Business travel or sexing trip at the Congo ?

Seven months later, Marion was with me when I received the Director’s email asking me to join him in his office. If I agreed, it was necessary to work out the terms of my trip to the Congo. There were plans to cultivate and harvest medicinal plants. Mr. N’Doumbé wanted at all costs that a secretary accompany the responsible pharmacist and that it be me. The mission should last about two months.

– Youpiieeee… the Dirlo asks me if I want to go to Congo, you know N’Doumbé, the black pharmacist with the huge cock.
– Ah yes, the one who fucked you in the airlock a year ago. Damn yes when you showed me the film that Boulier had shot, I was impressed, he has a hell of a phallus.
– Yes, well he only wants me as his secretary, it’s cold here, it’s summer there.
– To fuck you again.
– Certainly, but there is the journey, the change of scenery.
– And especially his big black cock!
– Yes, you know that I love black and monstrous cocks!

I gave my agreement with enthusiasm, two days later, I received an e-mail from N’Doumbé.

« Dear Trixie, thank you for accepting my invitation. It is with great pleasure that I will receive you. Can I ask you a favour? Could you bring the clothes you had on my visit? The black jacket, the slit skirt, your stockings and your garter belt. I fantasize every day to be able to hug you again in this outfit.
Your Luzollo who thinks well of you. »

I smiled, but I couldn’t deny him this request. I flew with Mr. Dumortier, pharmacist in charge of the research lab. He was an average-sized man, about fifty-five, salt-and-pepper hair, a fairly thick mustache adorning his upper lip, he wore glasses. He explained to me during the flight that we were being sent there to study whether an investment in this area would be profitable.

For example Camellia sinensis tea, Nutmeg- Myristica fragrans, Pineapple- bromeliad, Tamarindus indica, and many others which had medicinal properties. The humid tropical forest extends over nearly two-thirds of the territory of the Republic of Congo. For now, the site was only a draft, and the General Management was waiting for our conclusions to possibly release funds. My job would be to type his notes clean and assist him in various tasks.

The plane landed in Brazaville. N’Doumbé greeted us at the airport, he looked like a child eager to unpack his Christmas present. The rest of the day was spent visiting their manufacturing plant. N’Doumbé took me aside.

– You see Trixie, the Director of the company is my older brother Ephraim, he has a problem! Indeed, since I showed him the video in which we made love in the undressing airlock, he can no longer get an erection, he was so captivated by you, your beauty, the fact that I can fully threading my monstrous cock. He consulted eminent specialists in Europe who at the physical level found nothing, everything is normal. So, in desperation, we turned to the marabout of our village. We explained to him, he watched the video, he really liked it. He asked me a lot about you, your physique, the sensations I had felt when we had made love and concluded that it was you who had bewitched him. So he asked us to bring you here, so he could ward off the spell. He said it was essential that you come with the clothes you were wearing that day! You know here in the heart of equatorial Africa, these beliefs still persist, although we are in the twenty-first century. He explained the process to me. It’s a ritual ceremony, there’s nothing dangerous or painful for you. He’ll probably make you drink an elixir, made from medicinal plants, but it’s harmless. So if you agree, we can go tonight!

– Really Luzollo, you a scientist, you believe in this nonsense.
– Uhhh, not so much, but it’s for my brother. He would be so happy to regain his manhood. You know, it’s family sex is as big as mine!
– I am skeptical, but to make you happy if you guarantee me that there is no risk, I would like to to please.

In the evening, dressed as requested by the wizard, the three of us left by car, the trip lasted almost two hours. On arrival, N’Doumbé ushered us into a large hut. An old black man, dressed in a rather short and not very thick raffia loincloth which only hid his penis and buttocks, seemed to be waiting for us. He had multicolored ostrich feathers on his head, necklaces of bones hung on his wrinkled chest, bracelets of shells jingled at his wrists and ankles. There were two chairs in front of a kind of wooden portico that sat in the center of the room. Without preamble, he made Luzollo and Ephraim sit down. He examined me from head to toe, he parted the slit of my skirt to discover the attachment of the garter, satisfied with his examination a broad smile revealed his toothless mouth. He led me under the portico. For a moment he circled around me, chanting incantations in a local dialect. Then he poured a potion into a cup and brought it to my lips.

– Drink, he told me.

I hesitated, looked at N’Doumbé questioningly. I noticed that he and his brother had pulled out their cocks which were hanging limply.

– You can drink without fear, it’s not poison, he said laughing.

I swallowed the beverage slowly, it was sweet, highly alcoholic and very good tasting. He started spinning again. After three minutes, a gentle feeling of well-being came over me, a gentle warmth spread through my bowels, it was really pleasant, my head was spinning a little. It seemed to me that my sensations were becoming stronger and stronger. He continued his ritual around me for a while, probably waiting for the potion to take effect. My blood heated, the desire appeared in my lower abdomen. It was great.
Stopping in front of me, he gazed into mine, and popped the clip off my jacket. He went behind me and slowly pushed aside the sides, offered my breasts which hardened under the gaze of the three men, the two brothers stripped off immediately. Luzollo gently masturbated, his brother’s cock hanging indolently between his thighs.
I suspected what was to follow, my nipples hardened and my two small brown cones pointed proudly in spite of me. The marabout took off my clothes, he was still behind me, his wrinkled hands passed on each side of my body, grabbed my milky globes and began to knead them, to caress them, still reciting his litanies. The fingers grabbed my nipples, pulled them, pinched them, rolled them…

– White woman, I saw the video, you’re dressed as I want! I saw Luzollo fucking you… My cock is even bigger than his… I’m going to ejaculate my seed inside you, you’re going to like it, you’re going to cum, you’re going to scream with pleasure, he whispered to me in bad French. My sperm will drive out the demon that lives in you!

I began to no longer be in control of my emotions, surely the concoction. And the sensations of pleasure that his touches gave me were multiplied by ten, his haunting onomatopoeia seemed to pull me towards lust. A ball of fire heated my sex, which only wanted to kiss. My breathing quickened, my pussy became moist, my breasts hardened under his gentle palpations. I understood when he lifted my arm, what was the use of the two cords hanging from the cross beam, in a daze, I did not resist when he tied my two wrists there, each one has a rope, I almost desired it .
Still behind my back, he undid my skirt, which ended up at my feet, he walked past me, put two fingers in my thong and snatched it off, smiling with his toothless mouth. An electric shock went through my body, an influx of cum flooded my pussy, I was no longer dressed only my stockings and my black garter belt, perched on my stiletto heels.
He did a kind of dance making his hips undulate, through the strands of raffia his penis, black, huge with the circumcised purple glans, began to slowly emerge. At most, it mined one penetration at most, it grew bigger, and rose vertically through the raffia strands, it became bigger than Luzollo’s.
He separated from the loincloth, let me admire his emaciated skeleton for a moment, I wondered how such an emaciated body could have such a big, long and thick penis, he was circumcised. He went back to my back, his huge, stiff phallus rubbed my pubis between my buttocks, his hands clapped at the bottom of my inner thighs and following the straps of the garter belt made a slow creep towards my burning pussy.
He spread my labia, his middle finger crept into my wet vagina, it was soon followed by two other fingers, long and emaciated. He rubbed his huge member harder and harder in the crack of my ass. His fingers began a waltz in my pussy, they pulled me moans of pleasure and jerky gasps.

