dad’s old bike

husband realises his wife is a submissive, and get’s help to explore her need

Losing my temper was a very unusual occurrence, and for me to lose it completely unbelievable. When Wendy told me I was incredulous with rage, screaming at her selfish thoughtless bitch.
Then without warning I grabbed her by the shoulders shaking her, it happened so quickly before either of us new or had time to think minds full with our joint anger and disappointment. Wendy was across my knee panties down round her ankles her ass cheeks glowing red under my heavy hand, I was spanking Wendy’s arse harder and harder and it felt wonderful, I could hear her whimpers and feel her rubbing, yes, rubbing her sex against my rough serge trousers. Even to this day I don’t remember how long it took me to realise Wendy’s whimpers were really moans of excitement and she was enjoying this as much if not more than me Wendy my prim wife wanted to be spanked.
My spanking slowly began to diminish, just short softer slaps now between strokes of a very red sore looking ass cheeks I stroked, soft strokes easing the hurt then my fingers found her sex, she was like a swamp absolutely soaking wet, I recall her juice was spread between her thighs like thick strands of a spiders web. I filled her cunt with my fingers first three then four I would have sworn they could hear the squelching clear down to the end of the street.

Wendy slid off my knee her eyes were full of lust, I looked down at her and for the first time in my life and new what to do. Releasing a rock hard cock from tight retaining trousers “suck it suck my cock you dirty cow” I screamed at her, Wendy didn’t suck me she devoured me like a starving women. I held her head tight fucking her eager throat deeper and deeper until I was balls deep then I started to flood her mouth with rope after rope of red hot sperm. Wendy gagged and gagged but she never pushed me away or objected to my treatment of her.
When I’d finished I pushed her off and leant her across the arm of the settee, without any hesitation or objections from Wendy my tongue found her cunt, god, only someone who knows can imagine how good it felt the smell the taste, her clit I had only ever felt it with fingers before. Now it felt like a small hard bullet under my tongue, I began to explore opening her labia folds, tongue entering her succulent body then pulling back to that wonderfully erect clit then all the way along her lips smelling and tasting everything including for the first time her anal passage poking my tongue in that most forbidden hole. It wasn’t long until she achieved her first orgasm. Then a second as my newly hard cock slipped between the folds of her cunt.
I don’t know and never asked how many orgasms she had before we finally slept, but I do know I came three times and was running dry when we finally finished.

Let me introduce us Wendy my 46 year old wife, pretty without being outstanding, a good figure with 34c tits and wide hips on her 5’ 6” frame. She has never dressed to please others, frumpy is the word I’d use. Me I’m Bill 43 year owner of a tiny engineering company specializing in CNC machining. Financially very comfortable and set in my ways, like many others without noticing I’d sat back and let our life drift It had become pretty dowdy
Maybe even our vanilla sex life was my fault, in the early days if Wendy had said no I’d thought she’d meant it and that was it, how wrong can you be.

Oh!!! the old bike well it had hung in the garage for more than a year, in fact since dad had died it was his, an old Carlton “Franco Italia” 10 gear racing bike “they don’t make them like that any more” he’d always laugh. I knew I’d never have used it, but giving it to the metal man with not a word, but most of you men must understand my fury dad had loved that bike.
It was the following morning she came down while I sat with my tea and toast…..good morning darling I’m truly sorry, her lips brushed mine, The bike had changed our lives forever.

Over the next few weeks things changed gradually but continuously Wendy’s hair became shorter and blonder her make-up vibrant and almost slutty. Between the two of us we started to change her wardrobe some from shops some from the internet. We decided, or rather I decided on two types of wardrobe. Her skirts and dresses got shorter and a lot tighter, likewise her tops chosen to enhance her figure we bought ribbed jumpers and semi sheer blouses. She laughed I’m only dressing like this to please you her hand stroking my chest oh she was loving it to.

The second wardrobe mainly came from the websites, tiny skirts and dresses, fully sheer tops all very bright and sexy colours. Skimpy bra’s and panties that would be wore with both wardrobes. Then black, red and white high heeled platform shoes, And a large amount of sex aids dildo’s vibrators nipple clamps and rings chains and whips. Finally two spanking skirts leaving the booty always on show.

