Cousins at Play : Part 6 : Under Canvas

The cousins enjoy a weekend camping. Things get intense, in their tent.

As splendid as they were, the arrival of Sharon’s boobies proved to be a mixed blessing.

No sooner had they put a bend in my girlfriend’s blouse than my mum discovered that our bathtub was too small to accommodate two cousins at the same time. And my dad, finally got round to decorating the spare bedroom
Fixing the heating and putting a nameplate on the door, leaving us in no doubt that it was now Sharon’s and that was where she would be laying her head during future sleepovers.

Our opportunities for clandestine delights would be seriously diminished.

Fortunately we still managed to steal away from time to time and we were always allowed to chat in my room before bed. And we could always pretend that Sharon was showing me her latest dance moves, up there, as Mum always claimed there wasn’t enough space downstairs.

We were having fun, but we were desperate for more together. Alone.

I had an idea. As my parents liked to take me on camping holidays, I asked if I might have a tent of my own, They obliged and one appeared, on my birthday.

Now I had to work out how I could convince them to let me and Sharon spend a night in it.

My cunning cousin had the solution.

She was due to spend a few days with us during the Easter school holidays. The weather was lovely and I pitched the tent in our back garden, as far from the house as I could, without being obvious. During the afternoon we let Mum overhear our conversation.

“….No David I can’t camp with you. It wouldn’t be right. Aunty Jane, can you explain to your son why a growing girl can’t share a tent with a boy, if she doesn’t have a sleeping bag?”

“You’re quite right, Sharon, that wouldn’t be proper. But, you know, I do have a spare bag if you wanted to sleep out.”

“Oh, that’s kind of you. I have always wanted to go camping but Mum and Dad aren’t interested and I’d be scared to do it on my own. I would feel safe with David, though.
You’d better ring Mum and make sure it’s okay, I wouldn’t want you to get into trouble.”

She made the call, Sharon’s mum said, “of course the kids can camp out. It’ll be adventure for them and you & Donald will get some peace, without all that dancing!”

So that was that. Sharon had done it! The two of us going to we were going to camp out. It was now my mum’s idea and her mum had agreed to it. Better still we would be sharing a tent because I was a caring boy who was going to look after his nervous young cousin.

The plan had nothing at all to do with two horny young cousins wanting to do sexy things together!

She was a smooth operator.

I took the two sleeping bags into the tent and laid them side by side along with two pillows and the spare blanket that Mum had insisted on, “in case we got cold in the night.”

We took some books, toys and snacks, zipped up the door behind us and settled in to our hideaway. Together. Alone.

It was only 4pm so it wasn’t bedtime, but why would we want to be indoors when we has a lovely new tent to play in. We kissed and groped and laughed about the skillful way Sharon had manipulated our mothers.

“So what games do people play in these tents then? she asked.

“I don’t really know, I’ve never camped with a girl before. I hear that some of the older kids play a game called strip poker – it sounds like fun.”

“I don’t know the rules, do you?”

“No. Sorry. But we do have a pack of cards.”

” Well it’s not much use then is it?”

“Do you know the rules to pontoon”

” Is that the same as 21’s?

” Yes that’s it.”

“Good, I know the rules then.”

“So strip pontoon?” I proposed trying to take charge. After all, I was the oldest, it was my tent and I am a boy. “Loser of each hand has to take something off.”

“Ok, but that probably won’t take us very long. What do we do one of us is naked?”

“We’ll think of something…”

We both giggled excitedly as I shuffled the pack and dealt the first hand.

I turned my cards over first. I had 18, so I stuck

Sharon had 12, “l have to twist, don’t I.”

” Yeah, if you want to win the hand.”

” I thought so. Twist.”

She drew a queen, taking her score to 22. “Bust!” she declared.

“It certainly is!” I joked, reaching out and squeezing one of hers.

My cousin rolled her eyes, “You’re going to do that every time aren’t you?”

“Oh yes!
Now you have to take something off.”

“I know, don’t panic.”

Without any fuss, she unbuttoned her little white sun top and tossed it aside.

We were only two minutes into the game and I was already feasting my eyes a beautiful, lacy white bra, with soft cups that were amply filled by the biggest tits I had ever seen – well the biggest I had ever seen in real life, at any rate.

I focused on the game and dealt the next hand. Sharon turned her cards first. She chose to twist on 14 and bust again. My two cards were worth 20 so I won another hand.

