My cousin’s son part 2

We entered the bedroom and unrobbed each other in full bright light. Cousin’s daughter in law ( son’s wife)
who was only twenty was extremely shy. But I commented ” you have very big and firm boobs ” I pressed hard her boobscand swallowed them. I lowered my mouth and and licked her pussy area. Simultaneously I inserted my middle finger into her asshole and made to andfromotoons. Then as per my suggestion she turned over her buttocks facing me. Her waist was very wide and the ass cheeks very smooth and warm.I gently bit her fleshy buttocks. I turned towards her. She commented ” my darling uncle, your cock is huge. ” I instantly asked “what about your husband ?” Shevreplied he is aged hardly thirty, and so his cock is comparatively small ” I asked her ” In that case why are you not tasting it ?”
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