Neither of us could complain about their new sex lives, free and really open lots of oral, some anal fingering and rimming but not quite achieving full penetration. There was still one thing missing though, EDGE…. I loved Wendy and no matter how I tried just could not find the aggression I’d had shown a few weeks earlier. Without the temper I could not give Wendy the true spanking or whipping she needed or in deed the humiliation she craved I could plan it in my head but never carry it out, I new that soon it would matter for her to scratch that final itch.

Wendy was now fully submissive loving to be mastered whether it was for sex or just house cleaning her compliance had come easily and I knew for all her words she wasn’t just dressing for me she liked displaying herself, liked others looking and admiring her new look one or two friends had even commented on the new Wendy, and now it was just that final obstacle to overcome ….but how.

It took a few weeks and a few different contacts and finally a couple of meetings, thank you internet. I decided on a man named who was Tim 29 fit and healthy with proof, also articulate and a lover of women and more importantly some experience in training them.

Two weeks later another Friday night, my computer room had become an office, just a large clear leather topped desk and a leather chair to one side a box containing punishment aids. Tim stood in the doorway a big man fully two inches taller than me, as I called Wendy to come down he moved to the corner of the room.
She was dressed in the outfit I had left out for her, a crisp sheer white blouse without a bra her tits were fighting to get out of it’s confines, a plum coloured leather skirt four inches above her knee a pair of six inch high platform heels, over a pair of sheer seamed black stocking held up by a plum coloured waspie corset, and a sheer plum thong.

Seeing Tim in the room was quite a shock she actually gasped for breath, Wendy had never met him before and didn’t expect him to be there.
She new just by the way he looked at her what he was there for. Just stand a little closer to the desk Wendy, he smiled across at me, a reassuring smile put your hands on the desk that’s it flat on the palms and push your legs back, just a little further. Now Wendy Bill tells me you want to be spanked, is that right, Wendy couldn’t speak this stranger was stood behind her ogling her. She new her skirt had ridden up has she’d pushed her legs back and bottom up. Well Wendy is Bill wrong, his voice sounded more powerful now, she nodded…ANSWER ME WENDY…yes…..YES that’s not clear is Bill wrong or is he right. She felt confused excited his hands a strangers hands were caressing her bottom, right she moaned Bill is right. Finally Wendy do you like to be spanked hard on your bottom… yes…. why Wendy do you like the pain, yes, and the humiliation you like to be humiliated just like this Wendy
Yes, she spoke so softly the men could barely hear her, this complete stranger had two hands on her butt cheeks spreading them open his hands she thought, disappointedly still over her skirt. Wendy felt hot and wet between her legs she wanted to touch herself so badly.
Then his hands moved so quickly swish, swish, swish six, seven blows each harder than the one before.

The spanking stopped as quickly as it started, Tim spoke again, Bill could you hold Wendy’s wrist please and pull her towards you, this pulled Wendy tight against the top of the leather desk crushing her tits flat. Then she felt the hem of her skirt being raised passed her knees and stocking tops right up and over her waist, a complete stranger was admiring her bottom above her stocking tops and god he was pulling her skimpy pants into her ass crack, he was going to smack her naked ass and Bill was aiding him. Wendy lowered her blushing face flat to the desk, which pushed her ass higher in the air. Crack again it started with his big hand coming down hard god it stung crack again and again, Wendy could feel her cheeks growing hotter and hotter and thought surely he could smell her sex it was trickling down between her thighs, Tim didn’t stop this time he came down on her buttocks time and again glorious stroke after glorious stroke. Tim with stinging palms began to slow and finally stopped, I released her wrists and moved round the desk to admire Tim’s work my heart was racing and god how hard was I almost bursting from my pants .

