19. A Lady Fools Us To Get My Wife To Be Sold

I admitted my daughter to a local English medium school when she was 5 years old. Again I got my wife Antara back like before her pregnancy. We spend our quality time in my flat. We did sex in anywhere in our flat. That time was running fast in our life.

Besides our flat the owner rented his flat to a beautiful lady, aged about 35 years, married but did not stay with her husband. Her name was Tanushree, we called her Tanu di. She was heavier than my wife. She always wore saree and put a big tip on her forehead. As she lived alone she frequently called my wife to her flat. Sometimes she came to my flat. As a result our sex life disturbed but we never expressed this to her.

One day Antara requested her to stay with us all night for a special occasion on the eve of the full moon as her husband did not stay with her. She happily agreed to stay with us. We celebrated that ritual up to 11 pm. Then all the flat’s women and girls went to their flats. Tanu di stayed with us in our flat. We had lunch after 12 night. Then Antara made our daughter sleep. I laid down in my room and Tanu di went to her room. After 30 minutes Antara returned back to my bed but did not want to sex with me as Tanu di sleep beside our room. But I started to play with her and then I made her fully naked. I forgot that Tanu di laid down beside our room.

Normally we did sex with light on but closing of all the windows. Our main door was closed but our room door was fully open at that time. At one point I saw Tanu di was approaching my room with a water bottle. She entered the room when we were in the mood for foreplay. She came behind us when I fondled Antara’s big boobs and sucked her vagina. She started to cough to see us in action. This time we were able to cover ourselves with a blanket. But Antara expressed anger at me in front of her. She told ‘Why did you fuck me in front of any woman or girls in every time? Are you mad or mental? What will she think about me? They will think me like a fucking bitch. You have ruined my personality and respect in front of others.’ I did not continue to fuck her after that.

But Tanu di told us ‘That’s amazing to see you. Don’t be ashamed. I am like your didi. Let’s carry on. I want to see you both. For the first time I see someone to sex in front of me. Do not hide yourself from me’. She removed that blanket slowly from our body. We again became naked in front of a recently knowing lady. She sat on our bed. Antara kept her head on Tanu di’s knee. Tanu di directly looked at Antara’s vagina and my erect dick. Then I put my dick inside her vagina.

Tanu di started to rub Antara’s boobs softly. I continued to fuck my wife in front of Tanu di. In the meantime Tanu di upped her left knee and showed me her vagina. It was bigger and a little more fatty and soft than Antara’s vagina. There was little hair on her vagina. She with one hand softly handed over Antara’s body and with the other hand touched her own vagina for masturbation.

However I continued to fuck Antara for more than 15 minutes in front of her and then ejaculated outside her vagina. Antara went to the bathroom to clean herself then me also. But Tanu di did not want to go to her room. She told me ‘Today I want to massage both genitals. You will soon go to sleep to feel my massage.’ Antara and I hugged each other and we lied down on our bed naked. Tanu di with her right hand held my soft penis and with left hand touched Antara’s vagina at the same time. Our genitals area was cool as we cleaned those parts with water. I felt Tanu di’s warm palm. She also grabbed my scrotum and tried to find out my both testis. She also fingered Antara’s vagina hole and rubbed her clitoris. Antara again was aroused by her touch. Then she released something into Tanu di’s hand and relaxed her body. Antara told her ‘Good job….. But now I want to sleep well. Good night to all.’ And Antara went to sleep on the side. Her big boobs were hanging by her side. But I continued to enjoy Tanu di’s soft massage on my dick and balls. She slowly told me in my ear ‘You have Hernia problem. You have to look at a good doctor. I know a doctor. If you agree to go for a check up?’ I said ‘Yes’. We decided to go to the doctor after 3 weeks. She did not stop to give me a handjob. It took a lot of time as I fucked my wife just 10 minutes ago. Tanu di felt some pain in her hand. She told me ‘Look at your dick. I again rise your dick from soft to hard after fucking your wife.’ Then after some time I ejaculated on her finger. She collected all of my semen with her fingers and suddenly she swallowed it and then drank water from her bottle. I was shocked to see her but I felt so sleepy. After ejaculation I went to sleep naked in front of her. I couldn’t remember what happened after that.

Next morning I saw us under that blanket. Maybe Tanu di sprayed that blanket on us at night. She went to her flat after informing us. She told us ‘Last night was so amazing for me. For the first time I saw someone sex in front of me. I never expected myself to watch such romantic scenes. Antara you looked so sexy while naked. Don’t argue with each other.’

