Like father like son

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My phone was flooded with both Rajesh and Dhiren’s messages the next morning.

Rajesh and his wife had to go for some party and Rajesh was visibly upset as he wanted to spend the weekend with me, in short with me in him.

Dhiren on the other end was high keen and quite excited to come to my place. He mentioned that he would leave home as soon as his father leaves. Funny part was that I was chatting with him and watching his father nude on video call as Rajesh was giving me quite a show acting all femme and sissy. He expressed his interest in acting like a sissy wife to me and it was quite his kink. Rajesh was so much excited about this that he made plans for this on our next ‘business visit’ as well. After watching me and having a eyeful of me and my cock and blowing kisses and shagging his lil man clit, he finally went to shower and I too got out of my bed. Rajesh must have left and Dhiren was quick to come to my place. As he rang the bell, I came out in my towel, to get him in.

He had his eyes glued at me. Like scanning me through and through. He wore a over shirt but as soon as he came in he got rid of it and just like his father was in a very tight t-shirt, very femme pink color. He followed me till I told him that I would quickly change and come.

He asked me what should he be doing for workout, I told him that he should warm up.

I went in wore my shorts and came out to see Dhiren bouncing and doing Jumping Jacks. I could see his man tits swaying up and down.. his were even bigger and thick but visibly softer than his father.

He watched me and made horny gestures as he jumped and jacked.

“What should I do more Kunal”. Dhiren asked.

I wanted to take a good look at his milky white body. I told him to get rid of his tee, but Dhiren got rid of not just tee but his shorts as well.

And here was my boss’s son in his thongs, yes those were thongs, and his tiny man clit was visibly hard as he performed jumping jacks with his chubby body swaying freely.

I told him to do push ups and it was a sight to watch he was visibly naked and did little to no efforts to cover himself, even his tiny dick was out of his thongs as he tried his best to do push-ups.

He followed me every where with just his thongs on. His big ass was such a turn on, he had all the assets of his father and even more enhanced ones to put any girl to shame

Dhiren’s intention were clear and he just needed one hint or nod to go all slutty on me.

When he excused himself for washroom, I checked his bag and found all the toys and inventory that was needed, condoms, lube.

As he came out of washroom he looked at me and as he walked towards me his thong fell to floor, something that he staged very well.

He came near me. He so wanted me to grab him, I could see lusty desperation in his eyes.

“Kunal.” He uttered from his mouth and looked at me again.

He positioned himself in push up position again, this time giving a clear view of his gaped, serious non virgin ass as it was really gaped, made me wonder who and how many have done him.

He looked back at me and sat on his knees in a favoured position. The intention and the ask was clear as he looked at me and very evidently at my tent. He kept switching eyesight between my face and my dick.

We both looked at each other and Dhiren made the move of pulling my shorts, and my dick sprang out. Dhiren took a good look at it and kissed my mushroom head. He kept kissing it with his soft lips and somehow it was even more passionate than any blowjob I had. He really kissed it like he meant it, I could see that this really means a lot to him. He held my shaft, and rubbed it all over his face, he smelled it when he put it near his nose.

He got his tongue out and took a good lick of my shaft bottom to top before taking it all in his mouth. The best blowjob I ever had hands down. Dhiren bobbed his head down and up my shaft, his man boobs were so soft, I had a gala time grabbing them and pressing them. I sucked his hairless chest and nipples something that drove him crazy.

He turned me around and gave a good rim job on my asshole. It was strange but he licked it religiously. He hurriedly bent over and the way he had maintained his love hole, I didn’t find it awkward or weird to lick his ass, I wasn’t disappointed as he really kept his ass and bowels clean. He got the condom in his mouth as he rolled it over my dick with his mouth. He bent over the dining table, ass spread and pouring the lube in his butt crack. He signalled me with his finger to come close.

As I walked towards him with my erect dick, he bent over like a good boy and spread his hole.

Next thing I am banging my boss son’s ass with my balls banging against his butt and he taking it like a good bitch. Dhiren was really a man-slut as he was leaking all the time, like thread. I fucked him rough almost all the time, pulling him close, arching him over back. Dhiren loved bouncing on my dick as he took my tool entirely in his butt.

Just like his father, he was a swallower, and he swallowed all my cum as he laid on the couch panting for breathe. We were both out of breath, and still Dhiren made his way to my dick and licked it clean.

Dhiren got in my arms and got very emo and I hated it but didn’t want to hurt him.

Dhiren told me his entire story, about how he is afraid to tell about this to his family. He told me all about his experience, how he was gang banged during his school, and he started liking it.

He showed me all his hostel scandals and his escapades with fellow students, hostel warden, canteen head, he was fucked a dozen times a week during his college days, result all time gaped butt, but he had little regrets. He understood at a very early age on what he liked, and though he was in closet about it, someday he would come out.

I heard him and he mentioned that he might be possibly boring me. He came close, the feel of his femme skin and sissy confessions got me hard again.

He looked at me and winked and went down on my cock again to do what he did best as I slapped his naked butt.

To be continued