Dirty on the farm

Today was our naked dirty day.

Apart from our heads, every part of our body will be covered it dirt and soil. We cannot orgasm till the end and we will do it together.

They both agreed as their clothes fell to the ground, one by one.

The pen still had some sheep in it as she walked in, her feet leaving imprints on the dirty, sticky floor. Here we go, she said out loud as she sat down, the floor immediately leaving brown all over her bum.

He followed suit, watching her sumptuous body sit down on such a dirty surface. Her white skin almost crying out to be used in this dirty manner seamed to rejoice at this contact, as so did his.

Getting up again, they had to move from one pen to the other, but the gate had been stuck for ages. All the men had climbed over the short gate, leaving the mud and dirt from their boots on the top bar, caked on.

She knew what was next as she raised her leg over the bar but instead of standing on it to get over, she lowered her leg over the other side allowing her vagina to slowly press onto the dirty, moist bar. Going that one step further, with her left hand she spread her lips open, allowing the dirt to move a little deeper inside her as her skin sat either side of the bar, the moist, dirty mud like stuff pressing hard against her love button as her full weight was now supported solely by the contact between her legs.

Moving behind her, he positioned his legs either side but standing on the bars to support his weight as his head sat just above hers. Gently, he placed his hands on either side of her hips, his body pressing up against hers, his heat warming her back. She could feel his breath on her neck as he leaned in, brushing his lips across her ears then neck as his hands started rocking her hips gently forward and back, rubbing herself against the dirty bar. It had the desired effect, as she grabbed onto his hands moving her body. The dirt was being rubbed into a place that was supposed to be clean but right now, becoming more dirty and turned on as he rocked her body with small movements, careful not hurt her.

‘I can’t believe how hot you’re making me right now, especially what your doing to me down there,’ she said, looking round at him, their lips meeting in a wet embrace.

“How about we go all the way?” He offered with a cheeky, seductive grin.

‘You mean, thoroughly dirty,’ getting a little excited she looked down at the bar between her legs.

“You bet,” he replied as his penis, sitting against her back grew harder with every little movement her hips made on the bar.

Standing on the dirt road, she looked at him with a horny smile.

‘You’re going to make my body filthy dirty,’ she said excitedly at doing something so naughty and dirty.

“Absolutely!” He chimed in as he watched her lye down on the road. It was warm as the afternoon sun continued its journey across the sky. The little rocks felt their way across her body as her weight pressed down. She was not skinny, with a little extra weight and curves, but he loved that about her. Kneeling down beside her he ran his fingers lightly between her legs, feeling the dirt that had been left behind. It turned her normally white skin a light brown which had normally stood out in a soft embrace since she started waxing her groin. Inspecting the progress so far, he tugged on the sides where the dirt had began to slide in, following the crevices exactly the dirt had rubbed perfectly amongst the folds.

Since giving birth, she had never been tight again. In fact, she became even looser to the point where, she never closed properly. Gazing on that now, he smiled at such a loving, warm, open tunnel before him becoming dirtier and dirtier, almost thrusting to be used by him it the dirty ways they had planned.

Grabbing a handful of dirt from the road, he sprinkled it across her medium sized breasts before moving to her belly. Using his hands like a well trained masseuse, he rubbed it slowly into her body careful to miss nothing. Holding each breast then tip, he moved the dirt around in circles. Grabbing another handful, he held her right hand with his left. Looking up into his eyes, she nodded for his hand to do it. Full of dirt, he pressed it firmly between her legs, cupping her mound tightly. Her head leaned back in excitement and lust as he moved his hand up slightly then down. Working it into her skin and a little inside her. She felt that she could almost cum there, with such a dirty thing being done to her. But they agreed to not orgasm till the end of the day, as she bit her tongue.

She reached down however, grabbing his hand and keeping it in place. Slowly getting up, she rose to her knees then moved to position her legs either side of his right knee, his hand then pressed into his leg as she lowered her weight onto it. With small movements, she grinded herself against his hand and leg as they locked eyes, her breath heavy brushing across his face. Her breasts jiggled in a lustful way at each movement forward and back.

It was hot, so very hot for him to watch her do this, in front of him and on him. She had already done the same to his penis which stood hard, pointing straight to the sky. She leaned over and held it with a squeeze. She knew if she slide her hand either way, he’d probably spurt everywhere.

