This is How it all started (prostitution) (part 1)

This is How it all started (prostitution) (part 1)

By Dina Petro

Writer’s Note “Dear fans and readers, all characters in this story are of 18 years old and older, this is a genuine true story, but not of my own life, it is of a close friend’s life, all names and places mentioned are replaced by fake ones to protect the personalities of people involved, I will be writing it in the first person as if she was speaking to you…”
My family was very poor, I was the oldest girl in the family, I had just passed my 18 years of age going to undergraduate school (College), my father died in a car accident and mother was working as a part time house maid for a few houses around the area, whenever she was needed, she could not even earn enough money for the family basic needs to survive and pay the rent.

Around the corner from our house, a small tailor shop owned and ran by an older man, Damien, who was in his fifties, he owned a big apartment in the upper floors of the big building, he has dedicated part of the apartment for his shop, leaving enough space as a bedroom, living room and other needed areas for him to live in.

Damien was the only person who worked in his own shop, he was designing and manufacturing some custom-made clothing for high class, rich people who wanted some rare, handmade clothes, they paid a lot for each piece, also came from all over town for his special work, he was becoming famous among rich people for such type of special work.

Damien was a friend of my family, when he knew our financial situation, he offered mom to let me work at his shop, after school hours, as part time job, offering a generous amount of money as my weekly pay, handing the money to mom at the end of each week, she used them for a family support, which really solved most of the financial problems, along with what she made by working at nearby houses.

My job was mainly, cleaning and organizing the shop, helping Damien with many things here and there, I would help him take some measurements of some customers, even sending the ready garments to the houses of some customers, or bringing the raw material from other places, I have also taken care of his house needs as a maid.

One day, after coming back from school, I reported to work as usual, started doing my normal job, Damien had one of his friends, Charlie, who happened to be almost same age as Damien, and they were having some drinks, playing cards and enjoying their selves.

I was a very good looking young woman, with sexy body curves, my body made me look older than my actual age of barely 19, but all of that was mostly hidden under the old, out of style clothing I used to wear, as most of my clothing came as donations from relatives or neighbors, or even some customers of the tailor shop.

I noticed Damien and Charlie, chatting and laughing, sometimes looking at me, whispering words to each other and laughing, especially after getting partially drunk.

Charlie asked me to come over, pointing for me to sit down on the big couch next to him, I obeyed willingly, speechless and looking down, brining my legs together sideways, both hands together on my lap, signs of being shy and respectful same time.

He said “what is your name cutie?” I mumbled with low voice “My name is Maria sir”

He said “I want to make a deal with you Maria, what do you say to that?”
I said “what?”

He said “why don’t you forget about work today and join us, your boss doesn’t mind if ok with you?”

I looked at him shyly saying “doing what, sir”

He said “I will make a deal with you, cutie, I am sure you can use some extra amount of money for fun and going out with your friends, away from the eye sight of your family, don’t you?”

I was surprised for a moment, and then I looked him in the eyes, with a little smile saying “well, yes, who could say no to that, but doing what? Another job?”

He smiled saying “not at all, it would be a very easy thing” he pulled out his wallet, got a good bundle of money that looked like a lot of money for me, something I have never seen in one piece all my life.

He pushed his hands towards me saying “here, hold this, count it” I took it, counted the money and was a great deal of money, he looked at me smiling and saying “this would be all yours if you agree to our terms”

I said “what terms?”

He said “All you have to do is loosen up, sit with us, entertain us and allow us to do anything we both want, regardless”

That is when Damien interfered saying “Go ahead Maria, take the money from Uncle Charlie, I Guarantee you no harm at all, you just have to cooperate and you would be a rich girl for the rest of the week, I would even give you free time from work for a day or so to enjoy yourself with your friends and spend the money in any way you want”

I was spaced for a moment, very happy, to be honest, I thought to myself, true I was still a virgin, but I was an adult, most, if not all girls my age has lost their virginities a few years ago, I would do anything those older guys want, as long as I get this much money, on top of all of that, a secret leave from work, still paid for and enjoy myself with my friends, or even buy things that I need to buy, I have never had such a chance in my entire life.

The money was still in my hand when I was a waken on the sound of Charlie, holding the other end of the money, trying to pull it out of my hand saying “I am sorry if I offended you Maria, you can forget we said anything about that, just give me back the money, besides, I am not sure if you are old enough to do what we have in mind?”

I held the money real tight between my fingers, pulling it back saying “No sir, please don’t take it, I need it so bad, yes of course I am old enough, I am almost nineteen now, ask Damien, he had checked my ID before hiring me to work for him, I agree to your offer, I would do anything you both want”

He said “anything, and everything, Maria?”

I replied nodding my head “Yes anything you both want, as long as you promise me of no pain or any harm?”

He looked me in the eyes, pulled my head closer to his face, gave me a kiss on the cheek, hugging my body closer to his’ sideways saying “that is my girl, now you are getting wise and smart” he was rubbing my body over my clothes, touching my tits, kissing me on the lips, I was like a toy or a dummy in his hands, neither rejected his act, nor cooperated with him, just sat there and let him do whatever he wanted to do, as if the body he was playing with, was not mine.

