Cousins at Play : Part 9 :Saturday Night at the Movies

The young lovers enjoy their first date as a couple.


“Mum? We’ve been talking at school and some of us are hoping to go to the pictures together this weekend.”

“Oh. That sounds very grown up. What do you want to see?”

“It’s called ‘Footloose’. It sounds really good. It’s about this village where the grown ups won’t let the kids go dancing, but they organise a disco anyway.
The music’s great too.
Can I go, pleeeeease?”

“It’s not an X Certificate, is it?”

“No it’s a PG, so I’m old enough.”

“Well, I’ll have to talk to your father, but we used to love going to the pictures when were courting, so it will probably be okay – but I’m not promising.”

Kiss, “Thanks mum!”


“Good news.
I’ve spoken to your Dad and checked with some of the other Mums.
And you can go to see the film.
We’re going to arrange a minibus to pick you all up and take you into town.
Isn’t that great.”

Sniff, “I’m not sure I want to go now.”

“Why not?
You were really keen last night and I thought you loved all that dancing and stuff.”

“I know, but all the girls are talking about taking their boyfriends, so l’m just going to end up on my own, like a blueberry. ”

“Ooow, darling,” hug, “it’s a “gooseberry” and I’m sure one of boys would love to go with a pretty girl like you.”

“Yes, but the boys in our class are only after one thing. Or in my case, two things!”, pushes out her chest and glances down.
“I want to be able to watch the film, not fight off a smelly boy.”

After some thought
“I know what you mean, love. Teenage boys can be horrible.
Look, I know you might feel a bit odd going to the cinema with your cousin, but why don’t you ask David?”
“You always seem to get on together and he’s older than the boys in your class, so he might scare them off for you.”

“I could ask him, I suppose, but I don’t think it’s his kind of film and he probably has other plans anyway.”


Telephone rings (landline, of course, it’s the 1980’s!)

“Hi, David. It’s Sharon. Do you want to go on a date on Saturday?”

“Oh, hello Sharon.
I’m very well thank you.
How are you?”

“Don’t be silly, I haven’t got much time to talk before Mum gets back from the shops.
We’re having a class trip to the pictures on Saturday to see “Footloose”.
Do you want to come?
Mum says you can stay over.
Please say you’ll come”

“Sounds great, but won’t it look a bit weird if you turn up with your cousin. And, I mean, we won’t be able to kiss or anything.”

“I’ve thought of that.
Whenever one of boys in my class asks me to go out with them, I always say that I’ve got a boyfriend, but he goes to another school. I’m not sure they believe me – they probably think I’m gay.
Anyway, I’ll just tell them that you’re my boyfriend. And you are, so it won’t even be a lie.
Rosie will be there, of course, do you remember Rosie?”

“Yes she played Policeman with us, didn’t she, I remember smacking her on the bum.”

“You would!
Well she’ll know who you are, but no one else will, and I’m sure she’ll keep our secret.
You will come won’t you?”

“Try and stop me! What time should I get there….?


Scheming Sharon had done it again. She had tricked her mother into suggesting that she spend Saturday night alone, side by side in a dark, cosy cinema with me, her boyfriend. And, as far as her mum knew I wasn’t going to be there as a horny young buck, trying to get into her daughter’s knickers, but as a protector and a hero, guarding her honour from the sexmad, smelly little boys in her class.


I was never very interested in fashion, but I made a special effort, that night. It was our kinda first date. We had never been out as a couple before, so I wanted to look nice for Sharon, in front of her friends.

I made sure my hair was smart – feather cut on the sides, longer on top and swept over to the left. I wore a new plaid shirt in blue with a fashionable button down collar. Sky blue trousers with a narrow white belt and white trousers. I tossed a light jacket over my shoulder I decided I looked the part.

A little bit a Dad’s “Brut” aftershave was the finishing touch, although I has no idea whether girls liked it.

I was glad I had made the effort because Sharon looked gorgeous.

Her brunette hair was in shiny, soft curls, tumbling down to her shoulder blade. Her face more beautiful than ever. I had never seen her wearing make up before and her eyes and cheekbones looked better than ever.

It was no wonder the boys in her class kept asking her out. I has always just thought of Sharon as my cousin. I would have loved her whatever she looked like but, there was no doubt about it. She was a fox.

She was dressed perfectly too. A red button fronted, mid thigh length dress, with a broad black belt showed off her shapely figure without flaunting it. Classy and understated.

It was hard to believe that such an attractive girl was going out with me. I was so lucky that she was my cousin.


We walked hand in hand to meet up with the rest of the group and I felt strangely sad to release her to mingle with her friends.