Stay still Wendy, Tim barked were not finished yet. All the time he was stroking her buttocks re-leaving the pain, his hands were joined by mine I slid my fingers across her pink anus. Wendy moaned revelling in the movement of those rough male hands, her cunt felt as if it was on fire she wanted to scream FUCK ME but new she couldn’t.
She could sense the two men above her, their hands moved everywhere, someone was inside her sopping panties fingers slid along her lips as the panties were dragged down and off her legs. The thought went through her mind why did they need to come off they didn’t effect the spanking, and now her wet puffy pussy lips and brown crinkly hole were on full show to a complete stranger. Why did she hope it was the stranger feeling her pussy.

Stand up Wendy… the mellow voice of her master he looked down to her tits, open the buttons Wendy yes good all of them, her luscious tits came into view nipples so hard she couldn’t conceal her lust even now. All the time she could feel me molesting her sopping cunt and her little brown ring, she could hear herself gasping for air, Tim was squeezing her tits one at a time using both his big hands tighter and tighter, Wendy could feel the tears welling in her eyes.
Then she felt the clamps…tell me Wendy what do you want do you want them tight…well Wendy… yes tight yes I’m so bad tighter much tighter, then please fuck me I know it’s bad but I need it so bad. Tim tightened the clamps slowly we both watched her pain, I felt guilty allowing this depraved young man his freedom with Wendy. When he was happy he flicked them with his fingers before bending her forward once more.

Wendy was bent right over the clamps felt so heavy dragging her tits downwards, she felt me spreading her legs wider and wider she felt and new she was gapping her cunt labia lips felt painful so swollen and ready…..Wendy, Wendy sweetheart once more his voice broke through the mist in her mind….did you enjoy your spanking earlier, a slight nod of the head…would you like more I have my riding crop in my hand should I give your bottom a good whipping, once again the nod…no Wendy we need to hear it tell us should I flail your arse before we fuck you…three fingers were buried up her cunt and a thumb drumming on her erect clit….something wet was prodding at her pink anus a wet tongue it felt wonderful….well Wendy yes pllllllllease whip my ass my tits everywhere you want to and fuck me plllease, both of us Wendy should we both fuck you….yes….that will make you what Wendy if we both fuck you…..a slut won’t it is that what you want……………….yes I want to be a slut wife.

He was whipping her now the thin leather strand stung her ass and thighs red and purple welts showing immediately my fingers were still embedded in her body sawing at her cunt. Still his words exploded. Tell us Wendy who you are today and what you want us to do to you………..she wanted to shape the words but she felt so humiliated, tell us who you are.
A slut, I’m Wendy slut, the fingers were fat up her cunt, Tim was now slapping her tits. I need to be fucked please I’ll do anything just fuck me. The voice again will you suck my cock slut…yes..then let me fuck your arsehole…no hesitation from Wendy yes.
What are you Wendy tell us again tell us again nice and loud. Wendy slut, again louder…. Wendy slut louder…. WENDY SLUT. What does Wendy slut want.
COCK I WANT FUCKING do what you want with me I’m a slut a filthy slut.

Wendy’s legs were so wide she could only just hold her balance on her platform heel she could feel me at her rear molesting her holes, Tim he was at the entrance to her mouth, she felt total disgust at herself, wanting him so badly, she could see he was big, very big her tongue flicked out. Her mouth opened she wanted that fat mushroom head between her lips Tim didn’t disappoint running his rock hard cock over her lips seeing her licking at his pre-cum soaked nob end, then sliding easily into that eager mouth further and further forcing her mouth wider and wider. Suck it slut don’t dare bite my cock take every inch, it took a few minutes and some gagging but she took him ball deep and felt a feeling of elation. You like sucking my big cock slut…once again that word she realised she’d have to get used to being called a slut…well slut her eyes smiled up at this filthy young man while her tongue ran round the bell end buried in her mouth.

Behind her I was stretching her cunt almost fisting her her cunt hole felt so wide, then my tongue was reaming her arsehole again so filthy all this while listening and watching her moan over Tim’s big fat dick, he’d told me he was a little over nine inches, but fucking hell he was like a coke tin It was stretching Wendy’s ruby red lips his fat ball sack bouncing off his chin. Then his voice again smooth and almost casual, pull on the nipple clamps slut pull as hard as you can once again no hesitation from Wendy she was gasping like a crazy women her mouth fucking a strangers cock while she dragged on those clamps extending her nipple showing herself no mercy, Wendy would do anything to please her new master.

