I witnessed fetish sex of my friends at Jose’s house

When my friend Jose started dating the delicate looking Camelia, the contrast between their looks was evident. He was well built and strong while she was slender and delicate. They were a perfect couple, or at least that’s what I thought until I happened to witness fetish sex of my friends. My name is Monica and I am 27 now and that incident happened 3 years ago yet it reels my mind still often. I don’t know when it started, she being dominatrix and him being the submissive. But one day I went to meet Jose, his main door was ajar. I was about to turn and walk away but some weird noises had me transfixed. So, I went in.

I was shocked at the scene before me. Delicate Camelia was holding Jose face down on her bed. Her fingers were around his neck and she was sitting astride on his back.

“You like knowing who is the boss, right? You like to be overpowered, don’t you?” She barked at him. He didn’t say anything. “Answer me.” She barked at him. “Yes, yes I do.” He said. She slapped hard on his ass. “Yes, I do mistress.” He corrected himself. “Gimme your hands”, she commanded and he obliged. Her fingers eased from his neck and wrapped around his wrist firmly. I couldn’t see his expression but his moans indicated he was enjoying it.


“Rub yourself on the bed for me.”  She ordered him and he started to rub his cock on his satin sheets while she was rubbing herself on his back. He groaned again. “You like it, don’t you?” She hissed. “Yes mistress”, he replied.

Suddenly she left him, ordering him to stay like that. She went to his cupboard and took something out. It was a box. She put it on the bed and took out a cock ring. She asked him to get in the dog position and obedient slave. She took off his cock ring and her strapon, turned him around and cuffed him to his bed in eagle spread. His hands were cuffed and his legs were tied.

She sat astride him and slowly lowered her wet cunt on his raging erection. She teased a little and waited for him to plead. And when he did, she obliged him with the heat inside her wet folds. He groaned instantly. She started grinding herself on him, moving to and fro slowly. Then she moved in the slow circles giving him painful pleasure. He wanted to come and she was delaying. She took her own sweet time in torturing him. And when she was satisfied, she moved, looking for her own pleasure. “Come.” She ordered him. She increased her speed and they came together.

I didn’t realise I was wet and dripping. As soon as they were spent, I rushed out of the house, shocked and aroused at the same time. I had seen different porn but watching fetish sex of my friends was one of a kind experience for me.