached over to the table beside the chair and found the lube. He put some on his hand, covering his finger. While Pam continued moving up and down on his cock, Ted put lube all over her rosebud and slipped it inside.

Once again, Pam shouted while continuing to pound up and down on his cock and finger. It was almost an ‘out-of-body’ experience for Ted. He was beyond control with no sense of reality. He wanted to make her get to a screaming orgasm while joining in on the fun.

To his surprise, Pam stopped. She stood and turned around. As he watched, Pam picked up the tube of lube and squirted a large amount into her hand. She looked at him and smiled before putting her hands on his cock and coating it with the gel.

Once it was coated to her satisfaction, Pam turned around and lowered herself again to his cock. Except this time, she put the head against her crinkled opening and pushed until it was completely buried in her ass. They both gasped and remained still while adjusting to the feeling. Now her legs were inside his, and she said, “I’m going to fuck you until you cum inside me.”

Pam began to move so that his cock was moving in and out of her ass. It was beyond erotic. Ted couldn’t move and was unable to talk. He couldn’t do anything but watch and feel the pressure within him rise a degree with every stroke.

Pam moaned with every stroke. Finally, Ted put his hands around her and found her clit. Both of them were making noises and were almost out of their minds as they reached for that majestic climax.

“Oh My God,” Ted shouted as cum shot out of his cock into her ass. Pam refused to stop until she had milked every drop he could produce. She never stopped as Ted shouted in erotic excitement. Pam continued to move up and down, shouting, “Yes, Baby. Give it to me! Give me more!”

Pam finally stopped, and he heard nothing for a while. He felt her hand against his balls and heard her say softly, “These are beautiful.”

Ted put his arms around her, pulling her back against his chest. His cock was still hard and still buried inside her. Pam leaned back against his chest as they both began to catch their breath. Ted wrapped his arms around Pam, allowing one hand to wander between her legs. Once again, he found her clit and began to rub it softly. 

“What are you doing?” she asked.

He kissed her neck and tasted the salty sweat there, “I going to get you off,” he said softly. “I want to feel you cum with your weight on me and my cock in your ass.”

Pam didn’t say anything but opened her legs a bit to make it easier.

Ted pushed a finger into her pussy to coat it with her flowing juices, then went back to her clit and began to work it with a little more pressure. He put his free hand to Pam’s mouth and put a finger in it. She sucked on it and moaned softly as he stroked her clit harder and faster.

He took the finger out of Pam’s mouth and rubbed its wetness around one of her hard nipples. She reacted to that with a louder cry. Ted could feel her moving slightly up and down, causing his cock to move in her ass. It must have been an incredible sensation for her because she began to move more and her noises grew louder.

In a very loud whisper, she said, “Oh, baby. I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum! Don’t stop. Oh, My God! OH MY GOD!”

Pam’s entire body shook as the orgasm seized her. Ted moved his hand away from her clit and covered her pussy with the palm of his hand. She continued to shake. Ted’s cock felt as if she had squeezed it with her hand, but it was rock hard. Pam was breathless, and her chest heaved as if she had just finished running a marathon.

“Can we just stay like this and start over again in about thirty minutes?” she asked.

“That would be fine with me,” Ted said as he took both of her breasts in his hands. “I’m quite comfortable here and have everything I need to make me a happy man.”

Pam whispered, turning her face toward him, “I love how your cock feels inside me, baby. It is so hard, and I really do like where it is. I hope we can do this again.”

A good two minutes passed until one of them moved. Very slowly, Pam began to push away from Ted. She stood up and let his cock slip out of her rosebud. She stood and turned to look at him, saying, “I’m going to shower. Would you like to join me?”

While Ted felt he might never move again, he answered, “I’m right behind you.”

She looked at him and giggled. “Right behind me?” she said. “I think that’s where you just were.”

And they both began to laugh.

They spent a good fifteen minutes in the shower. Pam thoroughly washed Ted’s cock because she said she might want to use it again later. Ted stood there and enjoyed what she was doing. As they were toweling each other off, Ted mentioned that he was hungry and that Amos had left something for them to eat in the kitchen.

Pam offered, “Let’s get dressed and find out what he left us.”

Ted stood very still and looked at her for a long while before saying, “Get dressed?”

“Oh… Right,” Pam said with a small laugh. “We don’t have to wear anything, do we? Is there something that you would like for me to wear?”

“I’ll find something for you so that you don’t get cold,” he told her. “But remember, no panties and no bra.”

Pam kissed him and said, “I remember, and I’ve promised to do whatever you want. Would I be allowed to make a suggestion?”

“Of course.”

Pam walked a few steps and opened the door to a closet. Inside were about a dozen terrycloth bathrobes in a variety of sizes. She reached in, took one out, and held it in front of her deliciously naked body. “How is this?” she asked.

The robe was not overly heavy and not too long. Ted nodded and replied, “Try it on for me.”

Pam slipped it over her shoulder and tied the sash around her waist. Ted observed that it only hung halfway between her knees and her butt as she turned around to give him the total view. 

Pam faced Ted and said, “There are no buttons, and if you need quick entry, you only need to untie the sash, and everything is available to you.”

Instantly Ted reached over and untied the sash, put his hands around her waist, and pulled her body against his. Pam laughed and said, “Don’t tell me you are ready to go again.”

“You seem to forget,” Ted said with a laugh, “I took the little blue pill and will be ready all night. And besides that, the pill wouldn’t make any difference. I always want your body naked and next to me.”

Pam put her arms around his neck, pulled him close, and gave him a long, hard kiss. “You kid with me, but I know what you say is the truth,” she whispered. “And how could I not be totally in love with a man that loves me and wants me that much?”

Ted put his hands on her face and kissed Pam softly. “There is no end to my need for you.”

They kissed once more, and when parted, Ted asked, “Is there one of those things in this closet that will fit me?”

“Well, let’s see,” Pam said. She looked through them for a minute and pulled one out. “How about this one?”

He tied the sash around his middle and said, “This is great. We’re wearing matching outfits with quick escape hatches.”

Instantly Pam reached over and untied his sash, letting the robe fall open. She put your arms around his middle and said, “I don’t need a little blue pill to be ready for you, my love. And I’ll be ready whenever you are.” They kissed once more before Ted took Pam by the hand and led her to the kitchen.

As they walked through the great room headed for the kitchen, Ted stopped and looked at all the couches and chairs in the room. About half of them were facing the large stone fireplace, and the other half were facing in the direction of a huge flat-screen TV on the wall opposite their bedroom. They stood there and looked a minute before Ted said, “I think we should have sex on every chair and couch in this room.”

Pam smacked him on his butt and replied, “We’re only going to be here two days. That project would take a month.”

Ted looked back at her and said, “We could call in sick on Monday.”

“Feed me first,” Pam said with a laugh. “I need energy to keep your cock hard and my mouth filled.”

“How could any man so no to that?” Ted said as he pulled her into the kitchen. “Let’s see what we have.”