The caged nun

I only wear the hood and the black thong, she lays me down on the bed and penetrates me, I love to feel her enter. He is very handsome, I like to feel how that beautiful and muscular body moves when he penetrates me and begins to move rhythmically. I move at the same time above me. I move at the same time and touch her torso, my tits and my pubis, she enjoys my nipples giving me a lot of pleasure. and he also touches all my pubes and my clioris, at first I only touched his torso but now I also touch his legs, he has a hard and firm body just like his hands, I like to notice how he touches the most intimate corners of my body although the rest also of my body. We both gasp and moan with pleasure, he kisses me and I tell him that I love him and I am very grateful. He tells me that he loves to enjoy me and soon I will be able to enjoy with others, we both stop every time we are going to ejaculate, finally we manage to have a simultaneous orgasm and cum at the same time, it has been great. I am a nun I was aware that I was a beautiful nun, but until now I did not know to what degree, I am also learning to be sensual, one afternoon walking near the convent he put a handkerchief with chloroform on my face and I got into his van, I am more than a hundred kilometers from the convent, in the basement of his house he has one of those cages that zoos use to keep various animals, like lions for example, I have been locked up for fifty days, the cage has several square meters and comforts, even a TV with movies on video tapes, he wasn’t sure he knew how to use a dvd. The cage cost her dearly, but she says it was worth it, I am not the first woman to be imprisoned there. He told me that I would be here for a couple of months and that I would be free whether I gave myself up to him or not. The rules are simple: take a shower and wax at least once a week, the first time I waxed it cost me, I didn’t know how to use wax, but now I do it very well. And showering is something I’ve come to find pleasurable, it’s not hard to imagine someone touching you while the water runs through you. many times I shower with just water, I have several panties and thongs of different colors, it won’t let me wear anything else, although she doesn’t like anything white, she considers it too formal, it’s the only thing she usually lets captives wear, although I can too Wearing the nun’s hood if I want to turns him on. At first I got used to it and then I began to enjoy it, she had been a prisoner for five weeks when he gave me to him and I loved it, I have also practiced anal and oral intercourse. In ten days I will return to the convent and I will start having sex with other men, I had already had my eye on four or five men in the area, even if I am a nun I am a woman too and I am only twenty-four years old. It is not difficult to have intimacy in the convent, I can have hidden fine lingerie and wash it, even have sex with men in my cell or others, I have friends who could be my accomplices. although I will also have sex outside the convent, when I return I will start fucking with different men, and within a few rings I will choose a couple with whom I will be until I get pregnant and I will stop being a nun.