Daughter’s Sex Lessons 6

It was Monday morning, Scott and his brother, Bill had been fucking Scott’s wife Sara and 16-year daughter all weekend. Bill was plunging his thick rod in Sara’s hot cunt. Sara was responding by lunging her hips upwards forcing her pussy to meet his downward powerful thrusts, Bill was bottoming out her pussy. Bill said yelled out, HEY SCOTT, YOU WON’T HAVE TO TRY TO GET THIS SLUT TO FUCK OTHER MEN ANYMORE, SHE’S GOING TO BE SPREADING THESE LONG LEGS FOR LOADS OF MEN, Bill stared down into Sara’s eyes and said in a low voice, slut, this is just the beginning, your hot cunt is going to be getting lots of action, he kept plowing hard down on her pussy, THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD. Sara looked sideways and saw Scott had their daughter in a doggy-style position and was driving all his cock deep in her ass, while Jenna was screaming, OOOOOH DAAAADDY THAT FEEEELS SO GOOOOOD. She saw Scott stiffen up and yelled out, I’M COMING DEEP IN THIS LITTLE SLUT’S ASS, Sara realized Jenna was no longer his daughter she was his slut, then she realized Bill and Scott had turned her into a wanton slut also, she was loving Bill fuck the shit out of her pussy with his huge thick cock, it was much thicker then Scott’s. Sara maybe it’s everything is wrong, but she loved Bill huge cock ripping through her pussy hard, she was learning she loved Scott to make love to her, but she loved a man to dominate her and fuck the shit out of her, that’s exactly what Bill was doing, he was savagely fucking her and she loved it.

Scott said, Bill, I have to be at the office, they can stay here, you guys have fun, later Scott called, and he told Sara and Bill he had to go out of town on business trip he had to go to the airport. Bill took advantage of his brother’s news and finished dumping more loads of cum in Sara. Bill said, why don’t you ladies take a shower and I will take you for a bite, Sara said, come Jenna, lets shower, do you have a change of clothes in your little bag? Jenna replied, of course, Sara replied good, I’ve got one too. As soon as they left, Bill called George, hey dude, remember you said maybe we can work something out for that 10G I owe you. George said, I want my monies man, you better have it. Bill replied, I don’t have the money, but I do a hot MILF and her 16-year old daughter that you can use to pay off my loan. George replied, I don’t need any more whores, I’ve plenty of whores that work for me, I just got a new hot MILF mama whore, JoAnn, and her two teen daughters, 15-year old Peggy and 14-year old Trudy. I’ve got my clients fucking them at their house, I put their whore mama on the streets, her little bitch daughters will be soon walking the streets too, those three are fresh meat right now and they’re making lots of cash for me.

Bill replied, come on man, I’ve got this is a hot MILF and daughter team, neither has been fucked by a BBC, I know you like to dip your 12-inch thick cock in fresh white pussy. George said, O.K., I’m going there now or call it off. Bill replied come on over and make sure you bring all our boys. George replied, I never go anywhere without my boyz when we are going to break in new whores. When me and my boyz get done with those cunts, those bitches will be whoring on the street tonight! Bill replied, well come on over then, but my account is paid. George replied, those bitches better be good, or I’ll still take them and make them street whores and you still will owe the money, got that Billy boy? Bill replied, Yeah sure, but he thought he had to try, he was going to make his brother’s wife and daughter whores to pay off his gambling debts. George said, me and my boyz will be there in 10 minutes.

George arrived with all twenty of his boyz and Bill said, they are still in the bathroom. Sara and Jenna walked out, Jenna had on a miniskirt and heels, Sarah had on her short- flared dress. George went over to Sara and commanded, get on your knees whore and suck George’s cock. George pulled out a huge his huge12-inch thick and very hard cock. Bill stared at George’s huge cock, George said out loud, hey white boy you like my cock? Bill replied no, I’m not gay. George replied, call me if you ever want to suck my cock Billy boy, we fuck lots of married white women, most of their white husbands love to suck big black cock too. Sara was mesmerized by George’s huge cock, her eyes wide open, NO WAY! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON BILL? Bill said, sorry Sara, but I owe George, ten grand and I told him to use you and Jenna to pay off my loan. Sara yelled out, YOU SON-OF-BITCH! George slapped Sara and forced her down on her knees, George said out loud, MY WHORES DON’T DISOBEY ME, NOW SUCK MY COCK WHORE! TAKE MY COCK DOWN YOUR THROAT, he forced his cock head in Sara’s mouth, saying, OPEN THAT MOUTH AND TAKE IT IN WHORE, OR I’M GOING SLAP THE SHIT OUT YOU. YOU AND THAT YOUNG BITCH OF YOUR ARE GOING TO BE MY WHORES, GEORGE’S WHORES NEVER DISOBEY OR THEY KNOW THEY WILL BE DISCIPLINED. George turned his boyz and said, YOU GUYS TAKE THAT YOUNG CUNT IN THE BEDROOM, SHOW HER WHAT BIG BLACK COCK FEELS LIKE, FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF HER UNTIL THE LITTLE BITCH CAN’T WALK, FUCK EVERY HOLE, I WANT THESE TWO BITCHES MAKING ME SOME MONEY!

