I cheated for a huge dick. It was great.

I’ve been married for many years to my wonderful husband. But, I’ve cheated on him many times. I feel bad but when I’m out drinking I get so loose and very horny. He knows I’ve cheated but he has no idea how much. When we’re in bed he asks me about the guys I’ve fucked and wants me to tell him what they do to me and I do to them. It makes his dick so hard. I love telling him stuff.
He has a friend that always flirts with me even in front of my husband. I always blow it off like it’s nothing but he’s called me several times and always talks dirty to me when he calls. He tells me how he would like to fuck me with his big dick. I didn’t know if he had a big one or not until I saw him at a McDonalds. He had on spandex shorts and a muscle shirt. He had just got done running and working out. Well, it’s big, I mean big, big. It was soft and wow. He caught me looking at it and smiled.
My husband bowls and he had to go to a tournament on the weekend and I most always stay home when he goes, as I did with this weekend. The tournament was out of state so they took a plane.
I went out drinking with my girlfriend and we had several drinks and a great time. I’m sure I would have gone to jail if I had been pulled over because I was very high from drinking and smoking a joint.
On my way home I was stopped at a stop light and who pulled up beside me? None other than David, alias, big dick. It was real late, almost 1:30 in the morning. He tooted his horn, rolled down his window and said, “What are you doing out this late?” I said, “Going’ home.” There wasn’t anybody behind us so he said, “Pull over up here.” So, I got behind him and he pulled off on this side street and went behind this church and stopped. He got out of his car and opened my car door and helped me out. I was standing, actually leaning against my open car door. We stood there talking about what we had been doing earlier in the night. I told him I had been out with my girlfriend drinking and he said he had been on a date with some new girl he just met. I said, “How’d you do, get lucky?” He said, “No, I did not.”
Just then he reached over grabbed me and started kissing me. I can feel his dick getting hard as he’s pushing it into me. He held both my hands, stood back looking at me and said “Man, you look so good in your little dress.” I said, “Thank you.” He pulled me to him again reaching around grabbing my butt with both hands then stopped and said, “You’re not wearing underwear are you?” I said, “I never do.”
He kissed me and run his hands under my dress rubbing my ass and then he reached around and grabbed my hairless pussy and said, “Oh, fuck.” “How can your husband let you go out like this?” “Isn’t he gone to that bowling tournament this weekend?”
I said, “Yes, he’s gone but he likes me not wearing panties.” “He likes it a lot.”
I said, “I gotta sit down a minute.” So, I sat down in the car with my legs and feet out on the ground. He said, “You alright?” I said, “Yeah, just a little drunk. He said, “I’m not a drinker.”
Then he took my hand and put it on his dick and started rubbing it. I looked up at him and he stepped forward, pulled out his dick and grabbed the back of my head, put it against my mouth and said, “Suck it for me.” I just opened my mouth and started sucking. He put his hands together on the back of my head and started pushing it down my throat. Oh, my gosh he was big. It hurt my jaws to be that open. He kept saying, “Suck baby, suck my big dick.” It felt so good when I was running my tongue over the head. He said, “I’ve been wanting you for years and now you’re sucking my dick.” He said, “I’ve jacked off before thinking about fucking you.” Then he pulled me up out of the car, pulled me into him, kissed me, turned me around, bent me over and stuck that big dick in my pussy.He had to push 4 times to get all of it in. Man, I was stuffed with that dick. Then he started fucking me and it was the best dick I ever had. I’m leaning over the side of the car and he’s fucking me so hard I start cumming all over his dick.
He said, “Oh yeah baby, cum on my big dick.” It was all slick now going in and out with no hesitation. Oh my gosh, I’ve never been fucked like that. He was grabbing my titties, pulling me into his dick. I gotta tell you, it hurt, but it hurt so good. He said, “Where do you want me to cum?” I said, “Wherever you want.”
So, he started pumping faster and harder. His dick got bigger and he cum in my pussy, a lot. I could feel it shooting in me a bunch of times. He pulled out of me turned me around and kissed me. I went back to the car seat and sat down. He was standing in front of me with his dick hanging out of his pants. We were talking about how great it was and all and I reached up and started rubbing his dick. He stood there threw his head back and said, “Oh baby, you’re gonna make me hard again.”
I kept rubbing and touching it and I’ll be damned he got hard again. He stepped forward and stuck it in my mouth. He said, “You’re gonna have to suck me now and I’m gonna cum in that pretty mouth, so get ready.” He fucked my mouth a pretty long time running it down my throat and pulling it out wanting me to suck and lick the head. He would shiver when I would flick my tongue on the back of the head. I wasn’t gonna swallow his cum but I thought if he sticks that dick way down I won’t have much choice. He started getting ready, I could tell. His dick was getting bigger and he was fucking me faster. He took my head his hands leaned forward and started pushing it deep into my throat. I was having a hard time getting air. I pushed him back a little, got a breath and he pulled my mouth on his dick and cum down my throat. I had to swallow. His dick felt like it was stuck in my throat. He kept shooting cum and jerking as he pushed his dick in my throat until I thought I was gonna pass out. He let go of my head and I gasp for air. He said, “Oh, baby, I’m sorry. I was in my own little world with your mouth on my dick.”
We kissed, talked, touched each other. He put his hand on my pussy rubbing and squeezing it. He loved my hairless pussy with no underwear. He said, “I’ll have a hard on the next time I see you knowing what I know.”
I went home so fully fucked I was sore the next day. It felt great. I might have to fuck him again and again.

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