– The white woman loves the caresses of the old black, her pussy is soaked. Wait for my cock to penetrate you.

My body started to ripple. He licked my slender neck recited what must have been magic spells. I was more and more excited, my brain no longer commanded. I closed my eyes, let myself sink a little deeper into perversion. When I opened them, he was in front of me, naked, his penis completely erect, his circumcised glans far beyond his navel, a huge pair of testicles hanging between his thighs. He held a kind of fly swatter, made of a wooden handle on which many leather straps were attached.

– The evil spirit that hides in you, will be reached by the straps of the Fimbu, then it will be diluted by the sperm that I will ejaculate in your pussy!

Always, chanting, he caressed my breasts with the thin straps, it was very pleasant, I stretched my chest forward, he made many passages excited my nipples, until I moaned with pleasure. Then a grin showed me his toothless mouth again and a blow fell on my right breast, the left got the same treatment, it made them firmer and my nipples hardened even more. He flogged my flanks, my back without pressing the blows too much, with my lovers at work, with the farmer and his son, I had practiced this flogging experience and I didn’t hate it. When the swift attacked the top of my thighs and then my buttocks and my pussy, I gasped and gasped with pleasure. The cum ran down my thighs along my stockings.

– Yes, yes, again, again whip me again, my breasts my nipples, I shouted to him.

Writhing with pleasure and stretching my body towards the blows that were raining down. In an erotic fog, I looked at N’Doumbé, he was vigorously jerking off his huge black appendage, his brother, on the other hand, still had his penis hanging limply between his legs. wizard abandoned his whip smiling, he advanced towards me. He grabbed my leg with his emaciated forearm, lifted it up, and spread it wide. With his other hand, he positioned the glans of his elephantine phallus at the entrance to my vagina and penetrated it a little bit.

– Yes, yes, shove your black cock in me… yep, go ahead, I want to feel your cock deep inside my pussy. I, in an erotic fog… penetrate me! I want to feel your big cock! Fuck me old! Push your big black cock, make me cum!

The drug sublimated my body, filling it with an unhealthy desire, this dick had to penetrate me at all costs, spread my vaginal walls and enter my uterus, making me scream with pleasure.
Without hurry, he rubbed his wrinkled chest on my budding nipples, his mouth then seized them in turn, he sucked them, nibbled them, then she abandoned the little brown cones, clad herself on mine, her tongue forced my lips. In a daze, I kissed him back, a little voice deep in my head telling me.

– Bitch, slut, he’s old, ugly, wrinkled, skinny, dirty, not appealing and he’s going to fuck you, resist, he’s going to empty his balls inside you. Bitch! But why do you like it, little vicious? Why does your cat love his huge cock? And you really want to cum with that old wreckage… Bitch! You wait impatiently for him to empty his cum inside you and it will make you cum, bitch!

But when his monstrous cock parted my large pussy lips, then the small ones and slid gently into my vaginal canal, the whispers of my sanity were drowned out by my moans of pleasure. He penetrated me to the rhythm of his incantations, depending on the modulations, it was fast or slow. His balls twitched and rubbed the bare skin above my bottom. One thing was undeniable, his huge cock gave me a crazy pleasure. I grabbed the ropes and braced myself to receive his assaults, nothing counted more than the intoxication that this coitus gave me, with this disproportionate and black member. He penetrated me like this for what seemed like an eternity, but that seemed too short when a monumental orgasm swept through my body! I screamed with pleasure when he poured a huge amount of his warm cum deep inside my pussy and it spread inside me. My body reared up and remained paralyzed, then the wave of voluptuousness took me sailing on the nimbus of pleasure, once it passed, I collapsed trembling with pleasure, held back by the cords of my wrists, stunned by pleasure .
The wizard sneered, he approached and whispered to me.

– Did you enjoy? We’ll see each other soon, little white slut!

Luzollo came to untie me, supporting me, he led me to his chair, his monstrous virile member still erect. He made me sit on his lap and stroked my hair.

– Trixie, you’re driving me crazy, look how hard I am, it’s really wonderful to see you having sex, I think I’m going to ejaculate soon, can I do it in your pussy?

The need for sex had not quite left me, like in a dream, without thinking, without a word, I stepped over him, impaled myself on the turgid black member, his mouth was pressed against my breasts, a few trips back and forth and he poured his seed into my insides kissing me like crazy.
After he had discussed at length with the marabout, because the tail of brother was always without consistency, it was necessary to go to the obviousness the dévoûtement had been a failure, we took again the road of Brazzaville.

– Well, you saw, you were right to be skeptical, the disenchantment didn’t work. To see the sorcerer fuck you like this, it should have made Ephraim as hard as me, but his incantations failed! The marabout told me another way… There may be a remedy, a potion… Anyway, I’ll see!

The next day with Dumortier, we left to join the camp. Three days later, a whole day of navigation included, on a river in the heart of the jungle, we arrived at the landing stage which allowed access to the work area. We were greeted on the dock by a black man with an impressive build, who led us through the jungle to the camp. I had a hiccup, it was really a sketch of cantonment. The camp consisted of more or less large straw huts. Electricity supplied by generators.
I had been here eight days now. I had arrived in Congo with resistant shirts, long pants which I thought were essential. But those clothes went fast proved completely unsuitable for the sweltering heat and humidity and quickly became damp. In the almost constant rain, everything was wet and remained spongy.
I quickly adopted the light shirts and shorts that Professor Dumortier brought from Brazaville.
I quickly gave up wearing my bra, and even my thong. In contrast, most local black workers wore only fairly thin pants, and the rain molded the fabric to their lower abdomens. It turned out that for me it was a daily distraction, admiring their hard, muscular bodies as they worked. Agree, admire is not a right word. It might have made sense the first few days, but now after about ten days, the word lust was probably more appropriate.
Being surrounded all day by half-naked men with chiseled bodies, the humidity causing the fabric to stick to the genitals, leads to the inevitable fantasies. I often imagined myself working bare-breasted, the soft rain dripping down my tense chest, each puff of cooling breeze tickling my hardened nipples as I worked diligently under the gaze of the native workers. I then saw myself kidnapped by these workers with muscular bodies, who tore and took off my shorts. It seemed to me that every day I ended up getting wet panties, and not just from the natural environmental conditions. I was constantly in a state of excitement. I wondered, being the only woman, if the cook didn’t put some aphrodisiac drug in my food.
I was sure that Professor Dumortier would not have been very happy if he had been able to know what I was thinking most of the day.
The air was hot and sticky, tinged with humidity. I still couldn’t get used to this heat and humidity. Everything was still wet, damp with rain and sweat. I had bragged with Marion about my trip, but now I almost regretted it.

– You’re a little slut, I thought. You are approaching your thirties, the fat and ugly old people, the blacks always make you fantasize. You like getting fucked by their big cocks, whether black or white, you miss Gérald’s, Luzolo’s too! Will you resist long?