The next thing he would be teaching her was how to eat fresh cum without spilling a drop, I watched him coaxing her grooming her I had been happy to bring in Tim, but I was still unsure about where it would lead watching that cock in her mouth and thinking about another man fucking my wife I still wasn’t really sure but I was so hard it hurt. Tim was enjoying the way his new slut was behaving she was gagging to be controlled probably the best he’d ever had and poor Bill would soon get used to seeing her perform for him.
That it fuck yes suck it… you ready to swallow my spunk bitch, oh yes she was ready and willing, don’t you fucking spill a drop if you value that ass of yours. Wendy wanked the massive root with both hands while holding that big purple mushroom head just over her tongue, suddenly it started to leap in her hands her mouth enveloped the head, spurt after spurt shot to the back of her throat….hold it in bitch Bill wants to watch you swallow, I did, I really did swiftly moving round in front of Wendy watching her eyes smiling up at Tim mouth stretched wide showing him his offering she didn’t even see me…good girl swallow now, yes that’s it all of it.

Tim stood back then and watched us and our reaction before raising Wendy to her feet, Bill please bring me my bag, I watched as he took a leather collar from his bag he raised Wendy’s chin looking into her eyes, holding her gaze she was trans like with lust. He was fitting her with a collar not like the cheap plastic things you get on-line this was made to order 1” wide with a ring at the back the letters set out in silver as you looked at Wendy, “THE*SLUT* WENDY” he continued to look her in the eye while attaching a lead of the same expensive leather Tim had been confident in his own ability knowing he could succeed with my wife.
Then Tim reached into his bag once more, talking softly know…what do you want my little one… his index finger was stroking her sopping labia lips, there was no answer until he found her clit flicking it very hard watching it grow…WELL.. please I need sex you promised please..yes but don’t you want to feel this first, he raised his hand from the bag. He held a cat-of-nine tails

On the desk slut….. please I’m not sure whispered my loving wife….hadn’t she had enough should I stop it, has she spoke she was moving into a kneeling position on the desk actually offering her naked ass…open nice and wide Wendy slut I think six would be a good number but you must first tell us what you need. Spanking I need spanking I need to earn what you give me I’ll be your slut spank me master. Count them for me slut.. woosh the first one on her already glowing left cheek…one she called..the second on her right cheek..two keeping count… Bill can hear the moans escaping her lips he is watching her cunt lips juices spilling from them the punishment is turning her on even more Tim ran the tail between her thighs over her cunt gently across pussy lips and clitoris ..slash not quite so hard right across her pussy the cry of anguish escapes her lips.. Christ ah her thighs closed immediately and then under Tim’s orders opened again…three… god she loved the feeling she was getting in her tummy…four she screamed a little harder this one..five…still across her wanton pussy..six..the last one she could see between her legs, she could see her redness and the wetness between her legs. She felt painfully wonderful between her lags now.

Bill had to help Tim lift her from the desk, then Tim nodded to me sort of giving his permission for me to fuck my own wife. Was that what was happening, were we on our way to being controlled by this young man.
Once again I was behind Wendy, my fingers stroked along her fat swollen pussy lips a long soft moan escaped her lips. She felt me doing my usual trick when I had her doggie, running my rock hard cock from clit to arsehole…Fuck me Bill fuck me hard her voice was high pleading she was needy pushing back as the mushroom head pushed through her outer lips…then she was heaving back with her hips back and forth as it entered her, she was trashing about on the end of her husbands dick saliva dripped from her mouth eyes rolling in the back of her head. Tim moved to her head…suck me slut get me hard it’ll be my turn next…her mouth went straight to him she’d heard of this and know she was being a spit roast slut…it felt so good the hardening fat cock in her mouth and she was sure her husband was bigger than he’d ever been in her cunt.

