I’ve Met My Match In Julie

My reader will be disappointed to find out that I’m no longer with Jane. Jane had decided to go back to one of her previous boyfriends who could spend more quality time with her. It seemed hot sexual encounters were no longer enough for her – she wanted a deeper connection than the one I could provide. And I get it. I may have been full of myself, thinking Jane was falling for me and I was not ready to commit to anything too serious. I did know one thing: Jane would be back when she’d get bored of the routine in that relationship – I’d seen that before and noticed a pattern. A few months of ‘connection’ followed by signs of cooling off and then suddenly it is over. Jane liked me fucking her too much to disappear for too long.

Anyway, I got lucky to come across Julie on one of the dating sites. She looked fun and easygoing, besides being cute. Julie was tall and slim with a scrumptious butt and sizable yet perky breasts.

We hit it off on the site and decided to meet for sushi.

The evening was filled with laughter discussing contemporary dating – we had a similar take on life – not taking things too seriously and just enjoying every day.

After a couple of fun dates, Julie invited me to her place. She has an apartment in West Hollywood.

She has a contemporary condo in one of the newer buildings close to Sunset Boulevard. The place had huge windows in every room. I noticed there were no curtains at all. I found it intriguing.

She brought two glasses of good red wine and we settled on a very comfortable couch right in front of a huge window looking out straight onto the building across the street. While chatting we both noticed that one of the big windows in the neighboring building was dimly lit and there were two people in the bedroom.

We tried not to pay attention but the figures turned out to be a good-looking couple who started to get cosy with each other

‘Aren’t they naked?’ I asked.

Julie responded, ‘They are always naked at this hour,’ and turned to me with a bit of lusty twinkle in her eyes.

Julie moved closer to me and we locked our lips and a sensual kiss.

In a few minutes, Julie suggested we move to her bedroom. The bedroom windows faced the same direction so we were still looking into that bedroom across the street. Julie dimmed the lights for a sensual mood but not too much. This way our ‘neighbors’ could watch us as well.

We both slowly took our clothes off and faced each other. Julie had a fantastic body. The hips were very feminine. Her breasts were perfectly sized in proportion to the rest of the body. Just by looking at her naked beauty, my cock was fairly quickly reached full erection.

Julie walked over, gently kissed my lips while lightly touching my cock. I started to explore her beautiful body.

Her body was very toned but not excessively so.

Julie looked into my eyes and then sat at the edge of the bed. My cock was fully erect and was almost touching her face. She first kissed the tip with lightly licking it. Then in one smooth move, she took my dick fully in her mouth. That was so sensual. I was in heaven. She would hug my buttocks and keep forcing my cock deep into her mouth.

My reader will know that it usually takes me forever to cum and I hardly ever cum from oral sex. I had many nights spent with Jane bringing her to multiple orgasms unable to cum myself. I didn’t mind as the true goal for me is to satisfy my partner – in that I get the greatest pleasure.


A little disclaimer here Jane did make me cum in her mouth once. She had to work at it good fifteen to twenty minutes, simultaneously playing with my balls and asshole. She inserted her finger into my ass and worked masterfully my prostate until I could hold it no longer. I whispered that I was about to come and she pulled me even tighter. I came heavily while she kept working my shaft. I was surprised to find out that this was the first time she let anyone cum into her mouth. I guess it made me feel privileged.

Back to Julie. This gorgeous girl was working on my cock for about ten minutes before we noticed that the couple across the street were sitting at the edge of their bed and were both masturbating. He had a sizable cock that he was stroking while looking at us. She had a beautiful body. She had a large dildo in her hand that she inserted slightly into her pussy while playing with her gorgeous, smaller side, breasts.

The man stood up, turned halfway so we could see his dick, and moved closer to his partner. She quickly took his dick into her mouth and started moving her head along the shaft, while intensifying moves with the dildo.

It was very exciting to watch and be watched at the same time. I could see the guy starting to move his hips faster before I could see his body tense assuming he was coming into his girlfriend’s mouth. She could not get enough of his cum.

I pulled my cock out of Julie’s mouth and turned her around and ask her to bend over in a way she could see the other couple. Julie was very excited to see the couple taking a break and settling down in bed to watch us. She was so wet it took no effort to slide my dick into her desiring pussy. Julie moaned as I entered her. She slowly started to move rhythmically meeting my gentle penetration. Over the next fifteen minutes, I was fucking her very gently but with increased speed. Julie climaxed for the first time within five minutes. Like Jane, she unintentionally tried to push me off but I lovingly insisted on staying inside of her.

While she was recovering, I continued to fuck her very slowly and ever gently. After about another few minutes, I could feel she started to get aroused again. All this time she was looking across the street to see the reaction. The couple across the street recovered as well and now they were in sixty nine pleasuring each other orally.

To our surprise, the girl was now working on her boyfriend’s ass with her sizable dildo. We could see the guy being at first uncomfortable but managed to take a third of a dildo into his ass. His cock was now fully erect again and pulsated with each thrust of a dildo. Now the girl took his dick in her hand and started stroking quite forcefully. It looked like the guy truly enjoyed it as it took him no time to shoot his load.

Watching them made me immensely horny I started moving fast, taking Julie from behind. Julie now had one of her hands playing with her pussy. I could feel her pussy tightening and then she started shaking uncontrollably at which point I intensified my thrusts even more. This dance of ecstasy went on for another couple of minutes during which time Julie managed to cum again. I could feel her pussy sucking my cock right in with her tightening. I could hold no longer. I exploded so heavily that I let out a scream. When I cum I stay erect for a while and I enjoy thrusting even after I cum. That made Julie climax yet again. I rested a bit tightly holding Julie.

We crawled into bed and waved our neighbor’s goodnight. The neighbors waved back and smiled.

To be continued.