Masturbation addict – pt. 7

After the many different excesses of the petite girl, and the kinky sex with her mother, there came a time that was quite obvious: the single life and the subsequent phases of masturbation. There was nothing strange about this, of course; after all, it is normal for any guy to produce monstrous amounts of sperm and need to relieve himself. Of course, within a few months of parting ways with the boob babe I ended up with another girl with whom I had a relationship, although it didn’t last very long. The sex with her was actually rather average, and on top of that we lived a bit away from each other. We mainly met on weekends and this time was not spent 100% in bed, but it was there every now and then. This girl wasn’t keen on cumming on her boobs or ass, it wasn’t a very common occurrence. She just didn’t like to be smeared with cum and we mostly had rubber sex. An additional fact of this state of affairs was certainly that I was not very rested. Hard physical work from dawn often until very late in the afternoon or even in the evening, on Friday after work a quick wash-up and a ride to the girl’s, after which I went to bed and fell asleep like that until midday the next day.
On the other hand, sex in rubber and such polite sex on a missionary was no longer very attractive to me. I had already been looking for stronger sensations for a long time, and this girl preferred to be rather very polite. Anyway, at the same time as I was with her, I used to go to sex shops in my free time in my city and got acquainted with more news about masturbation and all kinds of fun with myself. Dozens if not hundreds of more porn films made me seek out more new sensations.
Here, too, a new phase of playfulness began, which at a later stage led first to ruin in another relationship and, after a few years, came in handy in order not to feel completely torn apart. I got more and more into the world of anal masturbation.
Just buying the toy and it was still no super feat. One had to learn, for example, that each time the sphincter had to be relaxed and accustomed to being attacked ‘from the other side’. This is why I learned the principle of small steps and anal plugs of various sizes appeared in my collection. I also added anal beads, as well as a small dildo.
I’m sure not one of you has seen the video in which a powerfully built and endowed by nature black man stuffs his big cock into the mouth of a filigree blonde, who chokes and suffocates on the very head – not to mention what happens next when she tries to make a deep throat. After this playfulness, of course, the other part of the act begins – the assault on her pussy and finally on her asshole until her anus is smashed and he cums wherever the script and the black man wish, making the blonde look totally ruined by the negro python and being splattered with cum wherever it pleases.
Any negro dildo of rocket size I’ve never bought, but a few different ones have come along. It’s probably standard for every guy that you have to measure your dick for yourself. It was no different with me either. Over 7 inches long and at its thickest point 1.5 inches wide. I figured that if the chicks in the videos take the whole dick in the ass, then you have to see if you can fit your own size in. I also bought just such a piece of equipment, and that’s when I found out that you also need to moisturise well. The most important thing in anal sex, whether with a live or artificial penis, is good lubrication and moistening. At first, people were looking for something quick and cheap, so trying to moisten with, for example, one’s own saliva or shop-bought baby vaseline were the first order of business. After that, however, one had to look for other solutions, so I started looking for various gels in shops or on websites.
And then, once a man knew how to moisturise himself well, it went pretty much downhill. There were more anal beads, beads, various dildos, inflatable and regular plugs…
And somewhere along the way came Patricia, who was actually the first to discover that I was quite comfortable, albeit hideously so for her, playing with myself rather than butchering her every orifice…