Older woman

My name is Shane and for the last three months, I’ve been fucking a woman that is old enough to be my grandmother.

I’m twenty-four.
I’m built well enough.
I also have a thick cock that is almost eight inches.

Katherine is sixty-five.
Kinda chubby.
Not, fat. Just chubby.
She is pretty. Blonde and blue-eyed with a very sexy 40-inch ass and fat set of 36F tits.

I came to be Katherine’s fuck boy by renting a room from her and her husband.

I was in town for a job and needed a place to stay and was referred to her by a guy I met on the job.

I instantly hit off with Katherine and Bill.

They were good and fun people for their age.

It was the second week I was there when Katherine came to my room as I lay in bed.

“Shane? You up?” I heard from the other side of the door.

I told Katherine to come on in.

What I didn’t expect was what came next.

Katherine was dressed in a robe with stockings, lace panties, and a matching bra.

I will admit.
I was surprised at how good she looked.

Climbing up on the bed letting her robe fall open Katherine laid down, propping herself on one hand.

We talked and there was no doubt about what was on her mind, needless to say, I gave her a good fucking.

The next morning while Bill still slept.
Katherine blew me in the kitchen before I left for work.

That evening Bill called me into the living room and asked me if had fucked Katherine the night before.

I didn’t want to lie and it wouldn’t have done any good.
I could tell by the look on his face he already knew.

“Shane. Your not gonna hurt that pussy.” Bill laughed “Besides. My dick isn’t what it was ten years ago. So go ahead and fuck her all you want.” Bill grinned at me.

Katherine came in at the end of the conversation.

“Bill. If you’re done with Shane, I have something I need him to do for me.” Kathrine smiled at me.

Leading me up the stairs Kathrine stopped in front of me and set down pulling my hard cock from my jeans she sucked me off till I came in her mouth.

After I emptied my nuts into her mouth.
Katherine and I went on up to a spare room where I fucked her with all I had.

It was the fourth night that I fucked Katherine in her ass.

Katherine was on her back and I was giving her a good pounding when my dick slipped from her pussy and rammed into her asshole.

I didn’t enter.

But, my dickhead was grams into her puckered hole.

“Dont be bashful. I like it up the ass.” Katherine smiled at me.

Pushing her legs up.
I pushed my hard dick into her asshole.

Katherine pulled me to me and held me tight as I fucked her ass hard and rough.

Laying on the bed, Katherine looked over at me smiling.

“I’ll make sure my asshole is cleaned out from now on,” Katherine told me.

Katherine is hornier than any girl I’ve ever known.

I don’t know how many times Bill has walked in and started talking to me while Katherine is giving me a blowjob.

Katherine loves toys and gets a couple of glasses of wine in her and she gets nasty.

Bill went on a fishing trip and Kathrine stayed behind so she could fuck me.

I took her dinner one night and on the way home, we bought a bottle of wine.

By the time we finished, she was naked on her hands and knees and I had my fist shoved in her pussy with a very large dildo stuck up her ass.

She also had me tie her up and fuck her.

I missed work the next day of being worn out.

But, we had a lot of fun.

Katherine told me recently that her sister was coming into town to stay for three weeks.

Bill smiled at me and tossed me a bottle of viagra.

I looked at him with a questioning look.

“All I have to say is good like.” Bill laughed. “Jennifer is a nympho slut.” He finished.

I’m a little nervous.
If Jennifer likes sex more than Katherine does. I may not survive it.