A Horrible Night For Betting

My husband and I cruised Patton Avenue one night in our old 1965 Econoline Deluxe Van and I can say we caused quite the stir too. And with good reasons too, my husband Jimmy had painted it a deep purple and limo tinted the windows all the way around. He had the words Pimp Machine written in small gold cursive lettering, just below the window on the driver’s door. I didn’t much care for the name but he put it on there anyways.
We would cruise our way along the two mile strip and then do a U-turn at the red light and cruise the other side. And we did this over and over at a whopping 25 miles an hour. That’s how the kids do it so that’s how we did it. I can say kids because I’m forty eight and Jimmy is fifty one. We were having a high old time following some very souped up modern day vehicles like, Corvettes,Porsche,Beetles and Trucks with lift kits. But there were no vintage cars, except for our old 65 and that’s probably where our trouble started. That and Jimmy’s desire for competition.
A big Ford F-150 pulled up beside us as we were cruising along. It was pretty truck,Red with lots of chrome. There were three guys it and five in the bed. They were all laughing and carrying on and having a good time. My husband shifted into second and stomped it and our Van jolted forward and barked it’s tires. We left the kids behind in a flash.
“Honey be careful.Slow down!” I am the one who thinks between the two of us when Jimmy gets in one of his impulsive moods.
Jimmy whopped and yelled and finally let off of the accelerator when we hit fifty five,”Fucking feel that engine,Carly! Don’t it just make your pussy wet, baby!!”
I giggled and nodded. Speed did tend to make me wet, but Jimmy already knew that. When we first met over twenty five years ago, he had this piece of crap 63 mustang, but goodness the car would scoot! He took me out on a date to the abandoned speedway. He showed me what the old Stang could do. And in the process I became so wet that my virgin pussy was actually leaking through my panties.
Either Jimmy, sensed that it turned me on maybe could smell me. I don’t know. But he pulls into the grassy pit area and I let him take my virginity right there on the hood of that old mustang. I bled horribly as he fucked me hard. I had my first orgasm that night and when he came inside me, I knew in my heart that we would be together for the rest of our lives. He is my one and only. And that’s also the night Jimmy jr (JJ) was conceived.
The Red pick up finally caught up to us at the red light. The driver sticks his head out the window and smiled lewdly at me and then he flicks his tongue. I ignored his childish play. He was an ugly pimpled face kid with a blond crew cut. He looked as if he played football for the local university, so the others guys that were in his truck.
Jimmy gets pissed off and shoots him the bird,”Your just pissed off because we licked you.”
“Let me lick your old lady and we’ll call it even.”,the driver yelled back.
“Not a one of your could handle my woman.”,Jimmy laughed.
I looked at my husband wide eyed,”Don’t,Jimmy!”
At that moment the red light turned green and Jimmy gunned it and so did the truck. The Van walked off and left the pretty red truck behind. Jimmy busted out laughing,”What a shiny red piece of shit!”
I started giggling,”It is slow isn’t it?” Watching the truck in the side mirror as it lagged further and further behind. The red light caught us and we had to stop again. The truck pulled along side of this time a good bit closer. Our side mirrors nearly touched.I swallowed hard and looked at my husband.
The driver rolls his window down.”That shit ain’t fair old man. You didn’t tell us you wanted to race.” He revs his engine.
“Piss off! You couldn’t keep up.”
“Well lets see what that piece of shit can really do? Lets race for a wager.”
“Wager? What kind of wager?”
He waved a hundred dollar bill out the window at us.
“I don’t have a hundred dollars on me,son.”
The kid laughed,”You got your old lady there. You lose she takes off all her clothes and she gives me a blow job in front of all my boys.”
My mouth dropped and I looked at Jimmy! Jimmy just laughed and patted my knee. “No deal?”
He reached back in the truck and came up with two more one hundred dollar bills. So it was three hundred dollars he was waving at us now.
Jimmy stopped laughing and I even took notice.”Three hundred dollars.”
Jimmy looked at me,”Three hundred dollars!” he whispered to me.
“Jimmy?” I looked out the window at the three guys in the front seat and the four guys in the back bed of the truck.”There are seven guys in that pick up truck.”
“We can’t lose baby. Besides you like giving head.”
“Only to you,Jimmy! No one else!” I whispered back.
“A dick is a dick. Besides were not going to lose.”,He squeezed my hand,”Come on baby, we’ll buy a couples massage with the money.And we haven’t had a couples massage in quite sometime.”
I smiled,”We certainly haven’t. I thought about the wine and the cheese and those wonderful chocolate covered strawberries. Oh and those warm comfy robes. “Okay! But Jimmy you better not lose!”
He smiled at me and revs the engine,”We’re not going to loose,Baby.”

We fucking LOST! The red truck let us get the lead and then he hammered down and blew our doors off. And it all took less then two minutes.
I looked at Jimmy and he looked at me.