A group grabbed Jenna and she tried to break free kicking and screaming, one guy slapped her across the face and yelled, SHUT THE FUCK UP WHORE! Bill could see them taking her into his bedroom, ripping of all her skirt and panties, they held her head down on the bed and kept her ass up in the air doggy style. One of the George’s crew was Jonah, he quickly stripped, displaying a huge 11-inch very thick monster cock. Jonah yelled out, HOLD HER DOWN TIGHT, BECAUSE I’M GOING TO RIP THIS LITTLE WHORE’S ASS WIDE OPEN, the all laughed out loud and high fived each other. Bill was amazed how huge Jonah’s monster cock was, he was going to see that cock all the way in Jenna’s ass. One of the guys yelled out, GAP THAT LITTLE WHORE’S ASS WIDE, GEORGE WANTS HER TO BE TRAINED TO TAKE LOTS BBC UP THAT ASS, JUST LIKE THOSE TWO OTHER LITTLE WHORES HE HAS, PEGGY AND TRUDY. Jonah said out loud, BY TONIGHT WE’RE GOING TO HAVE THIS LITTLE WHORE LOVING BBC IN ALL HER HOLES, the group laughed out loud. Jonah lubed her ass and his cock, he wasted not time, he started plunging his cockhead in her ass, Jenna began to scream, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, IIIIIT’S TOOOOOOOOOOO BIIIIIIIIIIIIIG, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Jonah yelled out laughing, YOU CAN SCREAM ALL YOU WANT WHORE, DON’T MATTER TO US, BECAUSE YOUR GOING TO TAKE LOTS OF COCK IN ALL YOUR HOLES, WAIT TILL WE PUT A COCK IN YOUR MOUTH, ASS AND PUSSY AT THE SAME TIME, YOU’RE GOING TO LOVE THAT, they all laughed and high-fived each again.

Jenna was attempting to thrust and kick all around, but was very unsuccessful, four men were holding her down tight. Jonah started driving more of his monster in her ass, Bill could hear Jenna’s walls of her asshole being torn as he plunged deeper into her ass. Jenna was screaming, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, AAAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEY, IIIIIIIIIIT HUUURTS, TOOOOOO BIIIIIIIIG, IIIIIIT DOOSEN’T FIIIIIT! Jonah replied out loud, DON’T WORRY, I’M GOING TO MAKE SURE IT FITS and all the men started laughing out loud. One of the guys that was holding her legs spread open, COME ON MAN RIP THAT ASS, PUT THAT THING ALL THE WAY IN HER ASS, DO IT MAN! Jonah yelled out, GET READY LITTLE WHORE, HERE IT COMES, and Jonah began to drive the rest of huge monster in her ass, while Jenna screamed her head off, AAAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEY, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Jonah was all the way in her ass with his huge balls resting against her ass. Jonah said out loud, SEE WHORE, I TOLD YOU NOT WORRY, I WAS GOING TO MAKE IT FIT and the whole group began chuckling and laughing.

Jonah said, time to start working on this ass, he started slowly driving his cock in and out of Jenna as she said in a low moaned, it’s too big. Jonah in a low voice replied, in a little while it’s going to get a lot better, and he began thrusting harder and faster, Jenna was no longer screaming with pain, she was beginning to make sexy moaning voices, when Jonah heard her make moans of pleasure, he started really slapping her ass as he thrust were not full and hard thrusts. Jenna was starting to respond every time Jonah slapped her ass, she was getting hotter with every slap and was beginning to fuck in sync with Jonah. Jonah asked her, does my cock still hurt? Jenna replied, nooo, ooooh, while she began ramming her ass backwards on Jonah’s cock. Jonah said, let her go, she don’t need to be held no more, she likes my cock deep in her ass, he took his cock out and showed the guys how he had reshaped Jenna’s asshole, Jonah was destroying her ass, her asshole was now huge and wide and it fit around Jonah’s cock like a glove with no resistance from Jenna. Jonah pulled out, yelled out next, quickly a guy named Art replaced Jonah and with no resistance in one thrust powerful thrust he drove his cock all the way in and began to plow her ass. Bill asked, why aren’t you guys fucking her until you blast cum in her? Jonah replied we will later, right now the whole plan is to train this little bitch to take lots of cock from different men, we are going to be fucking her in every hole for a while, until she will be the one wanting lots of cock. George and the rest of the boyz are doing the same thing to her whore mama, go check it out.