“I’m not very good at this game am I.” Sharon reached behind her back and cast off her bra.

I was surprised, “That was quick. I thought you’d take your skirt off first.”

She twisted her torso left and right, to show me how much her bosom had grown. “Is that a complaint?”

“Absolutely not. I fully approve.
Do you want me to suck those for you?

“Oh yes, they’re not big enough yet!”

I dropped the cards and set to work. There wasn’t a lot of room in the tent so I pushed her onto her back and set to work. I started by kissing her left nipple (I knew what it was called now), then licked the breast, before taking it into my mouth. Meanwhile, I manhandled her right tit, as though I owned it.
I swapped sides and repeated the process before pulling away and allowing Sharon to get rise. Her boobies were moist and shiny with my saliva and her nips were drawn into stiff points – she ran her fingers over them, ” ouch, they’re sharp.” she joked.

I regathered the cards and collected myself. We resumed our game.

My early success had made me overconfident. I twisted on 16 went bust and lost the hand. I pulled off my tank top – hardly a great loss.

Sharon won the next hand too, so I removed my shirt. I was no Adonis. We were both topless, but I had by far the best view!

It was my turn to go first again. I stuck at 16, not wanting to repeat my earlier mistake. Sharon had 16 too, but twisted, got a king and conceded the hand.

This time she did take her skirt off, revealing pretty white knickers that matched the bra she had removed earlier.

Only that pair of tiny panties left now. Just few more lucky cards and I’d have her naked!

Next hand. Sharon had 12, drew a 2 then got a 10. She was bust.

I had my lucky cards,17. Victory.
As simple as that. It was time for the knickers to come off.

Naturally, Sharon made a show of it, turning her back, getting onto all fours and wiggling her lovely arse as she unveiled it for my eyes only.

“That’s it, what do we do now?”

“We play another hand.”

“Don’t be silly. Can’t you see I’m naked?” She shook her boobies to prove her point.

“My tent. My rules.” I insisted.

We played on. I gave Sharon the option of going first or second. She chose to go first. Her opening cards scored 8, two twists later, she was on 15. She called, “Twist” again. She got a 6. That was 21 in total and a “5-card-trick”. An almost unbeatable hand.

I turned my cards. A had a king and an ace. Pontoon. A totally unbeatable hand. I had won again.

“What happens now then, Sir?” she sighed.

“What usually happens when you lose a game? You get spanked. Over my knee, now!

Sharon, quickly obeyed, assuming position, pushing her bum upwards so I might claim my prize. “Yes, Sir. How many am I going to get?

“21, of course.”

“That sounds fair.”

Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap.

“Have you started yet? I think a butterfly just landed on my butt.

Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap. “Just warming you up.”

“I’m still stone cold, mate.”

Spank, spank, spank, spank, spank.

“Is that all you’ve got?”

“Whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack.”

“Ooow, aaaaah, now that’s what I call a spanking.”

“Hey, kids. Dinner’s ready.” Mum called us from the kitchen.

We put our clothes back on and ran indoors. Me, trying to hide the lump in my shorts and Sharon trying to not to betray the sting in her skirt. Fortunately we both managed to keep our predicaments secret.

Once we had eaten I returned to the tent to install our overnight bags and prepare our bedding. We remained indoors until our usual bedtime, when I collected a torch from the kitchen drawer.

“Well, goodnight then.”

“Goodnight, you too. Take care. Here’s a key to the back door. Just come in if you need too – there’s no need to be embarrassed. Sleep well.”

“Ok, Mum.”

“Thanks Aunty Jane. I’m sure we’ll be okay.” Sharon kissed my mum goodnight and we headed out to our love nest.

Once inside our tent, I quickly changed into my pyjamas. Sharon, however remained fully clothed.

“Aren’t you going to get changed?” I asked.

“I’ve already taken these clothes off once. I thought you might like to take them for me, this time.”

Of course, why didn’t I think of that. I was a boy taking my girlfriend to bed. Obviously she was expecting me to take charge. She was expecting me to strip her!

I reached out to unbutton her top and suddenly realised that, although I had seen Sharon in all states of undress over the years, I has never, ever undressed her.

I tried to act with nonchalance but I couldn’t help fumbling her buttons. It was surprising tricky to manipulate the fastenings on someone else’s clothes. When I managed it I was rewarded with a thrilling sight as the glimpse of her cleavage was exposed.

