When I’m kathrine

I laid on my belly with my legs pulled up, my back arched and my broad forty-inch ass pushed in the air holding Martin’s wrists tight grunting as he sawed his very large prick deep into my ass.

For over an hour, he had been plowing me in my overly horny stretched-out asshole as sweat dripped from his young, lean body onto my back.

I knew he was ready to cum and needed to cum.
But, I wasn’t ready for him to cum.

I wanted him to keep pounding away at my asshole until I couldn’t walk.

Today, I needed him to fuck me till I couldn’t walk.

Martin is my twenty-seven-year-old son and has been fucking me off and on since he was twenty-one.

He is not the one that started this.
I was the that started it.

He hadn’t been twenty-one very long when he and I were having a beer on the back deck when I got to talking.

As we talked, I told him about my needs and wants.

I told him I needed a man.
But, I didn’t want to replace his father that had passed away a year earlier.

“Mom. It would just be weird between us.” Martin smiled.

“Well, instead of calling me mom.
Why don’t you start by calling me by my name.” I grinned at Martin.

We talked a little bit longer and I will admit.
It was kinda weird.

“Maggie. My name is Maggie .” I told Martin.

He looked at me smiling.

Let me think about it.

Three days later I text Martin.

“I have someone I want you to meet.”

“Ok. When and where.” He sent back.

“Tonight. The Tavern.” I sent him back.

“Will you be there?” Martin asked.

“No. Look for a busty brunette with green eyes. She will be sitting at the bar.” I sent him back.

I had dyed my hair from blonde to jet black.
Had my pussy and asshole waxed and changed my style of clothing.

I looked like a totally different woman.

“Hello. Martin.” Martin said with a sexy smile as he stuck his hand out.

“Katherine. Glad to meet you.” I smiled back at him.

Martin and I set talking for what seemed like forever.

We laughed, joked, and danced.
It was the best time I had had in years.

I also shamelessly flirted with Martin leaving him no doubt about what I had on my mind at the end of the night.

It was my surprise when we got back to his place.

Unlike his father.
Martin had a prick on him.

Long and thick, with a very large head and large piss hole that was shaved smooth.

On my knees in front of him.
I choked and gagged as I did my very best to swallow every inch of his fat cock.

When it came to eating my pussy.
Martin was a God.

I shook and quivered.
Moaned and groaned.
Tossed and turned.

Martin showed me no mercy and kept up his lovely assault until I was squirting pussy juice in his face.

After he ate was finished with his delivish.
Martin climbed up between my legs and fed my greedy cunt his big cock.

Martin didn’t make love me.

He fucked me.

Martin abused my mature pussy with his young cock until I was laying on the floor a nasty mess whimpering and quivering in orgasmic bliss.

I was covered in sweat, cum, and spit.

Martin left no hole unused.

After a shower and a nap.

Martin climbed back on me and screwed me like a bitch again.

The next morning after I fed him breakfast.

Martin set me up on the table and ate my pussy until I was quivering.
Then he worked his entire hand until my used cunt, leaving only his wrist sticking out.

Methodically, Martin used the vegetable oil as he slowly worked his hand back and forth in my stretched-out cuny until his hand slid in and out of me with ease.

Then as I lay there enjoying his fist stretching me to my limits.

Martin stood up and pushed his hard dick into my asshole.

I had never felt so full in my life.

With his fist shoved inside me.

Martin destroyed my asshole until he shoved his full length up my ass and filled my guts with his molten seed.

We took a shower and a short nap.

Then we went shopping.

Ending up back at his place trying out the new sex toys we had bought earlier in the day.

Kathrine is my alter ego.

She is the woman that is a booty call for a young stud or a mature cougar in need of a young cock to fuck her like whore.

When I’m Kathrine.
I’m a whore.