Next 3 weeks we spend our time normally. Tanu di appointed a doctor for me but Antara did not go as her period started. At first I entered Tanu di’s flat. Before leaving She wanted to see my scrotum again. I showed her my balls. But she told me ‘You have pubic hair on your balls. Why did you not shave here? Let me shave your balls.’ Normally I shave every 4 weeks. I already planned to shave there after checking up. But she refused. She told me ‘How is the doctor examining you if you did not get proper cleaning?’ Then she put some shaving cream on that area. Then she held my penis and moved her razor to shave my pubic hair. Within 5 minutes she finished her work. Then she took me into her bathroom and cleaned it with water and washed it with a towel. But at the same time my penis erected. She smilingly told me ‘Now I can’t do a handjob to you. After the examination I will make you cum. Ok. Lets go fast.’ Then we went to the doctor’s chamber. Antara noticed us as I was with her in the flat for more than 10 minutes.

We reached the chamber within 20 minutes. It was Again, a lady doctor. She looked so young and always had a smile on her face. She never expressed the problems with her patients. Tanu di and I entered the chamber. It seemed the doctor had already got the information from Tanu di. The doctor was very friendly. After some medical questions and answers, she told me to undress. I pulled my pants down and laid down on the medical bed. Those two ladies looked at my open genitals. The doctor checked my balls by pressing on my scrotum and I coughed as per her direction. She told me that I have an inguinal Hernia and it should be removed by an operation. The operation will cost more than Fifty Thousand and the total cost will be raised approximately Ninety Thousand including bed cost, medicine cost and others as I did not have any health insurance coverage. I controlled myself not to erect my penis in front of the doctor. The checking was already done by the doctor but suddenly Tanu di told her ‘Doctor one thing I did not told you that He felt some pain while ejaculation that’s why he did not able to sex with his wife. He is my brother. He did not tell me that problem for shame. His wife told me. Please check his penis if you don’t mind, otherwise his wife left her. ’

The doctor looked at my face and smilingly told me to lay down again. Again I showed her my penis to her. At first She pressed the penis body softly. I tried to control as much as possible. Then she pulled back the front cap skin and looked there. The doctor told her ‘It looked normal but we have to see if it is working.’ Tanu di told me ‘Get erect and show her your cum.’ The doctor positively moved her head.

Then the doctor started to rub my small penis. Tanu di expressed me with her eyes to get erect my penis. The doctor upped and downed my penis skin and within a minute it got erected. She measured my dick and again pulled back the front skin of my penis. But accidentally the skin drooped more and my penis looked like a circumcision. I started to feel some odd type of pain. The doctor tried to get back my penis to normal but failed. Then Tanu di helped her to get back to normal. Then Tanu di softly grabbed my balls and The doctor started her work. Then I ejaculated in the doctor’s glove. It was huge cum as I did not sex with my wife for 5 days due to her period. It felt so nice to get me cummed by a lady doctor but I acted like I was in pain. My penis again became small. The doctor told me ‘It works as usual. No blood was found in his semen. Maybe the pain occurred due to his hernia issue. If he gets an operation his total physical problem will be cured.’ Then the doctor prescribed some medicine to get less pain in my balls. After that we returned back to our flat. Midway Tanu di asked me if she did a good handjob for me? I felt ashamed to hear this question from her but I felt nice.

After a week Tanu di asked me if I could arrange the money for my operation. But I couldn’t. After that Tanu di came to our flat and said to Antara ‘Do you want to work in a good company?’ Antara said she would have no problem doing any job for our family. I also had no issue with that. Actually Tanu di looked for a job for my wife but it was outside of our city for a marketing job. She has to stay there for at least one month. Then her work shifted to our city. I trusted Tanu di. Antara also looked comfortable with her. Both of them lived together in the company’s rent out room. Fooding was also free.

The day before the journey Tanu di came to my flat and told us to sex as I have to wait minimum of 30 days for Antara. I Laid down naked in our bed and started to hug my wife. Then she was on top like she was sitting on my penis. Tanu di smilingly came to us and sat in front of us. Then she told us to stop when my full dick inside her vagina. Tanu di looked at that area and touched her labia from both sides. She said ‘It is like a flower.’ Tanu di tickled on her vagina and I fucked her.

Then we changed our favorite doggy style. I fucked my wife like it was for the last time. I held her hair tightly and kissed her back neck and grabbed both of her boobs from behind. In the meantime Tanu di ordered us to finish as our bus would reach us within 15 minutes. Tanu di was fully ready to go with my wife. Sometimes later I cummed in her. I pulled out my condom from her. Then Antara went to the bathroom. Tanu di wanted my bank details for transferring money if needed. I gave her my bank details.