There were awkward introductions as I was presented to her classmates. All eyes seemed to be on me, as the girls weighed me up and (I’d like to think) the boys looked at me enviously, wondering how I’d pulled such a great girl.

Fortunately, Rosie came to the rescue.
“Hi there!”
She was just as smiley and outgoing as I remembered. Obviously taller, still a little a more chubby than her friends, but now with pleasing womanly curves.
Her bright, loose fitting green tee shirt and red ra ra skirt were a great match for her personality and physique.
I kissed her hello.
“This is my boyfriend, Richard.”
The slim, nervous, preppy young man, standing by her side offered me a rather formal handshake.
“You must be David. Very pleased to meet you.”

After some small talk, Sharon rejoined us and we all boarded the bus, but there was a delay…

After a few minutes, a cheer broke out as the final classmate was spotted running down the street.

She jumped aboard.
A Cyndi Lauper lookalike with a mess of frizzy crimped black hair tied up in a purple bow. She wore a black tee shirt tied below her bust line, a flared red frou frou skirt and a bare midriff that obviously been painted with fake tan.

I nudged Sharon, “I see Claire Philpott’s arrived at last.”

“How do you know that?”

“She’s just like you described.
oves to be the centre of attention but her boobs aren’t as good as yours!”
I gave one a crafty squeeze to emphasise my point.

She slapped me, giggling.
“You shouldn’t be looking! And you shouldn’t be doing that.”
She pushed my hand down from her breast.
I wasn’t put off though and my hand spent the rest of journey stroking her thigh and as much of her bum as I could reach. No one could see and my girlfriend didn’t mind.

We arrived at the cinema, paid for tickets and queued for refreshments.
Rosie tapped me on the shoulder and whispered in my ear, “Quick, I want to show you something.”
“Just off to the toilets she shouted to Sharon and Richard as she dragged me away.”

“Ok, don’t be long,” came my girlfriend’s reply.

Rosie rushed me out of the foyer and bundled me through a door marked “Staff Only”, into a empty and dimly lit corridor.

“What are you doing?”

She kissed me, “This.” The little ball of mischief, turned her back, lifted her skirt and wiggled her bum at me. It was a big bun and she was wearing the skimpiest knickers I’d ever seen – it was quite a sight.
“I’m being a very naughty girl aren’t I? I hope there’s a policeman on duty to deal with me.”

Her meaning was obvious.
She was inviting me to spank her, like I had when we’d played, as kids.
It was fun then and her bottom was even more tempting now. I couldn’t deny that I wanted to oblige, my hardon spoke for itself.

“But, Rosie, I’ve got a girlfriend…”

“Yes, Sharon, I know. She said it would be alright long as I kept my knickers up. That’s the deal. ”

“What deal? Nobody told me about any deal.”

“Sharon asked me not to tell anyone you were “cousins” (she whispered the last word) so she could say you were her boyfriend. I said yes, but I wanted something in return and she said I could have it.”

“A spanking?”

“Yes. From you. Nice and hard.”

I knew I was going to do it now, so l might as well play along and enjoy it.
“Well that was very naughty, wasn’t it? You deserve a good spanking, don’t you?”

“Yes Sir, but you have to let me keep my knickers on.”

“They’re so tiny they’ll hardly make any difference, will they?”

“Hee hee, I know. I chose them, on purpose.”

“Very naughty, indeed.
That’s ten smacks for you then, young lady.”

“Oh, Sir I think I need twelve. I need to be taught a lesson.”


I hit her right cheek firmly.
Sharon jerked at the impact and gave an appreciative, “Ouch.”
The slap echoed around the empty corridor, making it louder than I’d anticipated. We’d have to be quick, if we didn’t want to get caught.

I alternated my smacks between, Rosie’s cheeks, which started to match her name. Her squeals her wriggles were as charming as ever and I couldn’t help taking a moment to caress her buttocks once she’d taken the full dozen.

Her “punishment” completed, she straightened her skirt and was about to give me a thank you kiss when we were disturbed, “What are you two doing here? This corridor is private?”

“Sorry mate, we were just looking for the toilet, but got lost in the dark.” I lied.

He answered with a wink. “Yeah that happens a lot.”

We went on our way.

“Thanks for that,” said Rosie, “It was even better than I remembered. Sorry I had to blackmail Sharon like that. I would have kept your secret anyway. I’ve known for years.”

I chuckled, “It sounds like you really did deserve a spanking. Doesn’t Richard do that for you?”

