Daddy’s Boy (Part Three)

A short story on how i (m14) was used by two family members

i was still laying over the arm of the couch. My arms hung over the front and my chin pressed against the soft material i layed on. My asshole was sore but god if i didn’t feel good. The hot cum ejected into me by mad dad had coated my insides before slowly leaking out. A small puddle had collected below me and it’s contents had mixed with pre-cum from my own rock hard cock. I was about 6 inches which isn’t too bad but the gaping hole left by my dads 8.5 was causing my whole body to shake.

My dad was still next to me on the couch having just finished his phone call asking for the day off. I lay there waiting for him to move back onto me when i heard the distinct sound of more buttons being pressed shortly followed by
“shit man you gotta come over, charlie finally let me fuck him in the ass and i’d reckon he’d love to see you”
I felt my face immediately turn deep red as it was covered in an intense hotness. My own dad was calling his friend over to fuck me. The thought of it was at first terrifying but after a few seconds, my cock became even harder.

My dad walked put down his phone and began to rub my bare ass. He slowly ran his hand across my asshoñe before dragging a trail of cum along my back. I moved my hand down to my cock, i couldn’t handle it anymore and began to furiously stroke. I could feel my dad move behind me as he grabbed my hand and brought it to a halt. He moved his head close to my ear and whispered
“i can help you with that my love”
before kissing me first on the ear then down my back that was still covered in spits of his own semen. As my dad made it down to my asshole he licked up the cum that had dribbled down my cock before burying his tongue deep in my ass. I could feel him navigate and attack every area of sensitivity from within and my legs have in causing me to fall down. My dad promptly responded by grabbing my ass and lifting it before he resumed his meal. It was only a few minutes of ecstasy later i heard the front door open. The living room was right in front of it but the door was only slightly ajar meaning the figure behind it was entirely obscured. My dad removed his tongue from my asshole and licked his lips as he looked up. The door was pushed open and behind it stood a man. He was north of 6ft and looked to be around the same height as my dad he was wearing work clothes covered in paint and resin and he wore a tight white tank top that showed his defined figure underneath. As i admired his body i finally met his eyes and realised, it was my uncle.

I stood there beat red, cock erect and on display for a man who I admired and looked up to. He took one look at my naked body before he pulled down his trousers and approached. He left his pants at the doorway and all that covered his growing dick was a thin pair of white cotton boxer briefs. My mind went blank as i looked at him. His dick was huge. It looked to be about as long and thick as my dads but he didn’t even look that hard yet. As he stood in front of my face at the edge of the couch he pulled down the only barrier between my and incestuous dick revealing a cock that couldn’t have been shorter than 10.5 inches and as thick as a can of deodorant. My body was motionless for no more than half a second before i pushed my face forward and took his meaty cock into my mouth. It filled me to the brim and i was struggling to breathe his trimmed pibes were still inches away from me and a deep desire to encase myself in his scent took over. I pushed his cock forward and forward pushing slowly but with pace. It took around five seconds before i felt his brown curls against my lips and i looked up at him. He looked at me before giving me a sinister smile. My uncle grabbed me by the sides of the head and began to absolutely facefuck me his cock was slamming against my throat and the thought of suffocation filled my mind, but despite the circumstances my cock became as hard as steel. My uncle abused my throat for a minute or two before i felt my dad grab me by the shoulders and press his cock against my asshole and with a quick (cum lubricated) push he took began to abuse my insides. It lasted about twenty minutes before my uncle came deep inside my throat and it couldn’t have come soon enough. Throughout the duration the spits of pre-cum made me obsessed with his taste. It was so strong i felt like it would stay in my mouth forever, and i was hoping that’d be true. His load was thick and abundant, i felt his cock tense up before he shot his load into my stomach for no less than twenty seconds. And it was twenty seconds of pure heaven. Just as my uncle filled my stomach up without a single drop escaping and pulled his meaty dick out from my throat my dad began to erupt into my intestines causing me to crumble once again. The heat from my dad filled my entire body and i knew i was madly in love. After pulling out i could both feel and hear the cum poor out of my ass as it splattered against the couch which most definetly would leave a stain. None of us cared. We were just too horny. And as we all stayed motionless panting after experiencing a pleasure beyond comprehension i muttered from my beaten throat a simple and honest

That was the end of that encounter but most definetly not the end of my “intimate” relationship with my family. If you want to hear more rate the story and comment your thoughts.

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