Within 10 minutes Antara was ready to go with Tanu di. She held my hand till the bus came to us. Then they left me for their job. I stayed with my little daughter.

I happily passed out time with my daughter. After two days suddenly I got an SMS that I had received ten lakh rupees from an unknown company. I rushed to go to my bank to update my passbook. I got speechless when I saw my bank balance. But I had a question about who gave me that money. I returned back to my flat. I phoned Antara then Tanu di regarding that amount but they both switched off their mobile. When I entered my flat I found a pen drive on my floor. Someone threw that in my flat. But my mind told me what I did with this money and who gave it to me?

After cleaning I connected that pen drive with my Tv and got on the remote switch. I could not believe what I saw. It was a mixed video from CCTV. Within 2 minutes I shifted my daughter to another room. I narrate the video below::

Tanu di and Antara entered the room. There was a lady receptionist. My wife gave her her resume. They both were waiting. After that the receptionist gave her some cold drinks. Finishing after that Antara alone went to a room where 3 people interviewed her. But to my surprise within two minutes Antara went to sleep in the chair in front of them. Then those 3 people hung her body on the wide table. Tanu di and the receptionist came into the room. One of the 3 people gave Tanu di two big briefcases. Tanu di was so happy to receive this. She also gave them some papers which I did not understand. Then Tanu di left the room. My wife stayed alone with them. Then the receptionist also got out of the room.

They one by one fondled Antara’s full body. Then they tore and removed all of her clothes within a minute. They were pulling her naked body like a dog. They kissed her naked body and licked her both boobs, vagina and ass holes. Then they all fucked her. At one time the receptionist also entered the room when they were fucking my wife. I did not get the sound but they were angry at her. Then she held their penis and entered Antara’s vagina with her hand. They started their lunch on her naked body. Then they left Antara for 30 minutes to the receptionist. She cleaned her naked body with a wet towel.

After that one of them gave Antara an injection. She woke up but was not able to respond to anything. They pushed some food and drinks to her mouth. She did what they asked for. She became a slave of them.

Antara wanted to urinate in the evening. They called that receptionist. At first they stood up Antara on her leg and went to the bathroom. She started to pee in front of them. They looked at her vagina from where she urinated straightway down. The receptionist seemed to be shamed in front of those three people. Then they forced her to sit down in the bathroom. This time they looked at her pee spreading in front of them. They were laughing. The receptionist cleaned her and got her ready. In the evening that receptionist was also left.

Then they drank wine and again fucked her one by one for the two hours. At 9 pm they took her to the bathroom. They force her to kneel down naked. Antara held their penis and they urinated. Antara looked like addicted to seeing their pee coming from penis. Then they took her to the table. And they slept with her by holding her naked body.

After 11 pm again Tanu di came in that room. At first she saw the surrounding of Antara and then said something to them. After that she wanted to leave but they stopped her. Tanu di was standing in front of them. One of them lied down on the side of the table with his penis upward. The Other two made Antara on his penis and bent her body. He started to suck one of her nipples and held both of her boobs tightly. Then another one stood up on the table and entered his penis on her ass hole. The last one also entered his penis on her vagina in a standing position. It means three male fucked Antara at the same time. In this way they all fucked her more than 15 minutes in front of Tanu di. I did not know what she thought at that time, but she also enjoyed the scene. Three persons with their penis hammered Antara’s lower two holes at the same time. They gangbanged my wife in front of Tanu di. Antara’s body bent like a bow. One person held her waist down to his body and the other person held her boobs from behind and held her hair tightly up. Antara’s full body vibrated with every thrill of their fucking strokes.

Then they all one by one cummed in her holes. After all was done they kept her in the doggy style. Then the video stopped. I felt so nervous and again tried to call both of them but switched off.

It was 8 pm, and suddenly the doorbell rang. It was the police. A lady police officer asked me my identity and then requested me to go with them for my wife’s purpose. I was shocked that they already caught that gang. After some conversation she told me that they caught them yesterday when they were shooting on my wife. My wife informed them of her address. So they came to my flat. I felt very embarrassed. The lady police also told me that they caught them with my naked wife. They already got informed that some rackets were there in the name of job. They used those girls or women who needed money or a job. Then the lady took me inside the computer room and told them to wait outside for five minutes only. All the police left that room.

She ran the pen drive on the computer. I was not able to face the lady police as she watched my wife was getting fucked by three persons. The video showed us in the morning they again came in the room and fucked her as before. As it was the morning Antara pooped little while they fucked her. They ordered her to clean the place and slapped on her face. After the cleaning they washed her vagina and ass holes with soap. Then they sprayed some room cleaner in the room and started to molest her. Then suddenly police came inside the room. They all saw those people with my fully naked wife. The lady police opened the bed cover and gave it to my wife to cover her body.