And of course, thinking about that, I liked to hope that I was sophisticated enough in choosing my mostly black partners, because Louis, the farmer and his son Ludo were not among the cream of the crop, but they knew despite their ugliness, make me climb to seventh heaven! Finally, I say to myself, anyway, you are now in Congo, to work and you have accepted this contract. But this acclimatization had a slow and difficult start for me. We were isolated in a camp inside the rainforest, with little contact with the outside world and only cared for by local villagers, which should have made me happy, as they were all black, but my Morale was down.
When we left Brazzaville, N’Doumbé promised to come to the camp in 15 days.
As the days went by, I felt more and more that the eyes of the workers wandered over my body. I tried to persuade myself otherwise. But it really was, and it only fueled my growing lust. I had difficulty concentrating on my work, all perception of reality clouded by an erotic and distracted state of awakening.
At the end of each day, I couldn’t wait to finish dinner, I had to take a shower and go back to my hut to masturbate. Every evening, I was terribly excited, I was more and more convinced that I was being drugged.
In the confinement of my hut, the air was so clammy that after the first night, I slept on top of the bed, with only panties on. This caused a new series of erotic sensations. With the hole open for the window and just a curtain for the door, the feeling of exposure and insecurity quickly turned into perverted fantasy fantasies.
Black, muscular workers with huge cocks assaulted me with a salacious intent to take advantage of my femininity, and in spite of myself, my sweaty body writhed in pleasure under their rough hands.
It became a recurring nocturnal obsession, driving my body and mind to a liberating masturbation. Over the evenings it evolved into a night ritual before I could fall asleep. I masturbated my pussy vigorously, I pinched, pulled my hardened nipples, pushing my fingers into my soaked vagina to give me insane enjoyment.
I moaned, panting and shaking. I dreamed that imaginary workers were around me and looked at me waiting their turn, to fuck me all. My body swayed to the penetrating thrust of a big black cock and I eagerly enjoyed each of their huge, stiff cocks surrounding me in anticipation of the work they were about to do inside my pussy.
After my enjoyment, I collapsed exhausted on the mattress soaked in sweat and cum and drifted into an erotic sleep, filled with dreams more salacious than each other.
These nocturnal activities tired me and I woke up more and more tired every morning. Despite my exhaustion, I woke up with a throbbing desire for sex, but I had to be active immediately, jump out of bed, get dressed, and go out for breakfast.
I knew that if I tried to lie down, I would plunge back into Morpheus’ arms, but my mind betrayed me, and my body wanted to be satisfied at all costs.
I was aware that I had to get fucked, and get fucked soon. I was not going to be able to last until the end of my contract and my return home. I fervently hoped for the visit of N’Doumbé and his big cock.
Monsieur Dumortier walked towards me. My shirt was open on my breasts, and my nipples stood out in transparency under the thin fabric.

– I’m fine Trixie, in good shape… You seem distracted! Is this heat overwhelming you? He said staring at my bare chest.
– No sir, I’m just a little tired, I didn’t sleep well last night, but I’ll be fine.
– I’m going to lot 67 then, but take good care of yourself.

I think he was worried about me. He looked carefully at my breasts emerging under my shirt and then he nodded. My eyes fell on his lower abdomen, a slight bump distorted his shorts.

– That’s what happened last night, I take good care of myself every day, I thought smiling.

The pharmacist turned on his heels, to reorganize the work of a group that apparently had a good time watching me. Decidedly, I was a big slut. If Professor Dumortier had been more attentive, he would have seen that it was I who distracted them, or rather that it was I who excited them, which was not to advance their work very quickly.
But now I couldn’t help myself. I knew that the black workers wanted me and I showed myself more and more undressed, as much as possible!
I leaned over to show off my ass, or inadvertently let my shirt open and show one or sometimes both breasts. I was a terribly horny whore. These little games made me wet like crazy. Looking at the guys, I was ready to let myself be fucked on the spot. And when I got back to camp today, I was so horny that I had to get my libido pressure down right away. If the day had dragged on much longer, I’m sure I would have stripped naked and let the workers fuck me on site.
As soon as I entered my hut, I got naked and started exploring my sweaty pussy with my eager fingers.

– It’s so good but I need more, much more. A big black hard cock.

I enjoyed with rage. During the night, a strange feeling passed through me, I had the fleeting impression of being watched as I slowly kneaded my chest, my fingers pinching and gently rolling my increasingly hard nipples.
I couldn’t quite figure out where this feeling came from, but it intensified my desire to cum, I closed my eyes and imagined myself letting workmen stare at me naked, writhing in desire on the bed, legs spread wide caressing my pussy under their lustful gazes.
As my fantasy took on an increasingly pornographic consistency, I lay down and let my fingers run slowly over my body, gliding through the streams and sweat down my belly and into the folds of my pussy. I went even further, spread my legs wide to plunge my fingers between my blood-engorged lips, with my thumb pressing hard on my clitoris.
I caught a slight movement at the foot of my bed through my half-closed eyes. I tried to focus my attention and then I saw a figure. He was a man, he was tall, the moonlight coming through the window made his ebony skin shine, he was naked. His form became clearer when he approached my bed. I should have been terrified, I should have screamed, but I was too far on the road to my enjoyment. I heard myself say out loud.

– Hooooo damn what a cock!! She is huge ! I will cum oh shit. Aaaaaaahhhhh I can’t help myself. I enjoyed. Oh damn this is good!!!

What else could I do. I continued to gasp harder and harder, my fingers continued to race inside my pussy with lightning speed. Seeing this guy staring at me accelerated my orgasm, which left me in euphoric paralysis, I gasped and moaned loudly. If I had been in a rational state, I would have worried, I would have awakened the rest of the camp by my screams, not a sound came out of my throat except moans of pleasure.
My voyeur features obscured by shadow, stood over my body writhing in pleasure, cries of happiness escaped my lips, enjoyment shot through me with searing arrows of pleasure making my body undulate in all senses.
I got up, arching my back, my pelvis and my pussy offered rose to the voyeur.
My body went rigid with my fingers digging deep into my convulsive pussy, as orgasm exploded through my body, then the wave of pleasure passed, I collapsed on my bed like a balloon. I breathed hard in my post-orgasmic dizziness as I waited for some semblance of order to be restored to my head. I opened my eyes no one, yet he was there, I was sure!
Reason returned, I had to find out who this man was, what he wanted. I still couldn’t make out his features, but he must have been one of the workers, I couldn’t see who else it could be.
I tried to rack my brain for answers, I suddenly realized I was still fondling my open, throbbing pussy.
I was still very excited, a movement, getting on my right side, my watcher put his big hands under me and turned me on my stomach.
Before I could even turn my head to ask what he was doing, he grabbed my hips and lifted me onto my knees. At least one of my questions got an answer.
Now I know why he was there. I had been in this position many times before and it only meant one thing, a cock was going to slide inside me!
I looked back and saw the outline of his penis, damn it was a monster, black, thick, erect and very big. I stayed with my mouth wide open. He pulled me to the edge of the bed, it was not very high. The big black phallus immediately slid up and down between my buttocks.
My body reacted with a new burn in my loins and I couldn’t help but shrug my hips on him to signal my desire.
I tried to reason with myself, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried to stop this, I hadn’t said a word to express my refusal. The dark shadow, she realized. ? Before I could respond to that thought, I felt his big hand on my upper back and he pushed my chest down, crushing my breasts to the mattress. My rock hard erect nipples brushed against the fabric of the firm bedding and my breasts slid in all directions, sending piercing pulses of pleasure that raced through my body.
The last whims of sanity I had left screamed at me to stop, to fight what I was going through. But that was cut and swept away as his glans and then his cock slid inside me, my vanity was vanquished and an overwhelming wave of pleasure washed over me. I heard myself scream.

