Schoolgirl fantasy

True Story.

My first swinging experience with my parents went well. Surprisingly I enjoyed it. My Dad touched my breasts and saw me naked. God really. Oh !!!!!!!

They talked to me about a couple they knew. An ex school teacher and his wife. He had a schoolgirl discipline fantasy. As I still had my school uniform. God knows why at 22 I had saved it. Maybe for this exact reason. Who knows.  I agreed and thought it would be fun.

At 7 o’clock they arrived. I was in my room dressing in my old uniform and pigtails at his request. Alan  knew it would be their daughter doing it as well.  I heard them come in and all say hi. They sat on the couch and Dad offered them a drink.  I came down thinking please not one of my old teachers. I saw him. It was him. My old math teacher. ( Will not use there real names for privacy.)

Mr King. I sat talking to them. Alan surprised it was me.  I didn’t care in fact it was more erotic been him. Made it more real I guess.

Alan was tall bald on top with hair on the sides of his head. His wife wore a short white v neck dress mid thigh length and her graying dark hair back in a ponytail.  She was 59 he was 62.  God 40 years older than me.

Eventually we went to the spare room dad had set up as a principal’s office for our role play. My brother was away for the weekend so we could play at home.

Alan sat in the chair behind the desk. Mum Dad and I sat in the three chairs in front of the desk. Trish sat to the side playing the secretary. The scene was set. Even better with there real daughter.

” Right ” Alan said. ” I’ve called you in today to talk about your daughter. She has been disruptive in class. Not listening to teachers. She has had 4 detentions this month. Her grades are slipping. Teachers don’t want to teach her.

(Now before I continue. I was actually a good hard working student. Never had detention. Never been in trouble.  So it was nice to be playing a naughty girl.)

” Really ” Dad said ” Jessica is this true.”

” Might be ” I said

” I’m concerned  for her learning ” Alan said. ” She needs to be disciplined to get her into line” he added.

” What kind of discipline ” Mum asked.

” She needs to be put over her father’s  knee and spanked on the bottom ” Alan said.

” You heard your teacher ” Dad said. I stood up and leant over Dads legs. Dad lifted my skirt and revealed my white lacy G String. He spanked my arse five times.

” Stand up ” Alan said. I stood “Lean over the desk ” he said. I did it Alan stood up and lifted my skirt. God my old teacher doing this to me. He spanked my arse five times. I enjoyed it actually.  He stood me up and undid my blouse opening it up taking it off me as mum and dad watched. ” This is what happens to girls like you ” Alan said. He reached into a bag on the desk and pulled out a black collar putting it around my neck. Then a lead.  ” Hands and knees ” he ordered. I got into my hands and knees he gave the lead to Mum. He sat back at the desk. ” Bring her here ” he said. I walked in my hands and knees to Alan Mum leading me like a dog. He sat back telling Mum to undo his trousers. Mum did it his cock springing out. ” Tell her to suck it ” he said. ” All part if your punishment ” he added. I took his cock in my mouth sucking up and down his shaft as mum stood next to me on a dog lead sucking his cock.  He grabbed my pig tails holding then tight pulling my head into him as I sucked.  ” Spank her ” he ordered to my parents. Dad stood up walking over to me lifting my skirt. He spanked my arse as did Mum. I sucked up and down his shaft groaning as Mum and Dad spanked my bare arse. He then stood up.

” Stand ” he said. I stood up and he lifted my skirt slapping my arse again. He reached into his bag a pulled out restraints. He cuffed my ankles then my wrists. They were connected. He then kissed my lips.

He undid my skirt and dropped it to the floor.  He then stood behind me squeezing my arse. Trish walked over to Dad and pulled his trousers down and started sucking his cock. Alan ordered Mum to suck his. I stood there in my bra and knickers restrained watching Trish sucking Dads cock and Mum sucking Alan’s.

After a while standing and watching in my bra and underwear  been restrained, Alan moved me over to the desk. He put a ball gag in my mouth and untied me sitting me on the desk. He lay me down. He tied my hands with restraints over my head and rope to the desk legs. He then put me in a thigh sling lifting and spreading my legs. It sat behind my neck my legs in midair.  He stood between my legs taking his shirt off. Dad Mum and Trish were naked. Alan pulled out some scissors ordering Dad to cut my bra  and panties off. Dad cut the bra straps and then my knickers pulling them off. Me now naked and restrained and at Alan’s mercy. Not been able to speak.

Trish got between my legs and started eating my pussy. Dad got behind her and entered her doggy style smiling at me.  Mum pulled a chair up to the side of the desk and played with my breasts as Alan stood and pulled my ball gag out lifting my head and slamming his cock in my mouth. I deep throated him gagging as he fucked my mouth with his cock. Trish slid her fingers inside me finger fucking my as she licked my clit and pussy lips. Dad slapped her arse as he fucked her. After a few minutes Alan cum in my mouth. I swallowed his semen and some spilled running down my neck. Alan ordered Mum to lick it of me. She did as Alan moved between my legs taking over from his wife. He circled my clit with his tongue as he fingered me. His fingers deep inside my pussy. He licked and sucked my clit and pussy lips opening them up as Mum and Trish played with my tits. Dad stood watching as after 5 minutes Alan stood sliding his hard cock inside my pussy slapping my arse as he fucked me. His cock riding in and out of my pussy. Dad watching holding my knee. After a while Mum and Trish got into the bed in a 69 and started playing with each other. Mum lay down as Trish got on top. Dad went over and slid his cock into Trish fucking her as Alan fucked me.

Alan knew the boundary Dad and I had with sharing sexual experiences and playing with my parents. Yes been naked together was fine. Watching each other play. I didn’t mind him touching my breasts but that’s as far as I would take it.  Only a couple of meters away I watched Dad fuck Trish doggy style as Alan stood between my legs fucking me. Mum stood up and stood next to Alan. He withdrew telling Mum to give me oral. Mum did  it or a couple of minutes then Alan reinserted himself back in me.

Dad then got up as did Trish. She bent over. Dad put on ankle restraints then tied her hands to her ankles. He stood behind her reinstating his cock in her. After a while Dad cum inside Trish. Mum went behind her as Dad withdrew. See licked all his cum out of her as well as Dads cock. Alan told Trish to come over to him as he Alan cum in my pussy.  He stood there emptying himself inside me.

He pulled out Trish licked and sucked my pussy clean with Mum both taking turns to suck his cum out of me and lick my pussy clean as he put his cock in my mouth ordering me to clean it. Alan Mum and Trish and Dad stood around me fondling me and playing with me. Dad played with my breasts as the others played with my pussy and breasts. Alan removed the thigh restraints. I put my legs down my feet finding the floor. Alan stood between me again putting his fingers up deep in my pussy finger fucking me as Dad fondled my breasts. Mum licked my clit as Trish sucked my other breast. Alan and Trish swapped places after a while Trish finger fucked me as Alan and Dad caressed my breasts. Dad then leant down smiling as he took a nipple into his mouth as did Alan. Both guys sucking my breasts as the girls played and pleasured my pussy. I had fun it was really erotic.