Fashion Model – 04

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After my husband left for the office, Arvind rang my bell and knocked on my door. I welcomed him in, but we both could not feel normal after what just happened last night. It was an awkward moment of silence between us.

Finally Arvind opened up, “I am sorry for getting carried away last night. Perhaps alcohol did its part too. Please excuse me for behaving in such a way. We have many things to prepare before prelims start for your competition. So we should get back to that.” He said

I did not say a word, but just nodded my head in affirmation of his plan.

“First we need to practice catwalk, as it is essential when you walk among them and present your intro. Can you walk and show if you can do this? You have to walk like a fashion show model.” Arvind said.

“But I never saw fashion models walk, except for in movie *Fashion*. So I don’t know how to do that.” I replied.

“Do you guys have a fashion channel on your cable? We can see one or two shows and you can get an idea.” Arvind said. He picked the remote and started searching for the channel, which he finally found.

When he turned it on, it was showing some lingeries shows, where models were wearing skimpy bikinis and doing catwalks. I sat there to watch the style of walking. There were some models who were wearing transparent bikinis in the show, where nipples were clearly visible too.

I turned towards Arvind to ask him to change channel but he was looking at my midriff from the gap of my saree. When I caught him staring at me, I got up from there immediately. He held my hand and pulled me down again. I crashed into the sofa and a little bit into his lap.

I pushed him away and said “I thought you said sorry for yesterday. Why are you doing same mistake again?”

“I was sorry that we could not go all the way and stopped with just tiffins. That is why we have this awkward feeling. I can’t go back to my normal self once I get the taste of your sweet milk. Only way to go is forward, and get this over with. Please try to understand.” He replied.

I again got up from there, this time not giving him any chance to hold my hand. When I was trying to go into the kitchen, he quickly caught up to me and hugged me from behind. I could not move anymore as he held me tight. His bulging pants were pressing between my ass cheeks.

He held my waist with one hand, and started fondling my boobs with the other. Also started kissing me on my neck and behind the ears. I know I have feelings for him, but I tred hard to control them. But his touch is making me weak and turning my feelings on again.

He slowly removed the saree from the top and unhooked my blouse. I stopped resisting by this time, and stopped cooperating with him. He took off the blouse completely and I was in my bra. He removed my petticoat too which now leaves me in underwear.

“Let’s practice catwalk,” he whispered in my ears and kissed them.

He held my waist with both hands and guided me to walk forward, and I was trying to mimic the model whom I saw just now. He guided me into the bedroom and turned me around. I lowered my face to hide my embarrassment as well as feelings for him.

He removed straps from my shoulder, slipped the bra down, turned it around and unhooked it. My nipples were fully erect and my lips were trembling. He took each tit into one hand and started squeezing them gently which started my lactation. First it started with drops, which eventually became the flow of milk from both tits at the same time.

He held both of them close and tried to spray the flow into his mouth. He succeeded for most part and was enjoying the taste of milk while also enjoying the activity of milking. I stood there like a cow waiting to be milked, and he was like a hungry calf drinking from both my tits at the same time.

After a while when the flow started to slow down a little, then he took one into his mouth and sucked them hard to drink further. He continued to drink my milk from both tits till they became empty.

I was guided to sit on the bed. He then removed his pants and revealed his hard dick. It was full of oozing precum. He took my hands and guided them to hold his tool. I hesitantly held his balls and dick and played with it a little bit.

“Now drink my milk baby!” He said and shoved it into my mouth. It went way back till my throat and I was gasping for air. He pulled it out and pushed it again. He held my head in place and slid in and out for the blow job. In five minutes or so, he exploded his cum all over my mouth. Since I could not get all of that down my throat, it came out and fell on my bosom too.

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