Dogging the Cowgirl- Moving together like an articulated sex machine.

Lena is riding me in cowgirl. As if we had arrived at a watering hole she stops and lays down on me. Bunny is now wearing the strap-on and is busy applying lube to the shaft of the dildo. I watch as Lena moves her hands back and opens her rear to make it easy for Bunny to get in.

After the girls rode me to their full satisfaction, Lena wanted to switch again. Yet Bunny had had enough and she stood up and walked to the table where I had placed the ropes, cuffs, plugs, and the strap-on. She picked up the strap-on and asked Lena if she preferred the smaller or the medium sized dildo.

“I’ll take the medium sized one!”

was Lena’s answer.

I only realized what their plan was when Lena asked me to move to the edge of the bed. Still being inside her, I started doing these little jumps, moving us a few centimeters each time all the way to the edge. It was as if her riding instrument was performing a rodeo bull move under her. Lena managed to stay on top of me. My manhood seemed to provide enough support for her.

Once we got to the edge, Bunny was ready. She applied some lube and Lena leaned on me, holding her ass cheeks open. As she felt the hesitation from Bunny she grabbed the dildo with her hand and just directed into her entrance.

“Uranus is full of gas!” I joked.

She countered, “Nope, it’s a dildo and lube!” as if this was no laughing matter.

She started rocking back and forth on top of me, while Bunny was there watching the full action.

I raised my hands and Bunny held them to create an articulated threesome fucking machine.

Lena was moaning loudly, just like you would hear it in porn. I was not sure how much was acting and how much was real, but then I saw the expressions on her face and gave her the benefit of the doubt.

She moved herself on and off my manhood and Bunny’s dildo until she had had enough. I kept holding Bunny’s hands until the end. As Lena was finished she just laid flat on top of me.

At that moment I saw the light shining on Bunny’s pretty blue bra, and realized that we could up the game just a little bit. After all we still had stamina and the night was young.

I told Lena I wanted to stand up and doggy Bunny while she was dogging her. I could see Lena’s eyes shine and in no time she was up and replacing the condom on the dildo while I stood up next to Bunny and we started kissing. There was a mirror in the bathroom where we could see our reflection. It was quite a powerful view. Lena on all fours on the bed placing a condom on the dildo while I was holding Bunny from behind and stroking my manhood to make it ready for the next round.

Lena got in position and held the dildo with her hand to guide it to her entrance. As she was doing that, Bunny was bending over just enough to allow me to enter her. And then slowly, as if parking a 16 wheeler, we moved with the right cadence until both instruments were inserted all the way in.

As if the imaginary conductor of this masterpiece had lifted up his baton and guided it down with all the force of his will, our rocking started at once. The mechanics were interesting, like two waves colliding with each other; I would push all the way into Bunny, and she would then push into Lena. But by that time I was pulling back and by the time she pulled back I was pushing back in.

Bunny was holding Lena’s hips and I was holding hers. The reflection in the mirror showed a delicious mixture of skin colors and lingerie. The moaning of the girls was in synch, and I could see how I was opening my mouth just like a bear would do in the wild.

Bunny was just another stroke away from her orgasmic release. She held on to Lena as if her life depended on it, and I placed my hands on the small of her back, playing her like the instrument of pleasure she was right now. Giving and receiving at the same time.

With a roar and a laugh she let us know that she had again arrived at the land of the big O. I held her by her boobs as she collapsed on top of Lena. I then pointed to the mirror and all I could get was a quick nod of her head.

She needed a break, we all needed a break, yet at this moment we just lay all together in this complicated position. Just catching our breath, and looking at the reflection in the mirror, filled with warmth, pleasure, lust, and the effect of our work. A beautiful image to look at…
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