I started smacking him on the shoulder,”We lost Jimmy! You said we couldn’t LOSE!What the Hell!!” I shouted angrily.
“I’m sorry, Carly. The kid played us!”
“He played you,not me. Now I’m gonna have to…” Gosh I felt so dizzy now. My blood pressure was through the roof.
The driver put his middle finger out the window and motioned for us to follow him. And Jimmy did, right in the dark parking lot of an abandoned K-mart.
The parking lot had quite a few cars parked in it. The windows steamed over on most of them. It was place to make out for the cruisers. We followed the truck around behind the building and suddenly it guns its and turns around doing a complete three eighty. I don’t how the guys in the bed of the truck didn’t fall out.
The truck’s light nearly blinded us. Jimmy put the van in park and cut the engine.”Let me talk to them.”
All the guys piled out of the truck and walked to the front of the truck. They were college kids to be sure and they were looking right at me, with their hungry young eyes.
“I don’t think they’re gonna listen to you honey.” I said. The guys we’re all there to see me blow their leader.
“Stay right here,Baby.” Jimmy got out of the van and the driver met him half way. He looked a lot bigger out of the truck and was certainly bigger than my husband.
I started to get very nervous now as I see the two of them exchanging words. Suddenly the driver shoved my husband and he fell on his ass. Jimmy got up and walked back to the Van with his head hung low. He stood by the driver’s door but he didn’t get in.
The driver walked around to my side of the Van and looked in at me and I looked at him and he stuck his hand through the window, “My names Peter, whats yours?” he said introducing his self.
I looked at his hand and then back at him. I didn’t take his hand,”Carly.” I said without any enthusiasm behind it.
“Your hubby and I talked it over and we have agreed to leave it up to you.You either cash out on the bet, or your husband gives me this sweet ride here and you two can be on your merry way. Hows that sound”, he laughed. “Either way I’m the winner.”
I became utterly pissed off at that moment,”You’re an arrogant asshole Peter. Showing off for your friends like this. I bet you have a little dick too.I bet it ain’t even worth my time.” I snapped.
Peter’s stupid smirk left his face,”You fucking old cow! How dare you? Here I am giving you a chance to suck a young dick and you throw it back at me!”
“I’m sure it’s not big enough to back at you.” I winked.
Slowly his lips pulled into a smirk,”I bet your not any good at sucking a guy’s dick.”
I laughed,”Oh are we betting now. Because that’s one sure bet you’ll lose.”
He shook his head,”Nah! I’d win that bet as easily as I whipped your husband’s ass in our race.”
“Well now,shall we let your body make that decision?”,I smiled.
Peter looked at me confused,”What do you mean by that?”
I rolled my blue eyes at him and brushed back my blond hair and sighed,”Look dumb butt. I bet you I can make you cum in five minutes or less.”
Peter busted out laughing,”Bullshit! I got more staying power than your fucking husband,bitch!”
I giggled and shook my head,”I can make my husband cum in three minutes flat baby boy. I took into consideration that you might last just little longer,so that’s how I come up with five minutes.”
Peter smiled dumbly. And I do believe he thought that what I said was a compliment to his prowess. I rolled my eyes. Men!
“Okay,you little slut soccer mom, what do you want to bet?”
I smiled and accepted his slut soccer mom comment. I mean I am a hot ex-soccer mom.”Alright,I’ll bet my pussy to you if you can last more than five minutes,Sweetheart. And WHEN you lose, which undoubtedly you will, you’ll give me the three hundred dollars you tempted my husband with.”
“You got yourself a bet,bitch!” He laughs. “Let me go tell the guys.”
I shook my head,”I want this to be between you and me, not them. I don’t want you distracted. I want all your attention on me.”
“I’m cool with that. But I still need to tell them that the plans have changed.”
I smiled and nodded. Then I reached over and knocked on the driver’s door,”Honey?”
Jimmy opened the door and climbed in with a worried look on his face.
“Jimmy I want you to take out your cellphone set a time for five minutes.”
Jimmy looked at me confused.
I shot him a look,”Just do it,Okay,Honey?!” I snapped.
He quickly nodded and pulled his cellphone from his pocket.
I watched Peter talking to his posse of idiots. They talked for what took two or three minutes.
“What’s up honey?”
I gave Jimmy a heated look,”What do you think,Jim?” I saw my husband tense. He knew he was in trouble when I called him Jim and not Jimmy. I explained the bet that I’d made with Peter. And he nodded with down cast eyes. This was tearing him up,knowing I was gonna have to put my lips on another man’s cock.
After a few minutes Peter came running back to my side of the Van.”Change of plans.”
“What do you mean,Peter?”
“I’ve talked it over with the guys and they think we need to sweeten the pot.”
“No fucking way,asshole!” Jimmy snapped.
I just laughed and patted my husbands knee,”Calm down,Honey. I mean weren’t you the one that told me that a dick is dick. Remember?” I pinched his cheek.