With the sun top removed the next challenge was her bra. I shuffled behind her, eased the straps off her shoulders and confronted the task which has stumped generations of adolescent boys, how do you open the damn things.
I got the hang of it eventually and slid my hands around her until they cupped her, now, unsupported breasts.

We kissed. I was half way there. This was really happening.

I unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt and dragged it off, as my cousin helpfully raised her hips a few inches Only the knickers left now and I was very well practiced at taking those off for her.

Mission accomplished.
She knelt there, in the half light, stripped bare and all mine. The whole night ahead of us.

“Would you like me like this,or should I wear a nightie”?

“I love you like that, but I expect Mum or Dad will round to check we’re okay so you’d better wear something.”

“Alright, which one.”

She pulled two nighties out of her bag. One was silky in a silver blue fabric. It had spaghetti straps supporting a ruched bodice which would accommodate her breasts and a skirt that would reach the middle of her thigh. It was very grown up and I couldn’t believe her mother had bought it for her.

The other was a far less alluring yellow outfit with a hedgehog on the front. It was her old favourite and it held good memories. It was the one I had pulled up when I revealed her bum to deliver first ever bare bottom spanking.

“I like the blue one, it’s very sexy.”

“Oh but the other one is see-through. Look.”

She pulled the yellow nightie over her head. It had been designed for a flat chested child and its fabric was now stretched tightly across her burgeoning boobies. Tight even for me to see the dark flesh of her nipples straining against the weave.

“Yes, it’s nicer than I remembered. Maybe you could wear that tomorrow night. I’d like to push those sexy little straps off your shoulders tonight.”

“Ok, Sir.”
She slipped the blue one on and pulled back the blanket to get into “bed”.

“What’s happened to the sleeping bags?”

I grinned smugly. “I zipped them together. They make a double. Neat eh?”

“I didn’t know you could do that!”

” No, my mum didn’t know I could do that either.”

We couldn’t get into our hudge sleeping bag quickly, burning with desire to spend the night together.

As we slid in, the silky fabric of Sharon’s nightdress slid up her body. She was already bared from the waist down and it didn’t take me to deal with those shoulder straps and uncover her tits.

We kissed and caressed. Caressed and kissed. We were in no rush. We had all night. I took my time to explore all of her feminine delights. Stroking her thighs. Squeezing and fondling her buttocks treating them much more gently than usual. Kissing, sucking and playing with her tits, giving them their usual treatment!

I put my hand between her legs and stroked her most private place. My biology teacher had recently explained “the facts of life” so I knew what it was now. “Oh you touched my fairy.” Sharon’s surprised response suggested that she didn’t, yet.

I didn’t let my fingers linger there for long though. There was nothing to squeeze, slap or suck. Although I now knew what it was for, I had never idea how I was supposed to handle it.

Eventually, after hours of play, it was time to call it a night. I pulled Sharon’s Sharon’s nightie back over her shoulders, for modesty’s sake, I took her in my arms and we drifted off to sleep together.

I was first to awake the next morning and was delighted to find Sharon lying next to me in nothing but a flimsy night dress, that reached no further than her hips. A stroked the familiar cheeks of her buttocks and moved on to explore the relatively unknown territory, that Sharon called her “fairy”. Like all boys of my age I called it a “fanny” (to avoid confusion amongst any American readers, I don’t mean her ass!).

I slid my way up and down the slit. Staying on the outside and enjoying the feel of its folds and their light moisture. Sharon stirred, her hand pushing mine away as she woke.

Shit! Had see caught me? Did she mind?

Neither of us mentioned it, so it hung in the air between us, throughout the morning.

We were having a day out. Dad drove us to York. A rare treat. Dad and I visited the Railway Museum while ” the girls” (Sharon and Mum) went shopping.

The museum was interesting and my frugal father was pleased to find that the admission was free! After getting our fill of engines, tenders and carriages, the two of us sat down, for a drink in the snack bar.

“It’s, er nice to see you and Sharon getting on so well.” he said awkwardly. I wondered where he was going with this. Had he discovered our intimate secrets?

“It’s important that a lad of your age knows how to, erm, talk to a girl. Do you have a girlfriend yet?”

Oh, he didn’t know about Sharon and I. He was trying to have the “father and son talk.”