– Yeaaaah… Please stick your dick in, please fuck me. Take it…take it easy, you’re so fat. But yes fuck me, fuck me; please. Push your big cock, I want to feel it so badly, yes it’s good!

My pelvis rose, pressure on my buttocks forced me to spread my legs, my pussy was finally being filled slowly by the huge black piston. My vagina didn’t protest and the rubbing quickly turned into searing pleasure as that huge cock relentlessly thrust into my cunt. I cried and moaned more and more feeling his huge cock slide inside me. My hips hummed with ecstasy, my whole body shuddered as another orgasm began to take hold of my insides.
– Aaaaaahhhhh push, push deeper, Oh shit, I’m going to cum. Damn your dick is good.

My mind refused the orgasm that was born in my stomach, I had to delay this moment! I tried to force the cock as far as possible inside me. He held me firmly by my hips, thrusting into me with long thrusts as my pussy convulsed ready for orgasm and twitched uncontrollably. Without warning, I came, my orgasm passed like a flash, I felt myself falling into an abyss, but my treacherous body began to prepare for another. The black giant squeezed me and kneaded my ass and he continued to plow my pussy with his cock slowly as I recovered.

– Oooooohhhh fuck fuck me again and again…

Slowly he began to increase the tempo and depth of his penetrations. I started pushing my ass back at him harder as he continued pounding me with incredible speed until his thighs slammed into my buttocks and his balls slapped my clitoris. This triggered another series of orgasms that tore through my body, leaving me dazed, clinging to his strong hold on my hips.
The mysterious visitor had still not let out a single word. I still had no answers to my questions!
I lowered my chest onto the mattress, this was clearly his favorite position and lifted my ass higher, waiting for his huge, sharp bayonet to penetrate me.
He abruptly stopped his fast fucking, moved on to slow deep strokes, sharp moans escaped his lips as his hips pounded my ass, it seemed to me that his cock grew to gigantic proportions as he thrust it deeper into my vagina.
My pussy was in constant contraction, choking his cock until I felt it tense, then he unloaded his cum deep inside me with a final loud, throaty growl. I felt a sudden bloating sensation that triggered a massive orgasm as the lukewarm, viscous liquid exploded into my pussy, filled my vaginal passage to flow down my thighs.
He stayed pushed hard into the depths of my pussy, until the last drop of his ejaculation was deposited, then he slowly withdrew.
The emptiness left by his empty cock made my vulva throb with delicious sensations, post organic replicas. He released my hips and my body collapsed onto the bed.

– How good is your sperm, I whispered to him!

When the fog in my head lifted enough to look behind me at my mysterious visitor and get some answers, he was gone.
I fell asleep suddenly, when I woke up the next morning scarves of mist swirled around my brain, I was still lying where he was done with me. As I moved slowly my hips and felt how bruised my pussy was.
I also soiled with sperm that the mattress which was below me, it was enormously soaked, I got up, sperm flowed between my legs.
I wrapped a towel around me and headed for the shower, the workers were seated at the mess table. I stared at them intently, to no avail, to see if I could identify my mysterious visitor. I entered the shower, the canisses which were supposed to isolate looks, left something to be desired and were not very high… The shower was not very far from the refectory.

– Damn, can I masturbate here in front of them? The one who fucked me last night will perhaps be exhilarated again?

I wondered as I pushed my fingers into my pussy. At the edge of the dilapidated palisade, I began to masturbate, watching them. My moans of pleasure quickly caught their attention, shamelessly they pulled out their cocks and masturbated, the sharpness of their gazes brought me to orgasm, my mind was now completely clouded with the events of last night. I came quite strongly, but none of the men present showed up, they approached and ejaculated, but not one tried to get into the shower. I was disappointed and after a long shower I got out of the shower to examine the workers. I absolutely had to find out who fucked me last night! I had to know, I had to bring him back.
The day dragged on, long, monotonous, I did everything to excite them, for him to discover himself, my efforts were in vain.
In the evening, it was almost midnight, I was hoping for his return, when the curtain rose, I immediately knelt on the bed, lifting my pelvis, offered him my pussy, the magic worked again. This continued for four nights, I had stopped looking for who could be, the black prince who made me come so much.
On the fifth night, instead of climbing onto the bed behind me, he bent over me, picked me up in his arms, and threw me over his shoulders. I was about to scream, until I realized the very broad shoulders I was wrapped on, and I realized that my calls would be for nothing!
I bit my tongue wondering what was going on, what had changed?
Maybe he wanted to fuck me somewhere else? He crossed the threshold of my hut and began to carry me out of the camp. I suddenly realized that I was completely naked.
I started to panic a little, I asked him where he was taking me, he didn’t answer me, but a finger from the big hand that held me over my buttocks crept into the gap of my wide open pussy. It calmed me down, as if I was once again falling into lust filled lust, I moaned in pleasure at the sensations his big fingers produced as they swept and probed my pussy.

After an interminable walk, during which I nearly came several times, we arrived in a sort of cave, he climbed a few steps and greeted several men who were waiting for him. He put me on the ground, I could see that their eyes were glued to my buttocks and my pussy which let my cum bead.

– Shit, if he touches my pussy again, I’m going to cum in front of these men! I thought.

I looked in front of me, there was a kind of altar. An old man was lying on a mattress, his crumpled black skin resembling centuries-old wrinkled parchment. Then my eyes fixed on a monstrous flabby cock that rested on her skeletal thighs and sprawled across her stomach.

I squinted, they went up along his emaciated torso, to take a closer look and his face… I felt my stomach heave, I had just recognized him, it was the wizard who had officiated in the presence of N ‘Doumbe. Was it possible that the black pharmacist was here?
My gaze took in the men present, I hadn’t paid attention, but they were all naked, only Dumortier, also present, was dressed. Their huge cocks hung limp between their thighs. Indeed, Luzollo was part of the assistance, his brother Ephraim was also there, seated on a bamboo armchair.
I now had a pretty good idea of ​​what to do tonight and looking at the huge but for now flaccid cock of the old man standing in front of me. I then understood the words that the sorcerer had whispered to me at the end of the first session.

– “See you again soon !”

He wanted to fuck me again… The first time had only been an appetizer! He had this scheme, after seeing the video of Luzollo fucking me in the airlock. He had never had to fuck a young and pretty white, blonde moreover, it was the opportunity of his life!
It was clear that this old man was an important marabout here. At his side stood two ebony girls, they were as naked as me. The old man looked at me. I saw and felt his eyes scrutinize my face, browse my breasts and come to rest on my still wet pussy, he smiled blissfully with satisfaction, he was going to be able to take me again.
N’Doumbé approached, he brought to my lips a bowl filled with an amber liquid.

