During my first few years of working, I had a second job as a masseur. I advertised on the computer “Bi masseur seeks men and women – for a sexy massage contact me by email” and I received many replies, and selected the most interesting ones and made arrangements to visit them in their homes – where we usually talked for a while, had a cup of coffee and then went to the bedroom. Here, I would help them undress and, when naked I would have them lie on the bed, while I also stripped..

For both sexes, I gave a full body massage head, torso, arms, and legs.

With men, I would concentrate on the groin area and fondle their balls and rub their cocks – if they wanted I would suck them off and swallow the cum. – I would also lick their testicles and arseholes and finger them – and if loose enough I would bugger them. Sometimes they would ask me to let them do it to me. I always did. When Some wanted it. Some wanted frottage – cock to cock – not my favourite – but quite fun, cum on me or me on them.

With women, I paid special attention to their tits and rubbed and sucked their nipples, before moving down to where their legs were spread wide apart, I would ask them to hold their cunt lips open so that I could see the vulva and clitoris to check if the hymen was still there. Before I fingered them. If intact I would say “You are a virgin? – If you want to remain a virgin I will stop and just kiss your clit – but if you want to be fucked – I will do so” in the meantime please suck my cock – they always did that and swallowed my cum, before, licking their lips and deciding whether or not to stay a virgin. (Most wanted to be deflowered) and so I lubricated the cunt and my cock and slowly eased it in until she appeared relaxed and I could continue to fuck her more strongly

In all cases after sex I would suggest that we showered together and I would concentrate on gently washings and fondling their sexy parts. In the bathroom, there was always a toilet and I would ask both men and women whether they would give me a golden shower and/or would want one themselves – most did and I enjoy the taste of piss.

We then dried each other and got dressed – gave each other a hug (the girls a kiss) and I went home – to bed “to sleep perchance to dream” (Hamlet)