After searching they collected that CCTV with some pen drives. After watching the video she took out that pen drive from the computer and called all of them waiting outside. She told me most of the police saw my naked wife. They were 6 lady police and 10 male police.

I saw my wife behind the prison wearing white saree and blouse. She was crying after seeing me. Then the lady police took me inside a room where all the three were sitting. The police informed them that I was the husband of whom they fucked. They smilingly told her ‘He is the husband of that fucking bitch!!! We have already paid him a lot of money for his wife. You can check his bank account. He has a hernia problem. His wife was not satisfied with him. That’s why we all fucked her to please her sex life.’ I said to her ‘Yes … I received that amount but I really don’t know what it is. And also my wife did not tell me about her sex life. There was no problem between us. We have a daughter.’

Then the police officer with me came out from the room. She told me to wait some days for my wife as she was the main cue for this offence and also she had to do a medical examination.

I returned back to my flat. Some people wanted to know about my wife but I did not answer. Next day in the evening I came to know that my wife was pregnant by them. The lady police said me as they continued to fuck her, she got conceive. But till now they did not know who the real father was. I went to the police station and met with my wife. She also knew the fact that she was pregnant. She told me to abort this child. She started to slap her belly.

The lady police discharged her from the case and told me whenever needed they would come to us. As per her wish she was done her abortion by the doctors. Then after 30 days we went to the police station to meet with those criminals. They told us ‘You done your abortion!!!! Why??? However we are satisfied to be pregnant this fucking wife. She is a real bitch for all of us. How sexy her breasts and her belly are, also the main point is her vagina and butt. You are free now. We are in jail. Remember those fucking incidents when you did not satisfied with your husband. Only one question is, who is the father? We all cummed in her holes. But we did not know that.’ This time Antara stood up and slapped all of them on their face.

After 1 week the receptionist was also caught by the police team but she helped them. I met with her. She really did not know what her work was. She gave the information as far as she knew.

Then the following week Tanu di was arrested from her real house. Tanu di sold my wife to them. Antara tried to slap her but failed. She wanted to forgive all of her guilt.

The case was in the fast track court but one day those three people died in a car accident. The case was dismissed as the criminals were dead. Only Tanu di faced 10 years in prison.

One day I requested that lady police ‘I want to fuck that lady who sold my wife to them. You already know the main perpetrator is Tanushree. She gave my wife to them to sex with her. Before my death my last wish is to fuck her. Please grant me.’ The lady police granted my request but unofficially.

One day I went to the police station. I saw Tanu di was naked in front of other prisoners. Actually, as per plan all the prisoner removed her clothes when she was taking her bath. They forcefully pulled her out from the bathroom. They kept her saree on the floor and laid her down on that. Some of them held her both hands and legs. They blindfolded her eyes.

I entered the jail with the lady police. The lady police started shooting the video on her smartphone. I started to lick Tanu di’s vagina. They said it was like raped in the jail. Then I entered my penis in her vagina. I fondled her boobs and pinched on her nipples. I fucked her in front of the lady police and prisoners. Someone massaged her fucking vagina. Then I rotated her in the doggy style position. After 5 minutes of fucking her the lady police opened her blindfolded and asked her ‘What do you think, who fuck you?’ Tanu di tried to look behind but the lady police held her throat straight. Tanu di told some names from her mind but mine was missing.

Then the police took her out of the room and locked the lady’s cell. She came with her in front of the male section. All the male prisoners saw her naked body with lust eyes. There I fucked Tanu di in doggy style on the floor in front of jails’ rod. A lot of criminals grabbed and touched her vagina from inside the bar. I ejaculated in her vagina. But till then they were fingering her vagina. The lady police held her hair tightly and sent her in the lady’s cell again in naked. Then they gave her a dress to wear.

Next day I sat in the computer room. The lady police came with Tanu di. She connected her smartphone with the computer. Again the police told her who fucked her but she did not named mine. When she saw on the computer screen that it was me she started crying. Tanu di did not want to see the video but all the police forcefully showed her the full video.

After 2 days I lied to Tanu di in the jail that she was pregnant by me. She panicked and went mad. I took my revenge on her. Tanu di fooled me into selling my wife to them. I also fucked her in front of all. That money I kept with myself for my daughter’s education but did not use for my hernia operation.

But my relationship with my wife was going to decrease after that incident. We had a physical relationship but not like earlier. I started to pay less attention to my wife Antara. I remembered a quote that my friend Jaya told me once ‘Antara’s beauty destroyed her’.