George yelled out, HEY BILLY BOY GLAD YOUR HERE, YOU SEE HOW MY BOYZ ARE TURNING THAT LITTLE BITCH INTO WHORE, WELL WE ARE GOING TO DO THE SAME TO THIS WHORE TOO. THIS WHORE WAS TELLING ME SHE DON’T FUCK BLACK MEN, I HAD TO SLAP THIS WHORE A COUPLE OF TIMES, LOOK HOW FUCK HER FACE. George held Sara by the back of her head while he began ramming as much cock as he could get in and out of Sara’s mouth. Bill stared in amazement as he saw George’s huge cock stretch Sara’s mouth, Bill could see her throat expand as he drove as much as cock as he could down her throat. He began holding his cock down her throat until her eyes began to water and began gagging then released her to catch her breath, then he repeated his thrust, this time she began gagging and throwing up, he didn’t give a shit. George finally released her again and said out loud, BITCH DON’T EVER TELL ME YOU DON’T FUCK BLACK MEN, FROM NOW ON THAT’S ALL YOU’LL BE FUCKING, YOU’RE GOING TO BE A BLACK MEN’S WHORE. I’VE LOTS OF CLIENTS THAT LOVE TO FUCK WHITE PUSSY, YOU AND THAT LITTLE WHORE DAUGHTER ARE GOING TO BE FUCKING FOR ME.

George rammed his cock back in Sara’s mouth and started dumping loads and loads of cum down her throat, he said, SWALLOW IT ALL WHORE, ALL MY WHORES ARE TRAINED TO SWALLOW LOADS OF CUM, OPEN YOUR MOUTH LET ME SEE ALL THE CUM, Sara obeyed and showed George all the cum in her mouth, George said out loud, NOW SWALLOW IT ALL WHORE, DON’T SPILL A DROP. Cum started to dribble out of the corners of her mouth, she raked it back with her fingers and put it back in her mouth and swallowed it all. George said, THAT’S A GOOD WHORE, NOW LICK MY SHAFT AND BALLS CLEAN, MAKE SURE YOUR EAT THAT SHIT TOO. He raised her up and he look at her, he said out loud, TAKE THIS WHORE INTO THE BEDROOM WITH HER YOUNG BITCH AND FUCK HER UNTIL ALL SHE WANTS IS BLACK COCK. Bill could hear they guys in the bedroom yelling out, HOLD THAT WHORE’S LEGS WIDE, I’M GOING THIS WHORE’S ASS JUST LIKE HER WHORE DAUGHTER’S.

Bill asked George, how long do you plan to use her and Jenna, maybe a week right for the $10K? George replied, you don’t get it white boy, they’re my whores now, they belong to me, they fuck for me anytime I want them to fuck and they fuck who ever I tell them to fuck. Bill replied, but they are my brother’s wife and daughter. George replied, you should have thought about that before you got me involved in your mickey mouse scheme so that’s you and your brother’s problem, they’re my whores now, they work strictly for me. I will probably make them street whores later, but for now they’re going to be my new whores. I’m going to be sending my clients to their house. Bill asked for what? What do you think white boy, my clients are going to fucking them in their house less chance of getting caught, my clients will pay more if they can fuck a MILF and her daughter at their crib. Bill replied, but my brother Scott might be there. George replied, I don’t who’s there, the whores are fucking when I send clients to their house, who knows maybe my clients will let your brother watch as his wife and daughter get drilled by lots of black cock.