Damien, got up, filled a glass with alcohol, brought it over, sat next to me on the couch, took the other side of Charlie, making me in the middle in between both of them, he offered me the drink, I was surprised, true, I did not drink alcohol till then explicitly, but I remember drinking the left overs of what he had in some of his glasses, I liked it in a way as it made me relax and feel comfortable (tipsy).

I said “is this for me? I can’t, I guess I am not supposed to drink” he smiled saying “Yes honey, you can, you are old enough, but if you don’t want your family to notice, we have enough time to make you super up before you go home, besides I have a good gum that would make all the odors disappear, your mom would never notice anything”

I said “Are you sure Damien?”

He nodded saying “positive, it would help you relax and enjoy what would happen, instead of doing it as part of the job” we all laughed, I took the glass from his hand taking a sip of it, it is not the first time I taste it as I said before, as soon as I set my glass on the coffee table, they started touching me all over, both of them together, stripping my clothes off of me.

All I was doing was watching them, following their hands, till I was topless, each of them took a breast, rubbing and started sucking on my nipples both at the same time, I cannot deny that I started to enjoy having two old men touching me all over, it made me feel good, I was speeding up the process of drinking alcohol, once my glass was empty, he refilled it for me.

I was feeling tipsy and fully relaxed when I noticed I was already totally naked still sitting between them, I felt their hands alternating on touching my pussy, they lay me on my back, Damien at my head side while Charlie was making himself comfortable between my legs, he was rubbing my pussy, while Damien was rubbing my tits, sucking my nipples and kissing me on the mouth.

As of a sudden while Damien was kissing me mouth to mouth, I felt my whole body trembled on a very strange feeling I have never experienced before, it was something strange but felt good same time, I pulled my head away from Damien and looked down to find that Charlie was licking my pussy, first time a man or even any body does that to me at that point of time.

It felt so good, making me feel some strange changes to my body that I was not used to, I felt my pussy was getting wet and slippery, I even noticed my pussy swelling upwards, my pussy lips parting and pointing outward, I was scared at the beginning as I was totally inexperienced when it came to sex.

I left Damien alone and held Charlie’s head with both hands, actually trying to pull it away from my pussy, but he put some strength to it that out powered my pulling strength, it wasn’t long before my hands loosened up on his head, then without noticing I found my hands pulling his head into my pussy, against my thinking and my own well, I did not know what was happening.

I was trying to hide my feelings and reactions as I was just doing them something in return for what they paid me, but some moans were escaping from my mouth, my body was trembling and shaking, that is when Damien got up, bringing his cock closer to my mouth offering it for me to suck, I have never sucked a cock to that point, but I spread my lips apart and let it slide between them, I started sucking it while he was giving me instructions on what to do, same time doing his best to push it further and deeper into my mouth, causing me to almost gage on it.

Another strange thing that I felt over my pussy a moment later, I looked again to see Charlie on his knees between my legs, holding his cock in his hand, rubbing its head to my pussylips, I liked the new feeling, that is why I neither stopped him nor even tensed, I just let go and relaxed my body to the extreme, especially that I was partially drunk myself.

They both had what I would call average size cocks, around seven inches long, but Charlie’s was a little thinner than Damien’s, he was pushing it in with some efforts, but not much force as it did not need any, I felt it sliding in me, although I was a virgin till that moment.

Soon enough I felt some burning and an itch in my pussy that made me let out some sounds that sounded like pain, but it was not that much, right after that, Charlie gets closer to my face saying “baby, my cock is all the way in your sweet little cunny”

My mouth dropped wide open when I asked “what do you mean? I am a virgin”

He smiled whispering into my ear while fucking me saying “you were a virgin darling, but no longer, but I assure you that you were, do you want to see?”

Maybe I was surprised, but not mad or upset for that, I was totally convinced it was time I lose my virginity anyway, I nodded with a grin of surprise, he pulled out of me slowly pointing at some blood droplets around the shaft of his dick, saying “these are the left overs of breaking into your hymen” then he pushed it back in me, started slamming it in and out of my pussy while I was moaning of joy this time, not pain.

He got his mouth much closer to my ear again while fucking me in and out and whispered in my ear while laughing “honey, no matter what you have heard or seen on porn clips so far, I would tell you that, no need for a long, strong young cock to make you lose your virginity, what it needs is a little experience and lots of brains to do it right, even an older man like me could make you lose it as easy as I just did, you did not even feel losing it”.

I just smiled enjoying his cock in me and said, “I have to agree with you Uncle Charlie, you are good, I had nightmares about the pain of losing my virginity”.

Charlie started breathing harder, pulled out of my pussy and started shooting some white thick cream over my crotch area, right above my pussy, he came up and kissed me on the lips, they both got up, switched places, Charlie offered me his cock to suck the left overs of his cum mixed with my pussy juices, while I felt Damien pushing his’ deeper in my pussy replacing Charlie’s.

After I sucked Charlie’s cock dry clean again, he pulled out of me, but Damien continued fucking my pussy till he came, same way Charlie did, letting his cum seep on my pussy mound over Charlie’s.

They both got up, took showers in both bathrooms of the house, while I stayed there, relaxing and looking at my wasted body, which felt great same time, but it was all first time for me, on their way out, they both told me to take my time relaxing, then to take a shower, drink some coffee to super up before I go back to my house.

To be continued in part 2

Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
[email protected]