With the Boss and … – Part 2

Hello Friends, Thank you for the amazing response to my in this story series.

Rajesh was busy sucking me in his car in the parking lot.. I was too fucking his mouth and he was taking it like a good old boy.. Or should I say good old boss…

Rajesh : “Let’s go to my place.. Kunal”.. I agreed but asked since there would be people at his place..

He said he will manage..

We headed to his place.. He had a real nice big house.. And surprisingly there we’re a few guests that had come to his place.. Rajesh and me looked at each other..

Rajesh was visibly upset as he greeted all his guests.. His wife came and Rajesh introduced me.. I exchanged greetings.. With his wife and two sons.. Both old enough to be of similar age as mine…

Rajesh went up to his room.. While I was talking with his sons..

Dhiren was really carbon copy of his father and looked much similar to him.. We became quite good friends in a short while.. And exchanged numbers.. I told him that I stay nearby..

Rajesh called me up his room under pretext of some documentation work.. He had his own set up of work up in his room.. In the room Rajesh was already in his robes.. He looked around and closed door.. He dropped his robes and went on knees to suck me..

“I am sorry baby”.. He whispered to me “I didn’t know I had guests at my place”

Rajesh talked in between sucking my cock.. He sucked me really good and made me empty my balls in his mouth.. Which he gulped..

“Want to fuck me quick?” Rajesh said spreading his legs and gaping his anus hole..

Rajesh took his wallet out and got a condom out and put it on my dick.. And got some carry lube.. Sachet and spread in his butt hole.. And laid with his legs spread..

I held his legs and his ass like gulped down my dick.. Rajesh’s ass was all spread, easy to penetrate and would put to shame the best of pussies.. I kept banging him as he put up some loud music to curb the sounds of our thighs slapping against each other…

I fucked him good though short quickie.. Made him moan and groan.. Within no time he cummed.. His man clit tingled.. By the thought of getting fucked in his own home.. That too discreetly…

“Fuck me Kunal.. Fuck me..” Rajesh was way too loud.. I covered his mouth and banged him even harder.. He hugged me the feeling of his soft skin and tiny hard man clit.. Made me cum.. I groaned as I pushed harder and harder in his ass as I ejaculated.. I was sweating..

Rajesh took a side by napkin and wiped the sweat of my bro.. And kissed me.. Rajesh was just a name sake man.. But his true nature was very feminine.. As I withdrew from his butt.. He got up, and we both headed to washroom… While he cleaned up himself and me which he insisted upon he asked me

“So how did you like the house?”

“It’s nice”… I replied

He smiled and we kissed..

“Never thought I’d be fucking the COO of the company I’d be working for” I spoke to him..

“Yes especially of the male gender, and in his own house” he added as he towel dried me and himself..

Rajesh quickly dressed up and went down to meet the guests his servants cleaned up the sheets and stuff… I was worried if they might know but they we’re very focused on their work.. I was too ‘working’ in his room.. As Rajesh told me he’ll be back in some time..

Dhiren happened to come in my Rajesh’s room.. Dhiren was 21 and youngest of the two brothers.. He came inside and we chit chatted a lot.. He asked me what do I do at the organisation.. And all of my activities.. He excused himself for the rest room.. His phone was still out…

A call rang on his phone.. Since I was just a hand distance away, I could see the person ringing the phone.. Surprisingly the name on phone made me draw many conclusions.. It read ‘Aakash Big Dick

So was it like father like son situation here.. Is he hitting on me as well.. Too many questions popped up.. And as I heard the flush sound.. I decided to be calm and undisturbed about it…

Dhiren came out.. And I showed that I was busy working.. He looked at the phone.. And immediately took it up.. Saw the missed call.. He looked back at me.. But I didn’t show any sign of knowledge.. He quickly called back and spoke on the phone.. As he moved out of the room…

Rajesh came in and asked me loudly if the file work was done.. And winked at me.. As he shut the door close and ran towards me and hugged me.. We started kissing.. I turned Rajesh as he immediately dropped his pants.. No undies.. As I humped him, and caressing and pressing his man-tits as his hands caressed my hair and his head tilted backwards..

He went down religiously on my cock..

“I just can’t get enough of this..” He said before taking my shaft in his mouth.. My dick fit his mouth perfectly.. And he loved the fulfilling of his mouth, so much that he gasped but still continued.. I mouth fucked him.. As I imagined Dhiren too be doing what his father is doing as of now…

Rajesh got a call from his wife.. He withdrew my cock from his mouth and spoke to her.. She was asking him to come down for dinner along with me…

Rajesh being the cock-slut that he was.. Talked to her as he kept my cock near his face all the time and licked it without making sound..

He said yes.. Yes and quickly kept the phone down.. I took the phone from his hand to confirm if the call was really cancelled..

Rajesh got up.. His mouth fully frothed.. He smiled at me.. And went inside to clean up his face…

We went down for dinner and all the family members greeted me well..

Dhiren asked me for my mobile number as I left…

I got a whatsapp text as I reached home from both Dhiren and Rajesh asking me if I reached home and all..

Rajesh was kind of in love with me.. He sent various smileys of kissing and stuff.. Dhiren too was sharing some jokes.. And was talking about plans of meeting outside…

Rajesh was texting about how much he wants me in him now… He video called me.. And his wife was snoring besides him.. I too decided to play along and told him to strip..

He rushed to the washroom immediately and showed me a good sum of himself.. He clicked his nudes.. Just showed how much he was horny.. He totally forgot that he is at a reputed place in the organization.. He was just a man- slut to me..

“All for you baby” he shared the pics with a kissing smiley… And he retired to sleep

Dhiren too was speaking with me in the night about workout plans and other bit.. He discussed how plump he is… I told him that I could help him with the workout plan.. But for that I would have to understand how he looks as of now so that I could carve out the workout plan for him..

Guess he was waiting for me to say that to him as he quickly shared his pics in just undies.. He was a resemblance of his father.. And had even larger and visibly softer moobs.. The undies did a bad job of covering his ass or may be he wanted to show most of his ass to me..

He asked for my address and he said he will be there at my place.. Since it was a holiday.. For both him and me..

I guess the son will be joining the band wagon soon as well..

To be continued