“No, I’ve dropped lots of hints, wiggled my arse at him, tried to provoke him, but he’s just not interested. I’m probably going to dump him. It’s a shame because he’s really good to me but sometimes I need… well, you know…”

I felt sorry for her and, after checking that no one was looking, I gave her a hug. “I know I’ve only just met him, but he seems like a very well brought up young man. He’ll have been taught to be a gentleman and treat girls with care and respect. He won’t know that sometimes some girls want their gentleman to turn into a caveman.”

“So how do I make him realise then? I mean, you’re a nice guy. Kind and gentle, not a bully or a he-man, but you do those things with Sharon. How did that start?”

I chuckled again, “Well this is a secret too but, she asked me?”


“I was long time ago and I won’t go into the details, but Sharon thought it might be a good way for me to show how much I loved her, so we tried it. I wasn’t very good at first – too hard, or too soft, like when I spanked you in the park – but I soon found my rhythm and we both liked it. You know the rest.”

“So you think I should just ask him?”

“What do you have to lose? You like him, but you’re going to dump him anyway if he doesn’t get the hint soon.”

“Erm… yeah, but what if he tells all his friends and I get a reputation as ” that kinky girl that likes a good spanking”?”

“Well, you know him better than me, but I don’t think Richard would be that mean. And even if he was, you could deny it. Anyway, the next boy to ask you out wouldn’t just be some shrinking violet – he’d probably have a bit of caveman in him.”

“Erm, I’ll think about it. Ha, ha, maybe they’re right when they say, “If you want to know the way, ask a policeman.””


When we got into the auditorium, Sharon and I picked out a pair of seats in a quiet area of the back row. It was a terrible cliche, but we didn’t care. We were on a date – where else would we want to sit?

I positioned Sharon on my left and put my arm around her, gripping her waist.

“Was everything alright with Rosie?”

“Well, it was very naughty of you to involve me a secret deal with your kinky little friend wasn’t it?”

“Ha ha, yes Sir. I hope you didn’t mind. I expect there may be consequences later.”

I pulled her tight and whispered, “There will certainly be consequences later, but Rosie got what you’d promised her and she kept her promise too. She kept her knickers on. It’s a good job this cinema has as soft seats though.”

“You gave it to her good then?”

“Oh yes, but I was just practicing for you…”

The lights dimmed and the show began.

After the advertisements and announcements the supporting feature commenced – a film about white water canoeing in North Wales. Completely random, but absolutely normal in cinemas at the time.

I didn’t mind.
Once the lights had gone down, my left hand slid up from Sharon’s waist to her breast.
It was a stretch and it wasn’t comfortable for either of us, but I reached my goal, cupping her boob in my palm, fondling it through her dress and bra.
Sharon made no comment, staring towards the screen and leaning into my chest contentedly.
It was nice and I hoped for more later.

The film ended and the lights went up. Lady usherettes appeared with snacks to be enjoyed during the main feature.
I joined the queue for ice cream while Sharon went to the loo.

I bought tubs of ice cream, as they were easier to eat in the dark. Sharon resumed her seat and we tucked in as the cinema fell into darkness and the titles to “Footloose” rolled.

I knew she was keen to enjoy the film, but my cousin willingly adjusted her position to allow my hand to return to its place and take hold of her covered breast.
She felt different now. The flesh softer. The nipple harder. I couldn’t feel her bra.

Cautiously, trying not to disturb her enjoyment of the movie, I worked my fingers across her chest. Finally sliding them between the buttons of her dress and exploring the precious flesh.

No bra.

So that was why she went to the loo.
I undid one of her buttons allowing my fingertips to explore her silky, soft, manpleasing tits.

“About time.” She whispered.

I spent most of the next hour dividing my attention between the latest Hollywood blockbuster and the few centimetres of intimate skin that were within touching range.

The film was very good.
The story was just right for the audience, with trendy teenagers overcoming stuffy grown ups. And the music was catchy. All the girls seemed to know the songs and joined in enthusiastically. Sharon even made me sing along a couple of times.

Then, out of no where, she asked me an unexpected question.
“Don’t you want to know where my bra is?

I squeezed the boob that I’d been fondling for so long. “Well it’s not here, that’s the main thing.”

“It’s in my handbag….”
She paused.
“….With my knickers.”

I gulped.
She’d been sitting there, knickerless, all this time and said nothing.
What a tease.
“You’re a naughty girl aren’t you?”

“What are you going to do about it?”

“You’ll see…”

My left hand was busy with her tits, but my right was free to slide up my girlfriend’s skirt and start it’s own voyage of discovery. Sharon helpfully parted her legs.