Two of his fingers, dirt covered fingers found their way straight up inside her. She stopped with his fingers still inside her, suddenly aware of what he had done and pushed inside further. She looked him straight as he leaned in, his breath heavy and scented with their lunch they had eaten. She squeezed his penis harder as she slowly moved closer, forcing his fingers in deeper. He slowly ran his left hand around her body, then on her back pulled her closer, both bodies rising to their knees as they remained locked in positions of dirty lust. Tasting her breath, he leant into her neck below her ear, kissing before his tongue sucked her ear lobe slowly.

She smiled, knowing how much he loves licking and tasting her body, savouring her like fine food that would change the world. He moved his fingers inside her, gently caressing the dirt around which soaked up her juice and turned it slowly into a dirty, smooth mound of love.

The garden smelt strongly of fermenting vegetation and flowers. Even though the sun had started to set, the air was warm with insects and birds actively about. She had laid down upon the freshly dug earth, her eyes twinkling with anticipation at what she just did to his erection with the soil around.

He smiled at her, the one that warms the coldest days kind of smile as he grabbed two handfuls of soil whilst straddling her body. Sprinkling it over her dirty, white skin he rubbed it slowly like he did before, in soft circles around her tits then her lushes mounts which he always loved. Gently but firmly, he rubbed more across her body and legs. If she wasn’t thoroughly dirty before, she was now.

Looking down, she grabbed a handful herself and placed it all at her entrance. Looking up, ‘I want it, and I want you, now, inside me.’ She finished saying in a steady, soft tone.

He moved in closer, her entrance completely hidden by the dirt. He was a muscular man, without a six pack but muscles that stood out sharply. They flexed, supporting his weight as he leaned in over her, his waxed cock completely dirty moved with a predicted pulsating to come. Looking her in the eyes, he slowly pressed the dirt into her entrance as he let it go, allowing his hips to slowly push forward. His hardness was always rock solid, and she felt that immediately as the dirt slid up into her, his meat filling her, probing her sides and depth as he continued to push it in deep.

Finding it at the back of her he stopped, savouring the journey inside and the feeling of both the heat from her body that seemed to be radiating and the dirtiness of his meat covered in dirt moving it all around inside her.

She loved it, the way he paused at the depth inside her, the feeling of his heat inside her and its little pulses mixed with her dirty love tunnel.

‘Make me cum,’ she whispered as she laid ready for a wave upon wave of sexual pleasure. He continued his thrust backwards then forwards, the dirt slurping here and there. Feeling her contractions through his meaty cock, he began to time his thrusts and movements to ride her waves and build on them. His hand was already rubbing her clit before she took over, riding his movements deep inside her.

Her soft, textured inside massaged him with every stroke, reaching out with intimacy through her dirty sex machine.

With the waves getting shorter, he slowly allowed himself to begin his climax, determined to orgasm with her.

One after another she tensed and let out a deep sign, and with that he pumped three good and deep thrusts to achieve the same. Spurting deeply and firmly, she felt his pulsating cock match her contractions briefly as they gripped each other hard, pulling closer and tighter as though they traded each other’s breath to live by.

Ending one: They both laid there, dirty to the bone, or so they felt. Turning to her, the last of his cum dripped off his meaty end landing on her bare knee.

‘What if we stayed like this till tomorrow, or even, the next day?’ She proposed nervously. Unsure how he would take on the idea of staying naked and absolutely dirty and filthy, no showering at all.

“Really? You’d want to stay covered in dirt?” He questioned back.

“That would also mean, the dirt and my cum would stay inside you, even when we make love again?”.

‘Yes, I would like to do it. It just…turns me on, a lot. To be used in such a dirty and filthy way but by someone who loves me deeply, so deeply we married.’ Turning into him more, ‘your penis can be as dirty and filthy and I’d still want you inside me, pulsating, thrusting, releasing up into me.

I love you,’ she finished as their lips met again for a kiss that drew from their hearts and souls.

Ending Two: They laid there, catching their breath, still facing each other as he slowly with drew from her hot, muddy hole. With a soft slurp, it slid out, leaving a beautiful, dirty hole staring up at him still pulsating from their love making. He smiled at such a dirty, messy thing dripping mud and cum, the product of their love making. Resting his flaccid stick of meat against her leg, he ran his hands over her breasts slowly, looking over at her lips and mouth.

“When you’ve caught your breath, I will carry you to the bathroom. And there, with the sponge, I will clean you in the shower head to toe, and inside you,” he whispered before saying, “Dry your body off so that I might taste you again before rubbing oil all over you, massaging it in before tucking you in to sleep,” he finished saying, stroking her hair as she quietly listened, enraptured by his attention to their love and her body which she hated half the time, but never with him.