Change places Bill ordered Tim smiling across Wendy’s back, pulling out of Wendy’s mouth, was it an order I thought, reluctantly pulling my cock from her sopping twat. A disappointed moan escaped Wendy’s lips…soon to be replaced by a groan of pleasure as Tim forced his fat cock up her eager cunt forcing the wind from her, it took a few seconds before she realised she had a cock waiting at her lips, she looked up at me her lips mouthed a smiling “thank you” before sinking over my shaft devouring every inch her hand moving to my ball sack squeezing not too gently while her wet index finger roamed over my ass ring. Then Tim started his verbal barrage once more…look at her Bill she’s fucking loving it now, sucking and fucking she’s a natural tell us Wendy SLUT is it good…she mumbled round my cock…love it big stretching your cunt don’t you whore..again the moan in answer, he was fingering her pink ring as he spoke running his finger all round her brown hole, once more smiling at me. Wendy was reacting to this new attack, her hands were gripping me tight as she sucked hard on my cock while pushing herself back onto Tim.

I watched him spitting on her back so it dribbled into her ass crack he was pushing in his finger opening her anal ring, I couldn’t believe how excited I felt her arse was going to get used and not by me. It didn’t take Tim long he was using spit and the juice from Wendy’s cunt, his finger disappeared into her arsehole then another from his other hand, he was stretching her he soon had four fingers in there, that’s when I came filling Wendy’s throat with my spunk again and again god it wouldn’t stop. I heard the voice shit it was me…go on Tim fuck her up the arse encouraging him to open up her last virgin hole my hands were on her cheeks spreading her wide for him to watch the entry clearly.

Tim’s fat fuck stick was between her cheeks pushing forcefully at her anal ring…this will stay with you forever slut having your bottom beautifully fucked would you like that slut..
uuummm was all Wendy said Tim pushed firmly against her anus the tip entered her body, he pushed a little harder and a further two inches entered opening Wendy some more.

‘Go on Tim, push in some more,’ encouraged Bill, and he again pushed his cock so that he was fully entering inside the inviting opening. He began to gently move back and forth but with each inward stroke, he entered a fraction more and just kept smoothly pushing into the young woman. Wendy gritted her teeth but the pleasure far outweighed any pain and she began to pant and sigh at this wonderful fuck inside her arse.

He started to fuck a little harder in all the way right inside her arse oh there was pain but oh so much pleasure this cock fucking her anus her arse was open and she was loving it…this was something she had always craved for and Bill had never quite fulfilled….you want this Wendy don’t you screamed Tim you want my cock right up inside your arsehole….yes,yes oh yes I want it fuck me up my arsehole it’s fantastic.
Tim concentrated on the glorious fuck he was having in his mature whore’s ass, thrusting as hard as he could, embedding his cock in those silken folds his balls hitting her cheeks each time he entered, building up to a massive orgasm.

It was not only Tim who was building up to a crescendo, Wendy hand between her leg thrashing at her clitoris was just as close, her body beating with Tim’s pushing back with every stroke timing her lust with his. Then they felt it shattering through there bodies it seemed to go on and on the jets of spunk splattering her anal walls causing her massive almost painful orgasm.

The the ultimate degradation, her was at her head his energy almost spent……clean me whore lick my filthy dick…time seemed to stand still both men watched her with different thoughts…. But both wanting the same thing….Wendy could smell the filth not believing then her tongue snaked out lapping up her own muck, god she wanted this she wanted it all her mouth and tongue went everywhere, and when Tim pushed his fingers between her arse cheeks and offered them to her lips she swallowed hungrily.

Thirty minutes later A near naked filthy whore came back into the computer room after spending ten minutes seeing out our guest. She gave her husband a weak smile, on Sunday I’m going to Tim’s he as a very dark cellar to help train me and some very naughty friends he wants me to meet. She approached me body swaying, stockings torn spunk and sweat drying onto her dirty looking body hair and make-up a real mess. She turned and leant across the leather chair…fuck me up my filthy arse I need more cock she laughed…..I may have lost one old bike, but fucking hell I’d gained a real old bike with my slut wife.