– Drink, you already had some the other day.

The memory of my enjoyment came back to me, I obeyed and swallowed the alcoholic and sweet nectar. One of the girls spoke to the wizard.

– Oh great Nganga-Kisi, you have to get ready for the young girl.

With her right hand, she drew some sort of ointment from a cup and began to brush the circumcised black cock. The other lifted the old man’s head and made him drink a potion.
Like the first time, the drug penetrated my body fairly quickly.
My eyes widened, the more the young girl rubbed the imposing cock of the marabout, the more it took on monstrous proportions. She soon achieved an indescribable erection.
Pointing towards the ceiling like a black stalagmite, it must have measured well over a foot long and almost eight wide. His bistre glans formed a small mushroom.

– I can’t get fucked by this contraption. She is really too big. And then there are too many people, I shouted.
But my penis disconnected from my brain. N’Doumbé approached, two of his pudgy black fingers slipped into my wet pussy.
– Really Trixie? However, you seem terribly ready for someone who says he doesn’t want that, I think your pussy is crying out for that dick. You will be amazed at what you can take. I know you can do it, and then it’s the last hope for my brother!

He clapped his hand, his four fingers slipped into my vagina and started back and forth, the drug I had swallowed had completely taken effect now, I was very excited, my cock reacted to his caress and a stream of cum flowed down my thighs.
As I stared at the huge motionless cock in front of me, my hips shook uncontrollably as I pushed his fingers deeper. He pulled his fingers out of my pussy and stood in front of me. My thick cum flowed from his fingers.

– I think you are ready Trixie, our Nganga-Kisi can now penetrate you and ejaculate inside you.

Two men picked me up, I grabbed their necks, they positioned me above the huge cock stretched.
I lost sight of the huge black roller as my body rose above the old man and panicked slightly when I realized I was about to impale myself on that oversized cock. I started to squirm, but the big hands held on, slowly lowering me.

– Oh fuck… Oh fuck… Oh fuck… he’s going to tear me up, she’s too big, noooonnn!

The circumcised head lightly brushed my distended pussy lips and then the monstrous glans was inexorably pushed into my vaginal canal. My cat resisted, protested against the size which wanted to penetrate it, but yielded suddenly, when the two men lowered me with force on the black post.
My taut vulva, open and soaked, rippled and slid around the blood-soaked glans then the rough ribs of the cock sent bolts of fire through my loins. I felt my vaginal walls deviate more and more while this monstrous cock sank inflexibly in me.
Then I began to groan, expressing a mixture of pleasure and slight pain, I gasped, unable to breathe, until I felt my ass land on the old man’s thighs. She had completely entered me. I was frankly surprised.
Oh god, my vaginal walls squeezed his monstrous cock so tight that every contraction of my pussy sent waves of pleasure through my body.
I felt so full, I couldn’t move, my breaths became rough and sharp as my body tried to adjust to the size of the contraption filling my vagina.
I heard through a fog of murmurs ecstatic about the performance I had just accomplished. Despite myself, I began to move slowly on the huge cock planted in my insides, desire filled my body.

– Damn, she’s fat. Damn, she fills me up completely. Damn, it’s good., yes, yes, yes!

I mumbled incoherently. A haunting chant rose in the cave. As in a dream, I stretched my thighs and began to slowly lift myself up, my pussy twitching hard as the giant member ripped through my vaginal walls as it slowly withdrew.
I arrived almost at the tip of the glans, I breathed slowly, then I started to move again with small thrusts, I straightened up and spread my vaginal orifice with two fingers so that it could slide well along the monstrous black shaft.
I fixed my eyes on the old man’s gaze as he nodded with a smile, then began to slowly rock my pussy up and down on his monster cock. I didn’t shove it right in, savoring every inch that entered me. I was guided by the jerky sounds of the melody.
His eyes fixed on the turgid tips of my breasts, his fingers seized them, he rolled them, scratched them, stretched them, drawing me moans of pleasure.
He grabbed me behind the nape of the neck and tilted my head towards him, his toothless mouth pressed against mine, his tongue slipped between my lips, I kissed him back passionately.
The music got carried away, it was then that he accelerated the pace of his penetrations, I felt him expand even more inside me and I collapsed violently on his stomach. He thrust his cock deep inside my pussy, it seemed to me that I was riding a horse. Time faded. I was just a ball of bliss.
I thrashed in ecstasy, rolling my hips, my head thrown back. I screamed as orgasm after orgasm the pleasure tore through my body, exploding my brain, driving me crazy with happiness.
I could not stop, I did not want to stop, it was not necessary that my enjoyment stops ! I wanted to collapse on the skeletal body, but the roll of meat inside me stopped me.

He grabbed me by the hips and drove his stake as deep as possible. He ejaculated, and another orgasm ripped through my body again. I screamed, my cry covered the songs.
My vagina contracted when his semen came to fill all the crevices of the restricted space that remained inside my sex, he ejaculated a long time and a lot with dull grunts.
He slowly pulled out his monstrous penis which still kept all its rigidity, then satisfied, he got up from the bed. Immediately, the two young black girls made me lie down. My gaze embraced the circle of men around me, they were masturbating vigorously. Soon an impressive amount of their hot, sticky seed was splashing my body, only N’Doumbé brought his huge black cock to my lips, pressed my chin to make me open my mouth and unloaded his sperm there.

– Swallow Trixie!

Completely submissive, I swallowed the thick, viscous liquid he had ejaculated into my mouth.
One of the two young black girls conscientiously spread the sperm on my body, smeared my breasts, my stomach, my shoulders, my back, my legs.
The other spread my legs and recovered in a cup, the huge amount of semen that the marabout had ejaculated and mixed with my cum flowed from my pussy. She took a small wooden spoon and carefully scooped out all of the old black man’s seed, mixed with my seminal fluid deep inside my vagina. Once the operation was finished, she handed the small bowl to old Nganga-Kisi, the latter poured a white beverage, mixed the resulting mixture for a long time. Then he approached Ephraim and reciting incantations made him drink the potion.
A moment later, I felt my mind dissolve into blackness, and I passed out.
The next day, I woke up naked, in my bed, in my hut, completely confused. At this moment N’Doumbé entered my hut.

– Hello Trixie, did you sleep well? You were wonderful last night. I believe my brother is cured, thanks to you. The elixir of Nganga-Kisi had its effect. Ephraim returned to Brazzaville, he invites you with Mr. Dumortier to take 3 days of vacation in the capital. He would like you to allow him to check with you if he has regained all his sexual faculties. It would be great if you accepted!
– Oh yes, I think I’ll accept. Who can do more, can me less, I thought! And then I’m starting to get tired of this country! Strongly return to France.
– Well, the helicopter is waiting for us. Dumortier already knows. One last thing to be sure, that the spell is broken, my brother would like you to be dressed like when we made love in the airlock.
– Yes, Ok no problem, I say wearily.

