Cum & Gone In A Flash

Jodie sits naked with her feet up on the coffee table looking at the little shiny chrome butt plug sitting waiting for her. She takes another sip of wine and puts some makeup on.

She picks up the plug and builds herself up slowly to the point of first inserting the small tip in her rectum, she moves it in and out for a bit as she gets used to the feeling of it exploring her canal. She starts to enjoy the ecstasy it brings. After a while, the anal muscles get used to the activity, and she inserts the plug even further, allowing the thicker end to stretch her hole.

Nathan Campbell’s red mustang pours along the Pacific Coast Highway out of Los Angeles. It is a beautiful day, with the roof down and the wind in his hair he takes in the vastness of the Ocean.

He has been working as head of security for a Hollywood film studio, which he realised after a few months wasn’t really for him and when the job offer came through to work with some of his old secret service buddies in South America he immediately said yes. They are leaving on Sunday from San Francisco, so Nathan decided to take a leisurely drive along the coast and sort out one last complication, Jodie Adams!

Jodie is a successful model, socialite and more recently actress. Although she knew her scantily glad bit part in a sci-fi flick, wasn’t going to win her any awards.

Nathan and Jodie had a history he had once been her bodyguard and lover. But more recently had rescued her after a deranged psycho held her hostage when she was filming at Nathan’s Hollywood studio.

Nathan arrives at Jodie’s rented beach house in Santa Barbara. She bounces out looking gorgeous in a short denim skirt, and a bright pink halter top. Her blonde hair flows in the wind, her skin is lush and tanned. Her bare legs go on forever, and her feet look beautiful in flat white thong sandals decorated with a silver toe ring and braided anklet.

Nathan Campbell looks chilled in a white linen shirt and blue chinos. His wavy brown hair windswept from the drive.

Jodie dumps a bag in the back.

“What are you doing?” Nathan asks.

“Coming with you. I need to go to Monterey and it’s on your way, isn’t it?”

“Why do you need to go there?”

“I have a breakfast meeting with my agent, Chloe tomorrow.”

“Jodie, you won’t change my mind I am still leaving,”

“I know, I just want to say thank you for saving me from that nutter. Where are you staying tonight?”

“Well, I hadn’t fingered that out,”

“Thought so. I have booked a suite in Monterey.”

Nathan opens the car door, and Jodie jumps in.

“I expected a bigger bag,” Nathan quips, climbing in next to her.

“Don’t worry I have all the essentials, except underwear I didn’t pack that,” Jodie says smiling.

“Really,” Nathan smiles.

“I do have a surprise for you, which I know you are gonna love,” Jodie continues.

Jodie opens her legs and shows off her naked, shaved pussy. She then takes Nathan’s hand and puts it between her legs. His fingers instantly feel her moist slit.

“Wow, you are wet.”

“Yes, and that’s not all.”

Jodie guides his hand further around until he feels the cool chrome of the butt plug lodged in her bum hole.

He then brings his hand back to her pussy and gives her a light stroke. He tastes her on the tips of his fingers. They hadn’t even gotten off the drive and she had already shown her off. It was going to be a good trip. Nathan puts the mustang in gear and speeds off.

It isn’t long before they stop at a deserted beach. There is no one around, which is just what they want.

Jodie pulls off her sandals and walks barefoot along the beach, feeling the tiny grains of sand between her toes as her feet sink in. Nathan follows. They find a secluded point between some rocks. They frantically kiss as Nathan undoes his trousers. He pushes up Jodie’s skirt and as she leans back on some rocks. Her naked snatch is waiting he heaves his hard cock through her inviting pussy curtains. He grabs her arse and presses on the butt plug as he pushes deeper. The sensation stimulates Jodie’s nerve ends and Nathan’s cocks titillates her cunt and rubs against her clit. She cums hard on his dick.

Nathan pulls out and looks down at Jodie’s pussy. Creamy cum is oozing from her lips. She swipes her fingers between her legs collecting some of the mess and licks her fingers. She then pulls down her skirt. Nathan does up his chinos they walk back along the beach.

Although Nathan didn’t cum, it was a pleasure seeing her orgasm. They get back in the car and continue their road trip up to Monterey.

Their next stop is for Jodie to pee. She’s desperate. Nathan pulls off the road and parks by a creek. Jodie disappears into a nearby wood, crouches down, and relieves herself. As she comes back, she stumbles into a puddle. The muddy water soaks her feet and splashes up her legs.

“Here sit down, let me clean you up,” Nathan says helping her to the car.

Jodie sits in the car with the door open and her legs dangling outside. Nathan gets some bottled water and pours it down her legs. He takes off her sandals and slowly cleans the mud off her legs and feet. He pulls out some blue wedge mules from her bag and she puts them on her newly cleaned feet. All the time she is flashing him her nakedness, she isn’t shy.

Earl and Clarke are out camping, having a boy’s weekend doing some hiking and fishing. They stop and admire the red mustang parked up by the creek. Their vision soon gets transfixed on Jodie as it looks like Nathan is going down on her. They realise that isn’t what is happening but keep watching anyway.

“Make me cum again,” Jodie whispers as she gets out of the car.

Nathan is happy to oblige. Jodie bends over the boot, Nathan pushes up the denim and admires her perfect buttocks and the butt plug nestled between her cheeks. He slowly pulls it out and puts himself between her legs. He goes very slowly, as the anal entry is very small. He finds the initial entry process amazing, as the outer anal sphincter is so tight, it puts pressure on the head of his penis which feels great. Once in, he starts with slow strokes, her anus expands but it is still tighter than her vagina. He pulls out, then goes back in.