“No I’m far to busy with my schoolwork just now,” (and I was at an all boy’s school).

“Well you may find that you start to feel differently soon and you get more interested in girls than you are now.”

“I know, we learnt all about it in biology, last term.”

“Good, but you know there are some things that the teachers don’t tell you about, so if ever you have any, er questions, you can ask me. Okay?”

“Yes, thanks.”

“The most important thing is to always be a gentleman. Don’t try to be brash or cool. Just be yourself, be respectful and mind your manners – they like that.”


We were both relieved that the embarrassing conversation was over and went outside to meet “the girls.”

On the way home Dad pulled into a pub car park. I guess he needed a drink! He went inside with Mum and brought pop and crisps out to the car for me and Sharon.

I’m not sure whether I was moved by Dad’s advice or just feeling guilty, but I felt I had to talk to her about the events of the early morning.

“Sharon, I’m sorry I touched you while you were asleep. It wasn’t a very nice thing to do and I promise it won’t happen again.”

“Why, what did you do?”

“You know, I had my hand on your fan… fairly when you woke up this morning and you pushed it away.”

“Oh, that, that’s okay. You’re my boyfriend. Girls expect their boyfriends to try to touch their rude bits. Usually it’s kind of nice, as long as they behave themselves and stop if we say they have to.”

“So girls like that kind of stuff.”

“Well yes, we don’t want boys to ask permission all the time. It’s exciting they surprise us or take charge some times.”


“Yeah, like when you sneak into my bedroom and spank me by surprise or boss me about and order me take my clothes off. I used to love it when we wrestled as kids and you overpowered me ”

“Oh, we haven’t wrestled for years. Do you want to do that again?”

“I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you take control tonight? You can boss me about, ravish me, do whatever you want.”

“Sounds like sexy wrestling, are you sure?”

“Whatever you want…”


We were bubbling over with nervous excitement when we went to our tent that night. I had been planning our game ever since we had left the pub and I was feeling the pressure.

Although I was supposed to be “in charge’ and could do whatever “I wanted”, It was clear that Sharon wanted me to go further than we ever had before. She expected me to overpower her and ravish her. What did that even mean?

How far did I have to go and what did I have to do, to satisfy her? How far could I go before I went too far and disgusted her?

I had lots of ideas but I wanted to have one final chat to check the ground rules.

“So, I can do whatever I want, yes?:

“Yes, I thought I’d told you! You can look, touch, squeeze, kiss, lick, spank anywhere you want. Okay.”
She kissed me, as if sensing my nervousness.

” But is there anything that you don’t want me to do?”
I thought there was something, but I needed her to say it.

“Well erm, I don’t really want anything in me.” she seemed nervous now.

“In where?”


Maybe she did know what her “fairy” was for, after all.
“Okay, I promise not to put my anything in your anywhere.”

We both laughed, more relaxed now that the question of actual intercourse had been removed.

“And if you tell me to stop. I’ll stop straight away. Even if you just need a break.” I assured her.


“No, that won’t work.
You sometimes tell me stop when you’re play acting, but you really want me to carry on.
We need some sort of code word instead.
If you want me to stop, say “marmalade” or else I’ll just carry on until I decide the game’s over.”

“Okay, okay. Can we get started before the sun comes up?”

I went back to the house and gathered our waterproofs. I told Mum and Dad that I had heard rain was forecast. It was a lie. I was using them to hide a pillowcase that I would need later.

I returned to the tent and unzipped as quietly as I could. Sharon had her back to the door. She was wearing her favourite old yellow nightie. This was the moment…

I put my hand roughly over her mouth, pulling her head back into my chest.
“Be quiet and do as I say and you won’t get hurt.”
I pushed my house key into her back, simulating a knife to emphasize my point.
“Mmmmm mmmmm.” she nodded her muffled understanding.

I reached around grabbed the front of her nightie, pulling it up, over her head then down her back until the tight fabric encased her arms, securing them behind her.

Next I took the pillowcase and put it over her head, pretending to tie it tightly.

She wore no underwear so my victim was now as good as naked, blindfolded and defenceless, with her arms tied behind her back. At my mercy. What was I going to do to her now? What indeed?

I took hold of her tits with both hands. Squeezing them, twisting them, mauling without restraint. Pinching and twisting the nipples like I never had before. I wrestled her to the ground, pinning her on her back and sitting astride her naked thighs.