I knew I weren’t gonna lose, so I nodded,”Get in and let get you to cumming,sweetie.”
“Fuck,yes!”, Peter exclaimed and pulled the latch on the large sliding door and hopped in. I looked at my husband and smiled and then crawled into the back with Peter. “I’ll tell you when to start the timer.” I told Jimmy and he nodded. Then I crawled into the back of the Van with Peter. We climbed up on the back bunk which was pretty spacey, Jimmy and I have fucked on it several times. I like it because it’s firm on my back.
Peter was all hands with me at first.Shoving his paws down the front of my dress to grab my breasts and another between my legs. I felt my dress tear at the front and I pushed him back.It was my favorite yellow and white summer dress and I didn’t want him to destroy it for goodness sake!
“You need to calm down,Peter or I’m gonna win this bet without even putting my mouth on your cock.” I giggled and began unbuttoning the front of my dress and I slipped it off and laid it on the captain’s chair. I saw his mouth drop at the sight of me in my lacy white bra and my matching thong.
“Oh shit!”,Peter said, pulling his shirt off and tossing it on my dress.
I smiled and nodded at his red and black basketball shorts. He immediately pulled them off under wear and all, because his soft uncircumcised cock bounced freely as he tossed his shorts on the floor.
I looked at my husband who was watching so intently from the driver’s seat. I smiled at Jimmy and nodded and he returned my smile.
“Suck my dick,Carly.” Peter said almost desperately.
“Shhh!” I said and gently laid him back.His long legs hanging over the edge of the bunk. I kissed him on the lips and ran my hand down his washboard stomach.”I’m not gonna suck your dick until your up,Honey. And when my lips touches your cock, my husband will start the timer. Okay?” I lowered my hand and touched his cock. I didn’t grab it or anything, I just ran my fingers over it and I rubbed it lightly.
“Do you like that,Peter? Do you like finger tips stroking your big cock?” I asked.
Peter nodded,”Yesss.”
I smiled kissed his lips and he pushed his tongue into my mouth. I sucked it and licked inside his mouth.
I haven’t been with any other man but my husband, so I only knew how please just him. And now I was using that knowledge to please Peter. And I was doing a good job because his cock was getting so stiff, and to tell the truth it wasn’t all that small either.He was a comfortable seven inches and fairly thick too. Thicker than Jimmy.
I wrapped my fingers around Peter’s cock and I began stroking stroking it.”Do you want my lips on your cock, Sweetie?”
“Do it, Baby. Suck my dick like the whore you are.”
I smiled,”So you think I’m a whore?”
He looked at me nodded,”Your a whore,so get down there and suck it.”
I winked at him. I knew it was turning him on to say these things and I knew the more he turned on the closer he would be to cumming. “Do you want to cum in my whore mouth,Peter.Do you just want to dump your load so deep inside my throat, that I choke on it.”
“Yes I do.” he hissed.
“I’ll take all you got and then some,Peter.” I raised up and slid down from the bunk and positioned myself between his legs. Then I looked at Jimmy and nodded for him to start the timer and he did.
I pushed my mouth over Peter’s cock and took him deep inside. His thickness stretched my esophagus as I swallowed him. And I did it without the slightest gag.
“OH FUCK!”,Peter gasped and begins thrusts his hips to meet the rhythm of my mouth.
I could taste his precum now and it tasted wonderful, it tasted like victory. It actually tasted better than Jimmy’s. I paused a just for a moment and I made little circles with my tongue on his his tip.
“Oh Shit! Oh fuck Carlyyy!”
I pushed the tip of my tongue inside his pee hole and that was all it took. Peter began spraying streams of cum inside my mouth as he orgasms. And I gladly swallowed it all. When he stopped cumming I greedily sucked the head of his cock coaxing more of his warm gooey goodness into my mouth.
Peter arched his back,”Stop! Oh shit, please! I can’t take it anymore!” he cried.
I pulled my lips from the little cry baby and looked over my shoulder at Jimmy. He was smirking to beat the band. And he held up the timer and my mouth dropped. “Two minutes and thirty eight seconds.” I laughed. Then I looked at Peter who was now sitting up on his elbows, looking absolutely exhausted and mortified.
I smiled at him,”Goodness what in the world will your posse think of you now, Peter.” I giggled and picked up the cellphone and reached to open the door.
“No! Please DON’T”
I ignored him and opened the door to find all six of his friends standing just outside the Van. I laughed and held the phone up for them to see the time. And they started laughing.
Peter was so embarrassed that he pulled on,only his Basketball shorts. He grabbed the three hundred dollars from his pocket and tossed it at me. “You Bitch!” He shouts and jumps out of the Van and pushes past his friends and he literally runs to his truck. Then I looked at his friends,”Sorry fellas,no pussy for you here.” I laughed and slid the door shut in their faces.
My husband and I went home that night three hundred dollars richer, and the next morning you better believe I called and reserved us an appointment for a couples massage. 🙂
The End