We walked in the bedroom and Sara was screaming as Jonah was plowing deep in her ass. George said, HEY JONAH, THIS BITCH SAID SHE DON’T FUCK BLACK MEN. Jonah replied, BY THE TIME I GET DONE WITH THIS WHORE’S ASS SHE’S GOING TO BE BEGGING FOR A BIG BLACK COCK UP HER ASS. A guy name Thomas said, jumped on the bed and slid under Sara and started driving his cock up into her cunt while Jonah kept plowing her ass. Thomas said, I KNOW THIS BITCH LIKES TO FUCK, I SLIPPED RIGHT INTO HER HOT CUNT WITH NO RESISTANCE, SOMEBODY PUT A COCK IN HER MOUTH, LET’S MAKE HER A THREE COCK WHORE. George said, DO THE SAME TO THAT YOUNG WHORE, a guy got under Jenna as another guy was fucking her ass, then a third started drilling his cock down her throat. George yelled out, THEY’RE BOTH THREE COCK WHORES NOW, THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! George answered his phone and said, were almost done with these new whores I told you about, go to the address I’m texting you, the whores live there, it’s white married housewife and her daughter, her husband doesn’t know they’re my whores, wait couple of hours, they got to get cleaned up. George kept on talking on the phone, It’s three hundred greenbacks if you want to fuck them both, O.K. I like to keep my clients happy, only this time the three hundred covers fucking them both in the ass and blowjobs, see you in a couple of hours.

George told Bill, come with Billy boy, let’s take these whores home and get them cleaned up, they’re going to get busy. Jenna went in another car while Sara rode with George, Bill and a group of guys, before they left, he saw Jenna get back on the back seat and immediately she was riding cock, it looked like they were going to pass her from cock to cock as they drove, Bill assumed this, because the same was happening to Sara, they group in the back kept passing her from guy to guy fucking the shit out of her. One guy said, LOOK AT THE WHORE THAT SAID, SHE DIDN’T FUCK BLACK MEN, LOOK AT HER HOW HARD SHE LOVES TO RIDE BLACK COCK, all the men chuckled and laughed out loud.

We arrived, got out the cars, George pulled out couple of boxes out the trunk and we went in to the house. George told them, YOU TWO WHORES GO AND SHOWER UP, he gave a black sheer nightie with stilettos to Sara and a hot pink nightie with stilettos to Jenna, MAKE IT QUICK, I’V GOT SOME PEOPLE COMING OVER IN FEW MINUTES, HURRY UP! Sara and Jenna finished their shower and were putting on their nighties, they quickly noticed the panties were crotchless, it was clear why, George didn’t want his clients tearing up the clothes he buys when they fucked his whores. Jenna, turned to her mother and said, mom, I know I am only sixteen, but I love to fuck. I thought Daddy and uncle Bill had huge dicks, but black men have huge cocks, I love to fuck them, they drive me crazy, I guess they are right, I’m a whore for black cock. Sara replied, I guess that makes us two whores for black cock, because I love their big black cocks too, I am not a rock, they drive me crazy when they’re fucking the shit out me. I always thought I would never fuck a black man, but suddenly that’s all I want to do is fuck black men only. Your Uncle Bill’s dick does have a thing on black cock, I just don’t what I’m going to do with Scott, I don’t know how your father will take it that his wife and daughter are black cock whores. Let’s talk about it later, George is calling.

Sara and Jenna walked down the stairs looking like professional whores in their sheer nighties and high heels. Two young handsome black men were standing by George. George said, these are my two new whores I was telling you about, they are one my housewife-daughter whore teams, they like to take lots of black cock up their ass. They both are professional cock suckers and they love their mouths fucked, and man can they swallow cum, you fill up their mouths and they will swallow it all, but that’s not all they love loads of cum deep in their hot cunts. These two whores are special, like the other whore mother JoAnn and her daughters, Peggy and Trudy, you know you fucked them a lot before. One guy named Don said, yes, I know remember those whores, they sure loved to fuck. George said, well, that’s what so special about these two whores, they don’t just fuck for me because I tell them, these two, love to fuck, especially big black cock. Don reached for Jenna and told her to put her arms high against the wall, he pulled her ass backwards, took his hard cock out and started inserting in her ass, Jenna started moaning, oooooh, oooooh, it feels so good, Don drove in more of his cock until he was all the way in and started plowing her ass very hard, THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD, Jenna was saying out loud, FUCK IT, FUCK IT HARD, I LOVE YOUR BIG COCK IN ASS, FUCK YOUR WHORE! The other guy named Tom, grabbed Sara threw her on the couch, spread her legs and in one powerful thrust he rammed his huge cock deep to the hilt in Sara’s hot cunt. They both realized there would be no tenderness or love making, Sara and Jenna were being treated like whores, pieces of fuck meat, they realized George and his crew had turned them into BLACK COCK WHORES and they loved it.