Jodie can feel the length of his penis going deep inside her. She fingers herself as Nathan drills in and out. Nathan’s hands then move up her top and he caresses her boobs, playing with her nipples.

Jodie is almost floating away with so many parts of her body aroused. She can feel herself cumming again. Nathan is also close and starts to ejaculate in her.

“Fuck, I can feel your warm load,” Jodie gasps as Nathan cums in her bum. His semen trickles inside her.

Nathan moves back and slowly takes his cock out of her ass. Jodie pulls her cheeks apart so Nathan can see his handy work. He has turned Jodie’s bum hole into a gaping void. As she stands up his spunk dribbles down her legs.

“Where’s that water bottle?” Jodie asks wanting to clean up.

Earl and Clarke couldn’t believe their eyes.

“That blonde looks like Jodie Adams,” Clarke says.

“I’ve heard she is dirty,” Earl replies.

“Well, she fell in that puddle.”

“No, Clarke. Dirty sexually. We just watched her get fucked in the ass.”

“Whoever she is, she’s hot, I’d fuck all her holes,” Clarke quips.

Jodie and Nathan continue their drive to Monterey. Nathan needed to get that first pounding out of the way so he could think straight. This beautiful, gorgeous handful had his brain spinning.

It’s late when they pull up at the hotel in Monterey. A welcoming valet escorts them to reception and then parks the Mustang.

“Jodie Adams, you have a reservation for me.”

“Yes, Miss Adams, the Premier Suite.”

They go up to the suite and get changed. Jodie emerges a feast for the eyes, looking every bit as stunning as ever sizzling in an unreal red bandage dress. The stretchy bandage fabric hugs her body in all the right places. Her shapely legs are bare in a pair of red suede high-heel sandals.

“You always scrub up well,” Nathan quips.

“Why thank you.”

Jodie’s bare legs and lack of underwear give Nathan good access to her pussy. He knows she wants him to touch her during the evening. It almost goes without saying. He subtly fingers her under the table through dinner, leaving her kitty wet and wanting.

She can’t wait for him to fuck her again. They head back to the hotel and grind senseless until they fall asleep naked, sweaty and satisfied.

In the early hours, Nathan gets ready, packs his bag and leaves Jodie asleep in bed. His flight wasn’t until later in the day, but he hated goodbyes. And saying goodbye to her would be hard.

He loved her, but they were worlds apart and he was worried they would end up hating each other if they tried to make their relationship anything more.

Jodie woke up to find him gone. Somehow, she isn’t surprised. She puts on a white dress and silver high heels.

Chloe finds Jodie pondering over a coffee when she arrives at the hotel for their breakfast meet.

“Fuck, sorry I have to go, Chloe,” Jodie says jumping up.

A perplexed Chloe watches Jodie rush through reception and jump in a waiting taxi outside.

“Where to?”

“San Francisco airport,” Jodie says taking a breath.

“Perfect, I am Earl by the way,” the driver says as the black Mercedes pulls off.

“Let’s go, Earl.”

As they drive out of the city, Jodie sits working out if they will make it in time.

“Are Jodie Adams the famous model?” Earl asks.

“Yes,” Jodie replies.

“Traveling somewhere?” Earl asks, curious that she doesn’t have a bag.

“No, just seeing off a friend,” she says.

“Were you travelling on the PCH yesterday, I swear me and my mate saw you by Salmon Creek.”

Jodie remembers that was the spot they stopped for her to pee.

“No, I flew up,” she says lying, wondering what Earl might have seen.

The journey seems to go on forever and time is getting tight. Jodie didn’t know what she was going to say. But seeing Nathan off and at least telling him how she felt would be a start. Maybe he wouldn’t go, but she thought it was unlikely. She knew he wasn’t the kind of guy to spend his life in her shadows that is why she loved him.

 “Is it true you don’t wear underwear?” Earl piped up.

Jodie didn’t answer and the look on her face told Earl she wasn’t in the chatty mood. He daren’t say another word.

“Shit, can’t we go any quicker, Earl?”

“Well, I am at the speed limit,”

“Earl, pull over,” Jodie demanded.

Earl drifts into a layby.

“Earl, if I flash you, can you make this car go fucking quicker?”

“Flash me?”

“Yes, Earl, you can see I am not wearing tights and I am also not wearing underwear. I could lift up his dress and open my legs. You would see my shaved cunt, I’ll spread myself so you can view my throbbing pea-shaped clit.”

“OK,” Earl says, dumbfounded.

Jodie pulls up her dress and opens her legs. Her fingers rub and smear her puffed-up labia.  She rubs herself while Earl gazes in amazement as his cock stiffens and bulges his jeans. After a fleeting minute, Jodie pulls her dress down and with no time to waste Earl makes the car move. He will mentally store that image in the wank bank for later.

Traffic is heavy as they get closer to San Francisco. But Earl knows some shortcuts to the airport. As soon as the Mercedes stops in the drop-off area Jodie jumps out. She pulls off her heels and starts to run barefoot through the airport.

But all her effects are in vain. It is too late; all Jodie can do is watch the tiny dot in the distance which is Nathan’s plane en route to Mexico.

Jodie walks back through the airport; she knows she’ll see him again one day. It wasn’t goodbye, it couldn’t be.

 Earl is waiting for his next fare at the taxi rank.

“Did you see your friend off?” he asks seeing Jodie.

“No, I was too late.”

“I am sorry. Would you like a ride?”

“Sure, how about Santa Barbara via the hotel in Monterey to pick up my things?”

“Wow, that’s a trip. If you flash again, I’ll give you a big discount.”

Jodie laughs and gets in his taxi.