In the afternoon we were in Brazzaville. In the evening, I put on the required outfit, a black jacket, worn next to the skin, which was attached only by a golden clip between my navel and my breasts. The edges of the cut revealed half of my breasts and just hid my nipples, and discovered at the slightest sudden movement half of my areolas. If I leaned over, the sides parted and gaped on my nipples. A black skirt open in the front which revealed on my thigh the attachment of my garter belt and the white strap which supported my black stockings. Even right, when I spread my legs, it opened up to the birth of my sex and hinted at the beginning of my slit, because I was not wearing a thong. I had raised my long blond hair in a clever bun, which left my neck free.
Luzollo came to pick us up around 7 p.m. to take us to the restaurant. We drank the aperitif before leaving, the taste of my glass reminded me of a certain drink. In the car, I got in front.

– Trixie, you’re perfect… You’re not wearing a thong… Show me!
– Yes, look, I obeyed you, but Luzollo, don’t do like the other time in France.
– Damn yes, your shaved pussy is driving me crazy! But no, no, don’t worry. Tonight, I have no rights over you, he said smiling. I’m taking you to a somewhat special restaurant, the ”Erotic Cannibal”. Trixie, could we not play again, during the meal, the game we had at the restaurant in France. We will eat saka or pondu, Moambé chicken, fumbwa and of course a dessert.

My head started to spin a little, my stomach warmed up.

– Yes, he continued, it would be nice if you exhilarated the boy to put my brother in condition!

Above all, this cannibal is really erotic, he is naked under his loincloth.

– You’re still so perverted, you made me drink aphrodisiac again! So why not.
– My brother can then check if the spell is broken?
– Sure !
– And what is this game about? asked Dumortier.

At the restaurant, Luzollo took us to a small deserted courtyard, Ephraim was waiting for us, he was chatting with a fat, not very tall black man, actually dressed in a raffia loincloth which only hid his penis and buttocks. Her stomach, covered in white paint, spilled over her belt in three fatty rolls. Seeing the beautiful blonde who was coming, he lit four powerful lamps around the table, then he rushed towards me, his eyes fixed on my breasts, he saw that they were free from any hindrance. He grabbed my right hand and began to shake it at me, my jacket parted and revealed my areola, my nipple popped up in turn.
His motley face lit up with a big smile, when he made me sit down and my skirt opened wide on my thigh, revealing the attachment of my garter belt, a grin of contentment rolled up his lips, then he went to the kitchen.
I sat next to D’Ephraïm, Luzollo passed behind me, spreading the sides of my jacket as far as possible to reveal half of my areolas.
He sat on my right, immediately, his hand, spread my thighs, he opened the sides of my skirt and positioned them to clear the white strips of the garter belt on my thighs, his inquisitive middle finger rushed into my pussy , after a few penetrations, he withdrew it sticky, and sucked it with delight. He put it back, took it out.

– She’s already wet, the rascal, you want to taste her nectar, bro, it’s delicious.

Ephraim sucked on the outstretched finger. Dumortier rolled his eyes wide.

– Perfect. The waiter can’t miss anything, neither up nor down, he’ll be able to admire your anatomy, look at my brother, aren’t his legs magnificent, we guess his pussy, she’s completely shaved. It excites you ?
– Yes, I’m starting to have a hard-on!
– Fine, fine, Trixie, would you like to play the game. All the way?
– Yes, it excites me, too! You saw it fingering me. I’m a dirty little horny geunon! Ephraim, would you like me to stroke your big cock. Get your balls out! Put it under your towel.
– Ah yes, I guess what game it is, stammered Dumortier! Excited by what he was beginning to understand.

The waiter arrived to serve the starters, propriety means that he must serve the ladies first. He passed on my left, he made a movement of surprise. But he acted as if nothing had happened. But his gaze always returned to my crotch discovered, which hinted at the beginning of my slot. He served Luzolo, then Ephraim. He almost missed Dumortier’s plate, his gaze never leaving my thighs, a lump was materializing under the raffia at the height of his sex, he left reluctantly. His large circumcised glans poked the tip of his nose through the slats.

– On the next dish, he will be entitled to a little extra, said Luzolo.
– Yes what ? Did I ask?
– At the end of your nipple, then on the following dish the two nipples together. It’s not difficult. they are just waiting to spring up. Then to your pussy completely uncovered and we save the best for dessert. Do you like it, Ephraim?
– Oh yes, oh yes, especially since Trixie caresses my cock divinely.
– This game is really exciting said Dumortier. But what is the best?

It went as planned, with each dish a shoulder bump, my tense nipples and nipples popped up one after the other, Luzollo spread my legs wide and the sides of my skirt, there was no tablecloth , my smooth and soaked pussy was offered for all to see.
The waiter didn’t try to hide his erection, his big, hard black cock came out between the strands of raffia, he constantly eyed my bare, hairless cock, which I shamelessly exhibited. He even grew bolder, serving to graze my erect nipples, and to rub his cock on my arm.
The dessert arrived. The big black man passed again on my left and stopped to serve me.
Luzolo dropped his towel and that of his brother, turned to me, took my hand and put it on his tense cock, I masturbated them gently, capped and recapped their huge black cocks. The frozen waiter couldn’t believe his eyes. He had a hard-on like a donkey. Luzollo’s old brother reached out with his big black hand to my pussy, I spread my legs wide. He caressed the bare skin above my stockings, then his middle finger and his index finger penetrated my intimate duct which let out a flood of cum, I leaned back on the back of the chair. Both of my breasts sprung completely out of my jacket. N’Doumbé blew up the clip, parted the sides and freed my two magnificent breasts with erect brown tips. It was as if time had stopped, long sighs came out of my mouth. Between my half-closed eyes, I saw the waiter paralyzed with his cock stretched out, hesitating not knowing if he was going to caress my breasts. He grew bolder and his black hand kneaded my firm globes. He undid his loincloth which fell to the ground.
The pleasure rose, rose, my body was seized with an uncontrollable tremor and I enjoyed. With a groan of pleasure, my right hand gripped Luzolo’s big cock tightly, my left hand gripped
the tense sex of the old boy, went back and forth a few times, I pressed him several times, I felt the jolts of his ejaculation, his hot and sticky sperm squirted on my breasts.

– Whore ! Did you like it, Trixie, yep keep jerking off, I’m going to cum, take it, take it in your mouth, said Luzollo.

I leaned over to catch the stream of semen that squirted from N’Doumbé’s huge black phallus, and swallowed it with delight.
The waiter always came back naked, to serve the desserts, I hadn’t put my clothes in order. My breasts were still outside the waiter’s sperm flowed over and between my firm globes with erect nipples and my legs wide open, my dripping pussy offered to his gaze. He continued to stare at me, his cock was still big. Looking at him languidly, I spread on my areolas the sperm he had ejaculated on my breasts, I smeared my small brown cones erected to the maximum.

– Suck them now, I told him, stretching my chest towards him.

He hastened to suckle them.

