Fantasies From Afar Pt. 03

“Hey you agreed to the bet,” Mike reminded his wife. “Now you have to live with it.” Ever since he had won the bet with Ashley he had been waiting for the perfect time to remind her of their deal.

“Babe, I told you I’m at the store!” she answered him.

“I don’t think that the deal included any exceptions,” he told her.

“I’m not going to be able to shop here anymore if anyone sees,” she told him emphatically.

Mike almost laughed out loud thinking about that happening again. Lately he couldn’t get enough of thinking about her being checked out by other guys and didn’t mind that possibility at all. He had fantasized constantly about Robb rubbing suntan lotion onto his wife’s bombshell body since she had admitted to him that it had happened. They had only talked about it a little bit more after that day but he knew that Ashley was embarrassed by what had happened.

“Fine,” her reply read when she finally responded.

A minute later he got what he wanted. She had sent him a selfie from the grocery store aisle with a pouting face to ensure he knew she wasn’t happy about complying with his demand. She looked as gorgeous as always with her strawberry blonde hair up in a ponytail, light makeup for a natural look, and her crisp blue eyes giving her a striking appearance. It was what was below her face that drew his attention though. Ashley had pulled her shirt all the way up almost to her neck with one hand. It gave him a great view of her perfect breasts covered only by the simple bra she was wearing. Ashley’s tits never failed to get him hard immediately and he had to shift his position to get more comfortable as he studied the picture. Goddamn. They remained the best pair he had ever laid eyes on. He looked at the rest of the picture and saw that there was someone at the far end of the aisle that didn’t have a clue about what she was doing.

He couldn’t believe that he had gotten her to take such a risky move again, especially after she had been caught a few weeks earlier in her car.

“Shit, Ashley, those are the best melons I’ve seen in a grocery store,” he told her in response to her picture. “If I were there I think I’d have to taste them before we even got home.”

“You’re being so bad!” Ashley chided him.

“You have no idea how bad I would be if I was there with you,” Mike answered her. 

“Oh really now?” she asked, “Tell me more then.”

“First I would get rid of that bra, you wouldn’t need it,” he started.

“Oh that’s a good start,” she answered him.

“Then I’d take my time as I kissed every inch of your breasts and suck your nipples,” he continued.

“Mmmm, I love when you do that,” she said back. “Is that all?”

“Not even close. I’d push you down to your knees right there in the aisle and put my hard cock between your tits and fuck them,” Mike said, really getting into the fantasy.

“Oh Mike, I wish you were here,” she admitted. “It might be a bit awkward doing that right here in the aisle though.”

“I want you so bad right now that I don’t even care,” he answered her.

“Are you playing with yourself right now, mister?” she asked him. He hadn’t even really been intentionally doing it but realized he had been rubbing himself through his pants while he sat at his desk.

“Yeah,” he sent back as he focused on his own stimulation.

“Ohh at work? How naughty,” she sent back with a winking face. A second picture came through while he was trying to type out a response.

Again Ashley had pulled her shirt up to show off her breasts mid-aisle, but this time she had also pulled the cups of her bra down so he could see her small pink nipples. Mike was surprised by her willingness to expose herself in the grocery store that way but he was loving it. He unzipped himself and slipped his cock out so he could stroke himself in earnest while he looked at the picture.

“I hope it helps you finish, you deserve it for working so hard,” she said. He couldn’t help himself as he typed out his response.

“I bet Robb would like that one,” he told her, trying to be as provocative as possible.

He could see the dots appear and disappear a few times, telling him that she was typing and deleting her response. It felt like forever before a message popped up.


“Oh my gosh, you can’t tease me about that,” she said with an emoji covering its face to show embarrassment. Mike swallowed as he could feel the anxiousness and excitement rushing to the surface again. He decided to make a wild suggestion to his young wife.

“You know, I’ve been thinking about it and I think you should see if you can go out on the boat again soon,” he typed out with near-trembling fingers.

“Mike, stoppp,” she said. He knew she must think he was just teasing her but honestly it was exhilarating to think about.

“I’m serious, you should text Robb. I bet he would jump at the opportunity to take you back out,” he continued.

“Stop messing with me. Sarah would kill me if she even knew we were joking about this,” she told him.

“You could let him help you with your sunscreen again,” he teased.

“Why are you torturing me about this? I told you I was sorry!” she told him.

“I’m not meaning to torture you, it just gets me so hard knowing how badly other guys want you,” he admitted to her as his lust got the best of him.

“Wait, really?” she asked.

“Yeah, you’re so fucking hot and there’s something about you teasing other men that drives me wild,” he told her. He picked up his speed as he stroked himself, keeping a close eye on the door to his office.

“Is that right?” she asked him. “So you enjoyed hearing how Robb and his friends couldn’t keep their eyes off me?” He was in a little deep at this point and decided to just continue being honest.

“Hell yes, Ashley. I know exactly how badly they had to have wanted you as they watched your sexy body laid out in the sun, but you’re all mine,” he explained. “I mean Robb wanted you badly enough that he put his hands on you with his girlfriend right there.”

He waited impatiently for his wife’s response as he completely gave up on trying to get any work done. “Still touching yourself?” she asked him.

“Yeah,” he answered instantly.

“Mmmm, good. Are you thinking about how Robb’s hands were working in the suntan lotion on my back and edging closer and closer to the sides to get closer to my boobs?” she asked him.

“I am now,” he said.

“Well keep stroking yourself for me, Mike. Don’t stop as you think about his friend rubbing lotion into my thighs, slowly working their way up toward my hips while Robb moves up to my shoulders. Slowly working the lotion into my neck, shoulders, and slipping his fingers down my chest as if I wouldn’t notice.” It was almost too much for Mike as he was stroking himself faster than before. 

“Send me another picture,” he managed to type out and send.

“What do you want?” she asked him.

“Show me your panties,” he typed out while he kept stroking himself.

“I’m still at the grocery,” she said. 

“I’m getting close,” he said. “Hurry.”

A minute later the picture came through. Ashley had sent him a picture of her pulling down her Nike shorts on one side so he got a nice view of her hot pink lace thong running over her hip bone and covering her mound. Her flat tummy and smooth skin just added to the sensuality of the picture. The fact that he could see she had hastily taken the photo in an aisle where someone could have walked by at any moment and just put it over the top.

“Are you going to cum thinking about me?” she asked in a follow-up message. He was already on the cusp of his climax as he picked up his stroking to a frantic pace until an intense orgasm hit. He fired several ropes under the desk into his hand as he tried to contain the mess with a napkin. A few moments passed as the sensation waned and he relaxed. 

“I just did,” he sent back to her. “God it felt so good. Maybe you’ll have to go back out on that boat again soon so you can tell me more about what happens.”

“Hmmmm. Well, I don’t know about going back out on the river anytime soon, but remember that guy I showed the house to a few weeks ago? I’m showing him another later this afternoon.” The implication was there even if Ashley didn’t explicitly say it. The man had wanted her last time and had spent the whole showing staring at her chest and it was likely to happen again.

“I bet he’s been looking forward to it,” he answered.

“You think so?” Ashley asked. As always, she played up the humility but she knew why and reveled in the fact that men found her so attractive.  “I guess we’ll see.”