Edging / Gooning

Hi, I’m 25 yr old male and not particularly “good looking” and so have not been very successful with the ladies but I do have a good body and also 8.5ins of rock-solid muscle. So with my lack of success with the ladies I decided to experiment with different methods of pleasuring myself.

Over the past year or so I discovered the pleasure of prolonged masturbation by wondering what would it be like if I could resist that urge to climax for a given time by doing slow light gentle strokes on my stiff cock and recognising the crisis point as it approached and stopping and letting the urge subside till I was confident I could hold onto my semen and then continue stimulation once again. It took a lot of self-discipline, determination and will power but now I have advanced this method further to “edging” which I had not heard of at the time but have now become quite proficient and skilled at involving oh so slowly taking myself to the point of orgasm and keeping just short of exploding, it takes a hell of a lot of discipline and determination but I now consider myself as almost an expert in the art of prolonged self-pleasuring. I have now taken this practice one step further after experiencing the unbelievable intense and explosive climax that is possible with this technique.

I now practice “Prolonged Edging” but with a twist, this involves waiting “at least” a week without any sexual activity so my nut sack feels full of goo, I wait till I know I have lots of free time and then get to work on myself. Let me talk you through a typical session. First I get prepared by laying down old bath towels on the rug on the floor and cover the sofa behind me in dust sheets, two or three pillows placed on the rug leaning against the sofa so I know I’m gonna be comfortable, I get a small low table and place it in front of where I’ll be sitting and on the table I stand my 10ins screen tablet, I get a tube of durex lube and a roll of tissues and put it within easy reach when I’m seated, I then shave the base of my cock and my tight nut sack totally, I also have a mirror strategically placed to watch the proceedings and a tiny HD camera that will record everything.

I put my favorite porn site on my tablet where I have countless movies of gorgeous girls masturbating themselves to orgasm using vibratos and other various toys. Before I even sit down with my legs open and my feet either side of the small table my cock is already rigid and my sack firm and tight in anticipation of the pleasure to come. Watching the movies I start by just lightly teasing and tormenting my shaft and the plumb like swollen head with my fingertips, after about 5mins of this a blob of clear fluid appears and soon it starts to trickle down my shaft and over my tight nut sack, I keep this up for about 15/20mins then I set the timer on my phone for 1hr 30mins this means I am not even allowed to think about draining my sack until that alarm goes off!

Now it’s time to lube up my now throbbing muscle so I squeeze it liberally all over the head and then start to smear it all down the shaft. By now I’m starting to moan with the sensations and I feel my bunched-up sack tighten even more. I continue slowly, lightly and expertly stroking the shaft and the clear fluid is now leaking constantly out of my cock and I feel myself getting dangerously close to crisis point for the first time so moaning I whip my hand away from my cock and let the pent up goo settle back in my sack. Now the task is to continue to repeat this over and over again and each time it gets harder and harder and I have no idea when the alarm will go off as it’s out of sight!

Soon I’m really struggling to hold onto my seed as I have reached my crisis point countless times and I’m now moaning and groaning out loud with the effort and I am having to stop every minute to keep myself in check, looking in the mirror I can see my sack now all scrunched and bunched up tight as a drum so to make things even harder and more pleasurable every time I stop edging my cock I squeeze and tug at my sack making me gag and gasp with lust, as soon as I feel I can continue within seconds I’m winging, whining and cursing out loud and have to stop for at least a few minutes, my cock not only visibly throbbing but twitching involuntarily too.

Then the alarm goes off and now I have to make the decision do I finish myself off, or, here’s the twist, stop completely, which I have been doing lately, calling it semen retention and I will have to go about my daily business with a sack full of goo and a permanent semi hard on till the next opportunity to repeat it all over again! I usually base my decision on my last session, if I spunked myself dry on the last session this time I will hold onto it and if I didn’t and held on to it then it’s time to let it all spray out but that is not always the case I have done up to three sessions in the past and managed to hold on to it all, I did that just to see if I could, and for those wondering I just don’t seem to ever have wet dreams! Anyway This was last session I did and the one before I retained it all so now is the time for blessed relief, so very carefully, slowly and lightly I start to pleasure my cock once more, and yet once again I feel that crisis point approaching and as I get right to the edge I stimulate the shaft really slowly and lightly this allows me to really feel the pressure build in my sack which is now tied up in knots and although I am not going to stop this time I still do my best to hold on to it all but can’t, I feel my cock swell up and harden even more, then for a few seconds I’m in “no man’s land” gasping and gagging, Then I let go a loud squeal of delight as I feel the surge of excruciating pent up seething goo leave my sack and start filling my cock, seconds later with a gasp of delight my cock sort of jumps and a spray of goo squirts out with such ferocity it flies over my head and left shoulder some of it splashing the back of the sofa behind me some spraying my hair and some splashing over my face, then the full contents is squirting out, spraying jet after spraying jet of seething semen splashing all over my head, face, neck, shoulders and all over my upper chest! It’s not unusual after a prolonged edging session for my cock to squirt anything from 10 to 15 jets of goo out, I know cos it’s all on camera.