Am I Bi?

Hey my name is Alex 42m. I never acted on my bi curious thoughts before. I did experiment with pegging sucking on the strap on alittle. It was satisfying and erotic but not fulfilling. Anyway I would always push them aside and suppress them. I have recently made friends with a bi female her name is Charlotte. We hit it off good. After her divorce she ended up moving in wth me. We have ingaged in sexually relations. I have even been with her girlfriend and her at the same time. During our talks, sex would come up, seems to always come up. But its fine with me. Listening to some of her stories has made these thoughts come rushing back. Once again I was thinking what it would be like to suck a rod and swallow. I was thinking about it alot. Reading bi sex stories. Even had a few dreams about doing it. During one of Charlotte’s and my talks. She asked me did I really want to do it. I replied yes I do. She said do it then. Worst thing that can happen is you won’t like, but you would know if you did like it or not. Or course it made since. I asked what it was like. She started telling me what it felt like to let it get hard and it filling your mouth full. What cum felt like when it exploded in your mouth and down your throat and what it tasted like. Also that. it was better not to know when he was going to cum, it was more exciting that way, but be prepaired and not rush it.This made me hard as hell. Charlotte seem my hard on and said let me take care of that, sucking me till i went soft. Yes you guessed it. I was thinking about sucking and swallowing while she relieved me.
Over the next few months while out. I would find myself checking out guys. I was sizing them up and looking at their bulges and asses. I was like what the fuck is wrong with me.
One day I was sitting in a restaurant waiting for my food drinking a cold one, I looked up when I heard the door bell. There he was. He was about 5’8 nice tan blue eyes brown hair clean cut. Not muscular but built. He was on the phone and hadn’t notice me checking him out. At this point I was looking at his crotch, wondering what it looked like how big it was, he had a nice bulge. I went for one last glance our eyes met. Yeah he caught me staring his package out. He smiled I shyly looked away. I heard him ordering his food , he to ordered a beer. To my surprise he walked up and asked if he could join me. I said sure. He told me
his name was Rodney, I told him my name. We shit chatted for a while waiting for our food. We talked about fishing, camping and a few other things. About that time, they called my name for my order. I got up saying that’s me it was nice talking you. He told me to take his number, that maybe we could hangout sometime. We said our good byes. I picked up my food and left.
All the way back home I thought about Rodney. I was like a school kid. I couldn’t wait to get back home and tell Charlotte. When I walk in the door Charlotte has her tongue stuck in her girlfriend’s pussy her ass stuck up in the air. Next thing I know my dick is deep in Charlotte’s wet hot pussy hole. The whole time thinking about Rodney. My thoughts were interrupted by Charlotte’s girlfriend moaning out loudly that she was going to cum. My nuts swelled up I was going to also. Charlotte knew to. She pushed herself further onto my cock and I shot my load deep inside her. Sandy left and Charlotte and I sat on the couch naked. This wasn’t unusual for us after we had sex. I start telling her about Rodney. About how nice he was, how he caught me looking at his package and me checking him out. Charlotte made one of her sly comments pulling at my once again hard rod. He must be hot, maybe I should break him in for you. Winking at me. A few hours later I am hanging in the livingroom watching some TV, when my phone goes off. I pick it up, it’s Rodney. “Hey buddy. What’s up?” Damn 3 hours later after meeting, he’s hitting me up. This is great. I answer him back “Watching some tv.” We text back and fourth a bit. It ended with “Do you want to hang out tomorrow?” I replied, “Sure!”
The next day at work. I couldn’t wait for my shift to end. We had been texting on and off most of the day.
Driving to his house I was nervous as fuck. I arrived at his house, sitting in my car debating rather or not should I go to the door. I didn’t what to expect from him. Finally I told myself fuck it jumped out of my truck proceeded to his door. I got the courage up and knocked. Well no going back now. Rodney answered the door in a tank top and gym shorts. Wow is all I could think, he was looking pretty sexy.
He said come on in make yourself comfortable. You wanna beer he asked. I said sure. What do you know he come back with 2 ice cold XX my number 1 go to beer. We just sat there shooting the shit about our jobs, women, fishing pretty much anything men talk about among themselves. I began to think he wasn’t interested the way I was. Then the conversation made a turn. So have you ever be with a man before? Rodney asked. I kind of froze at first. Then I replied! No but have thought about it often. He started rubbing his cock. Do you wanna try it.
Without any hesitation a reached over and started rubbing his crotch though his thin gym shorts. He was a nice size. Thinking to myself I made it this far. With that thought I leaned over and put my mouth on his cock with his shorts still covering his rising manhood. Finally thinking to myself here is your chance, also hearing Charlotte in my head saying, “Do it!”
I started sliding his shorts down revealing the head, I continued it sprung out. I just stared at it. Thinking what am I doing. Rodney raised up to remove his shorts from underneath his ass. As he did his hard cock was in my face I hadnt noticed till then that it was shaven. I finished sliding his shorts off them hitting the floor around his ankles. Apparently he had something in mind considering he had no underwear on.
I leaned in wrapped my hand around his rod stroking it, damn he was big. I was wondering if i was going to be able to handle his size. Rodney began to moan. I don’t know what it was but hearing him moan made me fall prey it was hot. I lowered my head pressing his tip to my lips. In the back of my head I heard Charlotte saying just don’t shove it in. Take it slow to get your mouth adjusted to his length and width. I started opening my mouth lowering my head i kept my lips tight still alittle unsure. Still jacking him.
Rodney moaned again putting his hand on the back of my head. With that I opened my mouth and his mushroom head popped in. Omg! Finally I had a dick in my mouth. I flicked my tongue over his head licking the crevasses. I started working my way down slowly working it into my mouth. I made one last downward motion I felt his whole length head touching the back of my throat, to my surprise I did not gag. I just thought he was hard as Rodney grew bigger in my mouth. That’s was it for me. Here I was with a strangers long, rock solid hard, throbbing cock in my mouth. I loved it. My dick was rock hard as well throbbing.
I started working my head up and down his rod. Sucking the head. What the hell and down I went deep throating him. At this point Rodney moaning had intensified telling me thats it suck my dick. I cupped my hand around his swelled balls gently squeezing. He let out long intense moan. I knew he was getting close. I kept on working his rock hard dick like I was a pro. Charlotte would be proud of me I thought as I deepthroated again filling the back of my throat. Rodney let out another loud moan followed by “OMG I am fixing to cum.” I remember thinking well Alex here it is.
Rodney starts to try to pull out. I grabbed his hips pushing him back towards me. Shoving his cock deep onto my hot mouth.
As the head went into my throat again, I felt his rod swell Rodney cries out ” Here it cums.” I am working on this dick like there is no tomorrow. I feel his head swell Rodney let’s out a loud grunt as he grabs my head. There it was. A thick hot load of his cum in my mouth. I started swallowing. He just kept pumping my mouth full of his sweet cum, it seemed like for 10 mins. Omg I was loving it was nothing like I had imagined. It was better. I felt the front of my my pants getting wet as I cum myself. Moaning with his cock filling my mouth. I just kept bobbing my head like a cork in the lake swallowing every last drop of his sweet cum. I grabbed it in my hand squeezing every bit I could get out. I released his pulsating dick out of my mouth. I leaned against chest playing with him. I was hooked I wanted him in my mouth again. Rodney just laid there. He finally said. “So you have never done that before?” I replied nope. He said damn. He began to get hard again on my hand. He asked me did I want to try anal. I told him maybe some other time. So I sucked him limp again. We have had several more encounters. Maybe I will share another story maybe I won’t. Till then! I am going to go suck Rodney’s dick again.

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