I can’t remember much of the film after that, but Sharon proved women’s ability to multi task beyond all question.
Watching the film, singing along, getting her tit squeezed, enjoying my fingers in her cunt and my thumb on her clit, whilst eating popcorn at the same time.

The film came to an end and all the girls sang the theme tune as they left the cinema. They sang all the way home on the bus too. I joined in, as my fingers played a tune of their own on the instrument beneath my lover’s skirt.


The bus driver must have been delighted when he reached journey’s end and the choir dispersed with hugs, kisses and even emotional tears.

It had been a great night, one that we would never forget and we didn’t want it to end.

Sharon and I walked in eachother’s arms before towards her home before diverting towards the Country Park. A well known venue for a moonlit snogging session.

We were as giddy as a couple of drunks, despite being stone cold sober. We were high on life. High on love. High on our freedom. High on our youth.

Once we were beyond earshot of the houses we began singing again. Sharon chanting the Footloose theme as she wiggled her way down the footpath.
I couldn’t resist her bum and used both hands to slap it, in time with the staccato music.

We carried on until we reached a bench. The very bench Sharon and Rosie had sat on when we had played together as children. I didn’t want Sharon to sit on it tonight though.

“Ok. I think it’s time for naughty little girls to pay for their crimes.”

“Oh really? And what crimes would they be Sir?”

“Let’s see.” I checked an imaginary note book. “Secretly setting up your boyfriend with another girl.
Removing your underwear in the cinema.
Teasing your boyfriend by sitting next to him with no knickers on.
Having your pussy fingered on public transport.
Do I need to continue?”

“No Sir?
I think I deserve my punishment.”

“I’m pleased to hear it.
Face the bench.
Put your hands on top of the backrest and bend over.
Legs straight, push your backside out.”

“Yes Sir, like this? Are you going to spank me now?”

I pulled up her dress, revealing her bare bottom – her knickers were still in her handbag.

“What do you think?
Start singing again.”

“Been working so hard…. ”
Sharon recited the theme song again.

I allowed her to continue until the first chorus, then began to smack her in time with the tune.
Spanking her with enough force for her to feel a sting but not so fiercely that I would stop her from singing.
Ultimately the song reached a climax and so did my accompaniment – spanking out the last few lines with greater determination.

I sat down on the bench, leaving Sharon standing in position.

“Is that all Sir?
I was very naughty?”

“It’s enough for now.
I want to do this instead.”
I slid along the bench, putting my head under the front of her skirt – my face meeting her bare pussy.”

“Ooo Sir, what are you going to do to me?”

Standing astride me, she spread her legs. She knew the answer.

I rang my tongue up her slit like a lolly pop. I licked her hungrily, returning to all the folds and the wonderful secret places that my fingers had discovered earlier.

“Oh, oh. Oooooh. O, o, o, oh yes Sir. Oh my God, what are you doing down there….”
Sharon moaned her writhed in delight.

But I’d barely started.
I pushed my tongue inside her, working it in and out as though I was fucking her. Whenever, I tired, I played on her clit flicking at it and sucking in the way that I knew she loved.

Eventually she could take no more.

Her legs trembled and her hips collapsed into my hands as she panted and spasmed her way to her crescendo.

Breathless and silent she staying lay there for a moment.

That silence was broken by a familiar sound from another part of the park.
It was unmistakable rhythmic slap and squeal of hand on arse.
Someone, somewhere was getting her bum spanked.

It made us both laugh.

“Ok,” said Sharon, “that was the best. Your turn now.”

She knelt in front of the bench.
My cock was already trying to force it’s way out of my trousers but she quickly released it, only to recapture it between her lips.
She sucked like her life depended on it, stroking the balls as she massaged my length with her tongue.

I was in heaven and could hardly contain myself, but then the started to hum her tune as she sucked.
It was more than I could bear.
After hours of arousal I had lots to give her and I gave generously, filling her mouth and throat with the product of our list.
She swallowed it all and Iicked me clean.
My angel.


It was getting late and, much as I’d have liked to stay out longer, I knew I had to get Sharon home.

As we made our way, slowly out of the park together, we came across Rosie and Richard.
They too were in each other’s arms, walking like lovers.
Rosie reached back to rub her bottom.

“You haven’t been arrested again, have you?” I asked.

We all laughed – except for Richard who just scratched his head, puzzled.

“I’ll explain later”, said Rosie, kissing her man.

It had been a magical night.
I don’t think Sharon and I had ever come so close to “going all the way” but we had promised to wait and that day would come soon.


That day will come in Part 10, soon