My name is Brian, i am 15 years old and i live with my parents. They all day long on work, so i have house for my own and i can play with mom’s stuff. It has all started when i entered the puberty and started jacking off and watching porn, most of  boys my age wanted be a man who fuck women in that porn, but not me i always wanted to suck dick and be fucked, i wanted to be a girl.


I started fantasing about being a girl, and often visiting pages about crossdressing, learning about make up and all other things. Every day i came from school at 3 p.m. so i had three wonderfull hours only for my self until my parents come from work. My daily routine became to dress my mother underwear, nylons, bra, and all sort of dresses. Then i would go to bathroom, apply makeup and enjoy my as sweet little girl. One thing that bothered me was that i had too short hair, so i let my hair grow and by my fourteenth birthday i had shoulder lenght blonde hair which i loved to tie in pigtails.


Somewhere about then i started to go to chats as a tranny girl, there i met guy named Luke from London, he told me how he liked young crossdressers and how would he love to watch me on web cam while i play with my self. We chatted often until one day he asked me if i wanted to give him my adress, so he could send me gift. I gave him my adress and one week later one big box arrived at my home, fortunatly my parents wasn’t at home. I ran with box to my room and opened it. I was amazed whan i saw what he send me. On top was a envelope in which was a Luke’s message: ‘ Gussy up for me with things that i sent to you and then turn on your new web camera, hurry i’ll be waiting’. I opened all the small boxes and found, latex breastforms and latex vagina stirng, which when i put on looked just like real, with little in middle. He also sent me schoolgirl uniform, vaseline and a nice dildo. It was al that i dreamed for.


I have dressed my self quickliest as i could, applyed some makeup and put my new breastforms and vagina, i was so exited and horny beacaus i felt like i a girl and i was to be watched finally. I put my web cam on and went to the chat, he was there. He was so suprised when he saw me, he told that he could never imagine how beautiful was I. He than aked me if i could make i little show for him, i said that i would be very glad to do so. I then began sucking dildo he sent me, like i saw in porn. He told me that i am very good and that he would love that to be his cock in my mouth. Sucking on dildo turned me so on that my cock was hard as rock. I than took some vaseline and started rubbing my asshole with it and putting my finger inside. The best thing was that little hole in my vagina string was exactly at my rear hole. So i looked like a girl who is fingering herself. I then decided to slowly put dildo inside me. First it was hurting so much but then turned into great pleasure, i started pumping into my ass while luke was writing to my how he want fuck his little girl. In meantime i was in seventh heaven, i pulled my cock and started jacking and with other hand dildoing my self. I was so good and suddely a i came like never before, my whole body was shaking while i shoot huge load on my screen and cam.


We countinued doing this for couple of moths, until my parents told me that they are going on skiing for two weeks in Switzerland. I invited Luke to my house on Friday night just after my parent left the city.


It was  8 p.m. when my bell ranged….

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