Sharon swore at me, begging me to stop
She couldn’t fight back, but that didn’t stop her twistimg and kicking out in futile attempts to escape.

I leant in and took her tit in my mouth, more roughly than usual, sucking, nibbling and grazing the mounds with my teeth.
“Oh, oh no. What are you doing to me? Please don’t. No one’s ever done that to me before.”
The young lady protested but there was no “marmalade”, so the game continued.

I worked my mouth down her stomach. Licking my way over her belly button and beyond her waist towards her sex. Her breath became ragged as I neared my goal. My hands clasped her buttocks tightly, pulling them up and forcing her crotch onto my lips.

I had no idea what I was doing, but Sharon said I could lick and kiss her all over, so that is exactly what I did. Kissing her on the fanny for the first time.
“Oh my God. What was that?”
She blindfolded so it may have been a genuine question.
“None of your business. Shut up, bitch.”
I started to lick her. Long strokes up and down her slot until I found a little bump at the top that was just begging for special treatment.
“O o o fuck, whatever you’re doing stop stop stop it.”
I didn’t stop.
She was breathless now.
The little bump still intrigued me. I sucked it gently.
“Aaaaah aaaaaah, fuck, you bastard”, her body writhed in excitement at these new feelings.

She seemed overwhelmed. I gave her a moment to settle before I resumed my assault turning her over, sitting on her back, molesting her arse.
“Oh no. Isn’t that enough. Please let me go now. I promise I won’t tell anyone.”
“I’m not done with you yet! I’ll teach you to call me a bastard!”
“You little bitch.”
“I’m gonna turn your arse purple”
“Oh no Sir, I’m sorry, please don’t spank me again.”

I did spank her again of course, again, again and again until her bottom was as red as a tomato – not purple, as I has threatened.

“That’s enough for tonight. Don’t you tell anyone about this, especially the cops or I’ll be back and it will be worse. Keep that blindfold on for ten minutes and don’t say a word.”

I pulled the zipper on the tent as if I was leaving. The game was over.

I collapsed on top my my lover, both of us spent. Then I remembered Sharon was still tied up!
I took the pillowcase off her head and pulled her nightie back into its proper position.

I was anxious about her reaction to my game.

She rubbed her arms to return their circulation then threw them round my neck kissing me passionately, on the lips.

“Wow. I never expected that.
Tied up. Blindfolded. You really know how to take charge, don’t you? And then….. well what you did to me. What did you do to me? I’ve never felt like that before.”

“You enjoyed it then?”

“Every second! It looks like you did too!” She was looking at my dick. It had forced it’s way out of my pyjamas, during our struggles and now stood proudly between us.”

“Its certainly grown since I used to see it I the bathtub.” she joked.

“It’s not all that’s grown.” I replied, staring at her tits.

The fun wasn’t over.
Sharon woke me during the night.

“What’s up? It’s the middle of the night.” I complained.

She turned on the torch, dazzling me. I checked my watch, I was right, it was 12 o’clock.

“Midnight feast.” she declared, excitedly waving packets of sweets.

“What?” I hated being woken up like this.”

“Aunty Jane told me that when she was a girl guide they used to get up in the middle of the night and share sweets. They used to call it a midnight feast. It sounded like fun, so l got some sweets in York.:

It didn’t sound like my idea of fun but if Sharon wanted a midnight feast, she had certainly earned one tonight.

We started to share the little sweeties. They were nice. My mood improved and I tickled her, she giggled, spilling some if the sweets onto her nightie, I picked them up with my teeth.

She stopped me, “I’ve got a better idea.”

The little minx pulled off her nightie and laid back, in all her naked glory.
She spilled sweets on her boobs inviting me to dine on them.
I tongued them off her tits and cleaned all the sugar from her cleavage as she giggled and sighed contentedly.

There was still part of the feast left and, she carefully placed it exactly where she wanted it . On her fanny. Between the lips over her little bump. She smiled at me mischievously. I didn’t need to be told what to do.
I lapped it up, one piece at a time, but I was “careless” and ended up licking all the sensitive flesh in the vicinity.

Sharon moaned her approval.

I don’t think I’ll be needing this tonight she said tossing away her nightie and preparing to spend the night, naked, in the arms of her boyfriend.

More to come soon.