– So, asked Luzolo, did you like it?
– Oh yes, Damn, Oh yes… Mademoiselle is really magnificent, wonderful, there are no words to describe her beauty, I will keep the memory of it all my life, I had never seen a white woman in such a sexy outfit, which allows me so many things!
– Well, said Luzolo, you want a tip.
– Yes sir, I will.
– Do you want to see her get fucked by the man who is sitting there with the huge cock?
– Oh yes, I want to, but I don’t know if she will want to do that in front of me.
– But if. Hein Trixie that you are going to make love with my brother in front of Monsieur.
– Yes, of course I stutter.
– Please stand up.

I obeyed, he undid the clasp of my skirt which fell at my feet, then he took off my jacket. I was naked with only my sharp white garter belt on my tanned skin, my stockings and my stiletto heels. Luzullo took my hand and made me do several twirls to show them my anatomy.

– Isn’t our Trixie splendid, Have you often seen such a magnificent blonde in such sexy lingerie. Watch our big black cocks drive her wild with desire.

He undid my bun, my hair falling like a blonde waterfall over my shoulders. His hand clapped on my cock, two black, stubby fingers sank into my dripping pussy, his thumb rubbed my clitoris. He took them out sticky with cum.

– That’s it, Ephraim she’s ready, check if the spell has disappeared.
– You know, he replied, I didn’t have a hard-on after I saw you penetrate her. In the airlock. I just felt some hardness in my cock again. Our Host, couldn’t he fuck her, if I can get a hard-on during coitus, afterwards I will be completely reassured! Sir, I see that you still have a hard-on, can you still have sex with her? Would you agree to take it before me?
– Oh fuck yes, yes, yes. I’ve never fucked a white woman, and this one drives me mad with desire, she’s superb, I absolutely have to empty my cum into her pussy! His mouth was good. But her pussy, Paradise! And I really want to ejaculate inside her!

I hadn’t come, someone had to fuck me at all costs, my stomach was twisting with desire, my breasts were hurting, my pussy was dripping. The aphrodisiac was working, and then he was ugly, big black and he had quite a big cock. He has everything to please you, I thought ironically.
I lay down on a free table, spread my legs, opened my pussy with two fingers, I was unleashed, a real fury, my body was nothing more than a vagina that had to be filled.

– Of course he can fuck me, come on, put your penis on me. Yes, ouiiiiiiiii, that’s how your glans spreads my lips well, push it well, ouiiiiiiiii, it’s good, I love big hard black cocks, faster, faster. You like to fuck a white girl in garter belts, I love obese blacks! Come on, let me enjoy, ejaculate your seed in my blonde pussy. Fuck me with your big cock, fill me pussy with your cum. Yes, it’s good, it’s good!
The big black man was very excited by my words, he worked inside me faster and faster, his big belly was jerking, he was blowing loudly, he ejaculated with a loud cry, his hips jerked a long time before he collapsed on me overwhelmed with pleasure.

– Oh fuck that was good, white bitch!
– Ehhhhhhh!!!! You could have waited a little longer before ejaculating and making me cum!

I was really frustrated not to cum, my stomach was still racked with desire. Ephraim had taken off his trousers and sat down on the rattan armchair. He had a hard-on.

-I’m hard, I’m hard, everything’s fine for now, Trixie, come on me and I’ll fuck you!

I looked greedily at his tense black sex, I approached, slowly, the sperm flowed from my pussy.

– Ok, I promised, but you make me a promise now!
– Yes which one ?
– Make me come, because I think I’m going to go crazy if I don’t satisfy my desire!

He impaled me on his stiff, hard cock which was as big as Luzollo’s. He caressed me, worked on me for a good twenty minutes. Raised my pleasure. He took his time to make me climb one by one the rungs of the ladder of pleasure. I cum as he spills his seed with a roar of triumph.

– Whew, he said. Thank you, Trixie everything is back to normal. You can take your little gift, for bringing me back to my manhood.
He took a case from his pocket, opened it and put it on the table. The spices of the meal and the aphrodisiac that the drinks had to contain, had unleashed my libido, in addition before my eyes danced a case containing a diamond. I rolled my eyes and thanked him warmly!
My thirst for sex just appeased, I got dressed, we discussed things and others. We took our leave. A company car from their pharmaceutical factory took me back to the hotel with Dumortier. Sitting on the back seat next to the pharmacist, it seemed to me that my sexual appetite was not completely satiated, I had swallowed a lot of spices and sexual stimulants. Dumortier’s hand rested on my thigh, delicately, he began to pull the tail of my skirt, sliding it to reveal my skin above the bottom, I let him do it, intrigued, I wanted to see how far he could go.

– Trixie, he said to me, you’ve been driving me crazy for two days, I’m losing my mind to see you fucked by all those black guys with huge cocks.

His hand slid under the white strap, his fingers started crawling upwards. I did not take it away from him.

– You saw last night at the ceremony, I was the only man not to ejaculate on you. You know why ?
– No, but you’re going to tell me.

His hand was halfway to the crease in my groin. I did not withdraw it. I opened my legs, my skirt slipped revealing my pussy.

– First, because I was the only white one, and although I had a mad desire, I didn’t want to take my cock out, it’s really not big or very long, there would have been sarcasm , to the little white!

His middle finger slid along my slit sought my vaginal opening. With his other hand, he tried to unfasten the clip of my jacket. His confession revived a kind of desire in me, I spread my legs a little more, his finger brushed the entrance to my pussy.

– But you know, I asked the sorcerer for his drink and his miracle ointment, I explained to him that it was to analyze it! He only gave it to me once. Hard to get, he told me.

The clip gave way, he pulled on the sides of my jacket, my breasts were free and gushed. The driver noticed it, he positioned his mirror to look at us. The car was a state-of-the-art luxury Audi, the rear seats were lit with indirect light. Half of Dumortiert’s middle finger entered my vaginal canal still wet with Ephraim’s sperm.

– In fact, if I wanted this mixture, it was to, if you agree, try it with you.

His index finger had joined his middle finger, and he made them go back and forth in my pussy, the driver was driving with one hand, he had to jerk off with the other, luckily there was no traffic, because he didn’t take his eyes off his mirror.

– I’ve never had sex with a girl as pretty as you, I have hope now, because I see that you let me do it, and then get fucked by two black guys in quick succession, you have seem to like it!

His free hand, he began to caress my breasts. I was still really excited, because without thinking through my mouth, my body agreed. I completely abandoned myself to the seat with my legs wide open, jacket unbuttoned, chest exposed. My breathing hitched. The driver’s wrist movements quickened.

– Oh yes, I’d be curious to see the effect of this ointment once again, I like your fingers, push them in again, faster, that’s good, kiss me.

He activated them faster in my pussy, he bent down to lick my breasts and nibbled my nipples. He pulled his cock out of his pants. He had a hard-on, but it was true, she was very small.

– Yes, indeed your penis is tiny!
– Jerk me off, jerk me off please!

I wonder how we got to the hotel without an accident, the driver’s eyes were constantly glued to the rearview mirror for the rest of the trip, my legs were wide open and the pharmacist’s fingers were accelerating their movements in my pussy . Just before arriving, I heard our driver grumble.

– White bitch!

The black driver suddenly stiffened.

– He must have ejaculated, I thought!

