‘Maternal Instincts’ continued, involving Carol

Part 4

‘Gordon rhymes with Jordan,’ Delbert noted the Sunday night a week after Steward’s party.

‘Is Jordan your father?’ Carol asked the 25-year-old.

‘My uncle and he divorced my Aunt Sarah when I was 14,’ he replied.

‘That’s too bad,’ Marty said.

‘Yeah, I didn’t have a chance to lay her,’ Gordan answered.

‘She wasn’t a slut?’ Gabriel inquired.

‘She was a prude,’ Gordon said.

‘You’re a notorious skank, aren’t you, mom?’ Marty asked.

‘Yes, son,’ Carol responded.

However, Delbert hadn’t told Gordon she was taking the pill.

‘I hired him to breed you, Carol,’ he said.
‘Are you going to whelp Gabriel and me a half-sister?’ Marty pretended ignorance about that,

‘Yes,’ Carol replied before her husband, sons and Gordon undressed.

She climbed into bed and rolled to her back as Gordon slowly dug his 10-inched cock into her ass and relieved his bladder into it.

‘What are you doing?’ she whispered.

‘Administering you a fertility drug, bitch!’ he snarled while sodomizing her until he drained his seed into her guts.

Marty, Delbert and Gabriel did likewise and added their sperm to Gordon’s.

‘Stand up,’ Delbert ordered.
Carol did while her husband held an enema bag under her.

‘Evacuate that slime into this!’ he directed her.

Carol then flexed her bowel-muscles as the liquids squirt into the bag. followed by Gordon, Marty, Gabriel and Delbert pissing into the receptacle.

Delbert pushed Carol to her rump again, inserted its nozzle in her snatch and emptied its contents.

‘Thanks, Gordon, you successfully bred my wife,’ he remarked.

‘Sure,’ the young man replied.

After that, he went to his uncle’s house

‘I inseminated Carol,’ he said.

‘Damn, I wish you were my son,’ Jordan responded.

‘It’s shame that Aunt Sarah wasn’t a slut,’ Gordon answered.

‘Yeah, and a rancid whore!’ Jordan ended the night.