I barely had time to button up my jacket again when Dumortier led me to his room, almost at a brisk pace. As soon as he entered, he got behind me, with a feverish hand, he blew the clip off my jacket, his two hands grabbed my breasts, he kneaded them, triturated them, rolled my nipples, pulled them, scratched my areolas. He put me in front of him, his mouth sought mine and he slid my jacket from my shoulders. His hands unzipped the zipper of my skirt, she fell on the carpet. He backed away.

– Damn you’re beautiful, you make me hard, look, but don’t laugh! Compared to that of the blacks who fucked you, mine is a micro-dick.

He pulled down his pants and took off his shirt. Indeed, he had a hard-on, his erection had to reach 10 centimeters at most. I smile. He walked over and pushed me onto the bed.

– Stay like this with your stockings, your garter belt, it excites me. Damn you are beautiful! I never get tired of watching you, and you love getting fucked by blacks with huge cocks, little slut!

He knelt between my thighs and his mouth clung to my cock, his tongue scouring my mons pubis or Ephraim’s sperm, leaving a film that clung to my budding hair.

– Wait, it’s been a long time since I shaved. Do you have a razor and cream, I would like you to take off this little down.

He dashed back and forth to the bathroom and returned with the requested utensils.

– Shave me well, then you can enjoy a smooth pussy like the skin of a baby!

He brushed my pubis with foam, then delicately, he began to shave, his hand trembling slightly. He applied himself.

– It’s the first time I’ve done this, damn it’s erotic, I like it, that’s it, I’m done, your pussy is wonderful. With her big corolla lips. Wait, I’m going to dry it well. He parted my lips. Damn, there’s still cum from the blacks who fucked you flowing out of it.

He entered two fingers, turned them, turned them over to impregnate them well with the sticky liquid, he presented them to me.

– Suck them well, you seem to love black sperm.
– Yes I love.

Looking him in the eyes, I took his hand and sucked with delight on the drooling fingers. He repeated the operation until he had exhausted the sperm.

– Damn your pussy is beautiful, I love it, your lips are wonderful, he said, spreading them wide with two fingers.

His mouth clapped on my sex, his tongue penetrated my vaginal canal, his lips sucked my clitoris, he nibbled gently my little button which he held pinched between his thumb and forefinger. He only stopped touching his mouth when he heard me moan. He then rummaged in the drawer of the bedside table came out, a small vial and a small cup containing the magic balm. He stretched out on the bed.

– It’s up to you now, coat my cock well, I’m going to drink the potion.

I spread the grayish ointment in the palm of my hand, I began to brush his tail, from top to bottom, massaging it gently, pulling his foreskin retracting his glans to make him suffer the same fate. I hesitated a bit, but I also coated his testicles.

– Ouiii, ouiiiiii, it’s good, rub, rub. Make it well penetrate, oh damn ouiiiiii. It comes, it works, it grows, it grows.

He began to breathe rapidly. Indeed, his cock began to thicken, the more I masturbated the more, it swelled, it was amazing to see it swell visibly. It did not grow as large and as long as the marabout’s, but it did grow to more than twenty-five centimeters in length and six centimeters in diameter. This transformation excited me. Amazed Dumortier looked at this transformation with wide eyes. His balls also doubled in size. He held it at the base and displayed it proudly.

– Oh fuck, you saw my dick. I have no more complexes about fucking you Trixie..She’s made for your pussy, let me try her!
– OOOhhhhh yes, it’s really amazing.. I can’t believe it!

He lifted my legs and entered me with a long thrust, my soaking wet pussy, used to huge cocks stretching easily during penetration. He started fucking me with long, slow thrusts, thrusting deep into my vagina before pulling out completely. My body then tried to impale itself as far as possible on the cock that hammered me constantly. He continued to fuck me through my first orgasm, with a slow thrust that completely filled my throbbing pussy, which contracted around the phenomenal member.
I lay down in front of him, torn, the waves of pleasure surged. As my enjoyment ended, another orgasm began to arise in my stomach. Then Dumortier stopped, he stared at me, smiling.

– Hey little bitch, you’ve been cumming for several times tonight, first the blacks then me now. Your pussy is distended, after Ephraim’s cock and mine. I will sodomize you.
– No, nooooo your cock is too big!
– Don’t worry Trixie, I’m going to take it easy and slow, until you’re ready for me to put it all on. You’re going to have fun !

I gave in. He made me get up, turned me to face the table, I bent over the piece of furniture, Dumortier slipped his huge cock between my buttocks in order to penetrate me. He rubbed it slowly along my line, it seemed to me that his cock was still taking volume and consistency. The glans head pushed against my sphincters. At first, I started to contract them, to block his penetration. But with the reassuring words of the pharmacist, I relaxed. With increasing pressure, the member penetrated my little hole, he entered inexorably into me. Dumortier spat on his cock.

– Damn, your cock is big, come in slowly, that’s how it is, you just passed my rectal bulb, it slips!
– Oh it’s wonderful to force my cock into you, it’s the first time I feel that! Usually, the vagina of my partners swallows my small cock without firing a shot. This is different, I have a feeling of power, of virility. Thank you for letting me know this.

But Dumortier obeyed my command, he pushed his gigantic cock, slowly and deeper inside my pussy. I was soon able to accommodate him more easily and I began to sway with my pelvis, pushing his virile member deeper and deeper until my buttocks were glued to his thighs.

– That’s it ! Ouaaaiii, I pushed you completely! he shouted proudly.
– Oh damn, it’s booonn, it’s booon go ahead fuck me, fuck me.

He was now comfortable in my ass. He started to penetrate me harder and harder and faster, his balls pounding my pussy.

– Oh shit, I thought, I’m not going to keep up with this frantic pace, I suppressed the new orgasm that was born in me.

The teacher moved faster and faster between my buttocks, he grabbed my hips, slipped his thumbs under my garter belt, his hands under the straps, pulled me hard towards him, thrust his huge cock deep in my ass , and emptied his seed for a long time with force in my entrails. The feeling of bloating that it gave me, triggered in me an enjoyment as intense as the last, my heart jumped in my chest.
Damn, this ointment must also have an effect on the amount of ejaculated sperm, I felt streams of viscous liquid flowing from my ass and running down my stockings, he had ejaculated as much sperm as the wizard. He slowly withdrew, continuing to ejaculate.

– Suck my cock, Bitch. Suck, lick my cum, swallow, swallow, I’ve never ejaculated so much cum, damn it’s good, it’s good. Thank you, thank you my little darling, I’m in heaven!! I have never enjoyed so much!

I fell on my knees in front of him, his cock like that of Nganga-Kisi, although he had emptied himself of his sperm, was still very hard. I took his cock in my mouth, sucked several times a contraction and a warm squirt spread in my oral cavity.

– Swallow, swallow, my cum! Damn I still enjoy, he said, his body trembling. This stuff is amazing!!

He collapsed on the bed, his cock deflated like a balloon, in the end it was just sticking out of his hair. Satisfied now, sated with sex, I opened the case and gazed lovingly at My Diamond.

– Shit, grumbled Dumortier, there is no more ointment and the vial is empty!